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Hall of Honor Nominations

Are there compatriots who you know that should be inducted into the Hall of Honor? It is time to nominate them!

The Hall of Honor (HOH) Selection Committee is soliciting nominations of candidates for induction into the Freedom Through Vigilance Association's (FTVA) HOH. The induction ceremony is a major element of the association's reunion activities, at Headquarters, 25 Air Force.

Since the creation of USAFSS as a major air command in 1948, members of USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA/AF ISR Agency and 25 Air Force, hereinafter referred to as the command, have been at war 24/7/365 as anonymous sentinels, engaged in combat with foreign enemies of the United States and its allies while conducting operations in the air as aircrew members, on the seas aboard U.S. naval ships, and on each of the major continental land masses as well as numerous islands around the world. In no small measure, their contributions toward the preservation of our freedoms, though largely unheralded, have been vital to the continuance of our national security and our way of life. The command has been blessed with an abundance of talented members who possessed the skill sets and intellectual capacity, coupled with unselfish dedication and commitment, to conquer whatever challenges they encountered – often while confronting significant adversity and at great personal sacrifice.

The FTVA's founders established the HOH in 1983 to honor those individuals who served the command with great distinction and contributed immeasurably to successful mission accomplishment. Over 175 individuals have been inducted into the HOH. They include former officer, enlisted and civilian personnel whose contributions as technicians, supervisors, planners, managers and leaders extend from World War II through the ongoing conflicts. The HOH preserves the legacy of those who have gone before, highlights their deeds, and honors their contributions to the Nation.

We have all had the privilege of serving with individuals who are viable candidates for induction into the HOH. This is an opportunity to nominate deserving individuals in an attempt to ensure they receive the recognition and lasting tribute they have earned....if you don't nominate them, they can not be selected! The Selection Committee will review all eligible nominations and select individuals for induction into the HOH using eligibility criteria and procedures pursuant to the HOH Charter. A copy of the Charter is available in the newsletter and on the web page at

Nominations must be received by email at not later than 1 June. **Nominations must be limited to one page, front and back, Times New Roman, 12 Pitch, using the HOH Nomination Form available in the newsletter or on the website. In order to ensure fairness, the Committee will return nominations that do not conform to these instructions.

Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your nominations to recognize those who are deserving of this recognition. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address.

A.J. Harrison, Chairman
Hall of Honor Program

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