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1. APRIL 15, 2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  Vice President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room.

2.  Attendance:

Ron Haygood — Vice PresidentBob Cope — Treasurer
Loren “Phred” Sevening — SecretaryDoug Holden
Joe HurstBob Baert
Wayne TallantChris Cook
Bob CrabtreeBob Sherwood
Barnie GavinDennis Rassmussen
Ken Williams 

3. MINUTES: The Minutes of the MAR 2011 meeting were read and approved with minor modifications.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was read and filed for audit.  A very nice flower arrangement for Dan D’Apolito, recently deceased FTVA Newsletter Editor Emeritus, was paid for by individual donations from the BOD . 


  1. HATS.  Doug Holden is still the FTVA Hat Honcho and he has plenty to share with any members who may want one, all we ask is that the recipient please consider a reasonable donation to cover expenses.

  2. Building Dedication at Goodfellow AFB.  FTVA BOD approved a donation up to $1000 for the Heritage Chapter to support the Intelligence “Schoolhouse” naming a building after Lt Schulte, who was killed in combat in Afghanistan.  Coordinating with Heritage Chapter leadership before making the actual donation.

  3. Anniversary Week Preparations.  All actions relative to this event are moving along well.

    1. Golf Tournament.  On track.

    2. Guest Speaker:  Ken Williams is leading the team to select the guest speaker.  Currently leaning towards current Headquarters Air Force (HAF)/A2, Lt Gen James, but that is not yet locked in.

    3. Banquet.  On track.

    4. Picnic.  On track, need to confirm the park has been reserved.

    5. Flyover.  On track.

    6. AFISRA lead POC.  Ken Williams has a candidate or two in mind and will close this one by next meeting.

    7. Hall of Honor.  Will be in the BALA this year.

    8. Remembrance Ceremony.  On track.

  4. SPRING SOCIAL Preparations.

    1. Agenda. On track.

    2. Pledge of Allegiance.  On track, will be led by Joe Hurst.

    3. Opening prayer.  On track, will be led by Barnie Gavin.

    4. Guest Speaker.  On track, will be Command Chief Ricker.

    5. List of invited guests.  On track, will be provided by AFISRA/A3.

    6. Nametags.  On track, already secured by Barnie Gavin.

    7. Base access for non-ID card holders.  Working it. 

6.  NEW BUSINESS.  Chartering a new FTVA Chapter in Florida. A request came in from an active FTVA member about organizing a new chapter based in Florida.  The initiative is supported, and after brief discussion Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen volunteered to be the primary interface between us (FTVA main organization) and Jim Kaus, the advocate for the new chapter in Florida.  Rass will work closely to assist through the process of standing up, chartering, and formalizing the new chapter.

7.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Received a nice thank-you card from Jean D’Apolito for the flower arrangement and support during husband Dan “Dap” D’Apolito’s funeral.  Dap was the FTVA Newsletter Editor Emeritus.


  1. Chris Cook.  The city of San Antonio is getting very active in hosting academic cyber challenges and related events for schools participating from around the nation.  At a recent high-school level competition, more than $120 thousand in college scholarships was awarded, and there were speakers from various federal government organizations.  The finals event for a national level college cyber challenge event was also held in San Antonio, with 8 colleges participating.  University of Washington (Seattle) won.  Next year there will be ten teams competing in the finals.

  2. Bob Sherwood.  The FTVA Hall of Honor nomination packages suspense is 6 June.

  3. Ken Williams:  Nancy Larson, daughter of Gen Doyle E. Larson, is moving to San Antonio and plans to get active with the FTVA.  Mr Keith Thomas, the ranking civilian in AFISRA was recently awarded with a Presidential level award that was presented by the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.  Gen Heithold will be on the road extensively between now and when he leaves.  He wants to have the next meeting (May) on Security Hill so he can share parting thoughts with us.  Plan is for May meeting to be there if his schedule will support; if not, then the next meeting will be at SSFCU Board Room as usual.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1412.  Next meeting will be at the AFISR Agency Board Room on Security Hill at 1330 on 20 May 2011 — depending on Gen Heithold’s schedule.  Notifications will be made once decision is final.

//Approved As Modified//
Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary


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