Association Officers

The freedom through Vigilance Association is operated by severalĀ  men and women from around the nation who come together in order to help FTVA achieve our goals. Below is a list of Officers, Directors and leaders who make all this possible.

2020 FTVA Board Members

President Ted Colquhoun
Vice President William “Bill” Brockmiller
Treasurer Ken Maynard
Secretary Mike Nielsen
Immed Past President Evan Smith
Hall of Honor Director AJ Harrison
History Dan Martin
Membership & Web Activities Roy Burnett
Newsletter Dennis Buxton
Associate Newsletter Editor Joe “Pepito” Figueroa
Newsletter Section Editor Ken Maynard
Vigilant Partners Chairman Mark Hess
Golf Tournament Chairman Bob Benitez
Social Activities Ken Williams
Special Activities Vacant
Picnic Jacque Lerma
President Aloha Chapter John “Tilly” Toillion
President Gold Country Chapter John Aurelius
President, Heritage Chapter J.J. Graham
President, Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter Jerry Gething
President, Rocky Mountain Chapter George “Ike” Eichelberger
President, Wasatch Chapter  
                                                                                                                                                                              Directors Emeritus
Hall of Honor Director Emeritus Bob Sherwood
Director Emeritus Special Activities Doug Holden
Sports Director Emeritus Joe Hurst
Official Activities Director Emeritus Jim McLendon
Treasurer Bob Cope
16th Air Force
Senior Liaison Officer Ms. Diana Cable


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