1.  AUGUST 16, 2013 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After determining we had a quorum, Vice President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1300 hours in the Commander’s Conference Room, bldg 2007 (Larson Hall), Headquarters, Air Force ISR Agency.

2.  Attendance:

Ron Haygood — Vice PresidentPhred Sevening – Secretary
Wayne Tallant Jacque Lerma
Dennis RassmussenJim McLendon
Ken WilliamsBob Crabtree
AJ Harrison Andy Smith
Ted Colquhoun 
Wayne Amann – AFISRA/PA Rep
Col Mike Shields – AFISRA Senior Military Liaiason


3.  OPENING REMARKS by AFISRA Director of Staff, Mr Ken Williams:  Mr Williams thanked everyone, on behalf of ISR Agency Commander, for attending.  The ISR Agency FTVA Coordinator, Maj Keith Rodgers, unable to attend; so the Anniversary Week recap is led by MSgt Jervier, the alternate Coordinator.  Ticket sales have started, the Hall of Honor selections are commendable, as always. 

4.  FTVA ANNIVERSARY WEEK UPDATE:  MSgt Jervier and team provided an excellent recap of all their planning and preparations for the event, and everything is on track and looking solid.

5.  MINUTES: The minutes of the July 2013 meeting were read and approved.

6.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was read and filed for audit.

7.  OLD BUSINESS: ARDF MUSEUM Update:  The Heritage Chapter continues their effort on the ARDF Museum.  One vision they are pursuing is the potential to stand up a kiosk in the museum that would hold audio and video displays.  They may come to us for financial assistance for that, if needed. 

8.  NEW BUSINESS:  FTVA Anniversary Memorial Event Family Assistance.  After short discussion, motion was made, seconded and approved to present a donation to the family of SSgt Dickson to be used to defray travel expenses so they could attend the FTVA Anniversary Week Memorial Event honoring SSgt Dickson, an Airman who was killed in an ISR aircraft crash in Afghanistan earlier in the year.

9.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Nothing to report.


  1. Jim McLendon:  The 20th anniversary of the 25 Intelligence Squadron will be the first week of October, with a number of events planned to commemorate the event.  Rumor has it that an invite will be sent to Maj Gen Shanahan to participate.
  2. Jacque Lerma:  Want to make sure we have the sign for the FTVA Membership Services table; and please be sure to have plenty of membership forms available.
  3. Dennis Rassmussen:  Under the excellent leadership of Jim McLendon, the Vigilant Partners list has grown so big it exceeds one page.  The Fallen Eagles list is growing each month as well.  Both of these situations are forcing the Newsletter Team to carefully edit what is included, and what is forced to be left out.  Ken Maynard has joined the Newsletter Team now, and is focusing mostly on Air Force ISR Agency activities.
  4. Ken Williams:  Ticket Sales for the banquet have started, we normally have around 250 guests.  Each A-Staff Director has a ticket sales rep.
  5. Ted Colquhoun:  Six hats have been distributed since last meeting; we will have plenty on hand for the golf tournament and the picnic.  Also, the Misawa unit is doing a great job of researching and finding contact information for many of their alumni; great job on their part.
  6. AJ Harrison:  Presented topic of short discussion on what to get as a memento gift for Banquet guest speaker, Maj Gen Shanahan.  Decision was made to make a small donation to the Center for the Intrepid in Gen Shanahan’s honor, and also present him with the book The Price of Vigilance.

11.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1447.  The next meeting will be the Annual General Membership Meeting in the BALA, immediately following the State of the Agency Briefing by Maj Gen Shanahan.


Loren R. “Phred” Sevening

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