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1.  AUGUST 21, 2015 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After ascertaining that we had a quorum, President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the 25th Air Force Commander’s Conference Room, building 2007 (Larson Hall), on Security Hill.

2.  Attendance:

Ron Haygood – PresidentAndy Smith – Vice President
Phred Sevening – SecretaryDennis Buxton
Ken MaynardDennis Rassmussen
Ken Williams Jacque Lerma
Bob BaertLee Anthony
Ted ColquhounMark Hess

3.  FTVA Anniversary Week Update:  The primary purpose of holding the meeting in the 25th Air Force Commander’s Conference Room in August each year is to provide a dual update to FTVA Board of Directors and members, and the 25th Air Force leadership.  Because the new 25 AF Commander, Maj Gen Shwedo, is TDY, this meeting was led by the Vice Commander, Brig Gen Pete Lambert.  Captain Heather Ross, the 25 AF overall lead for the anniversary week events delivered an excellent presentation on status of events for next month. 

4. MINUTES of the July 2015 meeting were read and approved. 

5.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was not read due to absence of the Treasurer.


  2. ALOHA CHAPTER:  The one input from the Aloha Chapter is that yesterday we bid a saddened farewell to CMSgt (Retired) Ken “Hopi” Hopkins.  I just emailed a brief summary to Rass for the RIT Newsletter.  I just sent off my registration for my wife and me who will be attending this year’s FTVA reunion.
  4. HERITAGE CHAPTER:  Last week our chapter hosted Vietnam vets and their families on base to tour the EC-47 Exhibit (the aircraft and the display) as part of our Vietnam Commemoration Committee activities.  We partnered with the base,, and Angelo State University once again to pay tribute to and present lapel pins to the vets.  (There are some photos posted on the site.)  We had a good crowd of over 60 visitors.  Our new Wing Commander, Col Michael Downs, stopped by to say a few words and answered some questions from the attendees.  As usual, Tom Nurre and the folks at ASU put together a good program and it was well received by everyone.  That’s it for now.  Looking forward to seeing everyone next month; taker EZ!

7. OLD BUSINESS:  FTVA Poster updates:  President Ron Haygood has been collaborating with Jen Anthony from Engrave-Tech to design and print new posters.  Two posters will be printed and displayed at appropriate events during the Anniversary Week festivities.  Feedback will be solicited from a cross-section of current and potential members, with focus on hearing from as many uniformed personnel as we can as that is the demographic we need to connect with to gain new members.  


  1. FTVA Membership Table at the picnic:  Historically a sign-up sheet was created and filled in to ensure we have adequate representation at the membership table, and we have never had a problem in getting people to man it.  This year we will simply have the table there and people will fill in as needed to take care of business.
  2. Hall of Honor Committee:  President Ron Haygood remarked that the HoH committee did a great job again this year of vetting the nominations and ensuring the best were selected for the honor.
  3. FTVA Meeting with new 25th Air Force Commander:  President Ron Haygood is on Maj Gen Shwedo’s calendar to present him with an FTVA overview, which will be more of a refresher because the new Commander is already familiar with FTVA.  Ron will present the FTVA membership card and nametag to the Commander during the meeting.
  4. 25 AF Command Chief Donations:  When CMSgt Towberman serves as guest speaker or in any other capacity which would traditionally result on an honorarium (typically a donation to a charity) be given to the Chief, he has decided to make all such donations to the FTVA.  His intent behind this generous gesture is to help spread the word regarding FTVA.
  5. LARSON AWARDS UPDATE:  SMSgt Funkhauser gave an excellent update on status of the 2015 Larson Awards.  We have three new Wings assigned to this Numbered Air Force, bringing in a large number of new Air Force Specialties (AFS) to compete in the program.  There is a strong desire to have a formal banquet again this year to honor the winners, if funding can be secured.  If a banquet is held, the plan is to have it in November.  The historical approach to testing has been hard copy paper; which was followed again this year mostly due to time constraints – but a strong effort is underway to make all testing available on line in the form of computer based testing.  Look for that to happen as soon as practicable.  FTVA funding will be required again this year to purchase medals for the winners; will make that request formally in writing to the FTVA BOD. 


  1. NOTE FROM DAN SCOTT:  Ron received a nice note from Dan Scott; an SES working at ODNI, stating that he and his wife would not be able to attend the Anniversary Week festivities this year but they wish Ron and the rest of the FTVA best wishes and a sincere thank you for all the continued support to the ISR Airmen and mission.
  2. THANK YOU CARD FROM KEN WILLIAMS:  Ron received a thank-you card from Ken Williams expressing gratitude and appreciation for the donation made in his name by the FTVA to honor his service, presented at his retirement. 


  1. Mark Hess:  I have received a few checks submitted as Vigilant Partner donations; and have been thinking through some ideas to improve the business processes in hopes of making the program stronger.  Will run all ideas past the Board of Directors before implementing. 
  2. Dennis Buxton:  We have 95 confirmed members signed up for the golf tournament, out of 144 total slots.  The cut-off for FTVA members only is 12 SEP; after that we will open up any remaining slots to the members of 25th Air Force. 
  3. Bob Baert:  We are now hosting our National Capital Region (NCR) Chapter’s website on our (FTVA.ORG) website. 

11.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1430  The next meeting will be in the Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA), building 2007 (Larson Hall), on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base at the General Membership Meeting held the morning of 26 SEP.


Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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