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1.  The August meeting is historically held in a setting to deliver an Anniversary Week activities update to the 25th Air Force Commander.  This meeting was held in the A5/8/9 Conference Room, Building 2007 (Larson Hall) Security Hill, Joint Base San Antonio, Lackland.  The meeting convened at 1330, opening with a presentation from Captain Angela Mornese, the 25 AF Project Officer for the 2017 Anniversary Week events.  After the updates were presented, Maj Gen O’Brien (25 AF Commander), Brig Gen Cluff (25 AF Vice Commander) and CMSgt Cadell (25 AF Command Chief) departed, and the monthly FTVA BOD commenced.

2.  AUGUST 25, 2017 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After ascertaining that we had a quorum, President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1353 hours in the A5/8/9 Conference Room, Building 2007 (Larson Hall) Security Hill, Joint Base San Antonio, Lackland. 

3.  Attendance:

Ron Haygood — PresidentTed Colquhoun – Vice President
Phred Sevening – SecretaryKen Williams
Lee AnthonyEvan Smith
A.J. HarrisonBarnie Gavin
Mark HessKen Maynard
Dennis Rassmussen 

4.  MINUTES:  The July 2017 meeting minutes were read and approved. 

5.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was not presented.


  1. ALAMO CHAPTER:  The August meeting of the FTVA Alamo Chapter was called to order by President Barnie Gavin at 6 pm at Houlihan’s restaurant.  There were 20 members and spouses present.  Items discussed included:
    1. Whether to meet at Houlihan’s or another restaurant in the future.  Mr. Gavin is going to check into whether The Outback restaurant is available.  If not, our meeting will continue to be held at Houlihan’s, with the next chapter meeting to be held the third week of October 2017.
    2. The “They Served in Silence” DVD is being made.  Additional people requesting copies include Kevin Slater, Andy Smith, and Ken Maynard.
    3. On 13 April 2015, the Alamo Chapter By-laws having been approved; it is now time to select new officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer) or reappoint currently serving officers.  Mr. Dennis Rassmussen agreed to form a committee to nominate new officers. 
    4. The 6987 Security Squadron (Shu Linkou Air Base, Taiwan) group will be holding their next reunion at the HuHot Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant, 12710 IH 10 W, San Antonio, TX, on 28 September at 1900.
    5. Two members requested name tags:  Lee Carpenter, Lt Col (retired) and Rick Wadle, CMSgt (retired).
    6. The meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.
  2. ALOHA CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.
  3. GOLD COUNTRY CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.
  4. HERITAGE CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.
  6. ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.


  1. Update on Vigilant Partner Program.  Ron Haygood and Mark Hess continue discussions on ways to make this program stronger and more visible.  Several ideas were discussed, with no new motions/approvals made. 
  2. USAFSS Display at the NMUSAF.  Nothing new to submit.
  3. SSFCU Recognition and Appreciation:  President Ron Haygood will send a letter to SSFCU leadership this week thanking them for all their generous support over the years and to invite them to join in the Anniversary Week activities. 
  4. Larson Awards Update.  The final round of Larson Award testing is complete and test scoring is underway.  No change from last meeting when it was announced that:  “Current plans within 25 AF leadership is to bring all the winners TDY to San Antonio in November in conjunction with the Group and Wing Commander and Command Chief conference to allow for formal recognition, most likely at a banquet.  FTVA BOD can expect a funding request from within 25 AF to help support the events.”
  5. FTVA President met with 25 AF/CC.  President Ron Haygood met recently with 25 AF Commander, Major General Mary O’Brien, and the new Command Chief, CMSgt Stan Cadell.  At this meeting Ron presented some historical background of how the FTVA started, with focus on the support we have provided to the 25 AF and predecessor organizations, along with the importance of getting more active duty involvement. 

8.  NEW BUSINESS:  Follow-up on Tennant Hall:  When Tennant Hall (at 97 IS, Offutt AFB, NE) was dedicated, the FTVA BOD originally approved to fund up to $5000 to support activities related to the dedication.  Turns out only $1600 of that original money was used.  Lee Anthony was recently guest speaker at the 97 IS 100th anniversary banquet and while he was there he learned the PropWash Gang is leading efforts to stand up a display case within Tennant Hall that showcases some historical artifacts commemorating the late CMSgt Tennant.  Lee recommended we assist in funding that effort, using the remaining funds from the originally-approved $5000.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to disburse the remaining $3400 to help fund the Tennant Hall display case. 

9.  CORRESPONDENCE:  Received an email from a retired USMC Colonel offering to team up in some form or fashion with the FTVA, ostensibly to increase sales on his newly-published book about the shoot-down of a U2 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.  No action was taken on his request. 


  1. Barnie Gavin.  At the July meeting of the Alamo Chapter, we showed a video called “We served in Silence” which was well-received.  A total of 40 copies of that video were made and are available, with priority going to Alamo Chapter members until they are gone.  Right now there are no plans to procure additional copies beyond the original 40. 
  2. Ken Williams:  I met with the catering office at the Gateway Club to ensure everything is on track for the banquet.  The only change at the Gateway Club this year is that they will now have two bars open in the front lobby, instead of the normal one bar there.  The second bar they used to have open in the back of the club will not be open this year.  Everything is on track to hold the Annual General Membership Meeting at the SSFCU Board of Directors’ Room. 
  3. Evan Smith:  On the subject of getting more active duty involvement in FTVA, one item to consider is for the FTVA President to send a letter to each new Squadron/Group/Wing/NAF Commander to welcome them to the new position, give some background on FTVA, and offer to team up and support the new commander. 
  4. Lee Anthony:  I was invited to be the guest speaker at the recent 97th Intelligence Squadron 100th Anniversary Banquet.  During my visit to the 97th, I heard many great praises for the FTVA and all the support we have provided over the years.
  5. Dennis Rassmussen:  I have received a couple calls asking if the 25th Air Force Museum will be open during this year’s FTVA Anniversary Week.  Ron Haygood assured him it will be open, and probably the best time to visit that facility is during the time of the picnic as other times will be focused on other activities. 
  6. Ron Haygood.  This will be my last Board of Directors’ meeting as your President and I want to extend a sincere thank-you for all the support during my time in office.  I have been active with the Board of Directors for close to 15 years now, and it has been an honor to serve.  I will have more remarks next month at the General Membership Meeting.

11.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1443.  The next meeting will be the annual General Membership Meeting which will be held on Saturday, September 30, at the SSFCU Board of Directors’ conference room starting at 0900.  Refreshments will be available. 


Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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