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1. 1. August 19, 2020 FTVA Board of Directors’ Meeting: After establishing a quorum, President Evan Smith called the virtual meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. using the online program Zoom.


Evan Smith – PresidentLoren “Phred” Sevening – Secretary
Lee Anthony – TreasurerTed Colquhoun
Ken MaynardDan Martin
Roy BurnettKen Williams
Barnie GavinMark Hess

3. MINUTES: The 20June 20 Draft Meeting Minutes were reviewed and approved as written.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Lee Anthony provided the report, to be archived for audit/review.


  1. Follow-up on business insurance coverage/quotes: Original quote was for main FTVA, but after brief discussion today decision was made to go back to get a quote that includes chapters. Still waiting on Vice President Brock to provide an update. POC: Bill Brockmiller.
  2. Larson Awards Way-Ahead: It appears 16 AF leadership is leaning towards trying to merge the Larson Awards with the Air Force ISR Awards Program (AFISRAP). Motion was made to cease providing funds to 16 AF, which resulted in a good discussion about how best to proceed. Ken Maynard will reach out to Nancy Larson to get Mrs. Larson’s perspective and we will proceed from that feedback.
  3. Codify 16 AF relationship with FTVA: Issue has been presented to 16 AF/JAG and they are assessing to determine what the relationship will look like going forward. Item OPEN, POC: Evan Smith
  4. FTVA Hats and Coins: Ted Colquhoun volunteered to provide some logo options at our next meeting to allow us to choose what to put on future hat and coin purchases.
  5. SAddressing future Board of Director Vacancies: We have a tentative volunteer to serve as Secretary, we still need to find somebody willing to serve as Treasurer so both positions can approved by vote in the upcoming elections. Everyone is asked to help find suitable candidates and bring names to the next meeting.
  6. Collaborating with AFCEA and/or Texas Cyber: FTVA President Evan Smith recently reached out to local AFCEA President to set up a meeting to pursue potential partnering options. Discussions with Texas Cyber leadership are still proceeding slowly mostly due to how relationships and responsibilities are playing out within 16 AF.


7. NEW BUSINESS: Inputs for the next edition of the Remain in Touch Newsletter are due 1 September.

8. CORRESPONDENCE: Not discussed.


  1. Dan Martin asked for clarification on the annual production of the membership directory, asking if that product is purely digital or will it be hard copy. Plan is to distribute one hard (paper) copy of the membership directory each year.


10. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approve to adjourn at 1349. Because the September Meeting will be the Annual General Membership Meeting, details are still in the works regarding best way to proceed with that. Once everything has been decided, the information on how to access the anticipated virtual meeting will be shared with the membership. Date and time yet to be determined.

//NOT signed//
FTVA Secretary

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