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The Fallen Eagles contains a database of deceased members and close associates of the 16th Air Force and its predecessor organizations. This list is only available  to FTVA members and is constantly being updated.If  you have a Fallen Eagle to report please click below.

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A note from FTVA

These lists were originally compiled by CMSgt Bob Jones. He started creating this list long before computers came into daily use. Kirk Carpenter took over the list, organized it and put into a database. Kirk continued to maintain the list until Ted Colquhoun assumed the duties in February of 2011. Ted passed the responsibility on to Lee Anthony in June of 2016. Currently this is being updated voluntarily by Joseph “Pepito” Figueroa, this list may not be 100% accurate but we provide and continuously update it continue a generations long legacy.

AAKER, Tom "Nip"MSgt1999SS Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 Darmstadt, Landsberg, Ger, et al
AALVIK, Dougunk20146913th, Bremerhaven, GE, 1965-68, Morse intercept operator, 6950th RAF Chicksands, UK, 6917th Security Group, San Vito, Italy.
AAMUTH, Larry W.Unk2005Chinese linguist, IFEL 1963
ABATE, Patrick V.MSgt2017(Taiwan); 6903rd (Osan); 6922nd (Clark); JOCC (Chicksands); AETC Goodfellow AFB. AFSC 207X1.
ABBEY, Dennis L.UnkUNK292x1, Misawa 59-62 and 73-76
ABBOT, Clarence A. "Asberry"TSgt2008304x, Misawa 1960-61
ABBOTT, Homer G. IIUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ABEL, Clifford M.Unk2006Chinese linguist IFEL 1964
ABENDSHIEN, Robert W.Unk2004203 asgn 6913th RSM in mid 60s
ABERNATHY, JamesA1C2019Radio Traffic Analyst, 1954; Clark AB and Ft Meade as NSA civilian
ABESKA, Mary AnnSSgt2019
ABRAMS, Alan R.Unk2008IFEL 1964 Chinese linguist
ABRAMS, Mervyn N.unk2013203 - Misawa 1959-61
ACKERMAN, Roy W.MSgt1977R20270; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
ACKLIN, Forest Eugene (Gene)SMSgtUnkNeed more info - Personnel NCO - Crete, Yokota, Goodfellow, Offut and Berlin - retired early 1970's
ACOSTA, Angelo "Ace"SMSgt1988USAFSS Ol'timer; ACRP, Spanish Linguist, AMS' known for great sense of humor
ACTON, CharlesMSgt2019Cold War era in the Air Force Security Service. Assignments include San Antonio Tx, Goodfellow AFB TX, Misawa Japan, Bremerhaven Germany, Rhein Main Germany, Karamursel and Adana Turkey.  Second career in Communication in 1963. These military assignments were Travis AFB Calif, Biloxi MS, Da Nang AFB Viet-Nam, Zaragoza AFB Spain, and Homestead AFB Florida.  Retired from the USAF on 31 Jan 1980 as a MSgt.
ACTON, James J.Unk2015IFEL 1959 Chinese linguist
ACUFF, Stephen DouglasCMSgt2012Turkey, Texas, Greece, Virginia, South Carolina, Italy, Radio Intercept Analyst, Tech School Instructor, a PME Instructor, Director of Education and Commandant of a USAF NCO Leadership School
ADAM, Robert (Bob)Unk2007Elmendorf, Goodfellow, Chicksand, Clark and Correy Field
ADAMS, Arthur L.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ADAMS, BARRY B.A2C2002292x Misawa 64-
ADAMS, ButchUnk2011San Vito, 6910th 1973-75
ADAMS, DONN W.A2C1999203x Misawa 64-
ADAMS, HowardUnk2005Det 1, 29th RSM, APO 239 SFO (Yontan AFLD, Okinawa Japan) 7 May 1955 6927th Security Flight, APO 239 SFO (Yontan AFLD, Okinawa Japan) 8 May 1955 , Asgn Naha AB, Okinawa as Comsec Ops Supe & 1st Sgt
ADAMS, James L. "AFRO"Capt2012292XX; Phillipines, Shu Lin Kou, Hawaii; Intel Officer
ADAMS, James W.Major2012USAFSS 1958-65…Darmstadt (10th) and Alaska (81st), retired as US Army Major
ADAMS, John H.Unk1989Morse controller asgn 41st/6913th RSM @ Bremerhaven
ADAMS, Newell FrankMSgt2017207X1; Kadena and Clark AB
ADAMS, Raymond H.Unk2004Asgn 2nd RSM
ADAMS, Robert L.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ADAMS, WarrenMSgt1995Finance; Pacific Korea, et al
ADAMS, William E.TSgt1997732x, Misawa 1970
ADAMS, Winfield C.Col2000USAFSS Ol'Timer; WWII Bomber pilot; USAFSS Cmd Hq, Europe, et al
ADCOCK, Gordon D.Unk1997303XX asgn Misawa 1957-
ADEN, JamesUnk2009292X1 asgn 6910/6911th Darmstadt 1960-61
ADKINS, Tommy F.SSgt1971202X, Misawa 1958-
ADKINSON, James Edward (Jim)MSgt2018Mission Spvr; San Vito, Hakata, Japan (6918th), San Antonio
ADSITT, Curtis L.Unk1996Asgn Misawa 1957
AGEE, Robert E.Unk20026918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
AGOSTINE, Vincent Jr.Unk2000Asgn 2nd RSM
AHEARN, Robert R.unk2007293 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Charlie Flt - 1961-63
AILEY, Raymond E.SSgt1997304 asgn Misawa 1958-
AIREY, Paul W.CMSgt2009First Sergeant @ Keesler; 1st CMSAF
AKERSON, Edward A. "Gus"LtCol2007Asgn USAFSS, Misawa 1952, 1971
AKINS, Wesley C. "Wes"Col20026929th Commander in 1961. HoH member 1988. USAFSS Manpower/Tng late 60s.
AKINS, William J.A2C2003Misawa 1954
ALANIZ, Jose Roberto Sr.unk2016Turkey, Germany - more information please
ALDAZ, Patrocinio (Pat)MSgt2014USAFSS - RU-Linguist - Bremerhaven, Germany; Hof Air Station, Germany; Peshawar Air Base, Pakistan and Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas
ALDERFER, Elmer L.Unk2005203 asgn Misawa 1963-
ALDRIN, Ronald "Ron"Unk2009Served with USAFSS 1955-65; asgn England, Anchorage, Ft Meade
ALGER, Buddy C.SMSgt1998304XX Maint,Cmd Hq,Pac theater mostly
ALI, James A. "Jim"CMSgt2005post-WWII radio operator; ARDF asgn Nha Trang VN; also asgn Greece, Japan, Korea
ALIRE, Lawrence L. "Larry"TSgt2004Asgn Misawa, Hq AIA
ALKER, Paul J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ALLARD, EdUnk19??Chicksands Baker Flight early 60s
ALLDREDGE, Richard D.Unk27-Jun-05Chinese linguist, IFEL 1956
ALLEGRA, Louis J.Unk2005Misawa 1961
ALLEN, Altho A. (Jack) Jr.Unk20096918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 6937th, Peshawar, Pakistan
ALLEN, Clyde E.Unk19??Officer asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ALLEN, David J.Unk2005Russian linguist asgn Europe & CONUS
ALLEN, Edward CrowLCol2001USAFSS Ol-Timer; Unit Cmdr 50's/60's; WWII Vet. et al...
ALLEN, JackUnk2012Peshawar - 1960's, 6937th
ALLEN, Jeffrey R.SrA2018
ALLEN, Joseph F.TSgt2019
ALLEN, Lew Jr.Gen2010Director NSA, Dep Dir CIA
ALLEN, William Arthur (Bill)MSgt2014Chinese Linguist - assignments - Republic of Philippines, Republic of China in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Germany, North Africa/French Morocco, Bangkok, Thailand and numerous stateside
ALLEN, William H. "Rip"SMSgt1987USAFSS Ol-Timer, remembered in 15th RSM
ALLISON, Franklin A.A1C2005Misawa 1960
ALLISON, Jerry V.A2C2009202x, Misawa 1969
ALLISON, Kenneth R.unk2014292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Daze Flight - 1961-63
ALLMAN, Charles W.CMSgt200820 years in USAFSS
ALLRED, Golden H.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
ALLRED, Ray G.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ALMAZAN, JesseGS2002Asgd to Hq USAFSS/ESC/AIA as Artist/Illustrator for 34 years; founder Chicano art gp
ALMOND, Calvin O.Cpl2010Asgn Misawa 1951-52
ALTROGGE, Thomas J. "Buddha"Sgt1982R29251; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
ALVERSON, James E.SMSgt2017Goodfellow, Misawa, Kelly, Karamursel, Keesler
AMBLER, Joseph "Joe"Unk1995Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai, Hq USAFSS
AMBURN, Allan R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
AMBURN, Charles L. "Bud"MSgt2019Germany, Japan, Goodfellow; also civilian instructor at Goodfellow
AMITRANI, Donald JamesCMSgt2017SIGINT Analyst; numerous assignments with USAFSS, TAC; Metro Tango, 9 SRW, Offutt
AMT, Martin P.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
ANDELFINGER, Joseph P.A1C20126918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ANDERSON, Gerald E.MSgt2008Radio and antenna maint; Korean war vet; asgn many FLR-9 installations
ANDERSON, James (Andy)MSgt2014RAF Chicksands, San Vito, Italy, San Antonio, Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam, and Misawa, Japan
ANDERSON, JaySSgt1979R29272; Lackland, Goodfellow, Crete, Chicksands, Pashawar, Pakistan & NSA
ANDERSON, Keith I.unk2001Misawa 1967
ANDERSON, Milton R.Sgt201220351, 1964-68, Syracuse University DLI Russian Language Program, Class SR9-1-65B, 6944th School Squadron, Goodfellow AFB, Texas, 1965-66, Misawa 66-67
ANDERSON, RaymondUnk2017more info please
ANDERSON, Robert Nels (Andy)Col20171991 Hall of Honor; Early '70s 6990th/CC, also prior 6985th/CC
ANDERSON, Robert (Andy)unk2014skivvy-niner
ANDERSON, Robert (Bob)Col201267th Wing/CC
ANDERSON, Ronald H. “Andy”TSgt1982R30474, Iron Horse; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
ANDERSON, Thomas A.Col1994Engineering
ANDERT, Stephen C.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ANDREWS, James L.SSgt1999USAFSS Ol Timer, Crypto; 8th RSM '49; Hq & Hq Sq '49-'50; 10th RSM, et al
ANDREWS, Reagon H. Jr.Unk2006Berlin 1958 - 62; was there when Berlin Wall was erected
ANDREWS, RobertUnk2004203/MA asgn Mildenhall 1990-92, Hurlburt, Omaha; died while asgn Spain
ANDRIEN, Thomas A.Unk1999Chinese linguist; IFEL 1953-03
ANDRUCH, Gordon R.Unk1978Chinese linguist; IFEL 1955-03
ANDRUS, Donald B.Unk2005Linguist asgn 6913th RSM vet ('58-'61)
ANGEL, Edward K.Unk2006292 asgn T1 Misawa '61-63
ANGEL, Robert D.Unk2017Misawa
ANGELO, Joseph R.MSgt1996USAFSS Ol'Timer Linguist; ACRP @ Rhein Main, Athens; finally NSA as Civ
ANGELO, Milton JSGT1964776 in Misawa - 1949
ANNETT, ROBERT L.Unk1994304X1 asgn Misawa 1957
ANTHONY, Paul W.Sgt1970Killed during rocket attack on DaNang AB, Vietnam
ANTONIK, Carl M.MSgt2010Russian linguist asgn 6913th early 60s, 6916th late 60s, 6985th
APODACA, RudolfoUnk1984Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
APPLEBY, Harrison H.Unk1984Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
APPLEQUIST, Jack O.A1C2002203x Misawa 1962
APPLETON, FrankMSgt2016202XX; 6922nd (Clark AB, PI, 6950th (Chicksands), NSA (Ft Meade, MD); assignments in Germany and at Shemya, AK; FTVA Life Member
ARCANO, DouglasSgt1969203MA Opr/ASRP @ Eielson, killed aboard RC 135 RIVET AMBER; Bering Sea crash
ARCHULETA, RayUnk2016Spanish Linguist
ARDISANA, Bernard "Ben"BGen1978ESC Vice Cmdr '75-'77; Dep Cmdr/Dep Dir NSA; Bldg 2000 namesake; HoH 1985
ARENIVAS, Jesseunk2014Accounting & Finace - USAFSS, ESC
AREVALOS, Ronald M. "Tonto"MSgt2000MD/MI 208 ESC ACRP Vietnam, Korea, Okinawa, Cmd Hq.
ARGO, John B.A2C1959ACRP arbn maint tech/Rhein Main '56; killed in auto accident; outstanding athlete
ARMITAGE, John R.Unk2019Need more info
ARMSTRONG, Charles D "Arch"SMSgt2002USAFSS COMSEC Vet. Asgn NSA.
ARMSTRONG, William D.TSgt1975USAFSS ACRP, Arab linguist 6916th SS/Athens; heart attack @ home in Athens
ARNALL, Harold D.A2C1996Misawa 1962
ARNETT, W. C.Unk2005Last lived in San Angelo, TX
ARNOLD, Clarence G.MSgt2010292X1, 1969-70, 6921 Scty Wg, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ARNOLD, Clifford M.Sgt1992292XX - Misawa 1966-68
ARNOLD, Jerry HUnk2001Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
ARNOLD, Laurence E.Sgt2010Misawa 1968
ARNOLD, Malcolm T.Unk1967202x Misawa 1964-66
ARNOTT, Richard W. “Rich”SSgt1993RTY30474, Iron Horse; 6924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mtn 68-69.
ARONOWITZ, Dennis S.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
ARROWOOD, Ronald MMSgt2019Need more info
ARSENAULT, William J.Unk1993Poss 203MA asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ARSENEAUX, BillUnk1999USAFSS maintenance
ASAY, GeneA2C19566952 RSM, Kirknewton Soctland
ASBELL, William E "Willie"MSgt2000USAFSS Ol Timer, Brooks, Kelly, Bremerhaven, et al
ASCHBRENNER, Donald O.A2C2006Asgn Det 3, 3rd RSM, Naknek/King Salmon AK
ASHCRAFT, Joseph H.,Jr "Joe"GS142000USAFSS Ol'Timer, AFSS Cmd Hq. Opns Staff; WWII Navy many accolades & awards
ASHCRAFT, Lee R.Unk2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; crypto operator
ASHCROFT, Lucas J.LCol2001WWII vet. Lived 44 years in San Antonio before moving to Beaumont.
ASHE, Theodore J.A1C19976918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam Vet
ASHLEY, ArthurUnk2006Asgn 10th RSM
ASHLEY, Joe G.Unk20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ASHLEY, MarkUnk2002202 Ironhorse Analyst @ Danang, 1968. 27yrs w/Norfolk Southern.
ASHMAN, Jerry LeeUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ASHTON, CharlesUnk2003292 asgn Misawa 1977-80
ASHWELL, David B. Unk1972Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
ASKEW, Anthony F. "Tony"A1c/GS2008Asgn Okinawa, San Vito; 35 yrs with NSA
ATELJVICH, GeorgeUnk1993Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ATEN, Jack F.Unk2003Asgn Korea; Germany; Pakistan; Goodfellow; Okinawa, Cheyenne.
ATKIN, Robert B.TSgt2009Linguist asgn Chicksands, San Vito, Tan Son Nhut, Germany
ATKINSON, John E.Unk1986Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
AUBREY, Wilbur J.SMSgt19926924SS Da Nang 69-70.
AUCHTERLOINE, AlexanderCMSgt2019Shaw, Chicksands, Langley, Bolling, Upper Heyford, ESC, and Dover
AUDET, Joseph R.Unk1996293x Misawa 1958
AUDET, Lawrence "Larry"MSgt1985ELINT; AN/GLR-1 expert Hof Germany
AUGUSTINUS, Robert H.Col1985Cmd Opns Staff; USAFSS-Ol'Timer
AUNSPAUGH, Mark C. "Shark"MSgt200822 years with USAFSS
AUSBERRY, James E.Unk1987Comm specialist at 6913th/41st RSM in early 50s
AUSTIN, Garland E. Jr.Unk1987T1, Misawa 1978 (Also a bowler)
AUSTIN, Loren D. Unk1991Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1965-04)
AUSTIN, Robert Paul "Bob"MSgt2000Need more info, Retired in early 1970's, Served at Bremerhaven
AUTIO, Clyde FredMaj Gen2017Pilot and aeronautical engineer; WPAFB, OH
AUTRY, James "Jimmy"Unk2003292/207 Asgn Hakata, Clark, Goodfellow
AVANT, Robert O.TSgt2011Misawa 1965
AVELLINO, Alfred J. (Al)Unk20136918th, Hakata, Japan
AVERBECK, Ronald J.unk1995202x, Misawa 1958
AVES, EllisUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
AVRITT, John H. IIUnk1980292 asgn Misawa early 60s
AYDELOTT, William BUnk1973202 assigned to Misawa, Goodfellow - 1955-67
AYERS, Gary W.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07)
AYERS, Phillip C.Unk2016292XX Hakata 1958-1962
AYMOND, Herman R.A2c1996293x, Misawa 1957
BABB, Thomas WayneCMSgt2014Intel Analyst and Trainer - Misawa, Wakkanai (Japan), San Vito (Italy), Ramasun (Thailand), Iraklion (Greece), Osan (S Korea), HQ ESC, Kelly AFB, Goodfellow AFB, Gunter AFS.
BABCOCK, Glenn A.Unk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07)
BABIAK, Thomas C.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01)
BACHELER, Robert S. IIIUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BACHMAN, Royal VictorSMSgt20111942-1945 WWII enlisted, 1947 -1971 USAFSS - 6913th RSM in Bremerhaven (MSgt, from Dec 56 until Jun 59) NCOIC Non-Morse Intercept and Msn Supt, Misawa and 6993rd, SA TX
BACIEWICZ, Anthony P. "Tony"Unk2010Abrn asgn Rhein-Main, MacDill, Eielson, Kelly, Offutt, Berlin, NSA
BACKES, Everrett J.unk2012292x1, Misawa 1961
BACON, Thomas C.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BADGER, Kenneth W.A2C1984292x, Misawa 1966
BADGER, Merle D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BADGETT, Harold Walter "Harry"A1C20106910th Darmstadt, Germany 1960-63 - 29251
BAER, Kenneth R.A3C1987293x1, Misawa 1957-58
BAER, Richard T. "Dick"Lt Col2020USAFSS HQ and Turkey, early '60s
BAGGETT, Robert R.TSgt1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Mess Sergeant
BAGLEY, JamesUnk2000Served with 2nd RSM
BAGLEY, Robert "Bobby"Col1997Ops, Director Cmd Alert Ctr;X-POW 9-67 to 3/73 following shoot down of RF-101
BAGOS, John Lowellunk1979293x, Misawa 1958-
BAHR, Arthur L. Jr. "Art"UNK2013ComSec Scty unit, also served in Alaska in the early 50's
BAHR, Robert L. "Bob"MSgt1996Ops, Cmd Hq & ETO area: Bremerhaven, Pakistan; Viet Nam; Goodfellow
BAILEY, Glenn A.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
BAILEY, Ray N.TSgt1987Asgn Misawa 71-74
BAILEY, RussMaj2008Asgn Shiroi AB, Japan late 50s, Trabzon; So Dakota State Univ ROTC
BAIN, William D.SSgt198?USAFSS Ol'Timer, Linguist, ACRP/Rhein Main; 'Schnuckiputzi' @ Royal Bar
BAINBRIDGE, William J.Unk2013need more info please
BAIRD, Donald GeneUnk2013more info please
BAKER, Edward "Eddie"MSgt2002Assigned 6916th.
BAKER, Francis "Frank"SMSgt196?29290/Printer; ACRP-B29's; USAFSS-Ol'Timer; functioned as front-end Radio Opr
BAKER, Francis W.MSgt19541st RSM
BAKER, George H. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BAKER, George W. Jr.SMSgt200720290 asgn Hakata, Misawa (1970), Kelly
BAKER, HarveyMSgt2009Asgn 6910th 1951-53
BAKER, John KennethMSgt2014USAFSS & ESC - 6989th SS, Misawa AB, Japan - 1974 - Italy, Vietnam, Afganistan, Okinawa, Japan; 292 - Baker Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 1966-68 and 1970-71, Vietnam 1968-1970
BAKER, John N.Unk2013AMT
BAKER, Richard M. "Dick"Maj2004USAFSS enlisted then officer; asgn Wakkanai, Misawa 50/60s; Batcat @ Korat
BAKER, William A. "Bill"Unk2005AMS/Chinese linguist asgn Yokota, Thailand
BALCER, Steven C.SSgt1981Opr/ACRP @ Eilsen; killed in RC135 COBRA BALL accident in Shemya
BALDWIN, Phillip I.SMSgt2001292 asgn Chicksands; taught college in VA after leaving service.
BALES, CliffUnk1970USAFSS - 6922nd Security Wing, PI
BALL, ThomasUnk2000Best known in Det 5, Hickam AFB, Hawaii
BALL, William R.Unk19??Poss 203MA asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BALL, Winston D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BALLARD, ClydeCol1995Mgt analyst; WWII B-29 pilot; Cmd Staff; Vietnam, Italy; Ret '71, et al
BALLARD, JoadMSgt2006202X0 asgn Zweibrucken, Kelly, Ft Meade
BALLARD, William (Bill)Sgt20151964-1968, 202X0, Shulink'ou 1965-1967; After leaving the Air Force in 1968, Bill went on to serve another 33 years with the National Security Agency Date
BALLARD, William T. (Bill)Col2014Co-founder of FTVA and first president. 1986 HOH - Enlisted - 1951, Commissioned - 1953, Nav/Bomb. - 1955-58 (B-36 and B-52), USAFSS 1958-1980, 6994th/Tan Son Nhut, HQ 67-69, Osan during Pueblo and USN C-121 incidents, 6912th, DCS Ops.
BALLENGEE, Chester K.Col2005USAFSS Inspector General 1968-72
BALLENTINE, Bob O'DellMSgt2012Communications for USAFSS, Edibburgh Scotland
BALLINGER, George E.CMSgt2014Multiple assignments overseas, final assignment as Commandant NCO Academy, Goodfellow AFB
BALM, Raymond R.SMSgt1996Comm Analyst Navy to AF '49; Cmd Staff, PAC & ETO's
BALOG, KennethMSgt2018USAFSS vet; Korea, San Antonio, Germany, Turkey, combat tour in Vietnam
BALUH, Raymond R.SMSgt1996Comm Analyst; Navy to AF 1949; Cmd Staff, Pacific & ETO's
BANDA, Jincent J.SSgt19726924SS Da Nang 70.
BANTA, Hugh V.Unk1992Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
BANNING, RoyCMSgt2002Supt/Logistics @ Osan for many years.
BARADEL, James B.Unk20096918th, Hakata, Japan
BARANOSKI, John R.Unk20136918th RSM, Hakata, JA
BARBERINI, Joseph E.A1C1996293x1 in Shiroi 1957
BARBOR, BrianSgt2009Former USAFSS member
BARD, Toddy or TeddyTSgt1990X1 (Msn Supe), Osan AB Korea 1971/2 Able Flight
BAREFOOT, Bob D.unk2012202 - Delta Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1968-70
BAREFOOT, Daniel CUnk1989202; Hakata
BARHAM, Clarence B., Jr.SSgt19926924SS Da Nang 68-69.
BARJON, Sterling J.Unk1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
BARKER, Bill R.CMSgt2020Command Chief, multiple ESC assignments; SEA/Command Chief in Berlin
BARKER, Brian T. "BT"MSgt/GS2009203/208 asgn Berlin, Hof, NSA
BARKSDALE, Ira J.TSgt1995ASA during Korea; 202 @ Shiroi/6902nd (1958), Misawa/6921st (1958-60, 1970)
BARNARD, Ted V.Unk1987Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BARNES, Charles Leeroy (Charlie)MSgt2013Russian Airborne Linguist, Turkey, Greece, England, Korea, Japan, Vietnam - Kelly AFB, Monterey - DLI, Eielson AFB, flew ACRP missions on C-130B-II aircraft while assigned to the 6988th Scty Sq at Yokota in the mid-1960's, 6985th, 6988th,
BARNES, Fred W.MSgt20206918th, Misawa; Alaska, Korea, Germany - Weather Forecaster
BARNES, John "Jack"LCol1972USAFSS ACRP; 6949th SS/6994th Cmdr; USAFSS Cmd Sect Pilot
BARNES, Leroy P.A1C1998293x1 in Shiroi 1957
BARNES, Robert "Barney"Unk1992Need info please
BARNES, Walter M.Unk2002292 Asgn 2nd RSM.
BARNES, William B. "Bud"Col2006HoH Member; former CC @ San Vito, Fuchu, Key West, Shu Lin Kou; USAFSS/IG
BARNETT, Grover D.SMSgt2007291XX Asgn Misawa 70
BARNETT, Ronnie L. "Ronn"Unk2011202x, T3, Misawa 1959-61
BARNHART, Clarence C.Maj1984Operations Officer; 6989th RSM, et al
BARNHART, William C.Maj1992Operations Officer @ Kadena late 70s.
BARONETT, Louis "Lou"Unk2000Career specifics unknown
BARR, Stuart K.1Lt2002Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
BARRETT, David B.unk2007Misawa 1955
BARRETT, FredCMSgt1999SS Ol'timer, pers/admin CMD 1st Sgt, SSFCU Gen Mgr, FTVA Past Pres, 1984 HoH
BARRICKLOW, Fred M.Col1995USAFSS Ol'Timer; Ops Off; Cmd Plans/Programs staff
BARTEL, ThomasA2C2010702x, Misawa 1967-
BARTELS, Jack M.Unk2006Asgn 6902nd Spec Comm, Shiroi, Kadena 1957-60
BARTHEL, GeorgeCMSgt2014202XX - several tours in USAFSS, including England, Hawaii, and the Headquarters
BARTHOLOMEW, Dicky D.A1C1999Misawa 1955
BARTIN, Robert E.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01, 1961-01,1963-04)
BARTLETT, RonCol1992Flt Cdr Misawa; DO Cudjoe Key; 6903/CC; PacSctyRgn; Pentagon; Hq USAFSS
BARTON, LloydCMSgt1996202XX, to USAFSS fm '50 @ Brooks; astute Cmd golfer; retired out of AFSCC
BASHAW, Robert C.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BASKINS, Luther C.Unk1980sAsgn Keesler, Elmendorf, Shemya
BASS, CleonCapt2019More info needed
BASSETT, Greyson T.SSgt2012RA20351mb, Chinese Linguist, 6990th SS Kadena AFB, Okinawa 1969-
BASSETT, Harold H.MG2007Hall of Honor 1994; One of the first USAFSS Commanders
BATCHELAR, Robert "Bob"TSgt2004USAFSS airborne 202 and 203 German/Chinese linguist who flew on EC47s, C-130s and RC135s. Jul 62 - Mar 63 AF basic training, Intercept Analysis trng/Goodfellow AFB; Mar 63 - Mar 65 6925th SS, Clark AB, P.I. TDY to DaNang AB OCT64-Jan65, Mar 65 - Apr 66 AFSC C/Kelly AFB with 90 day TDY to Okinawa, Apr 66 - May 66 AF Survival School, Stead AB, Nevada, May 66 - Jun 66 PACAF Jungle Survival School, P.I., Jun 66 - Jun 67 6924th, Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN/AMS on EC47 acft, Jun 67 - Oct 67 6948th SSM, Goodfellow AB, Oct 67 - Apr 68 German Language School, Monterey, California, Apr 68 - Apr 72 6916th SS, Rhein Main AB, Germany, Apr 72 - Jan 73 NSA, Fort Meade, Maryland, 900 hours in C47s,1300 hours in C-130's, and 48 hours (2msns) in RC135s.
BATES, Frederick (Fred)CMSgt2015USAFSS/ESC - need more info please
BATEY, William H.A1CUnkmore info please
BATTAGLIA, Ronald "Ron"SMSgt2010Russian linguist asgn Rhein-Main, Offutt, Ft Meade, Chicksands, Mildenhall, DLI, Hq ESC
BATTS, Dan L.SSgt2002306X in Misawa
BAUER, William R.TSgt1996Asgn USAFSS
BAUGHAN, ClarenceMaj2009WO asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt 1949-55
BAUKNECHT, William "Bill"unk2015USAFSS - Alaska
BAUM, George JUnk2005293X - Misawa 57-58
BAVIER, Raymond CUnk20166918th, 1964-66
BAXTER, Ralph A. Jr.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01)
BAYNARD, Ray H.unk2013292 - Baker Flight - 6918th RSM, Hakata, Japan 1962-65
BAYS, Don F. “Duck” Unk1996Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-04)
BAZEMORE, Asa M.MSgt199929290; 1950 Brooks AFB Ol'timer; Cmd Hq, Hq USAF, Alaska, Special Projects, et al
BEACH, David E.SSgt20156913th Bremerhaven, GE - 1956-61 Russian Linguist
BEAN, Donald M.TSgt1972292 asgn Misawa; 6924SS Ramasun 71-72, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BEARD, Garrold L.MSgt1999Asgn Misawa 1966-
BEARD, Jerry D.Unk20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BEARD, JosephMSgt1992FURTIVE BEAR Flight Engineer who was blown out of the aircraft during Peruvian attack over international waters
BEARL, Derwyn S. "Dewey"TSgt2004Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai then personnel @ Frankfurt, GAFB, Onna Pt
BEATIE, Charles F. "Chuck"Col1989CC, 6933rd SW, et al
BEAVERS, James "Jim"CMSgt1997Need info please
BECHTEL, Harley W.SMSgt2003DCS/Personnel 1954-56
BECKER, Julie AnnMSgt2016Russian linguist, Berlin
BECKNELL, Robert LeeUnk2019292XX, Goodfellow, San Vito; Europe and Middle East
BECKVAR, Gene K.Unk2002Asgn 6924th/Danang.
BEDELL, Charles Henry IIISMSgt2017Vietnam Vet, Bronze Star, Hof, Germany ELINT specialist
BEDINGFIELD, Jerry RayCol201631yr Service, Vietnam Veteran, 200 Combat Missions, ESC
BEDINGHAUS, Bernhard T.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BEE, MikeMSgt2016more info please
BEEBE, RaymondGS1998AFSS Ol'timer 38-yrs, Cmd Hq Reprographics; was CWO US Army Reserve
BEELER, John Doyle (Johnnie)Unk20186918th Hakata, 1966-68
BEESON, Ralph A.Capt1990202 asgn to Wakkanai (58), Misawa (66-68); commissioned then to Italy, Scott AFB
BEEVERS, JamesUnk1978Chicksands Ops Supt
BEHNKE, PaulCol2016more info please
BEICHLER, CARL O.Unk2008Asgn Misawa 1953
BELDEN, James H. JrUnk2005732XX; Hakata
BELDING, Robert D.MSgt201821 years with USAFS before retiring and working for the Gov't in San Antonio.  His assignments included Germany, Scotland, Ft. Meade, Omaha, and Viet Nam
BELFI, Charles L.LCol1986Ops Off; USAFSS Ol'Timer
BELL, Dennis Gene.SSgt201320351, Syracuse University, DLI Russian Language Program, Class SR9-1-65B, 6944th Student Squadron, Goodfellow AFB, Texas, 1965-66, 6921st Security WIng, Misawa AFB, Japan, April 1966 - 69
BELL, Ferris "Steve"MSgt1999USAFSS Ol'Timer, linguist, Germany, Pakistan, NSA, Cmd Hq
BELL, James "Jim"Unk2002Chinese linguist assigned to Misawa/Yokota 1961-64.
BELL, JimmyCMSgt2014MK (Spanish) - AMS - Offutt, Panama, Key West, HQ ESC
BELL, Morris Jr.A1C2002Asgn Misawa 70
BELL, Webster (Web)Unk20136944th, 6949th, Polish Linguist - Berlin, GE
BELLAMY, CharlesSMSgt19??ACRP; AMT @Rhein Main in late 60's/early '70's; died early 80's
BELLISH, Anthony P.MSgt2019Need more info
BELLMYER, Billy G.SSgt1989Asgn Misawa 1965
BELMONT, Donald E. "Wimpy"CWO31997Linguist, USAFSS O'Timer; early linguist in ACRP Rhein Main, Ger & Yokota
BELTON, Morris J.unk19946918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 1966-68
BELYEU, Homer, JrMSgt1995USAFSS Ops Ol'Timer; mostly in Pac area
BELZER, Leonard D.unk2014292 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1960-62
BENDER, William C. "Bill"Col2004Asgn Vietnam, Greece, Germany, Kelly, Pentagon, Desert Storm
BENEDICT, LawrenceUnk2003Asgn 41st RSM/6913th in 50s
BENEVIDES, Eugene L.TSgt1969USAFSS, A29271/ASRP @RM,killed RC135,Rivet Amber, Lost in Bering Sea
BENHAM, Bobby D.MSgt1991202 asgn 6913/Bremerhaven, Kirknewton.
BENKOVICH, Larry "Benk"MSgt1993202 Asgnd Clark, Misawa, Osan, Ramasun Station, Thailand
BENNER, George LA1C2011202 stationed at the 41st RSM Bremerhaven, 6913th in 1954 and 1955.
BENNER, JohnMSgt20111A8 Arab Linguist
BENNETT, Fred LeeCMSgt2015202 - Zweibrucken in 58, 6918th in Hakata ( 69-72), Augsburg (72-75), RAF Chicksand, Ellsworth AFB (First Sgt), Phillipines and Vietnam
BENNETT, Nathaniel E. JrMSgt2007Vietnam Vet, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BENNINGFIELD, Edward L.CMSgt2018USAFSS/ESC Manual Morse Op; Taiwan, Japan, Kelly AFB, Vietnam, & Germany
BENNINGTON, Larry L.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10, 1958-11) 6987th (2 tours), others. Retired as NCO.
BENSON, Ernest B.Unk2009202 asgn 6981st 1963-65
BENTZ, Timothy R.MSgt2018Korean linguist, PA National Guard
BEPKO, Steveunk2014HQ USAFSS in 1960's - more info please
BERG, Russell P.MSgt2018202, Wakkanai, Zweibrucken, Vietnam ARDF
BERGER, Eugene A. Jr. "Gene"Unk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07) PY-Do, 1959. Later commissioned pilot.
BERGERON, Robert H.MSgt2007AMS asgn Rhein Main, Offutt, Yokota, Incirlik
BERGERSON, Richard JSgt19936918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam Vet
BERGIN, FrankUnk2008207X1 asgn Wakkanai 1958-63, Misawa 1964-66, Goodfellow, Medina
BERGLUND, David T. JrSSgt19826918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam Vet
BERGMAN, Paul MichaelUnk20126910th/6911th RGM, Darmstadt - early 1960's (Air Police), Tuslog, Det 3 at Karamursel, Turkey 1960-1961 Served in
6938th at Wheelus AB, Tripoli 1959-1960
BERKANT, Daniel "Danny"LC1977Personnel, Cmd HQ, ESR, et al
BERKANT, Daniel F.1Lt19541st RSM
BERLIN, Kenneth D. Jr.A2C1975292x, Misawa
BERNARD, Barbara "Stacy"GS2000Educator; turned Lackland schools into Blue Ribbon operation;
BERNIER, Paul A.MSgt2019need more info please
BERNSTEIN, Richard K.Unk1972Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
BERRY, Harry J. "Jud"GS2008Russian linguist/analyst for NSA 1956-85; served USAFSS 1951-55
BERRY, James F.Col199769213st RGM Commander, 1960-63
BERRY, James W. "Jim"A1C2007Russian linguist asgn 6950th RGM/Chicksands late 50s; basketball center
BERSTLER, Donald LSSgt20066986th Scty Gp
BERTKE, Valerius BernardMSgt1979Korea and Vietnam; Chinese linguist
BEST, Ronald W.PFC2004Asgn Misawa 1950-
BEYERS, Walter F.MSgt1993USAFSS Ops Ol'Timer Brooks AFB, PACAF & ETO, 33° Mason/Shriner
BIBEAU, Peter W.Unk2003702 Asgn Misawa 70
BIEBER, William RUnk20176918th (Hakata)
BIGELOW, Amerson R. "Rich"Sgt20126921st SctyWg, Misawa, 202x, T4 65-67
BIGFORD, Richard G.CMSgt/Maj1993USAFSS CMSgt won commission in Army; retired as Maj
BIGGAR, KayeLt Col2011AFSC - 7316 - 26 years of service USAF, HQ USAFSS for about 10 years
BIGGERSTAFF, Carl (Al)SMSgt2011Ashiya AB, Japan; RAF Kirknewton, Scotland; Clark AB, PI; Iraklion, Crete; Lackland, Keesler, NSA, Goodfellow
BILBREY, Charles W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BINDER, Edward M.Col2011Commander @ Shemya AK, Iraklion Crete, Aviano Italy
BINGHAM, Richard "Corky"SMSgt2019Air Force and later as a civilian working at Goodfellow AFB. Began his career as a morse code operator stationed in Misawa, Japan, Next, he trained to be a Russian linguist at Syracuse University which resulted in his assignment to a remote post in Shemya, Alaska for a year. Chicksands, Goodfellow AFB, Heraklion, Greece before returning to Goodfellow AFB for good.
BINKLEY, Dean Howard Jr.Lt Col2014USAFSS, Germany, France, Texas, And Maryland - need more info please
BIRCHFIELD, Richard H.unk2012Misawa 1962-
BISHOP, Richard J.SSgt2008Asgn Misawa 1978-
BISHOP, SydneyUnk2005USAFSS COMSEC vet asgn Brooks, Nagoya, Moriyama, Obu ('54-'56)
BITTIN, JohnSSgt2004Elinter asgn Hof for 3 yrs in early 60s, 1 yr in Turkey; leukemia
BITTNER, RayUnk2002Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BIZJACK, Jack E.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
BJORSETH, Donald R.UnkUnk292 asgn Misawa 1963
BLACK, Dwight LeoSMSgt2010USAFSS HQ, HQ Far East Air Force, Japan, Darmstadt, GE., Ft. Ritchie, MD
BLACK, Everett A.UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
BLACK, James T.unk2014need more info please
BLACK, Jimmie R.TSgt20086950 Scty Gp - 207X2 - 6960 ABS - San Antonio
BLACKBURN, James H.Unk2008Asgn England, Germany, Finland, Crete, USAFSS
BLACKBURN, JoeCMSgt1998USAFSS Ol'timer, 202XX and instructor; active in COMSEC
BLACKWELL, Johnny R.Unk2005USAFSS 15th RSM vet
BLACKWELL Patrick L.A1C2006Chinese linguist. (Basic at Sanz). 6987th, Taiwan.
BLAIR, Craig S.Unk2019Airborne Chinese linguist, Yokota
BLAIR, Leivan L.Unk2003292 asgn Misawa 1966-67
BLAIR, Leonard G.SMSgt2007Asgn Misawa/NCOIC T4 1965-67
BLAIR, Richard A.GS2009Army & Air Force vet asgn Hq ESC
BLAIR, Robert E.TSgt1998207X1 asgn Chicksands (1974), San Vito
BLAIR, William L.Capt2003European Theater
BLAIS, Leo D.SSgt2000USAFSSKorean era, discharged became State Senator & successful business owner
BLAKE, Gordon A.LGen1997USAFSSCmdr 57-59; DirNSA 62-66; HoH 1984
BLAKE, Robert L.Unk2016292XX 6918th Hakata; 1964-66
BLAKE, Ronald G.Sgt2020Vietnamese linguist
BLAKELY, William H. IIITSgt2005292X1 asgn 6918th, Hakata, Wakkanai, Vietnam, Luke AFB, Misawa (65-73); one of the good guys
BLAKEMORE, Allen C.TSgt2005Asgn Shemya, Trabzon, Chicksands, AFSCC/Kelly
BLANCHFIELD, William A.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
BLAND, Connie L.A1C2006Misawa, 1957-59, 202x
BLANKENSHIP, Hubert "Blank"MSgt2003Asgn Kelly; supply tech @ Karamursel, Turkey, Misawa 1955
BLATMAN, Ronald B.unk2014771x - Misawa - 1969-72
BLAUVELT, Roger MourrieMSgt2011Chinese Linguist (Yale and DLI) Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines and Japan (6988th - 65-67 (Yokota))…also Germany
BLAZEL, David B. "Blazer"CMSgt1990Russian linguist @ Rhein Main, Yokota, Osan, Athens, Offutt. Superb AMS. Believed to have had over 15,000 flight hours and 50+ Air Medals.
BLEVINS, JoeMSgt2010Chinese linguist. 76-77,?83-84?;
BLOCK, EdLtCol2002Photorecce pilot; USAFSS/LG, Shemya, St Lawrence. Master supply troubleshooter.
BLOHM, Patrick E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BLOOD, James D.TSgt2003Inventory Mgt Spec asgn Kelly as military & civilian.
BLOOMQUIST, DaveUnkUnk203X1 asgn 6987th/Shu Lin Kou
BLOUGH, John AUnk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-11) 
BLOUNT, Fred W.GS/Amn2000Asgn 2nd RSM 1949-51; Cmd Hq Plans/Programs/CCP Tech Advisor; HoH 1986
BLUNDA, Anthony J.A1C2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04) 
BLUNDELL, DavidMSgt2012T2A372, Hill AFB UT 1982-1992, Kunsan AB ROK 1992-1993, Luke AFB AZ 1993-2002
BOATRIGHT, Barbaraunk2016USAFSS, AFEWC (Civilian Personnel and Command Section) - more information please
BOATWRIGHT, John H.SSgt2007622x, Misawa, 1957-
BOCKLAGE, EdmondCMSgt1986Asgn Augsburg; backbone of mobile SIGINT effort, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BODDY, Roger "Mike"Unk2012
BODNAR, Peter P.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-10)
BOE, JERRY B.Unk2005in Misawa 1953
BOERSMA, Dale J.A1C2019need more info
BOESER, Dennis J.Unk20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOGDEN, Edward J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOGERS, FRANCIS A.A1C2002in Misawa 1953
BOGUE, Herbert W.SMSgt2014cryptanalyst - assignments included Okinawa, San Antonio, & Taiwan (thrice)
BOHANNON, Edwin Gordon Jr.Unk20176987th, Taiwan; Chinese linguist who reported on first detonation of A-bomb by PRC.
BOHLINE, James E.MSgt2002Asgn Misawa 1959-
BOLDEN, Franklin D.UNKUNKMore information please
BOLES, Stokes J "Tex"TSgt2008208X0 - Czech linguist/instructor, Hof, Augsburg GE, retired from Goodfellow in 1980
BOLICK, Claude E. Jr.MSgt1998Polish linguist @ Rhein Main; Instructor @ Goodfellow
BOLICK, Claude W.MSgt2006European Theater
BOLIN, Roger H.Unk20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOLLICH, Michael "Mike"Unk1991Need info please
BOLSTRIDGE, Lester J. "Les"Col2010Served in many intell positions in Europe, Pacific, NSA; helped plan Linebacker II; HoH 1988
BOLT, BobbyUnk20062nd RSM vet
BOLTE, Peter H.unk2013202 on Dawg Flt 1969-72, 6918th
BOND, Ernest F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BONHAM, CharlieUnk2010A292X1 asgn 6985th/Eielson, 6990th/Kadena (RC-135), 6994th/Vietnam (EC-47)
BONIN, Dwight E.Col1991Cdr 6902nd Spec Comm Gp/Shiroi, 58-59, 6922nd RGM/Kadena, 59-61
BONNER, Cloephus T (Theophilas - Thom) IIIUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOOTH, Alan W.Sgt2003Asgn Misawa 71
BOOTH, AuxierMSgt1991Asgn Misawa 1961
BOOTH, David L.A1C2003292x Misawa 1958
BOOTH, Harry JCol2004Army 1942-45, Air Force 1946, 7059 Air Intel Sqdn Kassel GE 53-54, 60-64 - Director of Plans and research USAFSS, 6922 Kadena - 1965, 6918th Hakata 65-67, HQ USAFSS 67-69, Samsun, Turkey - 69-72, Chief of Tech Trng, Goodfellow 72-74,
BOOTON, John W.MSgt1997Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; 1st Sgt
BOPRAY, SteveMSgt1999Russian TAC OP, took his own life
BORAK, Donald J.CMSgt2015292 - USAFSS, Scotland, Alaska, England, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, and Thailand before his retirement from Kelly AFB in San Antonio, TX in 1974 - BSM; USAFSS - Bronze Star
BORDELON, HaroldUnk1989Morse op asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven
BORDEN, Julius S. "Jim"Maj1998Cmd Hq, Alaska, et al
BORLAND, Isaac H. "Ike"SSgt2018Korean War era; Germany
BORMAN, Danny JSgt2019Hakata 202 1966-68; Civilian NSA Analyst 1969 - 1976
BORNER, Robert L.Unk1982ACRP; 6990th; 6908th
BORRIES, William "BO"MSgt1998USAFSS Ol'timer; A292/A207; out of 16th, 94th,49th: Rptd by SMSgt Larry Tart
BORSTAD, Orville M.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07)
BORUTTA, Lester E.A3C1976471XX asgn Misawa 1952-
BOSCH-SUERO, Diegounk199?MK flyer - Offutt
BOSSI, Roger E.Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
BOSTON, Donald R. "Don"MSgt2007207X1 asgn 6990th/Kadena, Offutt
BOSTON, Keith D (Okie)unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1959-61
BOSWELL, Homer DUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOSWELL, Samuel E.LtCol2006WWII Navy enlistee; USAF commission; USAFSS D/Dir Engr; asgn Kelly, Peshawar
BOTELHO, LarryMSgt1994A/C Maint
BOUCHARD, John CharlesMSgt2017Airborne linguist, DSO; Det 3, 25 IS, Kadena and Osan
BOUGHNER, Barry Leeunk2015USAFSS - Morse Systems OP - 128 Combat missions (DFC) - AMS in Vietnam 1971-72, Okinawa, Japan; Kelly AFB, TX; Alaska; Key West; Crete; Taiwan; Germany; Italy; England; and Richenbacker AFB, OH
BOUGHTON, Rowland F.Unk19926918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOUKNIGHT, Charles L "Chuck"SMSgt2001USAFSS Ol'timer, 70290, Brooks, 6900thSW Fkft,Ger,Cmd Hq, 27-years AF svc
BOUL, Donald J.Unk20176918th RSM
BOURDO, Jack FrancisUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOURG, Archie T., Jr.A2C1958AMT killed Sep 2, 1958 in C130 shoot down over Armenia
BOUSQUET, Ernest V.CMSgt1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
BOUTIN, Donald R.Lt Col2019ESC, AFPC, and NSA Intel Officer
BOUTON, Edmond L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOWARD, Richard C.Unk2016USAFSS/ESC - 1962-1985
BOWEN, Jack S.MSgt1993USAFSS Ol'Timer; Communicator; 20-yrs military; 25-yrs as Civ
BOWEN, WatrousUNK2008Need additional info please
BOWERS, William R. "Bill"Col2000USAFSS Ol Timer, 1949 fr ASA in Va; Intl Off, WWII navigator, instl'd SS HoH 1988
BOWIE, RichardTSgt2009202 asgn 6989th RSM, AFSCC
BOWLES, Charles W.LCol1992Operations Off; SS Cmd Staff Plans & Programs; Ret to teaching Holmes HS, SAT
BOWMAN, David L. Sr.Unk20026918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOWMAN, Frank M.Lt Col2002Hakata AB Commander, JA, WW II, Korea and Vietnam Vet
BOWMAN, Howard B.Unk19926918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BOWMAN, Norman R.MSgt2005Chinese linguist asgn Shu Lin Kou (early 60s), PYDo, NSA
BOWMAN, Robert D.A1c2007Asgn Crete, Hq USAFSS 1961-65
BOWMAN, William F. A1C2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10), 6988th SS, AMS.
BOWRON, Thomas HaroldMSgt20076918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam
BOYACK, Richard W.Unk20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan; CIA (Mid-East/Far East)
BOYD, Donald R.CMSgt2011202 with 30+ years - Misawa, Peshawar, Air Staff
BOYD, HughMSgt19??Logistics Support, Cmd Hq
BOYD, JamesCMSgt2014More info please
BOYER, Brian L.Unk2009292x, Misawa 1964
BOYER, Earl K.SMSgt1996USAFSS Ol'Timer, Logistics, ESC, AFIC, FTVA mbr, recruiter when deceased
BOYLE, James R. (Jim)Lt Col19991951-1953: Security Service, Brooks A.F.B. 1953-1956: Ankara, Turkey. 1956-1960: Security Service, Brooks A.F.B.
BOYLE, John P. "Rip"CMSgt2006202 asgn Chicksands during the 50s, career USAFSS
BOYNTON, Bruce A.Unk1995Asgn Misawa 1959-63
BOZARTH, Clifton E.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09), Osan 1958
BRADACH, Edward F. JrUnk2019292XX Hakata 6918th1958-61
BRADFORD, Blyth T.Maj1988Formally asgn OIC Operations at USAFSS Training Site, March AFB, CA
BRADFORD, Robert K.Unk1954Asgn 2nd RSM
BRADLEY, Michael (Mike)Unk2016German linguist; 6912th Teufelsberg Operations
BRADLEY, Scott R.Sgt1996292X1 asgn 6987th/Shu Lin Kou
BRADLEY, Stephen E.unk2009202 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1963-65
BRADY, James "Jim"Col19??SS Ol'Timer; 6920 SG/Johnson AB Jpn; wrote 1st ops ords for 1st ACRP in Far East
BRADY, Thomas G.AB2002Misawa 1956
BRAMBLE, H. KenCol20156916th ESS CC - 1979-81, Ops Officer at Skivvy Nine (73), Athens (80's) and HQ at Kelly
BRANANGAN, John Edward (Jack)MSgt2013Equip Maint. Bremerhaven, Kirknewton, 6913th RSM, and Chicksands.
BRANDENBURG, DaleSgt1973AMT killed in EC-47, "BARON -52" shot down over Laos,, 6994th Bravo Maintenance
BRANDON, DarryllUnk20131970-1990, USAF Intel Career - need more information
BRANTLEY, John W.A2C2006292x2 in Shiroi 1958
BRASWELL, JimmieSgt2005Asgn San Vito in the mid-70s
BRATUSEK, George R.GS1999SS/ESC Ol'Timer; WWII Vet; 33-yr Logistics; Cmd Hq, AFCD
BRAUN, Mal C.A2C1997292x2 in Shiroi 1958
BRAUN, Serran R.Unk1999Duty assignments in San Antonio, San Angelo, Alaska, Pakistan, Turkey
BRAXTON, Lawrence S.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BRAY, CarolGS1998Hq Publications et al, Ret at age 83; Husband was one-time lst Sgt HQ Spt Sq as MSgt
BRAY, Ernest JrSSgt19823rd RSM
BRELSFOARD, FrederickUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BRENEMAN, Robert E.TSgt1972732x, Misawa 1970
BRENNAN, RobertUnk2017Morse op, Turkey and PI
BRENTLEY, Clem CarrolTSgt2007Chinese linguist.
BRESNOCK, Michael L.CMSgt1996Opns, USAFSS Ol'Timer fm Army Air Corps and 1950's; duty mostly in ETO;
BRETZ, Melvin KentUnk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09) Date of death uncertain, Could be Mar 1, 2011, Osan 1958 Blue Sky
BREWER, Luther M.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BREWER, RobertMSgt20126921st SW 1964-67
BREWER, Robert L.Unk2017USAF and DoD Intel Community
BRIDGFORD, Charles RobertUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BRIGHTBILL, Royal A.Unk2017LA ANG and USAFSS; Chinese linguist
BRIMACOMBE, James R. "Jim" Capt2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07) Korean and Vietnam wars. General's aide during deployment, paratrooper, expert marksman
BRISCOE, Neil A. JrGS-142006US Navy - Korean War - USAFSS/ESC - Retired GS-14 1984 - Chief of the Systems & Applications Division of Data Automation
BRITT, Gene H.SMSgt201829292; Alaska, Scotland, Italy, Crete, Japan, Texas
BRITT, Nathan C. "Nate"MSgt2010Russian linguist asgn Bingen, Hof, Rhein Main first recon flights
BROCK, Dennis EUnk2018Need info please
BROCK, Jimmy M.unk2015USAFSS, Bremerhaven
BROCK, KennethUnk2001Asgn Elmendorf, Shemya, Kirknewton
BROCK, Wanda Jane "Janie"GS1999USAFSS Ol'Timer of 36-years service, mostly at GoodfellowAFB,Tx
BROCKMAN, Edwin H.TSgt1997Asgn Misawa 1960-
BRODEUR, Robert G. "Bob"MSgt2008Russian/Vietnamese linguist asgn Berlin, Kadena, Kelly
BRODMAN, Gregory N.Col2005AIA/ACC (active duty); Air Intelligence Officer; asgn Pope, Ft Belvoir, Kelly, Hurlburt
BROKOPP, Robert "Bob"SSgt2005Russian linguist asgn 6910th/Darmstadt
BROOKBANK, Robert A.unk20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, need more info please
BROOKENS, Sylvester E.MSgt1996Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 24 years, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BROOKS, Huey P. "Hi Pockets"SMSgt2001292/207 Airborne many years @ Yokota/Kadena/Bremerhaven/Rhein Main
BROOKS, Robert (Frank)MSgt2013USAFSS Ops
BROOKS, Robert O. "Bobby"Col1985USAFSS Ol'Timer, Ops Officer 1st RSM in early 50's; CC 6917th San Vito 64-65.
BROSSETT, MarvSMSgt2011207X1 - Multi ground/airborne assignments - Crete, England, Nebraska (6997th), Okinawa (6990th), South Korea, Texas, Alaska, and Maryland - GS-14 - 39 IOS, Hurlburt Field
BROUGHTON, Thomas E.Unk1993Need info please
BROUSSARD, Louis AltonMSgt2017Linguist; Bremerhaven, Lackland, Chicksands assignment
BROWN, Albert C. "Charlie"SSgt2002292X1/202X0 Asgn Wakkanai; Ft Meade. Separated as SSgt.
BROWN, Aubrey W.MSgt1993Linguist, ACRP @ Yokota, Rhein Main, Hq USAFSS, et al
BROWN, DanielA1C2001Asgn 6986th, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BROWN, Donald E.Unk1982751XX Asgn Misawa 70
BROWN, Ellis G. "Brownie"CMSgt19??R73200, Pers Super, 6986 Scty Gp, Wakkanai AS, Japan & Cmd Hq Staff, et al
BROWN, George R.MSgt1999Need info please
BROWN, HermieMSgt1996AFSS Russian stationed Eileson, Yokota
BROWN, Irvin LeeUnk2012More information please - USAFSS
BROWN, James E. "Jim"SMSgt1997USAFSS Ol'Timer 1950-65
BROWN, Jerry FranklinA1C2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-04) Basic & intermediate.6987th (2 tours)
BROWN, Jeryl A. "Jeri"SRA2004202B/209 asgn Kadena, Chicksands, Brooks late 70s/early 80s
BROWN, Lewis E.TSgt2010291x0, Misawa 1970
BROWN, Margaret SorolaCiv2012HQ USAFSS/ESC 1964-1984 - Computer programmer/analyst in Data Automation
BROWN, Norma E.MGen2003Hall of Honor 1993; Many USAFSS command positions; first woman to command a USAF wing (GAFB).
BROWN, Reggie E.A2C1993293x 1953-, Misawa
BROWN, Richard L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
BROWN, Robert B.MSgt1989202X0 asgn Misawa 1971-
BROWN, Ronald E.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
BROWN, Stacey E.LCol1992Ops Off Cmd Hq Staff, duty in Vietnam,Korea, China; Cmdr 6988 when retired
BROWN, William H.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
BROWNEWELL, John L.LCol1996USAFSS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, et al
BROWNING, Alan Wunkunk292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1960-62
BROWNING, Ronald G.Lt Col2011Russian Linguist prior to commissioning (USAFSS); 31-year career
BRUCE, Garry E.Sgt20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam Vet
BRUCE, RaymondUnk2003Asgn Misawa 1959-61
BRUCE, Robert LUnk2004203 asgn 41st/6913th RSM Vet in mid 50s; Foreign Service Officer w/State Dept
BRUEN, Frank G.unk2015292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan 1964-65
BRUME, Robert E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BRUMFIEL, Robert T. "Tom"LCol2000USAFSS Ol'Timer, Comptroller Staff Data Proc Cmd Hq; AFSCC; et al
BRUMFIELD, Walter T.SSgt1993Asgn Misawa
BRUMMER, Lawrence L. “Larry”TSgt1992R29270; 6924SS Da Nang 67.
BRUNEY, David Lee "Dave/Greagle"CMSgt1994USAFSS Ol'Timer Chinese Linguist; Cancer
BRUNKEN, Mark F.Sgt1992AIT asgn Misawa '72-73
BRUSH, Robert S.A1C2019
BRUSHWOOD, Charles L.MSgt2008202 asgn 6924th/Danang
BRUSSARD, MelvinUnk1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Cook
BRUSSO, Richard L.Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07)
BRYAN, James P.Unk2010Russian linguist asgn Germany, Goodfellow; also civ instr @ Goodfellow
BRYANT, Donald L.Sgt19966924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mountain 71
BRYANT, William R.CMSgt2017Waist gunner - B-25s, WWII Pacific theater; USAFSS pioneer, assignments to Brooks, Bremerhaven, St Lawrence Island, Karamursel, Peshawar, and NSA
BRYSON, Bickett C.CMSgt1996R29290; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
BUBLITZ, Neil G.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
BUCCOLA, Victor J.TSgt2015USAFSS - Carswell AFB, Ft. Worth, Texas, Okinawa, Japan and Germany
BUCHANAN, Eulis B. (Brooks)unk2006Misawa 1950-
BUCHER, Maurice V. "Vince"CMSgt2003Asgn Key West during Cuban crisis; Chicksands; Ramasun; Kelly. Top NCO.
BUCHINSKI, Robertunk2014292 - Baker Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1967-69
BUCK, Johnnie W. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BUCKHOLTZ, WayneMSgt2004202 asgn Misawa
BUCKNER, Emmitt R.Cpl1985293XX asgn Misawa 1951-
BUDDE, Ralphunk2013AMT
BUDROW, Michael F.Sgt2008304XX Asgn Misawa 68-71
BUELL, Gary L.unk19856918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, Able flight 1964-65
BUER, Dennis L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BUETHE, Duane V.MSgt2007202 asgn Misawa, Darmstadt, Ft Meade, Saigon in 1960s-70s
BUFORD, George e.A1C2005292x2 in Shiroi 1957-58
BULLARD, Steven D.MSgt1998USAFSS ACRP; AMT @ Eielson, Athens, COMBAT SENT @ Offutt; buried Arlington
BULLIS, Ronald T.A2C1962292x, Misawa, 1959-66
BUMGARDNER, James K.AlC1993USAFSS Ol'Timer; 6913th RSM late 50's; on 1st ACRP crews @ Rhein Main AB
BUNKER, Gerald B.Col2009Comsec asgn NSA, Hq USAFSS as Dep Chief & Chief
BUNKER, Stephen EdwardUnk2019Airborne linguist, Eielson, 1962-65
BUNNER, Charles K.Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-07)
BUNTON, Howard W.Lt Col2012Hall of Honor 2008; Ground Radio Maint as enlisted, EW as Officer, Chief of Electronic Combat Warfare Operations at ESC, IG Readiness Team Chief, DO at Tempelhof and Marienfelde, 6912th Berlin, 6914th/CC Augsburg, 6975th/CC Riyadh, 67th IG/CV, San Antonio
BURBANK, Raymond J. JrA2C1987Misawa 1966
BURDETTE, Roy M. Jr.TSgt19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan,Vietnam Vet
BURGES, Ellis G.Unk2013WWII (Navy), Electrical Engineer - USAFSS 27 years
BURGESS, GarySSgt2011Spanish, Somail, and French Ling, Hellenikon 1978-80, Ft Meade 1980-82, 6949th (now 97th), Offutt AFB 1983-1986, Howard AFB, Panama
BURGESS, Howard O.unk19646918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BURGESS, Roger E. Jr.Sgt2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07) 6988th SS, Bat 2 out of Yokota and Danang, Foreign Service Officer, administrative officer in the US Liaison Office in Beijing
BURGOON, JoeUnk198?Need info pls
BURKE, Gerald M.A1C1998Misawa 1955
BURKE, James R.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01)
BURKE, Thomas L.SSgt2006Chinese linguist. (Basic at Sanz). Osan. Later commissioned.
BURKE, V. Marjorie "Marge"GS1999USAFSS Ol'Timer; 30-years with AFSS & ESC
BURKHARDT, Robert L.Unk1982292, 6918th RSM/SS - 1959-64
BURKHART, William R. "Bill"MSgt2010Russian linguist asgn Rhein-Main, Athens; Cat IV/AMS
BURLING, Robert "Bob"SMSgt2007Maintenance type asgn Hq USAFSS/LG, Misawa
BURNAP, Arthur P. Jr.Unk1994293XX asgn Misawa 1958-59
BURNETT, Angelita "Netis"GS2004Management engineer @ HQ USAFSS til 1971 retirement
BURNETT, Denver H. "Sonny"Unk20176918th Hakata 292XX
BURNETTE, Harry J. JrSMSgt2000USAFSS Ol'timer, Comp Programmer; system analyst, Germny, NSA, Fla.,Cmd Hq
BURNEY, Lange Wayneunk2016USAFSS - Germany
BURNS, Jerome (Jerry)MajUnkAFSC - 7016, 6981st Security Squadron, Elmendorf AFB, AK. (1972 - 1974) 6960 Security Sq, Kelly AFB, TX (Hq Sq commander) (1980-1982)
BURNS, Kenneth "Skip"MajGen2012USAFSS/CC 1975-79
BURNS, Louis R. (Lou)SMSgt2013202 - 1959-83 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan and 6994th, England, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam (Bronze Star), Goodflellow AFB, TX, and Ft. Meade, Maryland
BURNS, Robert A.Unk1980Asgn Misawa Support Sq 1963-67
BURNS, William "Bill"Unk2001USAF Comsec Vet @ Brooks, Japan, Korea, Germany
BURNSIDE, Robert F.A1C2017need more info
BURR, DanUNK2009AMS Baker Flight - Dogger
BURR, Gaylon M.Unk2002Electronics section asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
BURRIS, Edward S.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01)
BURRIS, ELBERT L.A2C2005293x Misawa 56-57
BURROW, Arthur H.Maj1984Need info please
BURTON, Vernon E.CMSgt199729190; USAFSS Ol'Timer from 50's; SS Basketball coach
BUSCH, Charles W.GS2001Part of 136th RSM in early days; member of USAFCOMSEC group.
BUSCH, Gale E.A1C2001291x, Misawa 1953
BUSCH, Jerry T.MSgt2019Airborne Polish linguist; Offutt
BUSH, JamesCol20011990 HoH member; USAFSS advocate @ Asst Sec Def/Intel. Burma in WWII.
BUSH, Joseph "Joe"Col1994Ops Off, USAFSS O'Timer; Cmdr Chicksands, Goodfellow, et al
BUSHELLE, Brett K.Unk2005292 asgn Misawa 1955-60
BUSINGER, HaroldMaj?2015CC of Eckstein Det of 6913th, 1973-75; HQ USAFSS
BUSSEY, Henry T., Jr.MSgt19886924SS Ramasun 71-72.
BUSWELL, Lyle WarrenUnk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
BUTISTE, Herman J.A1C1980Misawa 1955
BUTLER, Benjamin "Ben"MSgt2019205X0/203X0; 6912 Berlin, Hahn AB, 6944th Offutt; Polish linguist
BUTLER, Jimmie LeeCMSgt2016USAFSS and ESC, 1963-1984
BUTLER, Michael W.A1C1999292 asgn Misawa 1964-65
BUTLER, Ralph Q.LtCol2009SIGINT/ElSec Officer; 6942nd CC/Ft Meade as final asgnmnt
BUTLER, Terry L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BUTLER, Vernon S. "Steve"CMSgt1994Ops; Cmd IG team, svc ETO, PAC; AFEWC, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
BUTT, Billy KeithUnk20136911th RGM
BUTTS, Joseph L.SMSgt2019294/205; Hof, Germany; Berlin, Germany; NSA retired civilian
BUTZ, J. MarshallGS1991Asgn AFSCC as analyst
BYARD, Walter E.SSgt1996Asgn Chicksands, Bremerhaven, San Vito, NSA in 50s and 60s.
BYARGEON, Frederick EugeneCWO201715 year USAFSS civilian; 23 year veteran
BYINGTON, Horatio E.GS2001Worked for USAFSS/ESC/AIA for 35 years.
BYLER, JamesCMSgt2011USAFSS, E&I team, Vietnam 1969-70, retired 1972
BYNUM, Edward JrSSgt2009292x, Misawa 1959
BYNUM, Terrell J. "Jessie"Unk2007T3, Misawa 1977-78
CABRAL, Duarte Dumas "Duke"Unk20181961-69; Chinese linguist; IFEL 1961-1965
CACCAVO, Edward S.MSgt1990Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Sq Photographer; USAF 28 years
CACIOPPO, Anthony J.GS1996EW expert; EW R & D
CAFFERTY, William H.MSgt2017Korean and Vietnam vet; lifetime FTVA; Chinese Mandarin linguist and AAFES Chief of Safety
CAFFEY, Phillip G.A1C2003Misawa 1957
CAGLE, James "Jim"LCol1987USAFSS Ol'Timer; Admin; Cmdr 6900 Spt Sqdn, Fkft, Ger
CAHALANE, George R.A2C2011292x, Misawa 1960
CAIN, Charles LeeMSgt1986Need info please
CAIN, Larney W.SMSgt2003Russian 203 asgn Berlin early 70s. SNCO Academy instructor.
CALDEEN, Phillip KennethA2C2006Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
CALDERON, PhilipUnk2006Chinese linguist.
CALE, Richard R.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
CALKINS, Richard M. "Dick"CMSgt1999USAFSS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
CALL, Deanna Lynnunk2015205/1N5 - Beale AFB, Berlin, Korea, Alice Springs, AFCO (NSA)
CALLAHAN, John B.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01,1958-07)
CALLENDER, Harry JMSgt1965202 at Misawa, Goodfellow
CALLEY, Kenneth D.unk2014292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CALLOW, Bennett L.Unk2019C Flight Bremerhaven, 6913th, 1958-59
CALLOWAY, Billy J (BJ)SMSgt2011Enlisted '49, USAFSS 202/201, Brooks Filed '49, RAF Chicksand 51-54, Zweibrucken, HQ USAFSS - 70's
CALMA, Frank B.A1C2007Misawa 1955
CALVO, Manuel S. Sr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CAMBRIDGE, David J.Capt20192007 Hall of Honor; Chinese linguist, became AF Intel officer
CAMERON, ALLEN W.A2C2008Misawa 67-
CAMPBELL, Carl E. "Scotty"TSgt2006Asgn Shu Lin Kou, NSA, Hq PACAF
CAMPBELL, Chester J.MSgt1998USAFSS Ol'Timer; Airborne Maint Tech; HQ, 6988; 6949; Ret 1972
CAMPBELL, RodgerUnk2006Russian linguist; asgn Rhein Main
CAMPBELL, William NUnk2007USAFSS vet
CANAVAN, John E.CMSgtUnkR20290, S&W Supvr; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
CANAVAN, Robert "Bob"MSgt2005Russian linguist asgn Rhein-Main, Kadena, Wakkanai, Goodfellow, AFSCC
CANAVEY, John W. "Jack"unk2014202 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, B flight 1958-59
CANFIELD, Leslie L.CWO21992Asgn 10th RSM during the 50s; Bataan Death March survivor
CANNARIATO, Thomas P. (Tom/Cadillac)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CANNINGTON, James W. Jr.Unk1998732XX Asgn Misawa 70
CANO, Lucio N.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-01)
CANTRELL, WilliamUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
CANUPP, Marvin S., JrTSgt2000USAFSS 1964-'84, Morse Opr, Supv, San Vito, et al; avid golfer
CARAWAY, Charles R.Unk19796918th, Hakata, Japan
CARAWAY, Charles R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARD, Mace AUnk2010292X - Misawa 1962
CARDEN, Jesse B.MSgt2010NCOIC Criticom Maint on the Hill @ Misawa
CARDENAS, John I.Civ2012WWII Vet (Army), USAFSS, ESC ciivilian. HQ European Security Region, HQ ESC
CARDONITA, Dominick (Dom)CMSgt2012Public Affairs - Acitive Duty and Civil Servant - ESC 85-95, Randolph AFB, Lackland AFB, Phu Cat Ab, Vietnam, Nakhom Phanom Royal Thai Air Base, Ramstein and Wiesbaden, Germany
CAREY, Robert E.Unk2018Russian linguist, Turkey
CAREY, John J.Col2012Cmdr 6981st, Elmendorf, Alaska
CAREY, Russell J., JrCol1999WWII /Viet Nam bomber pilot; numerous non-rated jobs in SS; Mason, Shriner, Daedalian
CARGILL, Harris B.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-11)
CARGILL, Roger D.SSgt2017USAFSS Cryptologist, Romanian and Russian
CARIGNAN, Hubert W.Unk1999203 asgn Misawa 1962
CARLE, IrwinUnk2015
CARLILE, Earle D.CMSgt199729290; USAFSS Ol'Timer fm 1950; H of H member in '88; 33° Masons/Shriner
CARLILE, Herman "Jerry"LCol1996Ops Off; WWII ftr pilot, spec opns Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia
CARLSON, Philip D. "Phil"Col2006DCS/Plans & Ops @ Hq USAFSS; asgn PSR/Wheeler, HI, Det 2, 6994, Pleiku, VN
CARLTON, WilliamUnk2013more info needed please
CARMICHAEL, Clyde SylvesterUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARNAHAN, Boyd I.SMSgt197829290, USAFSS O'Timer fm 50's
CARNEY, Bert R.Unk2016202; Hakata - 6918th
CARPENTER, Edward1LT1993More info needed please, Cartographer WW II and Korea, Editor of Beale AFB Newspaper.
CARPENTER, Floyd T.A2C2009292x2 in Shiroi 1958
CARPENTER, GeneUnk2004Asgn Shemya; Keesler instructor
CARPENTER, Richard D.1LtUnkAsgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Motor Pool OIC
CARPENTI, Arthur J.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
CARR, Joe F.Unk2000292 asgn Misawa 1962-64
CARR, Terrance (Pappy)unk2014X-1, Udom, Ramasan
CARRERO, Lawrence W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARRIER, Herbert W.A2C2004702x Misawa 1962
CARRIER, RobertCMSgt2006Asgn Vietnam as crypto tech
CARROL, RoderickUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CARRUTHERS, ROBERT D.Unk2000292x Misawa 63-64
CARSON, Herbert E.A1C1996Misawa 1955
CARSTENSEN, Harold T.SMSgt2017Greenland, Alaska, Hawaii, Taiwan, Korea, and UK; HQ USAFSS
CARSWELL, Eugene "Walter"Unk2008One or original Hebrew linguists asgn 6916/Athens 1969-74
CARTER, BraxtonCol2000USAFSS Ol'Timer; SS DCS/LG in early 70's; Ret as USSAG/7AF
CARTER, Donald W.Unk20031950s vet of the 6910th.
CARTER, Louis Allen "Pete"SMSgt2017292X1, 202; New York, MS, Georgia, Texas, Alaska, CA, Vietnam, Nebraska, and Florida
CARTER, Marshall S.LGen1993Ops, Dep Dir CIA, Dir NSA '65; CS NORAD, et al
CARTER, Thomas BruceMSgt2015USAFSS - Russian - Japan, Turkey, Germany and Ft Meade
CASCIANO, John P.Maj Gen201933 year intelligence officer; 1994-96 Commander, Air Intelligence Agency, and director, Joint Command and Control Warfare Center, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas; retired Air Staff Director of Intelligence
CASE, Franklin "Frank"SMSgt197220290 asgn AFSCC, San Vito, NSA; CMSgt select ret; NSA civ; former Marine
CASE, William "Bill"SSgt2004Asgn 6921st/Misawa, Japan; 6937th/Peshawar, Pakistan (1961-65)
CASH, John R. "Johnny"SSgt2003292 Asgn 12th RSM/Landsberg, Germany, 1953-54. Country music legend.
CASH, Paul P.Unk197?202 asgn Misawa 1960
CASH, REGINALD A.A2C1997293x 58-59
CASSADY, Frank J.A2C2018Communications intercept/code breaking; Germany
CASSIDY, Michael S.Col2019Multiple USAFSS/ESC CC assignments, AFIC & AIA/DO
CASTLE, Russell B.CMSgt2006292X1 later 202X0; msn supvr @ Landsbert, NCOIC tfc exploitation @ Danang 1970-71
CASTLEMAN, PaulMSgt1992Asgn Misawa
CATHCART, James R.A1C1999Misawa 1954
CATHEY, Hershell ThadMSgt2006292 asgn Korea
CATROPPO, AnthonyMSgt1999293x1 in Shiroi 57, 6924SS Ramasun 71-72.
CAVAN, James B.LtCol2005Need info please
CAVENEE, Robert H. "Bob"CMSgt2009Asgn Vietnam, Morocco, Korea, Germany, Taiway, Japan, Philippines, Newfoundland
CAVOLAN, Eugene J.Unk1998AFSS Ol'timer, COMSEC was his game
CERNEY, Robert "Bob"SMSgt1984Admin/Comptroller, Cmd Staff; 6900 SW, Fkft, Ger in 60's
CERVIN, Kenneth R.MSgt1996202 @ Zweibrucken
CHAMBERS, Carlton "Carl"MSgt2010202X0 asgn Germany, Turkey, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam
CHAMBERS, JOHN W.A2C2009Asgn Misawa 291x 52-
CHAMBERS, Melvin LeeUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CHAMBERS, Webster Jr.Unk1981Asgn Misawa 1962-
CHAMBLEE, A.C.CMSgt2010292XX asgn 6989th, 6994th
CHAMNESS, Charles G.A1C2019Bremerhaven, Germany - Korean Conflict era
CHAND, George E.A1C2007Asgn Misawa 1965-
CHANDLER, Bradley G. "Brad"Unk2009Russian linguist asgn Goodfellow, San Vito, NSA
CHANDLER, C. Lloyd "Zeke"Unk2008Russian linguist asgn Wakkanai, Johnson 1952-54
CHANG, Douglas S.Unk1998292x1, T3 Misawa 1968-69
CHAPELLE, Conrad "Rod" "Tin Man"Maj20166988th Scty Sq; prior enlisted, commissioned through BOOTSTRAP
CHAPITAL, Harmon "Chap"MSgt2005Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
CHAPMAN, Charles L.TSgt1985292X1 Asgn Misawa 70
CHAPMAN, Gerald LUnk2016
CHAPMAN, William "Chap"SMSgt2015USAFSS - RAF Chicksands, Goodfellow AFB, Kirknewton UK, Misawa, Iraklion, Crete
CHAPMAN, William C.CMSgt1999USAFSS Ol'timer; ditty bopper, Alaska, AFSCC, SEA to ESC Cmdr & DirNSA
CHAPPELL, Everett W.MSgt19771st Sgt 8th RSM Brooks 1949-53
CHARETTE, Joseph Anthony "Nonni"TSgt2013Vietnam, 6987th, Danang, Shu Lin Kho, Keesler AFB, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CHARLEBOIS, Roland J.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-11)
CHASE, Arthur O. "Art"MSgt2015294XX, 6949th, Offut AFB NE, Okinawa, Berlin,
CHASE, Harlan A.SSgt1983Misawa 1963-
CHATLOS, Victor R. "Chat"SMSgt2000'Damn fine' 202 asgn CSG Ramstein, CSG Hq MAC, Misawa, Homestead
CHEEK, John William Jr.MSgt2019Vietnamese linguist; 22 year career, Goodfellow AFB, Clark AB; Hawaii, worked repatriation of Vietnam MIAs. Known as great pool player, school teacher, and minister
CHENEY, Richard P.CMSgt2018Career Communications Intel professional
CHEESEBORO, Andrew E.MSgt2001Ol' Timer in USAFSS/ESC/AFIC/AIA. San Vito
CHERRY, Arthur R.TSgt2007Misawa, 1966-
CHESS, Edwin RalphMGen2000USAFSS Cmd Chaplin 1960, notable WWII and career achievements
CHEVALLIER, Thomas M.MSgt/GS2000USAFSS Ol'Timer, WWII Vet; career finished in AFCD
CHEW, Robert S. "Bobby"SMSgt2009292X1 6990th original cadre; asgn Misawa, 6994th
CHIAPPINI, George P. "Chuck"GS1998USAFSS Ol'timer fm ASA, joined SS at Arlington Hall "49, then to Brooks AFB
CHICOSKI, Kent A. "Chick"CMSgt2018Cryptologic training giant; Goodfellow, Keesler, NSA; HQ USAF and AETC
CHILDRESS, JackSgt2019Korean and Vietnam vet, Arab linguist; discharged in 1968, career NSA
CHILDRESS, JesseSSgt2012310 FSS Buckley; Satellite and Cyber Systems operator
CHILDS, DonnieUnk2001Morse op asgd San Vito, Crete, Turkey, Chicksands. Quadraplegic fm swim accident
CHILDS, RayUnk2017Vietnam-era Russian linguist; Feb 69 - Aug 71 6990th SS, Kadena AFB, Okinawa; 14 Op on the RC135M's, and a 2 Op on the RC130's when TDY at Cam Ranh Bay, Viet Nam [6 times]; About 195 RC-135 missions and 65 RC-130 missions. About 4,500 - 5,000 hours. Claim to fame: Flew next to honorees Red Haire and Mike Doty many times
CHIPMAN, John C. "Chip"Maj2008Russian linguist asgn Incirlik; AECP @ Syracuse U. Other asmts included 6990th, 6949th, Pentagon, USFK/Seoul, tour with ADC, 6916th/Athens, NSA & Det 2/Greenville, TX.
CHISNEHALL, David Bruce Sr.CMSgt2015207X2 - TUSLOG Det 94-1, Karamusel, TU (1963-64) 6922nd Security Wing, Clark AB, PI (1967-69) 6950th Security Group, RAF Chicksands, UK (1969-73) 6933rd Security Wing, Medina Annex, TX, 6917th, San Vito, Italy (70's) 3482nd Tech Trng Sq, Corry Station, FL
CHRISTEN, Roy E.A1C1995Misawa 1955
CHRISTENOT, Gary BrianMaj2018Linguist and intel officer; Offutt, Athens, Hurlburt
CHRISTENSEN, HarryUnk2005Need info please
CHRISTIAN, Charles B.Maj1998Civilian Tech Advisor at Goodfellow, military career - Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, California, Missouri, Wisconsin, Virginia and Germany
CHRISTIAN, James BenzilSSgt1987RU Linguist, Det. 1 6949th, Howard AFB Panama around 1984-1985
CHRISTOFFERSON, Charles A.unk2015292 - Charlie Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1971-72
CHRISTOPHER, TonyUnk2001Asgn Misawa in early 80s, Hq.
CHUKNICK, MerleSMSgt1997Operations/Msn Spt, Cmd Staff, Turkey & Japan
CHULICK, John "Big Jack"Unk2018CW Operator
CHURCH, Darryl F.SMSgt1998Asgn Zweibrucken, Kelly
CHVOSTAL, Paul J.SSgt1997Misawa 1950
CICAK, PeterMSgt2001B24 radioman WW II. Flew the hump >100 times
CICHOCKI, Frank W.A3C2003702XX asgn Misawa 1952-
CIEPIELA, Wayne R. "Cip"MSgt2003292X2 @ Chicksands, Osan, Pensacola, Iraklion, Clark
CIMAGLIA, Egidio E., Jr.UnkUnkChinese linguist.
CIOLEK, ROBERT R.Unk1986203 asgn Misawa 60-61
CISSELL, Ronald J.A2C2009292X1 asgn Misawa (1960-), Wakkanai
CLAIR, Carl F.LtCol2008CO of T2 Misawa 1960, Ops Off Augsburg, Chicksands 1970s, NSA 1978
CLAIR, JOHNSTON A. JR.A1C2013293x2, Misawa 1955-57
CLAIRE, Johnston A. Jr. "Turk"MSgt2013202, EC-47, 26 year AD, 16 years civil service, 6948th ESS (M) 78-80, NCOIC - DOV, San Antonio, 6994th at NKP
CLAPP, JohnUnk2006USAFSS 1st RSM vet
CLARENCE, Jon David "Jack"unk2016292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1968-72
CLARK, Charles, Jr "Chuck"Col1993Ops Off; Ret as CS AFSS
CLARK, Frank M. Jr.unk2013Alaska, Syracuse, Nuremburg - Germany, San Antonio, Ft Meade, Turkey, Beale AFB, Wakkaina - Japan, Danang - Vietnam, Hawaii, San Angelo
CLARK, Lloyd C.unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1963-65
CLARK, RenonaGS1991Secretary to Cmdr MajGen O'Shaughnessy
CLARK, Walter L.Col2005Served as IG; also asgn Vietnam, Bitburg, TX, AK, CA, MA
CLARY, Robert L. "Bob"SMSgt1999292 @ Elmendorf, Darmstadt, Chicksands, Seoul, Kelly, Goodfellow, NSA
CLAUS, Warren G.MSgt1994Comm; USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6970, Crete, Taipei, Taiwan, Chicksands
CLAXTON, Nolan V.CMSgt1992asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 28 years; buried Nat Cemetary Sante Fe
CLEGG, John C. IIISgt20006924SS Da Nang 68-69.
CLEMENS, Gerald L.Sgt2004202X0 Asgn Misawa 70
CLEMONS, RayUnk2006Asgn Misawa 1953-55
CLEVER, Louis J.TSgt1969EC-47 Morse Intcpt Supervisor killed during combat mission over Laos
CLIANG, Marcel HUnk2009Need info pls
CLINE, Robert "Bob"CMSgt2003Ops Supt @ Brady/66-68; Osan/70-72. 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Far East icon & great story teller.
CLINKSCALES, Thomas C.unk2010203, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1958-59
CLINTON, George Henry IV "Skip"MSgt2017MIMI (Skivvy Nine), HQ ESC/Comfy Olympics Dev Team;
CLYMER, Jack W.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07)
COACHMAN, William H.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COAKLEY, Richard A.Unk201035 yrs in USAFSS; need addl info pls
COBB, BillyUnk2011Morse Intercept Op, 3rd RSM, Naknek Alaska, 1952-53, NSA 1954
COBB, Lawrence Jr. (Larry)CMSgt2013AMT - more info please
COBB, TyeCMSgt2014First Sgt and personnel manager
COBBLE, James H.MSgt201030 yrs service, 6952nd Kirknewton 1959-1962
COBBLE, James P. "Jim"MSgt1991202 asgn Elmendorf, 6924th, 6950th, 6952nd.
COBURN, SkipUnk2015
COCCUS, Jerry T.Unk2003771XX asgn Misawa 1955-
COCHRAN, Archie L.SSgt2002202X0/Analyst asgn 41st RSM/6913th (Bremerhaven)
COCHRAN, David H.Unk2005202 asgn Samsun as msn supvr
COCHRAN, Richard KennethSSgt201920 year vet, 2 tours in Vietnam
COCKMAN, FrederickLtCol2009Asgn Zweibrucken 1965-68, Danang early 70s, Turkey, Philippines
COFFIELD, Leland R.Unk1989Need info please
COFFIN, Allan H.UNK19716918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 66-67
COFFLAND, Lewis F. "Lou"CMSgt/GS199?Ol'Timer 202XX; Analyst; retired out of AFSCC
COFFMAN, Alton B.Unk1996Security Police asgn Misawa 1951-
COGGESHALL, Kenneth W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COHENOUR, Brian "Conehead"MSgt2018A208XX, 6916th, EW TAFT - Riyadh SA; DESERT SHIELD/STORM vet
COIRA, Louis E.MGen2009Commander Hq USAFSS; Vice Commander 5th AF; HoH 1985
COLBY, Carlton F.Unk2016
COLE, Dennis B.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COLE, Robert Calvinunk2003original cadre of the 41st Radio Squadron, Mobile, Bremerhaven GE
COLEMAN, Roy C.CMSgt2018UK, Okinawa, Phillippines; Vietnam Era
COLEY, Donald D. "Bob"MSgt1998202XX; AFEWC when retired
COLEY, Lucius Milburn, Jr.Maj2015Guam, Korea, Ellington AFB, Mather AFB, Elmendorf AFB, Kessler AFB, Lackland AFB, and Kelly AFB at HQ USAFSS M.A.R.S. Director
COLFER, Joseph B.Maj20071st RSM, Misawa 1954
COLGAN, Delwin EUnk2001Assigned Misawa
COLLIER, Claude R.Unk1982SS Ol'Timer; Morse Intcpt Opr; Brooks AFB; 41st RSM Bremerhaven, Ger 1952-54
COLLIER, John A. "Jack"TSgt2007USAF Security Policeman asgn Japan, Turkey, England, Vietnam
COLLINS, B.D.GS1989Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, AFSCC, et al
COLLINS, John S.SSgt2020Chinese linguist IFEL 1964-10; 3 striper AMS, DFC; 6988th C-130Bs; SILVER DAWN operational vet
COLLINS, Lillian (Pinkie)GS2011Civilian Security Specialist - 30 year service with USAFSS
COLLINS, Norman WilloughbyUnk20176922nd SS (Vietnam era)
COLLINS, Paul E.Unk2006Asgn Misawa 1953-
COLTMAN, BillCol19746901st SAWD. F-111 crash.
COLTMAN, WilliamCol1972Pilot F111 - OIC OPN AW (SAWD 2) 6901st SCG, Zweibrucken, W. Germany 1964-1966
COLWELL, Leonard E.MSgt2000SS Ol'timer from '50's, 304XX maint, Turkey, Alaska, San Angelo, Thailand, NSA, et al
COMBS, Orbin B.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COMEAUX, Paul C.Unk1991Need info please
COMER, Lloyd ClarenceMSgtUnk7011th PPS, Brenehaven
COMES, Thomas E. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
COMMER, Ilah M. (Peewee/Pete)Unk2009USAFSS 1951-55, Radio Mechanic (A Trick), 41st RSM, Bremerhaven
COMPHER, Franklin ETSgt/GS2005Asgn Nha Trang/EC-47s, Offutt/RC-135s. Shot down in SEA. 20-yr NSA civ
COMPTON, Charles R. "Charlie"GS2003Russian linguist/analyst asgn Bremerhaven, Wakkanai. 30 years with NSA.
CONDE, StevenUnkUnkSpanish linguist - Offutt
CONDON, William J.GS1986Need info please
CONIGLIARO, Michael G.Unk20156918th RSM
CONLIN, John C.LCol1986Need info please
CONN, Worth R.Unk2007203X1 asgn Misawa 1968-
CONNALLY, William H. (Muffin)SSgt2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04, 1959-05,1962-04) 6987th, Taiwan. Later commissioned.
CONNEL, JosephSMSgt201529292 - Darmstadt and Hoff, GE, Crete
CONNELL, DonUnk2005AMT asgn Rhein Main, Korea, Vietnam. E-Sys/L-3 Director Testing Dept
CONNELLEY, Martin HenryMSgt2017292XX, 6918th RSM - Hakata;
CONNER, Michael RSSgt1970ARDF opr killed in EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
CONNER, William F.Amn1956ACRP/Chinese linguist; killed in accidental shooting @ Yokota AB, Japan
CONNOR, William F.Amn1956Chinese linguist. Killed in accidental shooting @ Yokota AB, Japan
CONNORS, Henry N. "Hank"CMSgt2009Chinese linguist; grnd/abrn asgn Kadena; Combat Apple AMS; PYDO, 6987th, 6924th, HQ ESC/DOFA in 1983
CONSOLVER, Sherman "Tank"Sgt1969Opr/ASRP @ Eielsen; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea crash
CONTOS, Constantin E.Unk1999Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Chinese linguist
CONTRARES, ManuelUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
CONTRERAS, Henry "Hank" Jr.MSgt2017Chinese linguist, IFEL 1961-07; Airborne Russian linguist; QB for numerous squadron and USAFE football teams
CONYNE, Reed C. JrMSgt1998USAFSS Ol'timer; Army Sig Corp into SS in Masawa, Germany & Cmd Hq
COOK, Bobby G.Unk1994Electronic Maint
COOK, Jack D. JrUnk2011292X T2 1978-1980
COOK, James E. "Jim"CMSgt2006205 asgn Wakkanai, Hof, Taiwan, Hawaii, Eileson, Ft Meade, Hq USAFSS
COOK, Joseph J.MSgt2016Chinese linguist; Det 1, 6988th SS
COOK, Marvin K,MSgt2018292XX 6918th Hakata 1962-65; Army boxer, Golden Gloves welterweight champ
COOK, Oren E. (Gene)CMSgt2011Instructor - Goodfellow AFB, Europe and Far East tours
COOK, Richard R.A1C2019Germany 1961-65
COOK, Robert B. (Butch)Unk2012more info needed
COOKE, Joseph T.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-09)
COOKE, Norman D.SSgt20046990 ABS San Antonio
COOKSEY, Sammy D.Unk2003Asgn 6924th/Danang & Ramasun 1968-69.
COOL, Bradley D.CMSgt2015RU Linguist, RC-135 flyer, Op Supt, Eielson AFB 1980's
COOLEY, David L.SMSgt2012202; Ft Meade, Hahn, Sembach, Homestead
COOLEY, Hiram Lindal "LC"SMSgt2019Airborne linguist, multiple Vietnam tours; European theater
COONEY, Jack B.Col1985Opns Staff Officer
COOPER, Ed "Coop"Unk2003TA section worker
COOPER, John J.Unk2004Comm Center asgn Misawa 1967-72
COOPER, PhyllisGS-132011Computer programmer 1965-1980 USAFSS and 1980-2002 ESC, AFIC, AIA
COOPER, Robert N.Capt2016New York, Mississippi, Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Guam, Nebraska, Texas, and California assignments; prior enlisted MSgt before commissioning.
COOPER, Thomas P. "Hank" 'CMSgt2001USAFSS Ol'timer, dittieboper, 41st RSM(6913), Cmd Hq(DO) in DOC Comm, et al
COOPER, WOODROW H.Unk1997771 SP asgn Misawa 1960-
COPAS, RICHARD W.Unk2003293 asgn Misawa 1958-
COPITHORNE, Walter R.Unk2000Asgn Anchorage in early 60s
COPLEY, Carmen C.CMSgt1976USAFSS Ol'Timer, WWII Rad Opr, 29290, Pacific, Germany, Cmd Hq, et al
CORBETT, BrooksSSgt2008207X1 asgn 6981st/381st/Elmendorf AK until 1996 then Korean & NSA
CORBIN, Norman T.A3C2000293X - Misawa 1952
CORCORAN, Leonard T.CMSgt2003USAFSS 28 years (Chicksands 50s/60s/70s) & NSA 15 years; retired 1998.
CORK, Robert W.Unk2010293XX asgn Misawa 1952-54
CORMIER, DonaldUnk2003Need info please
CORNEIL, Bernard A. JrA1C2004293x1 in Shiroi 1957
CORNELL, Gordon "Gordie"SMSgtr2009Hq USAFSS/ESC briefer, staff & Dir/Education at NCO Leadership School, Goodfellow
CORNETT, Norman S.SSgt2011Misawa, 1975-77
CORNETTE, Earl M.Col199833-yrs AF; WW-II; Korean Conflict; Vietnam
CORNMAN, James DavidUnk2012AMT; 6988th Yakota, 6916th Rhein Mein, 6949th and SAC, Luke AFB
CORNOYER, Chester C.CMSgt1985Need info please
CORREA, Leroy E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CORRERO, Lawrence W.Unk20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata AB, JA
CORRIGAN, James Lawrence "Jim"Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07, 1954-03)
CORRYN, John P.Unk2014First "airborne" radio tech in the Far East, Det 12, 1st RSM, Wakkanai - Japan, Hokkaido - Japan, Yokota - Japan, Det 1, 6924th RSM, Yokota
CORSBIE, Danny G.Unk2002USAFSS 6913th vet as 292 in late 50s. Active in unit athletics (basketball/baseball).
COTE, Robert A. "Bob"TSgt2000292 asgn 6910th, 6911th, 6927th, 6947th. Ret 1969.
COTTERAL, George M.Unk2003Asgn 2nd RSM
COTTON, JeromeUnk197XAMT asgn 6916/Rhein Main, Offutt
COTTON, John J.A1C1984Misawa 1954
COTTON, Larry WalterA2C1991292x, Misawa 1960
COULSON, Robert Lyndunk2014201 - Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1961-64; USAFSS airborne Chinese linguist with assignments to the Far East and Goodfellow. 10-20 Jan 1958 Clark AFB, P.I.(Wing), Jan 58 - Apr 59 Shulinkou Air Stn/Taiwan, May 59 - Dec 59 Goodfellow AFB, TX (Perm Party), Jun 61 - Jun 64 Brady Air Base, Japan (Fukuoka), Jun 64 - Jun 69 Kadena Air Base/Torii Stn (JSPC), Okinawa, Jul 69 - Dec 69 Medina AFB (Lackland Annex), San Antonio, Jan 70- Jul 74 Kadena Air Base/Torii Stn (JSPC/USA-68), Dec 74 - Jul 75 Osan Air Base, Korea, Jul 76 - Jul 79 Kadena AB/Torii Stn (6990th SS/Flying Status)
Jul 79 - Jul 82 Fort Meade, MD
COULTAS, Raymond L.CMSgt2015Lifetime FTVA
COURVILLE, Anthony W.SMSgt2006292X1 asgn Kirknewton 1958, Misawa 1972; San Angelo vet counsellor
COURVILLE, Rene EdwardUnk2012Russian linguist, Berlin 1968-1970
COUVION, RoyCMSgt2002Ground maint radio tech asgd Elmendorf, Taipei, Crete (72-73)
COVER, Oliver J.Maj1995Opns Admin; Cmd DCS/P&P, 23-yrs USAFSS & NSA
COVINGTON, Hugh L.Unk2004202x, Misawa 1963-65
COWARD, James BLt Col2015D-Day Veteran - USAFSS - Korea, Japan, and Okinawa
COWEN, Gordon M.A1C1991Misawa 1955
COX, Bobby D.SSgt1985Asgn Misawa 1974-
COX, Delbert S.SMSgt20056944th/49th Admin Svcs chief (70s/80s)
COX, JohnUnkUnkRussian linguist asgn Alaska
COYLE, Thomas E. "Tom"  Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01)
COZLICK, JerryUnk2012AMS - need more information
CRABB, DaleSSgt1972Asgn Misawa 1960-
CRABB, Robert C.Unk1998766X/293X - Misawa 50-53
CRAGER, Leonard R.SMSgt/GS1999SS Ol'Timer; ESC as Civ; duty in Germany, Philippines, Alaska; earned MMS @ TAM
CRAGUN, BenTSgt2018Misawa (Need info please)
CRAIG, CliffordUnk2008Need info pls
CRAIG, Mary AnnGS1994USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd Ops Staff, ; NSAEUR
CRALLEY, Gary OB Sr.TSgt2002Asgn Misawa and 6910th SSG
CRANDALL, Charles PhillipUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CRANFORD, Hugh V.Unk2000292X1 asgn Misawa 1963-
CRANFORD, MANER L.A1C1995292x2 Misawa 69-70
CRAVER, Samuel M.M.MSgt2017207XX Rhein Main; Misawa; Darmstadt; USAFSS A292 Morse Op who flew recon missions with the 6916th in the late 50s-early 60s. Here is his bio: 1954 - 1957 Misawa Japan (ground radio intercept operator); 1957 - 1559 Darmstadt, Germany (ground radio intercept operator); 1959 - 1961 Rhein Main, Germany( airborne radio intercept operator); 1961 - 1966 Dover AFB, Delaware (Base Disaster Control NCO); 1966 - 1969 Howard AFB, Panama Canal (Base Disaster Control NCO); 1969 - 1973 Lowry AFB, Denver, (Instr Safety/disaster control school)
CRAWFORD, Clarence E.SSgt1994Asgn Misawa 70
CRAWFORD, JohnUnk2007Morse op asgn Det 3, 3rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska 1953-54
CRAWFORD, Robert D.Unk2018Chinese Mandarin linguist, 15th Radio Sq
CRAWFORD, Robert F.SSgt20016918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CRAWFORD, Ronald B.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07) 
CREDLE, Lewis, Jr.MSgt/GS2000292X2 asgd Germany; later civil service @ McGuire AFB NJ
CRELLIN, Leland R. "Lee"CMSgt1999USAFSS Ol'Timer; WWII B-17 Rad Op; SS Msn Supt; Pacific, Goodfellow, NSA, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, et al
CRESAP, Charles Cornelius "Soppy"MSgt2020Arab linguist, HQ ESC, 6916th, 6931st; known authority on CENTCOM AOR; SENIOR SCOUT engineer during his post-AF career
CRESPO, ValenteAlC1985Need info please
CRESSMAN, Peter R.Sgt1973ARDF Opr, killed in EC-47 "BARON-52" shot down over Laos
CREW, Benjamin F. Jr.A1C1994Misawa 1955
CRIPE, Robert M. Jr.Sgt2009Asgn 6993rd
CRISS, RobertSMSgt2010Asgn Ft Meade
CRITES, Alan F.Lt Col2005ESR C-54 Staff Pilot
CRITZER, JamesSSgt19??USAFSS Russian linguist Berlin, Wakkanai, San Vito late 50's/early 60's
CROAK, John David "Dave"SMSgt2017Chinese linguist; airborne w/assignments to Korea, Misawa, Kadena, HQ USAFSS; well-known as party emcee and entertainer
CROCKETT, Edward L.TSgt2008Asgn Karamursel 1969-71, Blytheville AR
CROFT, William H.LtCol2008Hq USAFSS Dir of Admin, B-24 pilot in WWII, also asgn Goodfellow
CROISSETTE, Bartholomew J. "Bart"SSgt2010Asgn Pakistan, Italy, Turkey, Misawa 1962-64
CROMARTIE, Joseph A.Unk1996292, Misawa 1961-63
CROMER, Larry JUnk2018need more info
CRONIN, James T.CMSgt2016UK, PI, Ft Meaded (NSA); Lifetime FTVA
CROOPER, Charles TMSgt2005Worked in data automation in early 60s, 6986th Scty Gp AFSC R68770
CROSS, Curtis E.MSgt2018A292XX, Rhein-Main
CROSS, Floyd E.Col2002Asgd Misawa, PacSctyRgn, Hq; ran Sys Req DCS/Plans & Programs late 60s
CROSS, Gerald L.A1C2000Misawa 1955
CROSS, John W.A3C2011292x, Misawa 1955
CROTTY, John V.A2C2002293x, Misawa 1953
CROUSE, Everett E. J.SMSgt2009292x, Misawa 1979
CROW, ThomasUnk2004Asgn Misawa 1964-68
CROWE, Horace A. Jr.A1C2006Asgn Kirknewton 1953-56
CROWLEY, AlanA1C1985292/207 @ Crete, Chicksands, 6984th Goodfellow
CROWLEY, James C.A1C2011Misawa 1966
CRUM, Karen Reynolds?Maj?2020Intel Officer; more info needed
CRUM, Thomas G.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
CRUMMITT, Preston E.TSgt19986986 Scty Gp, AFSC 54770A
CUETO, CaseyUnk2009Need info pls
CULKOWSKI, Vladimir William (Lad)2018Skivvy Nine, Yakota, Goodfellow, Air Staff; Korean linguist who flew Gooney Birds from Osan (Operation Blue Sky airborne activities undocumented)
CULLEN, Chester M.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CULLEN, James M.TSgt1983292 - Misawa 1958
CULLEN, Richard EugeneUnk2020Russian linguist, 6912th RSM in Bingen and Berlin, Germany
CUMMINGS, Anthony A. Jr.CMSgt2001AFIC Supt of DP at retirement
CUMMINGS, John A.Unk19521st Sgt asgn Misawa
CUMMINS, Grayson L.LCol2003CC @ Shemya; USAFSS Personnel; USAFSS Operations in 1950s
CUMMISKEY, CharlesUnk2013need more info please
CUNNINGHAM, Harry G.SSgt2007292/202 asgn Libya, Greenland, AFSCC, Hq USAFSS; served 1953-61
CUNNINGHAM, James F.A2C2018Radio Intercept Analyst; enlisted 1960
CUOZZO, Alfonse J.unk2012293x, T1, Misawa 1956-58
CUPPLES, JackUnk2003Worked in intelligence section.
CURBELO, RobertUnk20116949th ESS/ESC (Able flight) 208
CURLEY, Paul (Sam)SMSgt2013207X1 - 22+ years, P.I, Turkey, Misawa, Danang (Several years) retrained in late 70s or early 80s
CURRAN, Robert J.CMSgt1986Ol'Timer; 202XX, 6989th RSM, et al
CURRAN, Ronald J.Unk2018Korean linguist; NSA
CURRY, Frank D. III "Doug"Sgt2006293X2 asgn 2nd RSM
CURRY, Leonard Sr. "Pee Wee"UnkUnkmore info please
CURRY, Robert "Bob"CMSgt19??Ol'Timer from 50's; 20290; worked for then Capt O'Shanasshey
CURTIS, Stephen C.SSgt1989Asgn Misawa 70
CUSHMAN, Russell B.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
CUTLER, Cameron I.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
CYPHER, David E.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05)
CZERWONKA, Donald W.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
DAHLIN, Kenneth E.unk2008292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1962-64
DAILEY, Larryunk2014292 - USAFSS - Rhein Main, Omaha, BONUS BABY and other locations in the 50's and 60's,
DAIRYKO, SamuelUnk2016Morse op, 6987th RSM
DALE, Dennis R.SSgt1975Asgn Misawa 1974-
DALEBOUT, CarlUnk2004Asgn Misawa 1953
DALEY, John AndrewUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DALEY, Richard E.Sgt1991292X 1957-
DALLAS, Frankunk2014more info needed
DALTON, Francis J. (Frank)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DALUZ, Antonio V. Jr. "Tony"Major1982ACRP; Russ ling @ Darmstadt in 50's; Yokota & Rhein-Main in 60's; NCO/Off AMS.
DALY, John F. IIIUnk2002Poss C/W Op asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
DAMAINI, John P.SMSgt199029290; USAFSS Ol'Timer; Cmd P&P Staff when retired
DAMBRAUSKAS, Francis A.Sgt1990292X2, 1969-
DAMMEIER, James W.unk2014Able Flight of the 6913th Security Group, Bremerhaven, GE, as a non-Morse intercept operator from 1964 to 1966, San Vito, Italy 1967
DAMP, Edward M.Unk201699350; 41st RSM, 12 RSM; USAFSS Comptroller
DANFORTH, Charles E. JrCMSgt199629290; SS Ol'Timer fm '50's; Korea, Crete, Vietnam, Phillipines, Scotland, Oki, Alaska
DANIEL, Jackie Glen “Jack”SSgt1996202 - Charlie Flight - Misawa - 1954-64
DANIEL, Melvin (Mel)SMSgt201426 year service, San Antonio; Okinawa; St. Lawrence, Alaska; South Korea; and the 6911th, Darmstadt and the 6910th, Augsburg, Germany
DANIEL, Samuel EdwardSSgt20123rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska - 53-54 (Svc Dates 52-56) Morse Intercept Operator (part-time job - Barber for those assigned to unit)
DANIELLO, William J.MSgt20051953- (need more info)
DANIELS, Charles E. Sr.Unk2007WWII and Vietnam vet
DANIELS, RobertTSgt19886918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DANIELS, William N. "Billy"CMSgt2000SS Ol'timer, HOH in '98, Russ/Vietnamese linguist, HQ, PSR, Germany, Italy, et al.
DANIS. Robert C.Unk2017Chinese linguist (IFEL 1951-07)
DANKOVICH, John J.Unk2018need more info please
DANNER, Walter R. "Ray"SMSgt2005A205 asgn Hq USAFSS, Mildenhall, Offutt; also worked @ E-Systems
DANTICO, Frederick M.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07)
D'APOLITO, Daniel N. "Dap"CMSgt2011Hall of Honor 2000; 30 year USAF Security Service Veteran.
DARCANGELO, Daniel L.Unk2018Morse op; Enlisted 1960, Okinawa and softball for USAF Travel Team
D'ARCY, Charles E.CMSgt2000SS Ol'timer from 50's; WWII vet; German POW, Rad Opr; 29290 & sports lover
DARDEN, Kenneth J.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1965-04)
DARLAND, Jackie D.Unk1981Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
DARK, Eugene F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DARK, Hudsonunk20116937th Comm, Peshawar, Pakistan 1960-61 29251 on Charlie flight, RAF Kirknewton, mid-1960's
DARNELL, BobbySMSgt20176987th SS, 6940th SW, Peshawa and Japan Admin Specialist
DARNELL, William L.Col/GS2000SS Ol'Timer fm '51 to '69, Elec Engineer, WWII pilot; Masonic Ord, Kisanis, et al
DARR, Charles S.MSgt19961st Sgt; COMSEC
DARR, Nicholas "Nick"Unk2009Linguist asgn Korea; need addl info pls
DAVENPORT, BillUnk19566952 RSM, Kirknewton Soctland
DAVENPORT, HenryMSgt2004USAFSS Founder; one of original cryptanalysts; asgn Brooks, Kelly, Turkey, NSA
DAVENPORT, Raymond E.A1C2002202 asgn Chicksands (late 50s), AFSCC; basketball player
DAVEY, Kenneth W.Col2015Commander of the 6921st Security Wing, he spent time in Misawa, Japan, Turkey and many other places in the Middle East; as well as the Pentagon.
DAVEY, Ronald "Combat Ron"CMSgt1990Ol'Timer, 203XX; 6988th, 6989th, 6990th, Senior Enl Adv PACSECRGN, et al; FTVA/25 AF Hall of Honor
DAVID, Luther M.,JrCMSgt1995Opns; Cmd NCO of Yr '68; England, Crete, Vietnam
DAVIDSON, Carl M.Unk1992Need info please
DAVIDSON, Dan "Scooter"unk20156948th, RAF Mildenhall, UK
DAVIDSON, John W. Jr.MSgt2010202X0 asgn Hakata 1967-69, Korea, NSA
DAVIES, Lawrence J. "JD"GS2008USAFSS Chinese linguist from 1956-80 then Chinese linguist w/NSA for 20 years
DAVIS, Alton D.Unk2007Morse op asgn USAFSS, NSA, Menwith Hill Station
DAVIS, Bobby R.TSgt1956USAFSS Ol'Timer, ACRP,linguist, Yokota AB, lost on RB-50 msn 9-10-56
DAVIS, Charles E.SMSgt1999USAFSS Ol'Timer, Dittie-Bopper from Brooks in 50's;Chicksands, Cmd Hq, et al
DAVIS, Charles K. "CK"MSgt1979A20771 at Osan, Yokota, Kadena
DAVIS, ClaytonCapt2010Russian linguist asgn NSA
DAVIS, Curtis W. (Curt)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DAVIS, Gerald C.TSgt2001USAFSS 292/207 then 702. Ret @ 6960th Orderly Room
DAVIS, Harold L.TSgt1994Asgn Misawa 1974-
DAVIS, James L.TSgt2002292 and Misawa NCO Club manager.
DAVIS, Jay D.Unk2017Japan, USAFSS
DAVIS, JeffersonTSgt2002Crypto maint asgd 6989th 1968-70.
DAVIS, John H.SMSgt2015702 - 6990th
DAVIS, John R. Jr.CMSgt2019Korean Linguist - Japan, Turkey, Washington DC, Offutt, San Antonio, and Germany
DAVIS, Karen (Demarco)TSgt1987207X1 @ Chicksands (1974) and San Vito; '86 NCO of Year @ San Vito
DAVIS, Kenneth L.SSgt19996924SS Ramasun 71-72.
DAVIS, Laten R.TSgt1984Asgn Misawa 1964-
DAVIS, Lincoln L. “Linc”SMSgt1991R01090; First Sergeant; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68, 70.
DAVIS, MAHLON F.A2C2004Misawa 56-
DAVIS, Michael B.Sgt2003702 Asgn Misawa 70
DAVIS, Robert W.Unk1998Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1965-04)
DAVIS, Rollin "Barney"MSgt2011ELINTer - HQ, European Security Region (1965) more info need please
DAVIS, Shelton O. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DAWSON, KimSrA20116931st, Crete 75-77, 202X0
DAY, Dwight H.CMSgt199529290 SS Ol'Timer fm '50; 40 yrs combined svc; H of H in '96
DAY, Ross G.unk2012292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Charlie Flt - 1969-70
DAYS, Robert B.PFC1985Misawa 1950
DE COU, James Herbert (Jazz)unk2014RU-Ling - 41st RSM, Bremerhaven (redesignated 6913th RSM) 1954-56
DEAL, William C. (Bill)Unk2013USAFSS - Pakistan, Turkey, England, HQ USAFSS
DEAN, Joseph L.CMSgt1996Russian Linguist @ 6988th in 60s. Premier linguist H of H member '97
DEAN, Stanley V.Unk2016
DEARBORN, Robert F. IIUnk1999292 asgn Misawa T3 1963-65
DEARMAN, Robert Temple (Bob) Jr.CMSgt2017Chinese linguist; 30 year airborne/ground, Vietnam era.
DeARMON, Kenneth W.CMSgt20176913th Bremerhaven
DEAS, Bobbie L.MSgt1999SS Ol'Timer/ 1957-78, Pacific, distinguished Airborne Opns ETO PTO, SEA, etc.
DEATHRIAGE, JOHNNY D.A3C2001293x Misawa 1958
DEAVER, John S. "Big John"SMSgt2006HoH Honoree; Abrn Maint Chief; long-time flyer; USAFSS airborne wirebender (AMT). Aug 44 - Jun 51 US Navy. Claimed the A-bomb saved his life (repeatedly). Joined USAF July 1951. Oct 51 - Nov 53 Okinawa, Dec 53 - Aug 58 Craig AFB, Jun 59 - Mar 62 Patrick AFB chasing missiles on the Atlantic Range, Mar 62 - Jun 63 Trabzon, 1963 - 1966 6988 at Yokota, 1966 - 1969 6949 Omaha, 1969 - 1972 6916 Rhein-Main, 1972 - 1974 Det 1 6916, 6916 Athens, 1974 - 1975 6949 Omaha
DECKER, George H.UnkUNK293x, Misawa 59-61
DECKER, Phillip "Phil"Unk2008292X1 asgn 6921st/Misawa 1962-64, 6924th/Danang 1964-65
DECONING, AlA1c2005Crypto asgn 6987/Shu Lin Kou (1958), Kelly
DECOSTA, Frank A.Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
DEELY, Walter G.GS1989Senior cryptologic executive and office chief at NSA
DEERE, Bruce FrederickMSgt2014Russian Linguist - Goodfellow AFB, Hoff - Germany, Keelser AFB, Misawa - Japan, San Antonio, Goodfellow AFB, TX
DEESE, Luther H.GS-162019Chinese Linguist for USAFSS. Served 8 years in AF and went on to NSA for over 30 more years. Translator for DIRNSA. Bio is in http://www.6987thalumniassociation.org/lutherdeesebio.html
DEETS, Bernard W. "Bernie"MSgt2002294/205 Asgn 6912/Elint Section 1971-75; Hill AFB, UT
DEETS, George E.TSgt2005WWII vet flew in China, Burma, India
DeFILY, Ophelia "Myrt"GS1998GS Civ Ol'timer, most well-known for her bowling skills; SA 600 Club; WIBC 700 Club; et al
DEFORD, James W.unk2014Misawa 1959-62, 64-67
DeGUILIO, Charles L. (Charlie)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DEIHL, DAVID A.TSgt2009202x Misawa 69-
DEJULIA, Dominic J.Cpl1987293XX - Misaw 1951
DeLABAR, James S. "Jim"MSgt2006Asgn USAFSS, Turkey, Berlin, San Vito, San Angelo
DELANEY, Francis E. "Frank"Maj2005Served his final 9 yrs active with USAFSS; asgn Clark, Hickam, Mass
DeLASHMIT, William EUnk2001Bulgarian linguist & analyst @ Karamursel, NSA. Then career in real estate.
DeLAUIS, Constance "Connie"GS1999Civ Ol'Timer, Pers Dir Sec Dir for AFSS/ESC; retired '87 w/30-yrs svc
DeLAUIS, Francis S.GS/MSgt2003Hq USAFSS TS Control; 30 years w/SS
DeLEO, AmilUnk2004Asgn 2nd RSM
DELHEIMER, James W.Unk2020Russian linguist, Turkey, Texas, Germany, Nebraska, Pakistan, Alaska; Goodfellow civil servant, Chief of Plans and Programs
DELOTTO, Richard J.A2C1987292XX Misawa 1962
DEMARIE, Gennaro A.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-07)
DEMAS, GeorgeLtCol2005WWII pilot; also asgn Iraklion, Crete; TX
DeMATTEO, PeteUnk20016910th Gp (1950s)
DEMENT, LLoyd W. "Buzz"CMSgt2004202 asgn Alaska, Vietnam, Germany, NSA, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DEMERS, Robert P "Frenchy"MSgt1986AMS Russian/French linguist @ R/M/Scotland early 60s. Heart attack at San Antonio
DEMLER, Lewis F.Unk2016
DEMPSEY, Daryl DUnk20176918th Brady - 292XX
DENGEL, Edward H.,Jr "Ed"CMSgt1990Ops Supt @ R/M, Omaha.
DENMARK, Jerry C. "Clinton"Unk1985292x, Misawa 1966
DENNEY, William E. "Bill"SMSgt2007Asgn Hq USAFSS/Comptroller-Budget during 1960s-70s
DENNY, James E.TSgt2009European Theater
DENTON, Frederick G.A2C2011Misawa 1956
DENVER, Arnold D.SSgt2018Enlisted 1951; Intel/comms specialist; England, Turkey, Germany
DEPEYSTER, Robert B.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
DEPETER, Thomas GeorgeUnk2017Chinese linguist, 1981-88
DePUY, Cornelius Jr. (Curly)MSgt2003Asgn Misawa, Scotland, Turkey, San Vito, Philippines, Okinawa, Kelly, Vietnam.
DERKS, Cletus Gregory (Duke)Unk2010USAFSS 1958-65, 6930th RSM, Iraklion, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven - radio printer Intercept Op
DERMODY, Richard FMaj2016Korat AB, 6985 ESS/CC, USAFSS/IG Team
DEROUSSE, Seguin "Skip"SMSgt2016203/208 - MA, French, and German linguist, Rhein-Main 6916th,
DeROUSSE, Vernon C.MSgt2003WWII vet; weather cryptologist; NCOIC W201 school @ GAFB
DESSERT, William EUnk2016292 Hakata; 100+ Vietnam airborne missions
DETHRONE, Donald A.TSgt2010Misawa, 73-74
DETTMER, Paul AllenMaj Gen2014FTVA HoH - 2013 - Asst DCS, ISR/HQ USAF, USAFE/A2, Assessments Div Chief, JCS; Dir. Tac SIGINT Prgm Office, NSA; Vice Dir. Intel, JCS; 6994th Det 1 CC, Howard AFB, 27th AIS/CC, Langley AFB, VA; the 607th AIG/CC, Osan AB, Korea, AFTAC/CC, Patrick AFB, FL
DEUEL, Lloyd E. Sr.MSgt/GS2004WWII 1st Sgt; pioneer in using computers to make/break codes; asgn Hq USAFSS
DEUSON, BennyUnk20206913th RSM, 1956-1960
DEVER, Francis Joseph "Frank"MSgt2015Japan, Germany, Vietnam and Crete
DEVERE, John F.Unk2002293XX asgn Misawa 1958
DEVINE, James W.Unk20116918th, Hakata, Japan
DEVINE, James W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DEW, KenUnk2007Need info pls
DEWBERRY, RichardUnk20062nd RSM Admin; retired USAFSS/CIA
DEWERFF, Carl E.CMSgt1986Comm spec asgn Sewart AFB, TN in 1960s
DEWITT-WHEELER, KathleenunkUnkSpanish linguist
DiBAGGIO, Anthony J.Col2018USAFSS Korean and Vietnam vet; staff and command positions; USAFSS Order of the Sword, 1979
DIBBLE, Richard A.A2C2004292x, Misawa 1962
DICKERSON, Warren LeeCMSgt2016Morse op; Germany, Italy, Crete, San Antonio
DICKEY, Ollie D. "OD"GS1983Deputy Public Affairs Officer @ Hq USAFSS
DICKINSON, George J. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DICKINSON, PeterUnk1994Asgn Misawa 1969-
DICKSON, Donald L.Unk2016292XX, 6918th RSM - Hakata
DICKSON, Robert A.LCol199?SS Ol'Timer, Cmdr 6913thRSM,Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
DICKSON, Richard A.SSgt20131A8XX; Perished in MC-12 crash near Kandajar, Afghanistan; 306th IS, Beale AFB
DiDOMINICUS, Joseph T.MSgt2002USAFSS COMSEC Vet; served in Navy in WWII, Korea; asgn Vietnam
DIEBERT, Kenneth C.Unk1990303X0 asgn Wakkanai 1957
DIEDRICH, Robert W. "Bob"20136918th
DIEHL, Francis T. Jr.Unk1996Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Motor pool
DIETZ, Donald Charles "YaZi"A2C2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01, 1959-07) Basic & intermediate. 6925th, Clark AB; Taiwan 6987th. Later NSA civilian
DIFAZIO, Pasco "Pat"CMSgt2007Radio op in WWII; Ops Supt at Karamursel under Col Touby
DiFEDERICO, James V.CMSgt1997SS Ol'timer; 29½-yrs SS CMSgt; 11-yrs Civ.
DIFREDERICO, Frank R.Unk1987Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
DIGGS, WilbertUnk2007Asgn Misawa 1974
DIGIROLOMO, John SamuelUnk1997Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01)
DILLINGER, Donald J.SSgt2010304XX asgn Misawa 1970-
DILLINGHAM, James H. Jr.SMSgt2003294/205 asgn Kadena/Offutt/NORAD/Compass Call (Ops Supt)
DILLON, Larry T.Sgt2007Chinese linguist asgn Yokota 1969-1972
DIMAMBRO, Robert A.MSgt/GS2002Crypto Maint manager @ AFCD/Tech Services.
DIMMICK, William K.TSgt1993Asgn Misawa 1965
DINKENS, BobbyMSgt2013Morse intercept operator - Keesler AFB, MS, Philippines, Bremerhaven, 6913th RSM - Easy Flt, Vietnam, Offut AFB, NE
DINKJIAN, Charles JrUNK20136918th, Hakata, Japan
DISBROW, Lorin C.Maj1956SS ACRP Cmdr ACRP unit @ Yokota, lost aboard RB-50 in SOJ Sep 56
DITORO, James "Jimmy"MSgt2002203/208 @ Yokota, Offutt, Osan.
DITTES, Philip A.Unk2007Comm Center, Misawa 1971-76
DIUSSA, Wayne H.Unk1989asgn Misawa T4 1966
DIVERS, Allen B.unk20146918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan,
DIX, Robert "Bob"MSgt2019Russian linguist, 6917th SS
DIXON, Harold V. (Bo)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DIXON, Richard V.MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, ret 1977; non-morse Search & Dev; Cmd Hq, Turkey, Japan, Italy
DIXON, RobertUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
DOANE, Wayne A. "Jim"GS2004AFSCC then NSA
DOBBERTEAN, Neal W.SSgt2005Crypto operator asgn Bremerhaven 1951-55
DOBBING, ThomasA3C1994292x1 Misawa 1958
DOBBINS, Robert H.MSgt2009AMT asgn Yokota, Kadena, Offutt, Wright-Patt
DODD, William J. "Bill"LCol1993Ops Off; WWII - China, Burma, India; Cmdr Adak, Ak; Vietnam; DIA Staff
DODGE, Marshall H.SMSgt2007COMSEC 202 asgn Libya, Kadena, Vietnam, Chicksands, Darmstadt; 28 yrs w/USAFSS
DODRILL, James R.A3C2001SP asgn Misawa 1952-
DOERNER, John R. "Bobby"Unk2008292X1 asgn Augsburg, Germany; Karamursel, Turkey in mid-seventies
DOERR, Paul "PT"MSgt2007Chinese linguist asgn Taiwan, Thailand, Yokota, Goodfellow
DOIRON, Robert T.MSgt2003Crypto maint supvr @ Bremerhaven late 50s
DOLAN, Richard J.unk2015USAFSS - Phillippines, Taiwan, Germany, Turkey, Japan, New York and San Antonio, TX
DOLLINGER, Charles MA1C2002Misawa - 1953
DOMINGUE, Gilbert J.Unk2004USAFSS, 6911 RGM Vet
DOMMISSE, Carlton W. "Cully"MSgt2002Chinese/Vietnamese linguist RC-135/130s @ Kadena, Cam Ranh Bay, Brady, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DONAHEY, Homer D.CMSgt2002304XX asgn Misawa 1960-63
DONALD, Philip M.A2C1988292x, Misawa 1962
DONAN, Robert A. (Big Bob)SMSgt2013Arbne Maintenance Tech - Goodfellow, 6916th (RM), 6949th (Offutt), 6903d, 6948th (DM), 6990th, 6911th, 6910th Det1
DONNELLY, James P. "Jim" "LuoLi"Unk2002Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-01, 1961-07) Later USAID civilian
DONOVAN, KellyunkUnkSpanish linguist
DONNELL, JoeUnk200141st RSM/6913RSM USAFSS Vet 292.
DONNELLY, Frank W.unk20086918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1970-72 Dawg Flt - 292
DONNELLY, MikeCMSgt1994Asgn Wiesbaden; need addl info pls
DONOHUE, Ottis G.Unk1990202X0 asgn Misawa 1964-65
DONOVAN, Robert J "Bob"Unk2006Asgn 2nd RSM
DOOLEY, Horace M. "Tom"unk2016292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan - 1966-69; Original member of AN/FLR 9 test at Chicksands 1963-1968
DOONAN, John A.Col2002Reverend/Chaplain; USAF ret after 30 years
DOONAN, Paul M.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07)
DORAN, Harry L.MSgt19901962-1964 NCOIC/Asst NCOIC Supply of the 6985 SS (?B-24 Nav, WWII POW?)
DORAN, James T. "Jim"LCol1979AC&W to SS ELINT/EW; Tripoli, 6900SW, Cmd ELINT Staff
DORAN, James V.Unk2017more info please
DORAN, Leo J. Jr.Unk1990TUSLOG Det 94 in the early 70's - 202
D'ORANGE, Desire L. Jr. "Dutch"CMSgt2006202 "for life"; Danang, Vietnam, asgn Crete, MT/Augsburg, last asgn Chief EESD in late 80s
DORHAM, John L.Unk20016918th, Hakata, Japan, and Korea
DORN, John E.Unk2017Darmstadt, Germany; NSA (civilian)
DOROBIALA, JamesMSgt20156913th - Montana, Nebraska (2), England (2), Texas and Germany (2)
DORR, Robert F.Unk2016Korean linguist; Blue Sky RB-47 program at Osan, Kimpo, and P-Y-Do; Foreign service career with State Dept and prolific USAF historian/author
DORRIS, Norman Michaelunk2014292 on Baker Flight - 6918th - 1958-59
DORSCHER, BarryTSgt2004Korean linguist asgn Osan, Seoul, Ft Meade
DORSEY, CALVIN S.Unk2009293x T2 Misawa 57-58
DORSEY, Darryl StevenUnk2017Morse op, 1974-76
DORSEY, James V. Jr. (Dot)SSgt19696918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, ARDF Opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
DOSTAL, Herbert C.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
DOTSON, PaulCMSgt2003Mostly COMSEC @ USAFSS, Germany, Japan
DOTY, Duane W.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
DOTY, Jon Michael "Mike"MSgt2008AMS/A203 Chinese/Vietnamese asgn AFSCC, 6988th/Yokota, 6990th/Okinawa
DOUGHTY, Charles R.CMSgt200736 yrs fed svc with 21 active duty, 15 civil service on Security Hill
DOUGLAS, Jack D.GS1999SS Ol'Timer; 21 yrs mil & 28 years CSvc; 32° Scottish Rite Mason & Alzafar Shriner
DOUGLAS, William Jr.CMSgt1995Russian linguist; BBall player Hq & 6950; Eileson in 60s
DOVE, Andrew "Andy"TSgt2019Korean and Vietnam era veteran
DOVER, Denver ArnoldSSgt2018Intel comms; Korea and Vietnam era; Greenland and Guam
DOW, Lloyd E.Maj1989Ops Officer; SS O'Timer; OIC Compartmented Projects
DOW, Robert E. "Bob"A1C20116922 Scty Sq, Clark AB, PI and TDY at 6988 Scty Sq Yokota AB, Japan 1966 - 1968
DOWLING, John J.MSgt1994Asst NCOIC Comm Ctr @ Rhein Main in mid-60s
DOWNSLAND, David G.TSgt2007304XX Asgn Misawa 70
DOYLE, J.W.Unk2019Need more info
DRAKE, James E.MSgt2018USAFSS Radio op; Greenland, Alaska, Yokota; couriered "moon rocks" from Apollo 11 mission
DRAKE, Harry F.CMSgt2000NCOIC Msn Control/Col Mason troubleshooter; asgn Peshawar 62-64
DRAKE, Marvin "Marv"SMSgt1997Asgn Turkey, Thailand, Goodfellow, Hq USAFSS
DRURY, Del GregorySSgt2019USAFSS Russian linguist
DUBAY, Galen D. (Gulley)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUBOIS, Arthur ECMSgt199029290; SS Ol'Timer; Tripoli, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Korea, Hawaii
DUBOSE, ClaytonGS2009Asgn USAFSS as military & civilian
DUBUQUE, Dale H.Unk1991203 asgn Misawa 1957-59
DUCHENEAUX, Darrel P.SSgt1993622x, Misawa 1955
DUFF, Donald V.Unk201628 year vet, 304XX Hakata 1965-1968
DUFFIELD, Verle D. "Duffy"CMSgt2005ESC career asgn Chicksands, Zweibrucken, Brindisi, Iraklion, Osan, SA, Ft Meade
DUFFY, William F. "Doc"A2C1984292 Asgn 6989 RSM 1957-59.
DUFFY, William M. (Bill)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUFOUR, James E.MSgt2002Asgd Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, Greece, Kelly.
DUGAN, Timothy Aloysius "Dixie"SSgt201020371/20870 - MB, Yale IFEL, Taiwan, Vietnam 63-64, over 15 years svc
DUGAN, William "Bill"SSgt201620570 - AAFJOG at Shemya 1974-1975
DUGGER, Charles E. "Chuck"SSgt2002203 Russian assigned Bremerhaven.
DUKE, CharlesGS2004Need info please
DUKE, Willie B.Unk20082nd RSM vet
DULANEY, JamesUnk2019Korean linguist, OLYMPIC GAME at Skivvy Nine
DULONG, Louis J. "Uncle Louie"MSgt197?SS Ol'Timer, ACRP @ Rhein-Main/Incirlik in 60's; USAFE golf champ
DUMAS, Gerald H.A1C20201950's Manual Morse operator, Kelly AFB and Chicksands
DUNBAR, Horace E. "Ted"SSgt2004Early abrn op @ 6916th/Rhein Main AB, Germany in late 50s; 3 years w/ASA prior
DUNCAN, James R. "Jim"Unk2000Morse op asgn Misawa (59-60), Scotland
DUNCAN, JimmyUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
DUNCAN, John W.Unk2006USAFSS/NSA vet; backender in Vietnam
DUNCAN, Justin R.Unk1989Need info please
DUNCAN, Lester D. Jr.A2C2012293x, Misawa 1958-
DUNCAN, Paul E.Capt1958SS Ol'Timer, ACRP C130 (#60528) pilot,asgd USAFE,shot down Sep 2-58.
DUNCAN, RudolphMSgt2015207X1 - Korea (SKIVVY NINE), Germany (METRO TANGO), Ft Meade (NSA)
DUNCAN, Steve A.UNK2009Chinese linguist. Asgn 6990th, 6908th, USAFSACS
DUNCAN, William D.SSgt1990Asgn Misawa 70
DUNIVANT, Melvin A.GS1987Need info please
DUNKLIN, HenryUnk2008Chinese linguist in airborne program
DUNLAP, Garyunk20146901st SCG 1961-64 - Germany and Okinawa
DUNLAP, John SUnk2018Russian linguist - Pakistan
DUNLAP, KenUnk2009Asgn Rhein Main; need addl info pls
DUNLAP, Patrick PUnk2017Russian linguist, Alaska and Pakistan
DUNN, Benjamin "BD"CMSgt20181st Sgt, AFISRA IG Team
DUNNAGAN, Donald W.A1C1999Russian Linguist; Bremerhaven, first RB-50 missions @ Rhein Main in 1957
DUPERAULT, David T.Unk2010292X2/202X0 asgn Misawa 1962-64, 66-69, 71-73
DUPLANTIER, Renee P. "Frenchie"UnkUnkBremerhaven until 1967. Alaska?
DUPLESSIS, PaulCol2019Member of two combat crews in October 1962 that flew electronic reconnaissance missions around Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis; between June 1965 and March 1966 he flew 100 combat missions over North Vietnam in support of Operation Rolling Thunder as Chief Electronics Warfare Officer (EWO) on the EB-66. Worked in various DOD intelligence agencies in Germany, stateside, and Japan before retiring from the Pentagon. 
DUPNICK, Aloys F. "Al"Unk1991Need info please
DUPREE, Charles L IIIMSgt1977Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DUPUY, John P.TSgt2011Asgn Kirknewton Scotland 1962-65, Iraklion Crete 1965-67, Goodfellow 1967-68
DURANT, Ronald C.Unk20136918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
DURLEY, Carl F. "Chip"Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962- 01)
DURST, Joseph M.Unk2018Vietnam vet, 6994th
DURDEN, Maury E.MSgt2001Asgn to Osan, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, and various AFSSOs around the world
DUREI, Terry A. "Taco"Unk20186918th 292XX; Brady 1967-69
DURNIN, James N.TSgt2006202 asgn Wakkanai, Hq USAFSS; 68770 Hdqtrs; Army Warrant Officer in France
DURNWALD, RobertUnk2000Abrn Maint Tech asgn 6988/Yokota, 6990/Kadena, Hq USAFSS
DUTTON, Robert "Bob"TSgt2005292X1 asgn Yokota flying RB-50s/C-130BII, Okinawa, Germany, Offutt, Eielson; USAFSS airborne Morse intercept operator Sep 53 - Mar 55 37th RSM Kirknewton, Scotland, Mar 55 - Jan 59 2nd RSM Darmstadt, Germany, changed to 6911th RSM July 1956. Jan 59 - Jan 62 Det 1, 6988th Yokota AB, Japan (RB50 and C-130), Jan 62 - Jan 63 Det 1, 6927th Okinawa (C-130), Jan 63 - Dec 64 Goodfellow AFB, TX, Dec 64 - Dec 66 Clark AB, PI (ground), Dec 66 - Jul 67 Kelly AFB, TX (ground), Jul 67 - Jul 68 6949th Offutt AFB, Omaha, NB (RC135), Jul 68 - Feb 69 TSN, VN, EC47, Feb 69 - Mar 70 6949th Offutt AFB, Omaha (RC135), Mar 70 - Mar 73 6990th Okinawa, Japan (RC135), Mar 73 - May 75 6985th Eielson AFB, Alaska (RC135) May 75 Retired USAF. Lived in West Linn, OR, did volunteer work at the Air Museum twice a week.
DWORZACK, Leonard F.Unk1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
DWYER, Michael D.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01)
DYCHES, Marion SamCMSgt/GS2002Asgn Hq USAFSS/LG. HoH 1985
DYER, DANIEL R.Unk2008202X0 asgn Misawa 1963-65, Danang 1965-66
DYKSTRA, John J.SSgt2019more info please
DYMOND, Terry E.Unk1983Chinese linguist. Okinawa
DZOBA, Michael L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EADS, James W.Unk197?29XXX asgn Shiroi 1958, 6902nd/Kadena, Hq USAFSS/Plans
EAGLE, Wayne A.MSgt1979202 asgn NSA
EAKIN, Robert A.SMSgt2017Korean and Vietnam War Vet; DFC and other meritorious awards while in Vietnam
EASLEY, JamesCol2019Need more info please
EASTBERG, Mervyn Edwinunk2013USMC, USAFSS - RU Linguist - 6950th RSM RAF Chicksands - 1959-60, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven GE 1960-62
EASTERLING, Douglas R.Unk19986918th, Hakata, Japan
EATON, Edwin L.TSgt1977702XX Asgn Misawa 70-71
EATON, Melville "Bo"Col2005USAFSS Airborne Engineering in 1960s
EATON, RossGS199432 yrs service with SS,ESC,AFIC; specialty unk
EATON, WilliamUnk2008One of original FLR-9ers at Chicksands 1963-67
EBELING, Gary L. (Ebe)Unk20136918th, Hakata, Japan
EBERSOLE, Richard D. "Dick"Unk2009Asgn USAFSS units in Danang, Vietnam, England, Greece, Taiwan
EBLE, Charles H "Chuck"Unk2005Chinese linguist. Sanz school Aug 1960-May 1961.
EBNER, Floyd A.Unk1986SS Ol'Timer '57-'81; WWII vet
ECKHARDT, Lawrence E.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05, 1961-07)
ECKLER, Brian H.MSgt2013USAFSS, RAF Sculthorpe, UK, Diyarbakir, TU, Andrews AFB, Md., Goodfellow AFB, Tx, Karamursel, TU, 6970 ESG, Ft Meade, Md., Corry Naval Station, Pensacola Fl., 6920 ESG, Misawa AB, Japan., AF CSC, Kelly AFB, Tx., Osan AB, Korea
EDBORG, Kenneth FransUnk2014USAFSS - Ru/Czech Linguist - Japan, Pakistan, Lybia, Saudi Arabia and Germany, Goodfellow AFB and Ft Meade, MD
EDDY, David H.Lt Col201126 years USAF service - HOH - 1987 - Commander, 6994th and 6916th Security Service Squadrons, 3 Combat tours in Vietnam, NSA - Airborne Radio Direction Finding Program
EDELEN, Joseph RLtCol2010Dep Cmdr AFCD
EDELSON, Richard A.A2C1985292x1 Misawa 1959
EDEN, Donald P.Maj199?SS Oll'Timer, Ops Off 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, etc
EDGETT, JoeSMSgt1991USAFSS - Korea, Vietnam
EDGREN, Robert D.Col1975Ops Off, Cmdr 6920 ABG
EDMONDS, John W.SMSgt1993Asgn Kirknewton, Scotland; Kelly AFB, TX; Danang AB, Vietnam
EDMONDS, Robert E.TSgt2002Asgn Germany, USAFSS. Senior partner in Topeka law firm.
EDMONDSON, Roy A.MSgt2006Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1964-65; Asgn Tripoli 1956-57, 6901st in early 60s
EDMONSON, Stanley C.Capt2001Comptrollers Office @ HQ USAFSS.
EDWARDS, Charles O.SMSgt1998Admin, SS Ol'Timer, 27-yrs; Cmd Staff, Taiwan, Vietnam, et al
EDWARDS, Harry LLt Col2016Service 1942-73 Bronze Star, AFSC 8032/8016 - Commander - 6924th Sec Sqdn, Da Nang Vietnam - 1966-67, Austin, Texas; London, England; Bremerhaven and Frankfurt, Germany; and Ankara, Turkey
EDWARDS, James W. (Jim)Unk2012RU and Viet Linguist, 6921st RGM, Misawa, 6990th and Cam Ranh Bay
EDWARDS, Robert Leeunk2016Linguist - Okinawa, Vietnam
EDWARDS, Ronald H.MSgt19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EGDAHL, Lenine S.MSgt1982292X - Misawa 1960
EGGER, Roger DaleLt Col2011HQ USAFSS (numerous - retired as Director of Security), Kirknewton -Scotland, Goodfellow, ESR, Ramstein - GE, Misawa - Japan
EGLOFF, Robert F.A.Maj2006Service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam; OSI agent; USAFSS Security
EICHER, William J. "Bill"UNK2011Chinese linguist; PY-Do and 6987th
EICHLER, ThomasLCol/GS2003WWII Vet; Goodfellow historian for 22 years
EIFLER, MichaelUnk2016Linguist and Electronic Warfare specialist, USAFSS
EISHA, Donald E.A1C2002Misawa 1955
ELAM, Frank I.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-09)
ELIA, William R. "Bill"CMSgt2007292 Morse Op asgn 6915th RSM/Japan, 6911th RSM, Darmstadt; SAC Abrn Cmd Post
ELIASEN, NormanGS1991SS Ol'Timer from Navy; Cmd P & P Staff
ELIZONDO, Henryunk2015Printer Systems Operator
ELKINS, Robert J. "Bob"TSgt2005Russian linguist asgn Darmstadt/2nd RSM mid-50s; headed German dept @ WVA Univ
ELLER, Donald Richard Sr.MSgt2012202x, Misawa 1959-63, 22 years in USAF, Misawa
ELLERD, James Leonard "Jim"Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-01, 1962-08) Okinawa and 6987th, then NSA civilian
ELLERSON, Willard "Bill"GS2010Hall of Honor 1990; DCS/National Programs at Hq ESC; Hq ESC/XRX Plans & Programs
ELLINGSON, Larry L.AB2005292x Misawa 1963
ELLIOT, Will J.A1C1966292x Misawa 1958
ELLIOTT, Donald R.SMSgt2012Non-morse Intercept, Goodfellow. More Information please
ELLIOTT, James FUnk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05)
ELLIS, BobCol199?Chicksands 1960s
ELLIS, William H.A1C1956SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
ELLISON, Curtis E.Unk1996US Coast Guard, USAF, Vietnam, 6981th, Hakata, Japan
ELLO, Paul S.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
ELMORE, Gordon L. (Gus)unk20126918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, Daze flight 1958-69
ELSLEGER, James D.Unk2020Vietnam era, airborne maintenance 6994th Scty Sq
ELY, James "Jimmy"CMSgt2006Long time Big Safari; Airborne Maintenance
EMBRY, James C. "Jim"LCol1995Ops Off Cmd Staff; rated Navigator; USAFSS/XRX 1978.
EMDY, TomUnk2017Russian linguist, 1958-1966; in neighboring barracks during tragic fire at Syracuse
EMERS, ThomasTSgt2009Need info pls
EMERSON, PaulUnk2016Vietnam vet; 360 airborne missions
EMERSON, TomUnk2011Russian Linguist/Cryptanalyst - 24 years AF service 1955-1979, retired from NSA in 1993
EMERY, Robert A.Unk2001Morse op @ Bremerhaven in late 50s.
EMERY, Steven L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
EMMETT, Bobby G.A2C1977292x Misawa 1960
ENDERLE, Dean "Dino"Unk2008Asgn Chicksands, other USAFSS sites
ENGA, James N.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
ENGBRETSON, Stewart "Stu"CMSgt1996Premier Russian linguist @ Berlin many year; into HoH 1986; Belenko debriefer. Stu Engbretson Award given annually for TARP/TASE Programs.
ENGELBRECHT, Henry Akers, Jr.SSgt2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
ENGELBRECHT, John W.SSgt2011Enlisted 1953-57, Bremerhaven, 41st/6913th RSM, "A" Trick, DF Sites (Fassberg and Schleswig)
ENGLAND, Fred G. Jr.LCol2001SS Ol'Timer; WWII vet; many SS/ESC asgnments world wide/Cmd&Staff
ENGLAND, Marvin E.Unk2017Morse Ops, 124 combat missions, 6994th
ENGLER, GaryMaj2011Cmdr 6922nd Det 4, Ramasun Stn, Thailand
ENGLISH, Harold "Harry"TSgt2004USAFSS in early 50s; Chicksands, Misawa, Zweibrucken, Tan Son Nhut; URC-53
ENSLIN, Robert L.A1C1993Misawa 1955
ENSMINGER, Michael W.A1C1971203x Misawa 1963
EPP, Martin S.UNK2013Misawa 54-56
EPPERSON, Charlieunk2014USAFSS - 203X1-RU, Hof GE., Crete, Augsburg, NSA
EPROSON, John W. IIUnk1994Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01)
ERICKSON, John W.Unk2002Need info please
ERIE, RobertMSgt2013Hebrew Linguist, 6916th
ERIKSEN, John G.Unk1994Communicator, Cmd Staff, HQ ESR, Fkft, Gr, et al
ERKINGER, EdwardMSgt1993Operations
EROE, Paul R.PFC1992756V - Misawa 1949
ERWIN, Howard C.A1C1998Misawa 1953
ESHLEMAN, Larry J.Maj2008Chinese linguist asgn Yokota, Kadena; mustang ret Major; Army civ asgn CinCPAC; USAFSS airborne intercept operator (Chinese/Vietnamese linguist) who flew recon missions at DaNang, Yokota and Kadena from 1963-70. Sep 59 - Dec 59 203X1 Crse, 6970th, FGGM, MD, Jan 60 - Feb 61 6929th RSM, Osan, ROK, Mar 61 - Jul 62 Instructor, ALK 20331-MD, 6940 TTW, GAFB, TX, Jul 62 - Mar 63 Vietnamese, NCS, FGGM, MD, Apr 63 - Jul 64 Det 3, 6923d RSM, Bangkok, TH, 6925th RGM, Clark AB, RP, Det 2, 6923d RSM, DaNang, RVN (Monkey Mtn and EC-47, "Project SOUR GRAPES"), Aug 64 - Jan 66 6948th RSM, GAFB, TX, Mar 66 - Jul 67 6988th SS Yokota AB, JA (RC-130B, "COMMANDO LANCE"), Jul 67 - Dec 70 6990th SS/SG Kadena AB, JA (RC-135M, "COMBAT APPLE"), Jun 72 - Jun 74 HQ AF/IN, Pentagon
Jun 74 - Sep 77 HQ 7602 AIG and various OLs, Sep 77 - Sep 80 FTD, WPAFB, OH, Aug 82 - Dec 86 HQ PACAF/IN Asian Area Specialist, Senior Analyst. Oct 87 - Apr 98 HQ US Army, Pacific (USARPAC/DCSINT) Fort Shafter, HI, Apr 98 - 2003 Foreign Affairs Specialist, G5/International Mil Affairs Div, HQ, USARPAC
ESPOSITO, Ralph J.unk2015NSA
ESS, VanLCol19??Cmd Hq Staff
ESSLINGER, Jack HobsonCapt1975Prior Chinese linguist, staff off, ordained minister, great guy. Brain tumor.
ESTABROOK, Robert R.Unk2005An early COMSECer
ESTERS, William D.Capt2007202X0 analyst asgn Arlington Hall, Bremerhaven, Rhein Main, Darmstadt in 1950s
ETHEN, DennisUnk2002Asgd Darmstadt.
ETHRIDGE, David H.Unk2005USAFSS 15th RSM vet
EUBANK, Charles R.SSgt1992Asgn Misawa 202x 60-63
EUBANK, Charles R.Col1993SS OlTimer
EUBANK, Grayden K.Col2003WWII B-26 pilot; 6937th Base Commander @ Peshawar, Pakistan; USAFSS; NSA
EUTSLER, Jimmie D.Unk2007292X1 Asgn Misawa/T4 1959-61
EVANS, Kelvin E.LtCol2008Command pilot WWII, Korea, Vietnam; USAFSS command position in Vietnam; commanded USAFSS airborne units in Vietnam and at Rhein Main, Germany during the late '60s - early '70. 1951 Recalled to active duty with Utah Air National Guard for Korean War; flew B-26s over Korea during war returning to Vance AFB, OK in 1953 as B-25/B-26 instructor; 1954-60 non-USAFSS assignments in CONUS; 1960-63 6915th RSM/Hof Air Station, Germany; 1963-67 HQ USAFSS; 1967-68 6994th RSM/Saigon, Vietnam; 1968-72 6916th RSM/Rhein Main AB, Germany; 1972-75 HQ USAFSS
EVANS, Phillip G.Col1990SS Ol'Timer; Cmd DCS/P&P
EVANS, Roger D.Unk1996need info pls
EVDOKIMOFF, DimitriCol1997Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer fm '50; Ops Off at Chicksands, et al
EVERARD, James R.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07)
EVERETT, Gerald W. "Gerry"MSgt2018Chinese and Vietnamese linguist; Yakota, Kadena, Osan, Ft Meade; COMBAT APPLE missions; IFEL 1962-01
EVERHART, Bruce U.Unk2006asgn Misawa 1960-65
EVERIDGE, Eddie F.MSgt2019more info please
EVERSOLE, Robert E.CMSgt1998Supply, SS Ol'timer from 50's; C46/C54 pilot Korea, retired in '67
EZELL, BobbyUnk2012USAFSS Crypto-maint, Electronic Security Europe early 1970's
EZELL, WinstonUnk2001Assigned Misawa
FABLE, KennethSSgt2004Asgn 2nd RSM/Wiesbaden, Germany
FACKLAM, DonaldA1C1970USAFSS - 6922nd Security Wing, PI
FAIDLEY, Alan E.TSgt19966990 Scty Sq - AFSC A30173
FAILE, RonCMSgt2011202XX, Goodfellow, 6884th Scty Sq-Ton Son Nhut, Vietnam
FALCINELLI, ALBERT EUnk2004Asgn Misawa 203x 58
FALES, David M.SMSgt2009732X0/Personnel asgn 6947th/March AFB, 6987th/Shu Lin Kou, Misawa
FALKE, Oscar E.unk2015USAFSS - 6982nd Radio Squadron during the Korean Conflict
FALLON, John T. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
FALLON, ThomasUnk2002USAFSS COMSEC vet. @ Brooks, Det 4/Germany.
FANCHER, Clarence E.TSgt1985Misawa 1963-65, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
FANCHER, Robert B. Jr.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-01) Taiwan, 6987th. Later commissioned.
FARBE, Jerome J.Unk2006Asgn Misawa 1962-63
FARGO, Charles R.MSgt1990European Theater
FARKAS, PaulSSgt2016Vietnamese linguist asgn 6990th/Kadena
FARMER, James C.MSgt1996292XX, Cmd Staff, ETO, Taiwan, et al
FARNSLEY, GlennSMSgt2016USAFSS 1958-1979; 6987th RSM, Taiwan; 6911th, Darmstadt, Germany; 6950th Chicksands; 6993rd Medina Annex; 6903rd Osan, Korea
FARR, Jesse C.Unk20046918th, Hakata, Japan
FARRAR, Neil H.CMSgt1966WWII, Korea, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
FARRAR, Neil H.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
FARRELLY, EUGENE F.A2C1998292x Misawa 62-63
FARRIS, Kenneth L.Unk1993Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
FASCESKI, William E.Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
FAU, Wayne B.Col2008HoH Honoree; asgn Philippines, Turkey, Misawa/CC 74-77, Okinawa, Germany, Panama
FAWCETT, Porter Jr.Unk2002291 asgn Misawa 1965-
FAWCETT, Taylor Hutton Jr. "Leaky"Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-01 1963-01) 6929th, 6987th, Danang AB, Hakata, Japan
FEAZELL, JoeMSgt2004Russian linguist asgn Ft Meade, Berlin in 1970's
FEDORCHAK, Joseph B.MSgt2007Non-Morse Intercept, 6913th - Bremerhaven ('62-'67), enlisted 1960-1980
FEENEY, Mark R.Amn2010Asgn Misawa 1975
FEIGUM, Michael J.Unk20116908th July 71 - Jun 72, DLI Monterey 1972 Arabic
FEINMAN, Joel S.Unk2012203x1-2 Chinese llinguist; Py Do, Korea; Yakota AB, Japan; Osan AB, Korea (Blue Sky); flew in and out of Vietnam and Bangkok, 1963-65
FEIT, Donald L.Unk20166913th RSM Bremerhaven, Germany
FEIT, Stephen Saul (Steve)A2C2018Language school IFEL-Yale 1957-58; stationed in Onna Point, Okinawa 1958-60. NSA 1960-68. 1968-1975 Private Industry. Social Security Admin. 1975-2006.
FELCH, Carl E.A2C1997292XX asgn Misawa 1960-
FELLER, Robert M.Chaplain20166918 RSM - Hakata
FELLERS, Charles S.SMSgt200420290 asgn San Vito, Pakistan, Okinawa
FELLOWS, Ernest "Ernie"GS19??Ol'Timer, Cmd Hq & AFSCC, et al
FELSING, Robert H.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01)
FELT, Donald L.Unk2017more info needed
FELTZ, Walter G.Unk2019Russian Linguist and Cryptologist for the Air Force and served in the Korean War, stationed in Japan.
FENDER, William B. "Bill"Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07) Later worked for IFEL as civilian.
FENDERSON, John Jr.TSgt1995363x, Misawa 1958
FENNELL, Herbert "Herb"Maj2005202 asgn Darmstadt in 50s and early 60s then to OTS; retired as Major
FENSTERMACHER, Robert A. (Bob)Unk2013Misawa, 20 years, 30 years civil service
FERENCHAK, Leonard (Len)A2C2013Vietnam Vet - more info please
FERGUSON, James "Fergie"A2C1958Opr (Russian linguist) killed Sep 2, 1958 in ACRP C130 shoot down
FERGUSON, Wilson "Fergie"TSgt20181N4XX; Phillipines and 93IS S&W analyst
FERRELL, Clarence D.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
FERRILL, Howard MillardMaj2019 Army Demolition Expert with the 44th Infantry Divisionduring the Korean War. Joined the USAF in 1954, and was assigned to Andrews AFB, MD where he served as the Base CE Programmer, planning communicationselectronics and navigational aids and their supporting facilities for the base. Entered Office Candidate School (OCS) in 1958 and was commissioned in June 1959. He served in the Caribbean (Operation Power Pack), Europe (twice – Ramstein AFB and Frankfurt Germany), Japan and various stateside locations including Lackland AFB, TX; Scott AFB, IL; Andrews AFB, MD; Keesler AFB. He retired from the United States Air Force Security Service (Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency), now 25th Air Force, where he served with European Security Region (ESR/USAFSS), in Frankfurt, Germany, and the 6906th Security Squadron at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, after 22 total years of military service
FERRIS, JohnMSgt2009Russian linguist asgn Berlin, Darmstadt, Eur Scty Rgn, Hof
FETGATTER, Richard J.Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-10)
FEWLESS, Gerryunk2015more info needed
FIDLER, PaulUnk2005FTVA Member
FIEDLER, Elmer M.MSgt19966924SS Da Nang 68-69.
FIELD, Raymond WMSgt2009Need info pls
FIELD, Russell W.CMSgt199?R10090, 1st-Sgt 6931 Scty Gp, Iraklion AS, Crete & Cmd Hq Staff, et al
FIELD, William R.SMSgt2005Asgn Texas, North Africa, DC, Ft Meade, Hawaii
FIELDING, Dennis E.Unk2013Misawa, 292x1 T4 1966-69, 202 T3 1973-75
FIELDING, HerbertCapt19??Piloted SS 1st ACRP platform
FIELDS, Edward B. "Little Juice"Unk20176918th, Hakata
FIELDS, Joel H. "Joe"A2C1958Russian linguist op killed Sep 2, '58 in ACRP C130 shoot down
FIELDS, Robert H.Unk2008AC&W asgn Misawa 1954-56
FIERST, Henry P. Jr.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-01)
FIFE, William P.Col2008HoH; 1st Russ linguist in USAFSS; asgn 1st RSM, Japan, Korea; proved Comint concept
FINCH, RobertSMSgt20161st RSM Korea, San Antonio, Alaska
FINDLING, William F.A2C2000SS Ol'Timer from 50's, 702xx, Tan Son Nhut (SSO), Alaska, Misawa 1962
FINLEY, Elgan Yound "EY"Unk1992Need info please
FINLEY, JoeUnk2010202X0 asgn Misawa late 50s/early 60s
FINUCAN, Ed E.UnkUnkRussian 203 asgn Germany 1953-56; need addtnl info please
FIRMIN, Wade E.Lt Col2012
FIRTH, Darryl "CB"SMSgt1996SS Ol'Timer ACRP/Rhein-Main, Offutt; premier gunner; wealth of target knowledge
FISCHER,Jerome (Jerry/Offisde)Unk2014Need more info please
FISHER, Donald E.MSgt2007Russian linguist asgn Shiroi, Yokota, Rhein Main, Eielson, Offutt
FISHER, Harold C. Jr.SMSgt1974Asgn Misawa 70
FISHER, Larry E.SSgt2007Asgn Misawa 70
FISHER, Titus D. "Dewitt"Unk2011293x, Misawa 1953
FITTON, JohnUnk2018Airborne Chinese/Russian linguist
FITTS, Richard "Dick"MSgt2009202X0 asgn Zweibrucken, Birkenfeld
FITZGERALD, John J.SMSgt2002Asgd Keesler, Kirknewton, Ashiya, Chicksands
FITZGERALD, Melvin H.Unk2009Russian linguist asgn Berlin, Brindisi
FITZHUGH, William A.Sgt/E-42016Russian linguist, Darmstadt and Berlin; 1969-1973
FITZPATRICK, John T. "Fitz"MSgt2007292 asgn 6901st (1961-63); to Navy then back to USAF; great basketball, baseball
FITZSIMONS, Joseph E.Unk1999292X1 asgn 41st/6913th RSM Bremerhaven 1954-56
FIVEASH, Kenneth L.unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1969-71
FLATTEN, John M.Col1997SS Ol'Timer '63; SJA
FLEEGLE, Donald RayCMSgt2018Lifetime FTVA; 6913th (Bremerhaven); more info needed
FLEISCHMANN, Ervin C.CMSgt1985SS Ol'Timer; into HoH '84
FLEMING, James Jr.Maj2015Maintainer retired in 1988. maintained FLR-9 at Karamursel, stationed at HQ ESC, and worked on SR-71's
FLEMING, Josiah B. "Joe"MSgt1978Asgn Korea, Vietnam
FLEMING, MICHAEL V.Unk1990202x T3 Misawa 61-62
FLETCHER, Hiram BrownSSgt1989Korea, Vietnam, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
FLETCHER, Marvin J. (Big Marv)MSgt2010NCOIC, Special Sigs, 6988th Yokota 1965, Tehran
FLETCHER , Michael G.Unk1998Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10) Date Uncertain
FLODINE, JamesUnk2009USAFSS COMSEC vet; asgn Det 4, 136th CSS in Germany
FLOYD, Howard J. "Howie"Sgt2009292X1 asgn 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, and Vietnam
FLOYD, Robert K.Maj1984Need info please
FLUELLEN, George B.Cpl1971293XX asgn Misawa 1951-
FLYNN, Doyce D.A2C1999292X 1962-
FLYNN, James F.Unk2018202 classroom instructor at Goodfellow; Chicksands
FLYNN, Riley A.MSgt2001One of Doyle Larsen's boys; Chinese linguist, 10th,16th,88th, 90th;a terrific mentor,leader,NCO.
FLYNN, Robert M. "Marty"TSgt2001AIA, JTF-FA linguist, "Dogger" downed in Vietnam.
FOGG, Lewis W.Col2003HoH 1984; US Army and USAF; HQ USAFSS Pioneer
FOLEY, MikeMSgt1994202XX, 208X2A, Spanish Instructor, RC-135 V/W, C-130 SENIOR SCOUT AMS, and EC-130 COMPASS CALL Flyer
FOLK, Joseph R.MSgt1996OPSEC Program analyst; as military & Civ
FOLKERTS, ArthurMaj2008Det D (Berlin) Commander 1954
FOLTZ, Floyd L. Jr.Unk20012nd/10th RSM vet from 1949-55. Pioneer in transfer of 2nd RSM from ASA to USAFSS
FONTANA, Theodore "Ted"MSgt198?SS ACRP,202xx,asgd Zweibrucken, Hof Ger; Chicksands Eng, Offutt AFB
FORAN, RoryCapt?20128045, Samsung, TU, Det 1, 6916th SS, Athens early 1970's and then NSA
FORD, DanielTSgt20151978-1988 Polish and Russian linguist; 6990th and 6988th; known artist
FORD, SteveSMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, long time Skivvy Niner
FORD, William Ray (Bill)unk2015French Morocco, Ft. Walton, FL. From 1957-58, Denver, CO, Biloxi, MS, Alaska in 1959 and 1965-67, Germany 1960-63, San Antonio 1963-65, Ft. Meade, MD, 1967-69 and 1971-74, Taiwan 1969-71
FORDICE, James "Jim"Unk2000SS Ol'Timer; Xfrd from ASA to AFSS w/original 2nd RSM 1949
FOREMAN, Vance A.Lt Cmdr20076918th, Hakata, Japan
FORESEE, Doy L.Unk2007Asgn 6927th SS, 6911th SS
FORREST, Carl M.Unk1986203 asgn Misawa 1959-61
FORRESTER, James A. "Al"Unk2000Asgn Keesler, Elmendorf, Shemya, Kirknewton, Chicksands
FORSETH, William N.Unk19856918th, Hakata, Japan
FORSMAN, Robert "Bob"Unk2003USAFCOMSEC Vet. Asgn Hawaii; McClellan.
FORTIER, Gerald "Frenchie"SSgt2008Asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven 1955-59
FOSTER, Robert E.SSgt1966Asgn 3rd RSM, St Lawrence; AC-47 door gunner KIA Vietnam
FOUST, Leonard David Jr.unk2011292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1962-64
FOWLER, Fred M.TSgt1999
FOWLER, George D. Jr.Capt/GS2005Asgn Bremerhaven late 50s as Sq Tech Svcs Off, NSA as Crypto/Comm off
FOWLER, Jackie GeneSgt19956918th, Hakata, Japan
FOWLER, James "Jim"MSgt2008Russian linguist asgn San Vito, Chicksands
FOWLER, Sanford O.PFC1993Misawa 1950
FOWLKES, JACK W.A1C2003203x in Misawa 56-
FOX, Joseph W..GS1994AFSCC; 20-yrs military; 14 yrs Security Depot, SATx
FRAASE, Brent D. Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962- 01)
FRALISH, Perry J.MSgt2000202X0 Analyst asgn Crete, Augsberg, Ft Meade late 70s/early 80s, analyst instructor NSA '83;
FRAME, Hollis LSSgt1981Asgn Misawa 1953
FRANCIS, James A.SSgt1997647XX Asgn Misawa 70
FRANCISCO, Michael Cabell (Cisco)Col2011Headquarters Air Force Intelligence Command (XP) and the Air Force Electronic Warfare Center from May 1991 to July 1993
FRANCOUR, Robert J.Unk19992293x, Misawa 1955, AF 1954-57
FRANDSEN, Richard L.Unk2000Served with 2nd RSM
FRANK, EarlCMSgt2009292X1 asgn Chicksands, Alaska, San Antonio in 70s
FRANK, LYNN C.MSgt1991292x in Misawa 58-60
FRANKE, Harry H.Unk2003293 asgn Misawa 1958-
FRANKLIN, DaleMSgt2007Asgn San Antonio, Landstuhl, Sembach, Kirknewton, Izmir
FRANKLIN, Loras E.Maj2006Non-Morse Op then intel off; asgn GAFB, 6906, 6912, 6922, 6950, Hq IG
FRASUR, EugeneMSgt2018Russian linguist, Korean and Vietnam-era
FRAZER, Alexander “Sandy” IIIA1C1998R203X0-2; 6924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mountain 65-66
FRAZIER, Carl A.Unk1994Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
FRAZIER, Elmer O.A2C2011702x, Misawa 1958
FRAZIER, Normal L.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM
FRAZIER, Robert Charles, Sr.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04, 1959-10) 
FREDETTE, Douglas A.MSgt2016Northeast Cape, Alaska; Frankfurt and Darmstadt, Germany; Shu Lin Kou, Taiwan; HQ USAFSS; Goodfellow AFB
FREEMAN, Howard E. Jr. "Bubba"Unk2010
FREEMAN, Jerry R.SMSgt2010Asgn 6924th/Danang
FREEMAN, Thomas W.Maj1986Need info please
FREIDEL, William J.A2C2006292x, Misawa 1960-61
FREITAG, Daniel H.TSgt1992SS communicator in Germany, Crete, Japan; SSO at Adana, retired '73
FRENCH, Chancel T.Lt Col2017HoH 1990; linguist, Ops Officer, and Commander. Founded ESC Honor Guard. 6916th, NKP, Offutt, 6948th, HQ ESC
FRENCH, James H.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01) Probable date.
FRENCH, Norman E.MSgt1986Korea, Vietnam, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
FRENCH, Raymond K.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10) Date Uncertain
FRENCH, Russell L.Col1996SS Ol'Timer; Cmdr COMSEC
FRICK, Carlos W.Unk20176913th RSM Bremerhaven, Germany; 1955-58
FRIEDEL, William J.A2C292x 1960-61
FRIEDERICH, Ronald R.MSgt2014207X1 - 6949th Offutt AFB, 6985th Eielson AFB, 6994th Vietnam
FRIESEN, Dale M.MSgt2007Vietnamese linguist asgn 6990th/Kadena
FRISCHMUTH, Patricia "Pat"GS1998SS Ol'Timer from 1950, maiden name Twitchell, Cmd Hq, SSFCU 1st female Chair.
FRITZ, Duane L.SSgt2008702X0 Asgn Misawa 70
FRIZZELL, William "Bill"SMSgt2010Abrn 292 asgn 6994th
FROST, Monty R.A2C1984293XX asgn Misawa 1953-54
FROST, Wayne L.Unk2010Korea, Vietnam, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
FRY, Daryl R.Unk2013Misawa, 1962-64
FRY, Louis C.Unk2005Asgn Misawa 1974-77
FRYE, Gary E.Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
FUCHS, RAYMOND F. D.Unk1989292x Misawa 53-
FUHRMAN, Delbert "Del"LtCol2004Hq USAFSS Chief, Abrn Sys Engr Div 1967-71
FULLER, Charles EdwardMSgt2011AMT
FULLWOOD, AlCMSgt201330 year veteran. WWII, Korea and Vietnam Vet…participated in the Berlin Airlift. Last 16 years in USAFSS, retired in 1975. Inducted into Hall of Honor in 1988
FULMER, James E.SSgt2005292x, Misawa
FULTON, Jerry D.MSgt2010202 - Brady - 6918th, 6922d - Okinawa, SAC 1964-75
FULTON, Richard D.Unk2017One term, 1960-64, Okinawa, 62-64
FURLONG, Charles E.Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10)
FURTAW, Charles J. "Chuck"unk2014Misawa, 702, 1973-76
GABEHART, Jack H.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-11)
GABLE, George D.CMSgt1997First ground radio maint supvr @ 6937th/Peshawar, Pakistan. Great boss.
GABOURY, Charles "Chuck"UNK1996Cryppie - 6990th, 6994th, Instr @ Goodfellow
GAEDE, Michael C.A2C2010292X1 asgn Misawa 1963-
GAFFEY, Patrick W.unk2013291x - T4 Misawa 1955-58
GAFFORD, HULETUnk2009202x 58-59
GAINES, Leonard J.SMSgt2002USAFSS ol' timer who spent most of his time at Command.
GAINES, Ralph M.SMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer; WWII USN; SS Ops from '51; Mason Somerset Lodge
GALE, Eric K. SMSgt2019Russian linguist, airborne AMS, 169th UTANG, Pentagon - NGB
GALICA, Stanley F.SSgt2008Asgn Misawa 1967
GALIN, Ronald B. "Ron"LCol1993SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff; Dir San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo; 32° Mason&Shriner
GALLAGHER, John A.SMSgt1997US Merchant Marine, USAF, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
GALLAGHER, RobertUnk20186918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan; State Dept, Intel Director for 5 Secretaries of Commerce; FSO in Yugoslavia, South Korea, and West Germany
GALLAGHER, Thomas K.Col2011Russian Linguist - Texas, England, Germany, Russia/USSR, Southeast Asia, Okinawa, Washington DC, and Hawaii
GALLEGOS, Pedro Guillermo  Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10, 1961-01)
GALLIGAN, Walter T.LGen2010USAFSS Commander 1973-74; 5th AF Commander
GALLION, Donald E. “Don”TSgt2000R304X4; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
GALLOWAY, Charles B.Unk1996Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 20 years
GALLOWAY, EMANUEL T.TSgt1998304 asgn Misawa 1955-
GALLOWAY, Gerald R.A1C2003Misawa, 1957-
GALYEAN, THOMAS W.TSgt1996702 asgn Misawa 1963-65
GAMBELL, Robert A. "Bob"LCol1986SS Ol'timer; Admin Off, Cmd Hq, Japan, Turkey; Ret 1966
GAMMELL, Robert "Dean"LCol1998AFSS Ol'timer, worked Cmd Hq, NSA, DIA, CIA
GANNON, Randal E.MSgt2002Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 23 years
GARBERSON, John R. "Mr G"LCol1998Engineer, SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, NSA, Turkey (Sam & Trab); Masonic Lodge, FTVA
GARCIA, Federico (Fred) Ricardo Jr.GS2011Computer Scientist - USAFSS - AIA (40 yrs of distinguished service) US Navy 1955-64
GARCIA, Hector X.A1C2005Misawa 1955
GARCIA, Roberto A. "Bob"SMSgt2008First MK AMS; originally MA/Russian AMS; legendary softball pitcher
GARDNER, Joel M.SMSgt2011Radio Comms Supt. Korea, P.I., England, Turkey
GARDNER, Kenneth A. "Kenny"SMSgt1995A203-2/-4 linguist flew a 'million' hours; 6990th; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, AKA 'KGB' (Kenny Gardner Baby!)
GARDNER, Patrick E.CMSgt1987Need info please
GARDNER, Thomas A. JrMSgt2011Comms - 2nd RSM, 6911 RSM Darmstadt 53-56, Cambrai-Fritsch Kaserne 54-56, 21 years service
GARERI, Michael W.Unk20176944th Scty Wing; '77-'78; USAFSS airborne wirebender. Flew sorties on RC135-V&M's, Rivet Joint aircraft in Okinawa, Athens, and Eielson during the MOB/FOB concept from Offutt.
GARNAVICH, PeterMSgt200129th RSM, San Vito, Darmstadt, NSA.
GARNER, Arthur P. IIIunk2014more info needed
GARNER, Marion H.Sgt20026924SS Da Nang 69-70.
GARNER, Roy J.MSgt2017Korea and Vietnam vet
GARRAWAY, William "Guy"Unk2002202 Asgn Karamursel (63-4), Danang (late 60s).
GARRETT, JohnUnk1986Assigned 6924th/Danang 1969
GARRETT, William S. Sr.Unk20022ND Radio Security Sq/COMSEC/USAFSS Vet
GARRIGAN, Richard D.Unk197?SS OlTimer, ACRP, Russ Ling @ Rhein-Main 1950's;later commissioned.
GARRISON, RichardUnk20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GARRISON, Walter R.CMSgt2007Personnel manager asgn Hq USAFSS/Kelly, Maguire AFB IG
GARRISON, William D.Unk19??Poss C/W Op asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
GARRITY, Joseph J.SMSgt2008Asgn Vietnam
GARSHASB, Navid "G"MSgt2013FTVA Hall of Honor; Air Force Commando and linguist legend, 25 IS, Hurlburt Field, FL., Bronze Star and AF Pitsenbarger Award - 2002
GARVER, Gary L.A/2C2014Bremerhaven6913th RSM, Darmstadt, 6911th RGM
GARVEY, John J.A1C2008293x, Misawa 1958-60
GARVEY, Joseph P.Col2000SS Ol'Timer, WWII Vet; Served: AFSS, NSA, DIA,; Europe, Mid East; avid golfer
GARZA, Isaac "Ike"1Lt1992Spanish linguist and flyer
GASSE, ROBERT E. JRPFC1979Asgn Misawa 50-
GATELY, William "Bill"SMSgt2005202 asgn JSPC/Okinawa, 6910/11/Darmstadt, 6925/Philippines
GATLIN, Winford A.Unk1997Asgn Misawa 1963-65
GAUDETTE, Joseph A.Unk2007293X T2 1957-59
GAULT, Malcolm "Doug"SMSgt2007202X0 asgn Wakkanai, Bremerhaven, San Vito, NSA
GAUNT, Richard L.SMSgt2006Need info please
GAUSE, EARLISH M.Unk2009Asgn Misawa 53-
GAUTHIER, Daniel L.Sgt1990R811X0, SP; 6924SS Da Nang 69.
GAUTREAU, BurnellUnk2019more info please
GAUTREAUX, Bennet J.Unk1997Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
GAVIT, Roger K.SMSgt2009Asgn Guam, Crete, Japan, 6994th/flew EC-47 at Phu Cat, RC-135 at Offutt
GAY Jr., John FranklinMSgt2009USAF 1951 - 1971 - Senior Clerk, Ops Admin - 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven - 1956-59
GAYLOR, Robert M.CMSgt1987USAFSS Ol' Timer; 29290; Misawa, Sembach, Clark, NSA, Hq USAFSS
GEHRI, Michael DennisSMSgt2018USAFSS airborne wirebender (AMT) on C-130B models from Yokota 69-72; AMT instructor at Goodfellow AFB after Yokota closed in '72. Served as a Marine for 2 years before joining the Air Force.
GEIGEL, Francis GeraldLt Col2010Chaplain at 7011th Personnel Support Sqdn, Bremerhaven serving all Amn Assigned 53-55
GEIGER, JamesUnk2007Asgn Chicksands, Goodfellow
GELNETTE, Donald K.Unk2000Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
GENOTTE, Richard J. Jr.unk2014301x - Misawa, 1955-57
GENTRY, Thomas CarlCMSgt2012Lackland AFB, Thailand, Little Rock AFB, Korea, Okinawa, Germany and ESC/Kelly AFB
GENTRY, Woodrow W. "Woody"Col2003USAFSS Staff, 6912th/CC at Bingen Am Rhein in late 50s
GEORGE, D. ScottBrig Gen2020Dep Dir of NSA, Squadron, Group and Wing/CC at multiple locations, including Pentagon, Japan, Offutt AFB
GEORGE, Frederick W. (Fred)CMSgt2003292 - 6818th, 93 IS
GEORGE, JamesCol20166920 SW (Johnson/Shiroi AB, Japan), 29 RSM (Clark AB, PI), HQ USAFSS, 6900 SW (Frankfurt GE), NSA (Ft Meade, MD), 6931 SG (Iraklion AS, Greece), 6924 SS (DaNang, Vietnam), 6950 SG (RAF Chicksands, UK), USAFSS/ESC LO and NSOC(FGGM, MD)
GEORGE, Michael?MSgt?2016MA, Offutt, Kadena, Germany, Eglin
GEPHART, RobertMSgt2017England, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Turkey, Iceland, and California
GERALD, Benjamin "Wolf"Unk1971292 asgn Misawa 1959
GEREMIA, LouisTSgt2009Misawa 1959
GERHARDT, Larry LeeMSgt2014USAFSS/ESC in overseas assignments to Japan, 292X2, T4 - Misawa - 1963-65, 67-69, 69-71, Italy, Germany and concluded at ESC HQs Kelly AFB.
GERHARDT, RalphCiv2014Data Automation - USAFSS and ESC - 31 years - Director of Information Services
GERLICH, Edward C.SSgt20116910th Security Group at Brooks AFB, Darmstadt and Landsberg am Lech, Germany. (1951-1955)
GERMROTH, Howard G. Jr.UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
GERRY, Frank J. Jrunk2014803 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Daze Flt - 1958-61
GERRY, John D.unk2015292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1962-64
GERTH, Jane E.Unk2008203X asgn Misawa
GEWIN, Louis H.CMSgt1989Personnel specialist asgn 6981st 1958-61, 6940th
GEYMANN, Stephen L.A2C1971292x, Misawa 1964-
GHESQUIER, Victor R.MSgt1985292XX asgn Misawa 1958-
GIBNEY, JosephCiv2012Active Duty (rank Unknown) and Civilian, USAFSS Comm Directroate, Plans and Programs
GIBSON, FredMSgt1995SS Ol'timer, 202XX School 1956 at KAFB
GIERARD, Donald A.Unk2020Korean War, B-47 flyer and intel officer; Dyess, Plattsburgh, and Offutt
GIESE, CarlCol1985Need info please
GIESE, Gerald L.A2C1976Misawa 1959 -
GIESY, Ronald L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GILBERT, George A. Jr.Unk1996Misawa 1953-
GILBERT, Lincoln J.Unk20116916th Serb-Croat/Russ Ling, Rhein-Main 56-60 and 61-65 as Russ Ling, Incirlik, Tehran, Athens, Aviano, AMS
GILBERT, Reginald G. M.Lt Col2016Hall of Honor 2003; 1942-72, RCAF 1942, transferred to US Army Air Corp (North Africa, Italy and Romania), USAF Korean and Vietnam War
GILCHRIST, James R.A1C2004292X1 asgn Misawa 1970-72
GILCHRIST, Richard "Smiley"SSSgt2006asgn Misawa T1 1970-72
GILES, Austin N.A2C1994Misawa 1953-
GILES, LARRYMSgt20006918th, Hakata, Japan
GILES, RobertUnk197?Asgn Misawa 1968-72
GILHOOLY, PhilipMSgt2002292 asgn Chicksands, Darmstadt, Taiwan, Thailand, Kelly.
GILLARD, James F. (Franklin)A2C2011292x, Misawa 1960-61
GILLASPIE, Fred A. "Denny"Unk2001Served w/USAFSS Cryptology in Japan from 1948-52.
GILLISPIE, James F.TSgt2009751x, Misawa 1970
GILMORE, JosephMSgt2017Airborne Korean linguist; Osan, Kadena, Offutt, Yokota
GILPATRICK, Bobby J.MSgt/GS2004Russian linguist asgn Bremerhaven, Rhein Main, Eielson; Dept of Interior
GILROY, Kevin A. (Mike)Col2013enlisted as jet engine mechanic, became EW qualified after commissioning, Vietnam, Carswell, Kelly AFB - AFEWC Commander
GINDT, Clarence J.A1C2005202x, Misawa 1962-
GINTY, Frances T.Unk2012Misawa, 292x, T1 1964-67
GIROUX, Terrence E. Maj2019USN and USAF Intel Officer
GIRTS, PaulUnk2003292X1 asgn Baker Flt Darmstadt 1960-63
GIST, DavidUnk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
GJERTSON, MeredithA3C1993293x, Misawa 1956
GLAESER, Thomasunk2015Da Nang, Vietnam
GLADDEN, John A.TSgt2016USAFSS Darmstadt; recruiter
GLAHN, OMARA1C1994Asgn Misawa 1954-
GLARDON, Robert G.Unk1988Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
GLASNER, Leroy A.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07)
GLASS, Allen KennethSSgt19936913th RSM/SS, Bremerhaven, GE - Morse Intercept Operator from 1964 to 1966
GLASS, George V.A/2C20046913th RSM, Bremerhaven, GE - Baker Flight Morse Intercept Operator from 1962 to 1963.
GLASS, William E.LCol1996Computer Expert; SS in 50's; WWII Navigator & German X-POW
GLASSCOE, EARL J.A1C1989292 asgn Misawa 1963-
GLAUBEN, Robert N.Unk2013292 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-60
GLENNY, ClintCol2016HQ ESC and AFIC
GLICK, Irvin D. Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-03)
GLORIOSO, Dominic M.Unk2016
GLYNN, JohnUnk2010MAFAC 01-67, RA203X1-MB, 6990th SS, Charlie Flight, Psn 2, 1967-69
GOAD, Raymond L.SSgt1981702X0 Asgn Misawa 70
GOBLECK, Peter A. Jr.Unk2003203 asgn Misawa 1958-
GODERRE, Robert N.SSgt1991702X0 Asgn Misawa 70-71
GODINICH, EVON J.A2C1997292 asgn Misawa 1962-
GODLESKI, JOSEPH J.PFC1993Asgn Misawa 1950-
GODSEY, Gary L.MSgt2003292X2. 6924SS (MMtn), 6925, 6917, 6920, 6981
GODSEY, Jimmie L. (Jim/Yesdog)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GOERDER, Robert L. "Bob"Col2000Units Cmdr, Cmd Hq Staff, Cmdr SS unit Peshawar, Pakistan, et al
GOERS, Michael G.Unk2010292XX Misawa 65-67
GOFF, Donald R.SSgt2018Morse Op, Vietnam era; Biloxi, Goodfellow, Italy, Thailand, Ft Meade
GOFF, Norman J. "Joe"Maj2002Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955. Ret 1964 & worked for Dept/Agriculture.
GOFF, Thomas A.LtCol2011AF career 1942-63 then career with NSA
GOFF, Thomas W.Unk2000203X1 asgn Misawa 1959-61
GOHAGAN, Carl EdwardUnk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03, 1958-07)
GOINS, Bruce C.Unk2013203 RU Ling, 6910th RGM, Semback and Darmstadt - 1959-63
GOINS, Edmond "Ed"MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer; well known for Basketball prowess; Cmd Hq; Italy, Osan, Misawa
GOLD, Jim "Goldie"Unk2008292X1 asgn Karamursel 1958-60
GOLDER, Frank D. Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07)
GOLDSMITH, Roy S.Unk2003292 asgn 6913th in late 50s/early 60s.
GOLDSTEIN, James A.Unk2004203 asgn Karamursel '63-65; Shemya
GOLEN, Stanley J.A1C2008292X1 asgn Misawa 1960-
GOLIGHTLY, Charles E.Unk2003Radio operator 1947-48; ASA/USAFSS vet; 1st RSM.
GOMES, Joseph R.Unk2017Morse systems op
GOMEZ, Medardo "Mike"Capt2004Polish linguist, later a mustang Capt; asgn Rhein-Main, Offutt, Kadena; RC-135 AMS
GONITZKE, GinoMSgt1984202XX, 6989th & AFSCC among others; Joan's husband
GONITZKE, Joan MarieGS1995SS 37-year ol'timer AFSCC & Cmd Staff vet
GONZALEZ, Hector "Gonzy"UnkUnkSpanish linguist and flyer
GOOCH, Ronald S.TSgt2004292X1 asgn 6910th/Germany, 6950th/Chicksands
GOODE, James L.CMSgt2017292XX, 6918th RSM, Keesler, Incirlik, Thule, Misawa, Chicksands, Sheppard, Goodfellow, and Medina Annex.
GOODE, Timothy F.A2C2009292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-
GOODLETT, John R.Col1993Cmd Comptroller
GOODPASTER, GordonGS1988Worked in Budget Office @ 6920th and Cmd Hq Staff
GOODWIN, Julian E.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
GOOLSBYE, BillUnk2007202X0 asgn Landsberg, Germany in early 1950s
GORBY, Robert D.SSgt1986SS ACRP; Russian linguist/Rhein-Main/Incirlik in early 60's; premier gunner
GORDON, D. T.Unk1987Asgn 2nd RSM
GORMAN, Leonard E. “Len”, Jr.CMSgt1996Det 1 6923RSM (6924SS) Da Nang 63.
GORMAN, Richard "Dick"GS1997SS Ol'Timer, fluent in 6-language; AFSCC Staff for years; 201X0 chief SCP-1 (63-65)
GORT, Arthur "Art"SMSgt2009Asgn 6990th/Kadena; 6948ESS/DOV, Arbn 203/208; USAFSS/ESC Russian linguist who flew recon missions while based at Yokota, Misawa, Offutt, Homestead, Eielson, Athens, Medina and Fort Meade from 1961 to 1985.
GOSS, Walter D. "Wally"Capt2009Russian linguist asgn Rudesheim, Hof, Misawa, Yokota, Offutt, Eielson, Crete; Mustang
GOSSETT, Carl R. (Rex)Unk2011D-Flight, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 1967-69
GOTNER, Marvin E.Sgt2013Misawa, 1967068
GOTT, Rodney H.SSgt1969ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
GOULAIT, Roland V.Unk20006918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GOWEN, Peter M.unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1970-72
GOZNELL, GeorgeGS1999SS Ol'Timer and Legendary in language Intel Tech Training, especially notable at Goodfellow
GRABOWSKI, Thomas E.A2C2002292x, Misawa 1961-
GRABSKI, Thomas J.Sgt2020Vietnam, 6994th Scty Sq
GRAYCZYK, Wayne S.Unk20176918th - 292XX
GRADISKY, James C.UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
GRAF, Calvin "Cal"GS1989Cmd Staff Engineer
GRAF, Donald W.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
GRAFF, PaulCMSgt2009Asgn 6961st, Pac Scty Rgn
GRAGG, T.J.Col19??Cmdr 6952 SG
GRAHAM, George M.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01, 1960-07)
GRAHAM, RossUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRAHAM, William D.Maj2020EWO and Intel Officer, Pakistan, San Angelo, NSA, Det 1, 6916th, and Det 3, 6994th; Det 3, 6994 SS/CC Nakhom Phanom Royal Thai AB
GRAMM, Fred G.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRANDFIELD, Peter F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRANGER, Abner S. Jr.Unk19916918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRANGER, James S.Unk2006Comm equip maint asgn 6910th
GRANGER, Richard A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRANT, Billy "Mudcat"MSgt1990Russian linguist/AMS @ RM/Kadena/NKP/Omaha/Bremerhaven; prelang inst Kelly
GRANT, Gerald M.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05, 1960-07)
GRAVELY, Marvin R.Unk1976292X1 Asgn Misawa 62
GRAY, James "Jim"Unk2006Need info please
GRAY, James B.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-07)
GRAY, Leslie D.Unk2011293x, Misawa, 1957-
GRAYSON, Jimmy DMSgt1993202X0; SS Ol'Timer, served in Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, et al
GRAYSON, Tommy D.Unk2001791XX Asgn Misawa 70
GRAYUM, Ronald A.SSgt2009Misawa, 1966
GRAZIOLI, Joseph A.Unk1995Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired from NSA
GREAVER, Robert (Bob)A1C20181960-64, 292X0/29450; Keesler AFB, MS 3 Tech Schools Orlando, FL, TDY to Taiwan to set up operations, 6915 - Hof Germany Baker Flight at Hof.
GREDLER, JosephSgt2010Asgn Peshawar, Pakistan 1968
GREEN, Jimmie RaySMSgt2016Personnel/Manpower specialist; Tampa, Japan, Korea, San Antonio, Italy, Thailand
GREEN, Joe B.Col2018USAFSS Plans & Programs Director; Pilot who flew over 30 rescue missions in SE Asia, nominated for MoH, awarded AF Cross
GREEN, Leonard BUnk2003292 at Hakata, 1964-1966
GREENE, Michael Unk2020RJ linguist, AMS, Mildenhaull; need more info - many details on social media
GREEN, OrlenCMSgt1996Opns; SS Ol'Timer, retired in 70's
GREEN, Richard IUnk20196918th Hakata 1971-72; 292XX
GREEN, SamTSgt1983Asgnd 6989th RSM
GREEN, Sylvia "Sally"Unk1994WWII NavyVet decorated by Admiral Zumwalt in Pacific theater
GREEN, Tommy A.Sgt2008202X0 T3 Asgn Misawa 1972-75
GREENBERG, Allan C.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03, 1959-10)
GREENE, James M.CMSgt2018Need info please
GREENING, Donald Duaneunk2016AFSC 30452A - Bremerhaven - 6913th RSM, Schleswig DF site
GREER, James E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GREGORY, Joe H. Jr.CMSgt2018Texas, Germany, Alaska, Japan, Italy, Okinawa, Maryland, and MacDill AFB Readiness Command; 26 year 202XX
GREGORY, Harold J.Unk1987Need info please
GREGORY, Marshall J.Unk2010Asgn 6918th/Hakata, Japan
GRIFFIN, Billy DemarrMSgt2017Long time HQ and airborne linguist
GRIFFIN, Burgess T. Jr.Unk2003202X0 asgn Misawa 1966-
GRIFFIN, DavidUnk2014Misawa 1953-56
GRIFFIN, Dean B.Unk2010202x Misawa 1974-75
GRIFFIN, Francis L.LCol2003Asgn 6918th/Hakata; Hq USAFSS/Programs; SSO 7AF Vietnam.
GRIFFIN, GeorgeCMSgt2007Radio op in WWII/Korea; asgn USAFSS/AIA
GRIFFIN, Harry E.Maj1992MSgt to Major. Asgn Kadena/Torii Station/Goodfellow.
GRIFFITH JR, Ray A.SMSgt2001Worked in data automation at the headquarters
GRIMES, William D.W.Col201825 AF Hall of Honor, 2017; Legendary Big Safari Director and developer of ISR systems, primarily recce aircraft; honorary USAF Chief Master Sgt
GRINSEL, David C.Unk2018Russian linguist; Rhein Main AB, Offutt
GRISHAM, Woodie R.Maj2020Prior enlisted Morse Op, became intel officer at NSA
GRIZZELL, Billy J.CMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Tech Support, Brooks AFB, Cmd Hq, ESR, PSR, et al
GROEN, Henry J. "Jay"A1C2005Chinese linguist asgn 6988th/Yokota 1965-67; CIA analyst
GROLEMUND, Gerald E.Unk19906918th, Hakata, Japan
GROLEMUND, Gerald E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GROLMES, Samuel B. Jr.A1C2004Asgn Misawa 1954-
GRONDINE, Clenford P.MSgt1994Need info please
GRONLUND, SherwinUnk20171952-1956; Korean War vet, X1; San Antonio, Mississippi, and Alaska
GROSS, William J. "Bill"Officer2013Enlisted 1950, OCS - 1956, 6987th, Lin Kou, 6990th - 67-69, retired in 1976
GROVES, Robert "Lefty"CMSgt1989SS Ol'timer, 202XX, duty primarily Cmd Hq & Pacific area
GROZDANICH, PeterCMSgt1983Asgn Misawa 1955-57, Chicksands mid-1960's, Battle of the Bulge veteran (WWII)
GRUBBS, James H.TSgt2003R20270; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
GRUBBS, Lee SterlingUnk20116918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GRUNDY, Tommy W.LCol1991Operations Officer
GUALILLO, Nicholas A.Unk2004Asgn Misawa, Okushiri Shima 1953-
GUCKIAN, Eugene P.GS2005Asgn data automation @ Hq USAFSS. 36-yr fed svc. WWII vet
GUENTERT, Harold L. Sr.Unk2007WWII Army Air Corp; intelligence analyst @ Hq USAFSS many years
GUENTERT, Jessie W.GS2008Early USAFSS vet
GUERRANT, Wilbert C.Unk19846918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
GUERRERO, ReynaldoA1C1985Need info please
GUERTIN, Arthur J. Sr.Maj2003Asgn Dir/Mgt Analysis @ USAFSS, Vint Hill Farms; civilian career @ DIA.
GUIDO, Thomas J. Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-01) Date Uncertain
GUILFOYLE, FrankLCol1993Need info please
GUNDELFINGER, Glen A.Unk2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; DF op
GUNNAR, Dave "Tail Gunnar"Unk2005Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
GUNTER, Quincy J.Unk1986Asgn Misawa 1960-62
GUTHRIE, Charles W.Unk2018Enlisted 1953-57; Brooks, Kelly, Ft Meade
GUTHRIE, Robert J.SMSgt2007Worked in Personnel; WWII service; asgn Vietnam, Hq USAFSS
GUYNUP, Sanford R.A2C2001685 asgn Misawa 1959-61
HACKER, Joseph D.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07)
HACKETT, Robert E.GS2001Elec Engr. AF service in WWII. Many years at USAFSS as civilian.
HACMAC, Richard M. Unk2104Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
HADERMANN, James C.Unk2006353XX asgn Misawa 1969-
HADOVSKY, Frank D.Lt Col19968034/8035 - NSA 63-66, More info please…last name may be Sadovsky
HAENCHEN, Otto E.LtCol/Civ2005WWII pilot/intel officer; CC in Germany/Korea; asgn to NSA as cryptologic staff officer
HAGENMILLER, HarryUnk2006292x asgn Misawa/T3 1974
HAGER, Dennis J. "Zero"Unk19??SS ACRP Linguist in 60's
HAGER, Lloyd L.CMSgt1998SS operations Ol'Timer; 32° Scottish Rite Mason
HAGER, Michael R.SSgt1987202 assgnd 6922nd (Philippines) until death there.
HAGLE, Willis Robert (Bill)A2C2011Bremerhaven, Dog Flight of the 6913th Security Group, Morse intercept operator - 1965-67, Detachment of the 6950th Security Wing and Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Texas
HAGUE, Peter W.MSgt1998R20390-2 (MB), Voice/Cryp Coord; 6924SS Da Nang 70-71.
HAHN, Thomas F.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
HAIN, Richard M. "Perry"CMSgt2018Hall of Honor, 1987; Airborne SIGINT pioneer as one of the original 11 USAFSS flyers at Yokota in the early 1950s. During his renowned USAFSS flying career, logged 10,000-plus flying hours — aboard the RB-29A ACRP prototype, RB-45s, RB-50s, C-130s, C-47s, C-97s, C-118s, RC-135s, etc. Vietnam, Yakota, Kadena, Kelly AFB
HAIN, Ronald C. Sr.SMSgt2009Asgn Misawa 1964
HAINES, Milton D.CMSgt1993Communicator; SS Ol'Timer 18-yrs; Master Mason Helotes #1429; son is BGen
HAIRE, Horace E. "Red"SMSgt1999USAFSS FTVA Hall of Honor; AMS Extraordinaire VietNam thru Desert Storm, "Mr Rivet Joint"; 1961 - 1965 Yokota/AMS, 1965 - 1966 Offutt, 1967 - 1971 Kadena/AMS on C-130 Commando Lance/Comfy Echo/EC-121(Rivet Top & Rivet Gym)/RC-135; 1971 - 1972 HQ USAFSS Stan/Eval, 1973 - 1975 US Embassy Moscow, 1975 - 1976 Offutt/NCOIC Rivet Joint Modernization. Retired in 1976 and went to work for E-Systems in Greenville, TX. Flew Desert Shield/Desert Storm missions on the Rivet Joint.
HAKE, Daryl E. (Eldon)CWO1975Misawa 1963 - Need more information
HAKE, PerrySSgt20123rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska 53-54, Radio Maintenance 1952-56
HALAIS, AntonioA1C2006292/207 asgn Chicksands, Pakistan, Crete (1966-68)
HALBERT, Gerald L.Unk2009203 asgn Misawa 1959-61
HALE, CharlieUnk2005304 radio main asgn Misawa 1970-73
HALEY, Millard L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HALEY, Roma F.SSgt2018need more info please
HALFMANN, EugeneCapt2003Asgn Thailand, Japan, GAFB; 189 SEA msns on EC-47 from NKP; EM to commission
HALL, Abe T. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HALL, Elmore L.SSgt19696918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, ARDF opr killed in Phu Cat-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
HALL, Hubert E. "Easy"Col2002Asgn 6970th SG Ft Meade/NSA. WWII Service.
HALL, James L.SSgt1996291X0 asgn Misawa 1970s, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HALL, John A. Jr.Unk2013AF Cryptographer - 26 years of Service. Korea and Vietnam, San Antonio
HALL, Laurence W. "Bill"TSgt2000SS Ol'timer; Bremerhaven '55-58, "A" Trick, Morse Supv; xfrd fm SS due marriage
HALL, Richard E.A1C1985Misawa 1955
HALLBERG, Michael J.MSgt1985202 Asgn 6913th (1984-86)/6931st/6948th(M)/6950th/AFEWC. Suicide.
HALLENBECK, Howard E.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-10)
HALLIBURTON, Philip E.A2C2006Misawa 1966
HALLINAN, Richard "Dick"SMSgt2002Russian linguist at Rhein Mein, Kadena, Offutt. former USAFSS airborne intercept operator (Russian linguist) who flew missions at Yokota, Kadena, Offutt and Rhein-Main in the 60's-70's. 1957 - 1958 Det 1 6921th RSM, Wakkanai, Japan; 1958 - 1961 HQ AFSCC, Kelly AFB, TX (SCP-4); 1961 - 1964 6921st RGM, Misawa, Japan (replaced Ron Davey); 1964 - 1965 HQ AFSCC, Kelly AFB, TX (SCP-4); 1966 - 1967 6988th SS, Yokota AB, Japan; 1967 - 1968 6990th SS, Kadena AB, Okinawa; 1968 - 1969 6949th SS, Offutt AFB, NE; 1969 - 1971 6916th SS, Rhine Main AB, Germany; 1971 - 1976 6949th SS, Offutt AFB, NE. Flew 6600 hours on C-130's and RC-135's.
HALLMAN, JoelTSgt1984Served 1953-75, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Chicksands Bremenhaven San Antonio Utah Karamusel Misawa Ramusen
Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07)
HALLOWELL, WilliamUnk2006FTVA Life Member
HALPIN, John PatrickCMSgt2018Thai, Vietnamese, Korean linguist; 25 Air Medals; 26 year civil service following USAF career; considered true expert in Airborne reconnaissance
HALSTEAD, John W. "Falstaff"Unk2010292X1 asgn T3 Misawa 1971-74
HALVERSON, Edward "Ed"CMSgt1999SS Ol'timer, Brooks AFB 292XX, WWII Rad Opr, AFSS 1951-'66; Cmd Hq, NSA, et al
HAMAKER, Melvin L.Unk2004203 asgn Misawa 1958-
HAMEL, JoeMajUnkSACLO to SAWD 1961-63.
HAMER, JackMSgt/GS2002Asgd as security specialist @ Kelly; retired from OSI.
HAMILTON, David J.Maj2019Chinese linguist, received commission as intel officer; Clark AB, Hakata, Kadena, Kelly, Offutt; 6918 Hakata linguist
HAMILTON, Gary LeeUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HAMILTON, William MCol2006Intell off; meteorologist dev forecast for D-Day, atomic tests
HAMLET, NasonSMSgt1964Asgnd San Vito. Auto accident on beach road near Brindisi.
HAMLIN, Duane CharlesUnk2013Russian Linguist - 20+ years 1959-79, 6990th
HAMLIN, Paul H.SSgt20036924SS Da Nang 66-67.
HAMM, JohnUnk2008292X2 asgn Kirknewton, Scotland 1960-63
HAMMELL, Donald R.Unk2006202 asgn Misawa 1955-57
HAMMOCK, BruceMSgt1987Unk Specialty
HAMPTON, Bill "Catfish"Unk2009Asgn 136th CSS/Transec
HAMPTON, James "Jim"MSgt19??293X0, Hq AFSS, 6920 PSR, et al
HAMPTON, Lewis A "Lew"unk2015202, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1960-63
HANABLE, William (Bill) S.Unk2011need assignment info please
HANCE, Gary S.Sgt2017Airborne manual morse operator who flew missions in Vietnam. Jun 65 - Jul 67 6922nd Security Wing, Clark AB, Philippine Islands; Nov 67 - Aug 68 6994th Security Squadron, Tan Son Nhut AB, Saigon, S. Vietnam, Pleiku AB, Pleiku, S. Vietnam (TDY), Hue Phu-Bai, Phu Bai, S. Vietnam (DOI)
HANCOCK, James R.A1C203x Misawa 1955
HANCOCK, John E.SMSgt1993Need info please
HANCOCK, K. NedUnk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
HAND, Charlie B.unk20156913th
HAND, RickMSgt2000SS Ol'timer, SIGINT Analyst ETO, PAC, Vietnam, Thailand, et al
HANDLEY, Arthur J.,III "John"AlC1985702 worked in Stan/Eval @ Offutt. Gunshot wound.
HANEY, Dennis MinogueCMSgt2000SS era, Turkey, Chicksands, Crete, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, et al; Vietnam and Korea, dedicated golfer
HANKS, Dale J.Col1993Hall of Honor 1995; SS Ol'Timer; ops officer, WWII B-17 pilot England; Dep Cmdr EurSecRgn, Fkft
HANLEY, Thomas J. III "TJ-3"Col2002USAFSS Commander @ Pakistan, San Vito, Misawa, Pac Scty Rgn
HANNA, BillyMSgt19??Chicksands Baker Flight then days; early 60s
HANNA, Billy G.CMSgt1993SS Ol'Timer from 50's 8th RSM and many more
HANNA, William K. "Bill"A1C19856924SS Da Nang 66-67.
HANNAH, Marcus T. (Ted)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HANOUSEK, William R. (Bill)A2C2010Bremerhaven, GE
HANSELL, Robert L.MSgt1995SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet, Cmd Staff, Crete, et al
HANSEN, Herschel E.LtCol1991USAFSS IG, 6926th/Clark CC, Saigon during Tet, NSA
HANSEN, Louis L.Unk2019Cryptoanlyst and Arab linguist; Iraklion, Crete
HANSEN, Noel S.SMSgt19916924SS Da Nang 66-67.
HANSEN, Rodney S. Jr. "Rod"unk2016USAFSS 1964-1969, Chinese Linguist - Goodfellow AFB TX, Taiwan, Vietnam War
HANSON, CalUnk2007Need info pls
HANSON, Oran E.A1C1994Misawa 1957
HAPPEL, John E. Jr.SSgtUnkAsgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; chief analyst
HAPPLE, John ECMSgt19??1950's Ol'Timer, Pacific area, AFSCC, et al
HARBERT, Doyle H.MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, 304XX; Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, US Dets, Cmd Hq, Korea, et al
HARDAWAY, Ben C.Col2003Asgn USAFSS Director of Inspections; NSA; 6912th CC; 6922nd CC. Travis Trophy.
HARDEN, Hubert M. "Mac"SMSgt1997292X1 asgn Chicksands, Misawa, Phu Cat Vietnam, Taiway, Hq USAFSS
HARDEN, Otis H.Unk200215th RSM USAFSS Vet
HARDER, Wilfred R.MSgt1998Misawa, 1961-
HARDIN, William T.SMSgt2000Asgd 6989th & Vietnam.
HARDIN, Wyman C.MSgt2000304X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
HARDING, HORACE H.Unk1986203X1 asgn Misawa 1953-55
HARDY, JeromeUnk1980Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; security guard
HARDY, Marlin H. (Buck)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HARGO, ELMO C.unkunk6918th RSM/SS at Brady AB/Hakata, Japan during 1962-1964
HARGRAFEN, John I "Father John"unk1995Chaplain (892), 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1971-72
HARGROVE, Asier "Jake"MSgt2004Premier ACRP maint tech; outstanding NCO; "All Air Force" softball pitcher. Oct55-Jul59 Davis Monthan AFB, ECM B-47s, 1959 - 1962 Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico, ECM B-52s, 1962 - 1964 El Paso, TX, ECM B-52s, 1964 - 1968 6988th, YOKOTA, Japan, BAT Maintenance, 1969 - 1970 6990th, Cam Rahm Bay, RVN, 1970 - 1972 6916th, Rhein Main, Germany, 1972 - 1975 6949th, Offutt AFB, NE. Retired 31 Aug 1975, 1975 - 1982 6949th, Offutt NE, Worked for E-Systems as Field Svc Rep until 1991, 1982 - 1985 6990th, Kadena, Okinawa, 1985 - 1988 6988th, RAF Mildenhall, England, 1988 - 1991 6916th, Athens, Greece.
HARIPAR, George E.LCol1999WWII, SS in '64; SAC IO; SS unit cmdr: Danang, Bremerhaven, San Vito, Key West
HARLOW, Haskel V.  Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-11)
HARMEYER, Lance A.LCol1998Chinese linguist; 30-yrs AF; Brooks,Chicksands; Eielson; Howard AFB, PACAF, AIA IG; FTVA Hall of Honor
HARMON, OdisCiv2006Senior manager in USAFSS Budget; WWII vet; 40 yrs w/civil service
HARPER, Billy J.Col1987Asgn Alaska, Kelly, Shiroi, MacDill, Kadena, Wheeler, Ft. Meade, 6993rd/Medina
HARPER, William L. Jr. (Bill)Unk200421 years in USAFSS, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HARRALSON, Raymond K.Unk1984Asgn Misawa '55-57
HARRELL, Billy N.Unk2002Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; typewriter repair
HARRELL, Henry "Hank"CMSgt2001SS Ol'timer, 202xx,ETO, England,Cmd Hq, et al
HARRELL, Richard D.LtCol2007Worked in COMSEC engineering in the 1960s
HARRIGER, Russell "Hop"LtCol2010Hall of Honor 2003; B17 pilot in WWII, helped est Hq USAFSS in 1949-50; asgn Korea, Shemya
HARRINGTON, Miles E.unk2011702x, Misawa 1961-63
HARRIS, David L. (Dave)unk20126952nd, Kirknewton 1962-65
HARRIS, EricUnk2016RC-135 flyer
HARRIS, Glenn M.Unk1998292XX, Turkey, Cmd Hq
HARRIS, Henry "Hank"TSgt200410 year USAFSS vet
HARRIS, James E. "Jim"CMSgt2008Need info pls
HARRIS, James R. "Hap"Unk2017292X1, 6918 RSM, 6924 SS
HARRIS, JoeMSgt2008Base Supply at Kirknewton, Chicksands
HARRIS, Ozzieunk2015USAFSS - WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, England, Greenland, Germany and Thailand
HARRIS, Paul N.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL1957-09)
HARRIS, Raymond J.Unk2001Worked at Misawa. Died at Yokota AB, Japan
HARRIS, Richard JUnk2017292XX; 6924, 6918
HARRIS, Wesley V.LCol1995Ops Officer; SS Ol'Timer; WWII Vet Battle of the Bulge, NSA, DIA, et al
HARRIS, William D. Jr. "Bill"MSgt2008292X1 asgn Goodfellow, USAFSS
HARROLD, HeathGS20121A8 Spanish Linguist, Omaha, Director/Founder, Offutt AFB Language Lab
HARTGRAVE, Robert L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HARTHCOCK, Don "Dr Donny"Unk2007Russian 203 asgn Misawa 1963-74
HARTLE, Joseph L. Jr. "Joe"Unk/GS2005Asgn Misawa, Bremerhaven, Chicksands, Peshawar, Hq USAFSS/ESC
HARTMAN, Clifford A. (PD)Unk2013292 on Dawg Flight 1965-67, 6918th, RSM/SS, Hakata Japan
HARTMAN, Hugh E. Jr.CMSgt2007Analyst/linguist; asgn Pakistan, Germany, Japan, Shemya; managed DC-Moscow hotline
HARTMAN, Randon C.unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1971-72
HARTMAN, RickUnk2003USAFSS Vet asgn Athens, Ft Meade.
HARTMANN, Francis E. (Frank)Civ201831 year career, AFCSC 1950 - 81; lauded by NSA and AFCSC/CC for "logistics" contributions upon retirement
HARTSFIELD, Floyd R.TSgt1999R20270; 6924SS Ramasun 71-72, Shiroi, Japan, Thailand (2 tours), Shu Lin K'ou, Taiwan, and NSA
HARVEY, KenMSgt2001A207X1 @ Eielson, Offutt
HARVEY, Rocklin L. "Rocky"MSgt2010Russian linguist asgn Berlin, Japan, England
HARWOOD, William Jr. "Bill"Unk/GS2005292X1/202 asgn Misawa, Germany, Philippines, San Vito; 'super' 202
HASHMAN, William L.Unk1968more info please
HATCHER, Donna JeanSSgt2014Comm Center Specialist - 6994th Security Wing 1977-79
HATCHER, Howard E.CMSgt2017ELINT Specialist; HQ USAFSS, 6915th ESS, Germany, Key West
HATFIELD, Richard F. "Jug"CMSgt2003Iron Horse analyst @ Danang (1968); AFSPECCOM; Kelly; Zweibrucken; NSA.
HATHAWAY, Bobby B.SMSgt1999SS Ol'timer; 29290, Cmd Hq, Bremerhaven in '50's, et al
HATHAWAY, Manuel "Jim"SSgt1965Asgnd San Vito, San Antonio. Auto accident.
HATTON, NedUnk2002Asgd Landsberg 54-56; rode bicycle from AZ to MT at age 70.
HAUGE, Peter W.CMSgt1998SS Ol'timer, Cmd Hq, Chicksands, Bentwaters, Berlin, Vietnam, et al
HAULSEE, Ivan "Butch"MSgt2003Asgn Bremerhaven, Vietnam; USAFSS airborne Morse intercept operator who flew EC-47 recon missions with the 6994th in Vietnam in 1966 and 1970-71. Feb 59 - Feb 62 6930th SG; Feb 62 - Feb 65; 6913th SG; Feb 65 - Jul 66 6940th SW; Jul 66 - Jul 67 6994th SS; Jul 67 - Jan 70 6940th TTG (ARDF School); Jan 70 - Aug 71 6994th SS; Aug 71 - Jan 74 6940th TTG (ARDF School)
Flew approx 145 missions as RO, SRO and IRO etc. Helped set up ARDF School at Goodfellow. Retired in 1974.
HAUMANN, Andrew J. Jr.Unk2008Asgn Misawa 1962
HAUPT, Kenneth U.Unk20176918th RSM 202XX; 20 year vet
HAVENS, Glen R.SSgt1990292 asgn Misawa 1965, Returned stateside as 702
HAVENS,Glenn R.UNK19966918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HAVLEN, Robert C.PFC1994Motor Pool asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
HAWKES, Max E.W42005One of USAFSS original founders. Asgn Chicksands in mid-50s
HAWKINS, Ronnie D.CMSgt2018USAFSS Communications; Newfoundland, Pakistan, Alaska, & TX; First African-American CMSgt at Goodfellow AFB; 2 Vietnam tours
HAWLEY, Daniel R.TSgt2019WX Crypto-Analyst; Darmstadt, Phillipines, Bremerhaven, Vietnam
HAWTHORNE, Francis E.GS2004WWII vet, asgn USAFSS then NSA after retirement
HAYES, CurtisSSgt2004DF op @ Bremerhaven & Kassel
HAYES, Lloyd W.CMSgt1999SS era; Personnel/Admin, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HAYNES, Glen C.MSgt2002R29291, Ops Supv; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
HAYNES, Roy R.Unk199?SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, Bremerhaven ops; Cmd Hq, et al
HAYS, Doyle R. "Bob"MSgt2007202 asgn Alaska, England, Vietnam, Goodfellow instructor
HEALY, EdwardUnk2005USAFSS COMSEC Vet asgn 18th Radio Security Squadron
HEALY, Michael J. "Mike"MSgt200730452A; FLR-9 Tech asgn Japan, Turkey, Chicksands, Kelly, Korea
HEARD, J. EarlUnk2010Need info pls
HEARD, Steven W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HEATH, James "Jim"CMSgt1996Instr in SS NCO Academy 23-yrs; Goodfellow NCO Academy dedicated to him
HEAVNER, Donie G.Sgt1999Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
HEBELER, Lynn "Hap"SMSgt2017Personnel specialist, linguist/analyst
HEBERT, JimMSgt2004Korean linguist (maybe the best ever); USAFSS Korean linguist who served tours at Osan, Yokota, and Kadena in the 1960's-1970's. 1960 - 1061 Yale, basic and intermediate Korean, 1961 - 1972 Osan, 6988th/Yokota, and 6990th/Kadena AB Okinawa. Departed USAFSS, 1972 - 1979 Assignments to Fairchild AFB, Bangkok and McClellan AFB.
HEBERT, Mervin P.Unk2007Asgn Ankara; served during Korean war
HEBERT, Paul L.CMSgt1988R29291, Ops Suprt; 6922SW Clark 65; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
HECKLER, DanielUnk2016202/209 (COMSEC); Brooks, Sembach
HEDGES, Gordon Harvey Jr.MSgt2019Chinese linguist (IFEL 1965-04); Taiwan, Denver
HEDDINGS, Louis W.TSgt2006Asgn Misawa 1971
HEFFERNAN, John T.CMSgt1987SS Ol'Timer; 202XX; AFSCC and many others
HEGLAND, Eugene E.LCol2000SS Ol'Timer; Intl Off; Japan,Okinawa,Pakistan,Greenland,Cmd Hq; NSA, et al
HEIL, George C. Jr. "Doc"MSgt2014202 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, C Flt - 1967-69, Lin Kou
HEILMAN, John M. (Mac / Omar)Unk20136918th RMS/SS, Hakata, Japan - 292 on Able Flight
HEINRICH, Thomas J.Unk2017more info please
HEINRICHS, Walter L.MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer; Russian/Polish linguist; owned Concho Rabbit Ranch, San Angelo,Tx
HELBLING, Victorunk2013need more info please
HELMER, Charles "Chuck"CMSgt1996Ops; SS fm '50 @ Brooks; Golfer on Cmd team
HELMS, William "Bill"Unk2019More info please
HELMS, Wayne F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HELZER, Harry H. Jr.unk2006292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan - 1959-60
HENDERSHOT, Marvin L.Unk2008USAFSS - started 1958 - 6929th, Osan-Ni, Korea 62-63. Bangkok, Thailand with Det3 6923RSM, 6924th DaNang, VN. Left the AF and joined the Navy and ended up back in Viet Nam.
HENDERSON, Arthur D.Unk2005203 asgn Misawa '59-61
HENDERSON, BasilMSgt20176994th EC-47 Airborne maintenance
HENDERSON, Bruce D.LCol1999SS Ol'Timer, WWII bomber Nav, linguist, SS Shift Supv Rhein Main, much more
HENDERSON, Donald A.MSgt2010292X1/202X0 asgn Libya and AFSCC 1956-58
HENDERSON, Jimmie W.Unk1985202X0 asgn Misawa 1956
HENDERSON, Mac J.MSgt1988304XX asgn Misawa 1958-
HENDERSON, Roosevelt F.SMSgt2003Vietnam vet.
HENDRIX, Benjamin W.Unk2008Asgn Misawa 1958-60
HENDRIX, Bethel S.MSgt1995Asgn Onna Point, Darmstadt, Iraklion, Goodfellow 1960s
HENLEY, James T.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HENNING, Donald A.LCol1984Logistics; Military 10 yrs to MSgtt; Commissioned to LCol 20-yrs; retired LCol
HENRY, David W.,JrCol1985Dep Comptroller, Cmd Staff
HENRY, Donald L.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07)
HENRY, Frederick G.Unk2002Chinese linguist. (IFEL1964-07)
HENRY, James B.CMSgt1986Maint; SS Ol'Timer fm 1950 to retirement; traveled with MAST/IG Team.
HENRY, James Frederickunk2014Intel Technician (4 yrs USN, 4 yrs USAF), Misawa in the 6921 RGM 1958-62
HENRY, James G.LtCol2004Asgn Hq USAFSS as Intel Officer/AFSSO
HENSLEY, CharlieUnk2018NSA-TX, 56 year vet/civ career; Russian linguist
HENSON, Orville L.SSgt20184 years as crypto analyst
HERBER, Gerald W.A2C1994292x in Shiroi 1957
HERD, Maxey E.MSgt2004Chinese linguist asgn Shiroi, Shu Lin Kou, Danang, Goodfellow.
HERITAGE, Douglas R. "Doug"UnkUnkChinese linguist.
HERMAN, John A.SMSgt1985Need info please
HERMAN, Terry W.Unk2011USAFSS, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Dawg Flight
HERMES, Martha P.GS1995Need info please
HERMOND, Eddison "Eddie"SSgt201810 yr USAF career before joining NG; passed away while attempting to save others during Ellicott City, MD floods
HERRIDGE, John RobertSMSgt2015USCG, USA, USAFSS - 6994th Saigon - 1971, Det 2 6994th at Pleiku and DaNang 69-70
HERRIN, Sam C.Major2012Retired in 1971 - RU Ling - 208X3A, Intel Officer - 14N, Misawa, Japan - Danang, Vietnam 1968-69, NSA, Ft Meade, MD - Duties in European theater
HERRINGTON, Ernese H.PFC1996Asgn Misawa 1950-
HERSON, GordonUnk2005Asgn Camp Pieri, Germany
HESSE, Edwin A. "Sandy"BGen2004USAFSS Vice Commander; flew P47, P80, F86, F100, F4 during Korea, Vietnam
HESSLER, Charles (Chuck)CMSgt20131967 - 1991, 292X1/207X1 202X0 and 1st Sgt, Misawa, Crete, and San Vito, 6917th First Sgt 1985-88
HESSLER, E. RandMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, Czech ling, 11½-yrs in Germany; Czek instr 6940 TTG Goodfellow
HESTER, Henry L.Unk2011292/202 asgn Misawa 1959-64, 1970-72
HETHERINGTON, Travis M.BGen2002Commander USAFSS @ Brooks 1949; HoH Member; SA Homebuilder after ret 1963
HETLAND, Richard M.A1C20046918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HEWITT, Dorothy "Dottie"GS1988Cmd Admin to Opns Staff; twin sister Doris Civ at Lackland AFB
HEYE, HermanUnk2009Asgn 2nd RSM 52-54 then Boeing manager for 35 years
HEYEN, Henry J.SMSgt2018Cryptanalyst ESC; NRO Special Projects Group
HEYL, Robert E.Unk2007Asgn Misawa 1953
HIBBITT, Thomas E.Unk1989Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
HIBBS, Frank W.CMSgt19971963-64 (Need more info)
HICKSON, William C.Capt19896918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-60
HICOK, Robert "Bob"SMSgt2017Computer specialist, Pakistan, Zweibruecken, Kelly AFB
HIERONYMUS, Alan "Hero"SSgt2007German linguist asgn Berlin, Offutt; evaluator, Viet Linguist at Kadena
HIGGINBOTHAM, Leonard M.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HIGGINS, Charles E.Unk2017Darmstadt and 6916th, Athens, Greece
HIGGINS, Willard S.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL-1955-10)
HIGGINSON, George M.Col1992Intel Off; DCS/P&P in 60's much more; much liked and respected
HIGHBERG, Richard P.TSgt2000R20270; 6924SS Ramasun 75-76.
HIGLEY, John C.Unk20096918th, Hakata, Japan, Radio intercept operator at Elmendorf, COMSEC
HILDENBRAND, Raymond J.SMSgt1997ACRP; expert in Alert Ctr
HILL, Daniel D.Unk2009Russian 203 asgn Misawa 1959-61
HILL, Danny DuaneUnk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
HILL, Donald "Don"A1C1953Linguist; killed in B-50 ACRP loss over Sea of Japan
HILL, Edward L.TSgt2015USAFSS - NSA, Karamursel, Turkey, Rhein Main, Germany, Danang Air Base, Vietnam, Goodfellow Air Force Base, San Angelo, Texas, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, Security Hill, San Antonio, Texas, Lackland Air Force Base Annex (Medina), Texas.
HILL, Hiskell V. "Hask"Capt1990ACRP; CAT 4 linguist (Russian) @ Rhein-Main; officer AMS; Chief Stan/Eval @ Hq ESC.
HILL, James C.TSgt/GS2002Assgnd Japan, Alaska, Korea, Hq USAFSS; Civil Service @ Kelly
HILL, Jimmie D. (Jimmy)Capt201320-years AF - 6987th Comptroller, 25-years CIA/NRO - more info please
HILL, John F.SSgt2019He joined the Air Force in 1954, was trained as a Russian linguist, and was stationed in Germany.
HILL, Perry J.SMSgt2010more information please
HILL, Philip D.TSgt2012Linguist, Teufelsberg - Berlin GE 1970-78, (NSA) Ft Meade, MD 1978-
HILL, VernonCMSgt1994Need info please
HILLS, Myron Sr.Unk19936918th, Hakata, Japan
HINE, Joseph L.MSgt2017Ground radio maintenance, Germany, Taiwan, Malstrom AFB
HINES, Warner "Scotty"MSgt201320 year career, Turkey was first assignment, Asia, Germany ( Det 2, 6910 Scty Gp) Weisbaden, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, and RAF Chicksand, UK
HINGSTONE, JeffreyUnk1979202 asgn Misawa 1970
HINKLEY, Earle H. Jr.Unk2008Weather analyst; asgn Darmstadt, Bangkok, Japan, Germany
HINKLEY, William B.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962- 01)
HINMAN, Richard H.Col2004Pilot in WWII; Asgn USAFSS & NSA
HINMAN, RobertUnk20166988 RSM
HINTON, JimUnk2008Asgn 6901st, 6925th; discharge 1965; English professor 34 yrs
HINTON, Paul L. "Granny"Unk2001203 asgn Misawa 1959-61
HLIVKO, GARY A.Unk2009Asgn Misawa 202x 68-69
HOAG, CharlesUnk2018Cryptographer, England, Germany, Japan, San Antonio, TX
HOAR, BartUnk2019A292 Morse Op; Tuslog Det 2, Turkey; 6945th RSM; 6916th, 6949th, 6994 SS Tan Son Nhut; 6990th, 55th Strat Missile Wg, 6917th, 6950th
HOAR, Galen Eugene "Mike"unk2014Tan Son Nhut 66-67. Offutt AFB - AMT
HOBBS, C. Woodrow "Woody"CMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer,a master Manpower mgr; SS HoH; AFCM+3OLC, MSM+1OLC.
HOBDY, Homer C. Jr. "Sonny"Unk2007Served during Korean war, retiring at Goodfellow
HOBSON, LaurenUnk2003203 asgn Misawa 1959-63
HOCKENSMITH, LarryUnk2000202 asgn Chicksands (50s/60s)
HOCKETT, Stanley D.Unk1997292 asgn Misawa 1959-
HODAPP, Robert "Hodaddy"SMSgt1996Premier airborne 294/205 @ Kelly (Cmd Stan/Eval). "All-around good guy."
HODNETT, William H.A1C1995Worked D/F asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
HODSDON, Howard R. “Howie”SMSgt1999R20790, Msn Supvr; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
HODSHIRE, Donald E. "Sam"CMSgt2011USAFSS - Scotland
HOEBER, Robert B. Jr.SSgt19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
HOEFT, George D.Unk20176918th Brady 292XX
HOEKSTRA, Raymond G.A1C2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)  Taiwan
HOFF, Rowell S.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
HOFFMAN, Allen G.Unk1991Need info please
HOFFMAN, Charles B. "Chuck"A1C2005Chinese linguist asgn 6988th/Yokota (Bat 2) 1965-67
HOFFMAN, David C.Sgt2019Morse op and non-Morse Wideband op, Keesler, Goodfellow, Karamursel 1970 - 73
HOFFMAN, James E. (Jack)Capt19761940-62 , Security and Intel, World War II -- Yukon and Aleutians, Korea, RAF Chicksands 1951-1956, Zweibrucken 1956-1957, Kelly AFB, San Antonio 1957-1962
HOKE, Harold E. "Ernie"CMSgt2004Teletype/Crypto operatons; asgn Hq USAFSS, Korea, Vietnam
HOLBERT, Kenneth "Ken"Col2005Commander TUSLOG Det 3 (Karamursel, Turkey)
HOLCOMBE, JimMSgt2009Worked DF in Trabzon; asgn Darmstadt, San Vito
HOLDER, Talmadge C. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HOLDWORTH, AlbertUnk1992Need info please
HOLLANDSWORTH, Kurt B.Sgt2003292X2, 6931st Iraklion AS, Crete 65-67, 6940th TTG Instructor, Goodfellow 67-68
HOLLENBECK, William, Jr "Bill"GS1996Analyst; SS Ol'Timer left military in 50's to Civ to retirement
HOLLIDAY, Raymond D.LtCol2010Asgn USAFSS Personnel; Cmdr 34th RSM 1956-
HOLLIFIELD, Francis M. "Don"CMSgt2017Legendary 202; Chicksands, Kelly, Goodfellow, Key West, March AFB
HOLLIS, James L.TSgt1986Asgn Karamursel, Turkey
HOLLIS, James V.Unk2009Pacific in WWII; asgn France, Japan, Turkey, Ft Meade
HOLLOMAN, James "Jim"SMSgt200920290 asgn Bremerhaven, Zweibrucken, Ft Meade
HOLLOWAY, JamesMSgt2007ELINTer asgn Hof
HOLLOWAY, Rufas H.Col1997Ops Off: Cmdr 6960SG;30-yrs svc WWII, Korea, Vietnam
HOLMES, Paul H.A1C2004Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
HOLSTEIN, Raymond EugeneTSgt19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, WWII and Korean War Vet
HOLTON, ThomasUnk2004USAFSS COMSEC radio operator asgn Brooks 1953-54
HOLTZ, Gary A.MSgt1996292 asgn Misawa 1962
HOLTZER, PeggyTSgt2011Radio Communications Analyst - 1975-1986
HOM, BennySMSgt2001Chinese linguist Taiwan/Okinawa. Ret after 27 yrs.
HONEA, Robert "Todd"Unk2009205X0 asgn Berlin, NSA
HONERMANN, David H.MSgt2015USAFSS Chinese Linguist - Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. Civil Service - 17 years
HOOD, Robert N.LCol1994Personnel; Cmd Staff, PACAF: Thailand, Panama, et al
HOOKS, Joseph D.SMSgt1992SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, AFSCC, Turkey, et al
HOOVER, Richard E.SMSgt1989Korea, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
HOPKINS, James DanielTSgt2017Need Info
HOPKINS, Kenneth James "Hopi"CMSgt2015AMS USAFSS Chinese airborne intercept operator/airborne mission supervisor who flew recon mission on C-130's and RC-135's in the 1960's, 70's and 80s. 6988th/Yokota AB Japan, Nellis AFB, 6908th/NKP Thailand, 6990th/Kadena Dec 73-Jan 80, Hq ESP/USAFSSPAC/ESCPAC, Hickam AFB.
HOPLER, EdgarUnk2010COMSEC vet
HOPWOOD, Michael A.A1C2010Misawa 1955
HORN, "Pappy"Unk1992Need info please
HORN, Sergeant Rudolph1/Lt2000SS Ol'Timer; 202XX analyst, Germany, Libya, Crete, Turkey; WWII Radio Opr
HORNBUCKLE, William J. IIIUnk2006Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07, 1956-02)
HORNER, Daniel S.SSgt20066990 ABS San Antonio
HORNSBY, Billie R.PFC1991293x, Misawa 1951-
HORTON, Jerry L.Unk20026918th;
HORVATH, August A.Unk1999Hist/background not known
HOUGHTON, David "Dave"SMSgt198529290 COMSEC; 1st Sgt 6922nd
HOUGHTON, Edwin G.Col1997SS Ol'Timer; DIR COMSEC Eng
HOUGHTON, George G.SMSgt19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Korean War and Vietnam Vet
HOURIHAN, Daniel J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HOURIHAN, DanielJ.Unk19946918th, Hakata, Japan
HOUSE, Clifton T. "Cliff"Unk2002Morse op asgn 2nd RSM.
HOUSE, John E.SMSgt201828 1/2 yr veteran, retired by US Thunderbirds; Goodfellow Civil Servant, DFC awarded (unk reason); more info needed
HOUSEMAN, BobUnk2002Asgd Hakata, JP in 1961-64.
HOUSENICK, William D.Unk20026918th, Hakata, Japan
HOUSKA, Donald EdwardUnk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01)
HOUSTON, James L.TSgt2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 20 years
HOUTZ, Charles M.Unk20056918th, Hakata, Japan
HOUTZ, Charles M.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HOVATTER, James L.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01)
HOWARD, Billy L.Unk2007292X1 asgn Bremerhaven, Pakistan, Elmendorf; softball player (catcher)
HOWARD, James L. "Jim"Unk2011292X1 asgn Misawa 1961-63, Darmstadt 1964-67, 6918th/Hakata Dawg Flight Controller
HOWARD, Lawrence D.Unk1992292XX asgn Misawa 1957
HOWARD, Nathaniel R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HOWE, Helen M.GS2000Cmd Hq Admin Spec; retired to SATx public Sch Admin
HOWELL, Gary N.unk2014292 - Able Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1962-63
HOWELL, Willis L.Unk2003T1 bowler asgn Misawa 1977-79
HOYLE, GradyCMSgt20022nd RSM vet; asgn Bremerhaven
HOYT, Marlin K.LtCol2009Asgn Hof, Germany, Hq USAFSS DCS/Plans & Programs, Vietnam
HUARTSON, Raymond K.Unk2019more info please
HUBBARD, FloydCMSgt1999SS O'Timer; Logistics, Cmd Hq EurSecRgn & Pakistan; Ret in NM
HUCKABY, Ronald G.Unk2002Russian linguist during Berlin/Korea/Vietnam. English teacher after retirement.
HUDDLESTUN, Ronald Y. "Ron"MSgt2005Armorer asgn Materiels Branch 6913th RSM ('59-'60)
HUDGINS, Lionel F. Jr. "Fred"MSgt2005USAFSS vet asgn Korea, Japan, Turkey, Germany, Langley, Hq
HUDNELL, David H.Unk1996Asgn Misawa 1966-
HUDSON, Donald W.LtCol2008Enl 202 then commissioned; asgn Karamursel, Hq SAC
HUDSON, James G.TSgt1995304X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
HUDSON, JoeCMSgt201020290; Dates of Service - 1954-1976; Shulink'ou 1964-1966, 1975-1976
HUDSON, Oliver E.Unk1997Asgn Misawa 1965-
HUETHER, Donald E. "Hooter"MSgt1999202 spent many years at 6903 (Osan) winding up at AIA Hq
HUFF, Francis W. (Frank)SSgt2013301, 328 AMT, Ol2, DEt 1, 6990 Scty Group 1969-1970 Cam Ranh Bay, 6949th Offutt AFB, NE
6955 Scty squadron, Offutt. 1970-1974
HUFF, Virgil D.Unk2005USAFSS member who served @ 6952nd/Kirknewton, Scotland 1953-56
HUFFMAN, Edward C.LCol199950's Ol'Timer; WWII & VietNam Vet; linguist, tours in Chicksands, SEA, Crete, et al
HUGENOT, DavidUnk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07) 
HUGHES, Charles B. (Chuck)Unk20116913th RSM, Bremerhaven, GE - 203X1, Charlie Flight 56-59
HUGHES, Morris P. (MPH)unk2015202 - Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1961-65
HUGHES, Robert E.Unk2003Crypto asgn 6910th from 52-54; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, separated and worked as bank officer to retirement.
HUGHES, Ronald D.Unk2019more info please
HUGHES, Steven L.Sgt2000R20250; 6924SS Ramasun 75-76.
HUGHES, William H. "Bill"Unk2010Czech linguist asgn Hof 1956-59
HUIGENS, Lawrence H.TSgt2018USAFSS Morse/printer op; popular Goodfellow AFB bartender, post-AF
HULL, Daniel D. "Handsome"Unk20186918th 292XX; Brady 1962-64
HULL, Robert L.TSgt20116950 Scty Gp - 603X0 - 6960 ABS - San Antonio
HULSEY, Steven C.MSgt1984Analyst @ Kadena, NKP; Msn Supv @ Berlin
HUMMEL, Elline L.Civ2011USAFSS/ESC 1959-1984 - Retired from ESC July 1984 with 33 years of service, programmer for new computer system conversion in 1984 (more info needed if anyone has it)
HUMPHREY, Dale A.SSgt1964Misawa 1955
HUMPHRIES, GeorgeUnk1992Need info please
HUMPHRIES, Gregory J.unk2015292, 6918th RSM.SS, Hakata Japan, 1958-59
HUNKELE, Albin R. L.Unk2009USAF 1962-66, 6918th, Hakata, Japan
HUNNEYCUTT, Tyler B.Col1994Ops Off, Cmdr 6986th & 6989th RSM's late 50's/60's
HUNNICUTT, Charles FosterUnk20206983 and 3rd RSM Manual Morse operator
HUNT, DaveCMSgt20106912 ESG/DOC Superintendent 1983-87
HUNT, GlennSMSgt1994Personnel; Cmd Staff, Chicksands et al
HUNT, James E. Jr. "Jim"Unk2009202; USAFSS Karamursel vet, asgn Kelly
HUNT, Merlin JayA1C1970Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-10) 
HUNT, Richard G.Sgt2009Asgn 6993rd
HUNTER, JackUnk2013Army and Air Force Military, stationed at Crete - Graduated Syracuse (Linguist) in class 9-9-66B
HUNTER, Michael "Mikey"MSgt2009ESC Command NCO PME Staff @ Goodfellow AFB 1980s
HURD, Lee R.CMSgt1989SS Ol'Timer; ETO primarily
HURD, Terryunk2015USAFSS airborne Vietnamese linguist with assignments to the 90th and Cam Ranh Bay. RA20371-MD assigned to the 6990th from Feb. '69 to Aug '71. From the 90th PCS to Cam Ranh Bay and then to NKP. 109 missions on 135's and 130's earning the Air Medal with 4 oak leafclusters, Cat IV R1xx operator.
HURLEY, Lester F.TSgt19906921 Spt Sq AFSC - R81173 0 SP - 69-71
HURLEY, Richard C. "Dick"PFC2004USAFSS/2nd RSM vet
HURLEY, RobertUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HURLOCK Jr., George E.Maj201126 years in numerous commands including USAFSS - Civil Servant USAFSS 1965 - 1983
HURST, Sidney B.SSgt2006Chinese IFEL grad asgn 6929th/Osan, P-Y-Do Blue Sky, Okinawa
HURST, William H.TSgt2007Security police entry controller asgn Rhein Main, Shemya, Osan, Shu Lin Kou 1960s-80s
HURT, Bobbie J.MSgt2004292X1 asgn Bremerhaven in early 50s
HUTCHINGS, Burton L.Unk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10) Osan. Later CIA civilian.
HUTCHINS, Douglas R. F.Unk1998292x, Misawa 1954-56
HUTCHINS, Gary B.CMSgt1996ADSO & product reporting expert in PhilippinesI, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, NSA
HUTTON, Gene L.GS2002Asgd AFCD as GS; Italy, Africa, England, Florida, Michigan, Texas as military.
HUTTU, Charles W.Unk2006Asgn Misawa 1965
HUTZELL, Joseph V.Sgt1992R20250; 6924SS Ramasun 75-76.
HUX, James F. IIIUnk20196918th Hakata 292XX, 1962-63
HYDE, Thomas C.Col2009FTVA HoH member 1984; helped set up USAFSS; served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam
HYDUKE, James A.Unk2007Misawa 1966, AF 1966-70
HYMAS, Jerry B.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
HYSON, Warren F.Unk20046918th, Hakata, Japan
IDE, Walter J.Unk2011USAFSS Airborne 328XX, Maintenance - Ramstein, Kadena
IGOU, Robert (Bob - "The Eye")MSgt2004202XX, 6912th, Berlin (T-Berg), early 1980's
IMPERIAL, Thomas S.SSgt2005Asgn Misawa
INGE, Leon S. "Lee"Col2003CC or DO in Pakistan; asgn Korea, Vietnam
INGE, William "Bill"MSgt2010VANG, 6915th ESG
INGRAM, S. LeeCMSgt2011Personnel man asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven 1955-58
INMAN, Marshall D.Unk2003203 asgn Misawa 1962-
INSKEEP, Karen Lt Col2017Intel Officer; Misawa, Kelly, Chicksands, PACAF, USAFE, NSA, CENTCOM, DIA
IORIO, Anthony P.Cpl1996Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
IRVING, ClaudeUnk2011Ops Officer, 6915th, Hof Germany - 1950's
IRWIN, James R. IISSgt2019Airborne Russian linguist
ISAAC, Walter O. (Ike)unk2014Career Air Force, Vietnam vet - more info please
ISELLA, Carmenunk2013292 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1961-63
IVANDICK, WoodyLtCol201025th Intel Sq Commander
IVERSON, Richard L.MSgt2004304x Misawa 1964
IVESTER, Jessie K.A1C1997Misawa 1955
IVORY, GeorgeSSgt2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-04, 1964-01) Basic & intermediate. Later commissioned.
IVORY, Michael L.A1C2007Misawa 1967
IWICKI, George D.Unk1986Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04)
JACKSON, BillySMSgt199029290; energetic, outgoing, well liked SS Ol'Timer
JACKSON, Byron M.Cpl1997Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
JACKSON, Campbell Y.Sgt1997Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
JACKSON, Charles C.Unk1997Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
JACKSON, Ernest L. "Jack"TSgt1996USAF WWII, Korea, Vietnam
JACKSON, Flando E.Lt Col2016Offutt, Washington ANG
JACKSON, IsaacA1C1998Misawa 1955
JACKSON, Lawrence C.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
JACKSON, WilfredMSgt2007292X1 asgn 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Korea, and others
JACOBS, Paul D.Unk2008304XX asgn Misawa 1960 and 1970-
JACOBS, Stanley MLtCol2008Asgn USAFSS
JACOBSON, Tom “Jake”A1C19916913RSM B’haven 64-67; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
JACQUET, Edward M.Col2005Dep Cmdr Hq USAFSS (1967); WWII B-17 pilot
JAKABOSKI, Theodore P.Unk2010need info please
JAKUBIAK, Lester J.Unk2017Maintenance technician, 1956-60; Bremerhaven, Germany, 6913th
JAMES, Edward F.MSgt1984Need info please
JAMES, Herschell M.Unk20166913th Russian linguist
JAMES, Warren L.Unk20086918th, Hakata, Japan
JAMESON, Benjamin F,unk2015Keesler AFB, 41st RSM Bremerhaven GE, Fassberg GE, Schleswig GE 1953-56
JAMESON, Lowell R.Maj2004Misawa 1949
JANSEN, BobCMSgt2008Asgn San Vito, Osan
JANSEN, Robert EugeneUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JAQUIER, Jules A. "Jaq"Capt/GS1997Chinese linguist MSgt to mustang Capt; AMS; asgn Kadena, Goodfellow; IFEL 1957-01
JARMAN, Elmer FloydUnk19896918th, Hakata, Japan
JARMAN, Elmer FloydUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JARRELL, CharlesMSgt/GS1999SS Ol'Timer; COMSEC equip Tech Svc Specialist; Hawaii, England, Pakistan, AFCD Civ
JARVIS, Louis RUnk20136918 RSM/SS, Hakata, JA
JAUFRE, Andrew A.Unk2007Misawa 1954
JAWS, Edward F.MSgt1984Background Unk; believed to have been in ACRP Prog.
JEFFARES, Donald "Don"MSgt2015R304X4Y - USAFSS - 1959-1979, 6910th Darmstadt, GE, Offutt AFB, Clark AB(6922 ESW) and Misawa AB (6920 ESW), and Goodfellow AFB
JEFFORDS, Clifford C.GS1998SS Ol'Timer in CMD Engineering Lab for many years
JELLERSON, JosephMSgt1984SS Ol'Timer from early 50's,Communicator, Cmd Hq early 60's
JENKINS, Arthur H.TSgt2007Personnel Branch/records clerk @ 6913th RSM 1962-64
JENKINS, Frederick C.Cpl1994Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
JENKINS, Jimmy R.A3C20056918th, Hakata, Japan (Also reported as Jinkens on A-206 orders, 1959)
JENNINGS, Gary A.Unk20116918th, Hakata, Japan
JENKINS, Gerald L.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01)
JENKS , Gregory K.Unk1989Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07) Date Uncertain
JESSE, Albert F. Jr.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-01)
JETER, HarryTSgt1987Need info please
JEWELL, Franklin CharlesUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JEWELL, Wallace E.MSgt2008USAFSS vet 293x, asgn Misawa 52-53, Bremerhaven, Hof, Karamursel, Goodfellow
JEWENS, Richard "Pappy"SMSgt2007Asgn Misawa, Osan (C-flt NCOIC 1976-77)
JEWETT, John H.LCol1984Ops Off; SS Ol'Timer
JINKENS, Jimmy R.unk19906918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-60
JOHN, Ernest FalconBGen2001Vice CC of USAFSS (1969-70 period). B-24 pilot WWII
JOHNS, William J. "Judd"CMSgt1998Logistics Specialist 26-yr AF career; 16-yr Postal Svc career
JOHNSON, Allen ErvinSSgt201829271; 6994th and 6932nd; Germany, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam; Master Judo Sensei
JOHNSON, Alton "Johnny"GS2010Data Automation Technical Director @ Hq USAFSS/AC
JOHNSON, Buddy L.TSgt2009Abrn Maint asgn Yokota
JOHNSON, Charles A. "Al"Unk2007Asgn Misawa/T3 1972-73
JOHNSON, Charles R.Unk2017Need info pls
JOHNSON, Daniel R.Unk2013Military - USAFSS/ESC traffic analysis - North Africa, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, Viet Nam and Japan, Worked at AIA as GS until 1997
JOHNSON, Douglas A.SMSgt2002Contracting specialist @ AIA. Medic in Vietnam.
JOHNSON, Edward J. Jr.Unk20136918th, Hakata, Japan
JOHNSON, Geary FrancisSgt2007Chinese linguist. MAFAC basic and intermediate 1968. Asgn Hakata and Shu Linkou.
JOHNSON, Glenn E.Unk20126918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JOHNSON, Howard R.Col2017JEWC, Dep Director
JOHNSON, Jerald L. "JJ"unk2015Assigned to 6912th, Berlin - more info needed please
JOHNSON, Jerome "JJ"CMSgt2017San Vito, IT and HQ USAFSS
JOHNSON, Jerry M. Sr.Col2014Vietnam Vet, AFCD/CC
JOHNSON, LarryLCol1999SS '50's Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq Staff, Darmstadt, Landsberg, et al
JOHNSON, Lee H.MSgt1997Crypto asgn 6922/Philippines in late 60s
JOHNSON, Leonard W., Jr.Col1987Surgeon General - ESC, SA TX
JOHNSON, LesterUnk2011need more info please
JOHNSON, Luther ClevelandUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JOHNSON, Mark CameronSMSgt2012208X3A (RU Ling), Berlin, DTRA?, Moscow
JOHNSON, Martin G. Jr.Unk20106918th, Hakata, Japan
JOHNSON, Orville G. "Pete"TSgt2006Russian & Vietnamese linguist asgn 6988th/Yokota, 6994th/Ubon
JOHNSON, Palmer E.MSgt1997Tinker AFB, RAF North Luffnam, Westover AFB and Carswell AFB
JOHNSON, Paul R.CMSgt2009202 asgn Misawa (60s, 70s, 80s), Taiwan, Italy, Kelly
JOHNSON, Raymond D.SSgt1956SS ACRP Russ Linguist @Yokota; lost on RB-50mission 9-10-56
JOHNSON, Robert L.MSgt1979
JOHNSON, Robert W.TSgt20026924th RSM
JOHNSON, ScottUnk2011208 SpanLing (Posted fm beaner-opscomm) need more info please
JOHNSON, VerlanA1C1992Asgn Misawa 1966
JOHNSON, William CarrollCIV2015Lackland AFB, Lowry AFB, Bartlesville AFS, OK, Fordland AFS, MO, Wheelus AB, Libya, Sidi Slimane, F. Morocco, Wright-Patt AFB, Ft Meade, Maxwell AFB, 1953-2011
JOHNSTON, Eugene "Geno"Unk2008Need info pls
JOHNSTON, KeithMSgt2014Taipei, Taiwan (Shi Linkou)
JOHNSTON, William W.MSgt2002Firefighter then 202X0 @ Misawa, Iraklion, Goodfellow
JOLLY. Delano "Del"MSgt2018FTVA Hall of Honor 2006; Airborne Maintenance legend, Yokota, Danang, Combat Apple
JOLLY, Philip D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JONAS, Leonard K. (Leo)Civ201352 years as an Electronics Engineer working for the U.S. Air Force Intelligence Command (AFISR).
JONES, Eilleryunk2007more info please
JONES, George P.SSgt1986Need info please
JONES, John Paul IIICMSgt2015292X2; Crete, Karamursel, San Vito, Misawa; 1963-1986?
JONES, Jonathan P.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07, 1959-10)
JONES, LeeMSgt2020Russian linguist, Samsun, Germany, Sheppard, DC, Bergstrom
JONES, Leonard A.Unk1997Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
JONES, Leonard P.SSgt20056990 Scty Gp - AFSC 29251
JONES, Mark S.MSgt2016USAFSS Airborne Vietnamese and Chinese linguist. 1969-71 > 6990 > RC-135; 7 TDYs Det 1 > CRB > RC-130; 1971-75 > 6970 > B Group; 1975-76 > NKP/Ramasun Station/6924; 1978-82 > 6990 > MB/Flt Goon/DOR/DO < Century Club; 1982-85 > 6970 > MB/Cryptanalyst/B23; 1985-91 > 6924 > MB/Head Cryptanalyst/DORC
JONES, McClelandCMSgt1991PSM for 6960 OL-GB (part of USAFSS in 1974) need more info please
JONES, Michael L.Unk1995291X0 asgn Misawa 1970-
JONES, Ralph Jerry (RJ)unk20146924th SS at Da Nang AB, Vietnam
JONES, Robert B.GS2008USAFSS vet as both USAF and GS
JONES, Robert C. "Bob"CMSgt2009Founded Fallen Eagles roster; asgn Germany 3 tours; USAFSS HoH inductee (1989)
JONES, Robert J.MSgt1975SS Ol'Timer; A29271; Opr on 1st SS ACRP RB-29-44-62290 in '52
JONES, Sheryl AnnSgt1986Need info please
JONES, Wesley C.SSgt20056986 Scty Gp - AFSC R55530
JONES, William Stephen (Steve)CMSgt2015Radio Maintenance - Misawa AFB, Japan; Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Texas; and Shemya AFB, Alaska
JORDE, Willis E. "Bill"CMSgt2015FTVA HoH - 1991 - 3rd RSM (6981st RSM) Elmendorf AFB, Comms Professional
JORGENSEN, Alan E.CMSgt2003202 asgn Japan, Alaska, Greece, Maryland, Germany, and Nevada
JORGENSEN, Jon M.Maj19966918th, Hakata, Japan, Vietnam
JORGENSEN, Jon M.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
JORGENSON, Richard M. "Dick"CMSgt2009Old time USAFSS troop who worked Mgt Analysis @ Hq USAFSS; asgn Frankfurt
JOSEPH, Arthur "Butch"Unk2018292XX 6918th RSM, Brady
JOSLEYN, Virgil L.CMSgt/GS2002WWII/Korea Vet; AF ret after 23 years; civil svc in AF COMSEC Center
JOSLYN, Richard L. "Dick"Capt2005Mustang captain; linguist @ 6916th then Signals Intel Off @ Hq, Goodfellow
JOUFFRAY, OctaviusLCol1999WWII Vet; Elec Engineer 9-yrs w/SS; member of ELKS, KOC, Daedalians
JOY, Carleton D. Jr.A1C2000Misawa 1954
JOY, Carleton D. Jr.unk2009Misawa 1954
JOYCE, John D.CMSgt2011Premier Russian linguist; asgn NSA
JOYCE, John P.Col2016USAFSS - Served in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Korea (Osan), Hawaii and Germany, Alaska, Wash DC, San Antonio
JOYCE, Keith B.MSgt2015AMS - England, Offutt AFB, Qatar
JUBECK, Peter G.Unk2003Intcpt op asgn Bremerhaven during 1950s.
JUDY, Berlin G.unk2015363, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1964-67
JULE, Richard A.Unk2010Asgn Darmstadt 1955-58
JULIAN, Samuel L. (Sammy)Unk2003202x, Misawa 1959
JULIEN, Dale R.Unk20206994 Scty Sq, Vietnam era
JULSETH, David R.Unk19956918th, Hakata, Japan
JUMP, George "Al"Unk2011202x, Misawa 1967-70 and San Vito, Italy
JUNG, Helen R.Civ201730 year secretary, USAFSS, ESC HQ
JUNG, Robert C.SMSgt2000SS era to gifted linguist to '82 then State Dept, Germany, Turkey, Austria et al
JUNGWIRTH, Raymond J. "Ray"Unk2008292 asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt 1954-57
JURY, Patrick A. (Allen)A1C2010Misawa 1965 - need more info
JUSTICE, Arthur E. Jr.Col2005Commander asgn Misawa, AFSCC/SCP
JUSTICE, Tam T.Unk1991Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
JUSTMAN, Michael N.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-10)
KADERABEK, Ronald M.Unk2006363 asgn 1st RSM/Misawa 1956-59
KAGOL, Stewart "Stu"Unk2000Opns, served Danang; married SEA girl; wife and 3-children survived him.
KAHL,Clayton J.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-10) 
KAHLOW, TheordoreA1C2019Korean war vet, Morse op
KALEVAS, John G.Unk1969Misawa 1954 - need more info
KAMPER, Vincent F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KAMPS, Harold TA2C1958Romanian linguist killed Sep 2, '58 in ACRP shoot down over Armenia; ball player
KANAPAUX, Billunk2014Korean Linguist - more info needed
KANDT, Richardunk2015need more info please
KANE, FrederickUnk2016RAF Chicksands
KANOHO, LouieUnkUnk203 asgn Misawa T3 1970-73
KARNOPP, JackUnk2010Russian, Chinese, Korean linguist. Need addl info pls
KARNOPP, JackSSgtUnk203X1 RU Linguist, Graduated from Indiana University Basic Russian (Class Ru2) Aug 1960. Airborne Mission Supervisor at 6988 Scty Sq Yokota AB, Japan 1967 as SSgt
KARREN, Boyd A.Unk1991Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; motor pool
KASTENS, Rodney D.Unk2010304XX asgn Misawa 1968-71
KASZA, Walter G.MSgt1978Misawa 1965
KATSETOS, Paul J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KATTNER, Wesley JSMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, 30170 in ETO & SEA; WWII gunner w/42 msns on B17 & B29's ETO
KATZ, GARY B.Sgt2003292x2 Misawa 70-71
KATZ, RichardUnk2006202 - Brady - 6918th 61-62
KATZ, Richard W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KAUFMAN, Leo J.Col19??SS Ol"Timer, Communicator, Cmdr Shemya, Hq Eur Sec Rgn, Fkft, Cmd Hq, et al
KAUMANS, Frank J.TSgt1994Misawa 1954
KAVETSKI, Louis J.MSgt2002USAFSS vet of 24 years.
KAY, Jerry M.A1C/GS20018 yr USAFSS veteran served at USAFSS & Okinawa/Onna Pt.
KEARNEY, Denis B.MSgt2001SS/NSA Crypie; Brooks, Kelly, Arl Hall, Ft. Meade; Recruiter/Loadmaster, Travis, Hill
KEARNEY, JohnUnk2006Asgn Hof as enlisted then later commissioned
KEARNEY, Terrence "Terry"Maj2010Ops Off @ Danang; Asgn Saigon, Bien Hoa, Phnom Penh, Korat, Germany
KEARNS, Kenneth L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KEARSLEY, Donald E.CWO2000SS Ol'timer, WWII Rad Opr B29's; SAC to AFSS Bremerhaven, San Vito, Cmd Hq
KEATON, Jerry S.CMSgt2009292X1 asgn 6994th/Vietnam; USAFSS/AIA SEA w/MGen Larson
KEDDY, George L. Jr.Sgt2002Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
KEE, John E.SMSgt2017202XX, also WW II vet;
KEELING, Richard H. "Dick"MSgt199?SS Ol'Timer, 292X2 asgn Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, et al
KEEN, BOBBY G.A2C2008Asgn Misawa 1957-
KEENAN, Joseph H.MSgt1995203XX; SS Ol'Timer, Asgn Misawa 1970s
KEENE, Virdel E.SSgt20016986 Scty Gp - AFSC R36150
KEESEE, George L.Maj2002Hq USAFSS Personnel
KEESLER, Donald W.Sgt1993Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
KEETER, Aubrey C.MSgt2017Limited info, 20 year military, USAFSS/NSA
KEETON, Doris E.SMSgt2017Legendary X1; Misawa, NSA, Goodfellow, Chicksands, San Vito, Pensacola; Pioneer for African American females; consumate overachiever, 25 AF Hall of Honor 2018
KEHRER, Perry E.SSgt2009292X1 - Misawa 1969 - 6921 Spt Sq
KEIM, John StevenMSgt2019Airborne Russian linguist; Wakkanai, Japan (twice), AFSCC/Kelly AFB, and the 6916th/Rhein-Main, followed by assignments to Offutt, Eielson, and again at Offutt
KELCH, Charles H.SSgt2004Asgn Misawa 1972-
KELLER, Arthur J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KELLEY, Francis "Frank"Unk2006C/W op asgn Darmstadt/USAFSS 2nd RSM vet; also asgn Alaska/3rd RSM
KELLEY, Georgia M.GS2006Asgn Hq USAFSS
KELLEY, John J.MSgt/GS2004Russian 203 asgn Chicksands, Landsberg, Ft Meade
KELLEY, John M. "Jack"NCO20036924th SS/Danang, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KELLEY, Thomas E.Unk2012San Vito, IT and HQ USAFSS
KELLEY, VarneyCWO1986Need info please
KELLEY, Vivian G.GS1997Admin/Sec AFCSC
KELLEY, WayneMSgt2010207X1
KELLOND, Arthur W.Bgen2009Deputy Commander Hq USAFSS; asgn Maryland, Alabama, Virginia, Hawaii, Japan, Germany
KELLY, BartholemewJ. IIIUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07) 
KELLY, ClaytonTSgt1993He was in supply, and was in Turkey, Hqs, Kirknewton, DaNang
Worked in supply. Assigned Turkey, Hqs, Kirknewton, DaNang, NSAREP Taiwan.
KELLY, Gerald J. "Jerry"UNK - Civ2012USAFSS in early 60's (62-66) as Vietnamese linguist, 6924th at Da Nang/Monkey Mountain, Archives Section on FOIA section at HQ
KELLY, Howard D.GS2004One of orignal COMSEC guys @ Arlington Hall Station, moving to Brooks 1949
KELLY, Jerome G.Unk2005Asgn 2nd RSM
KELLY, Lawrence J.TSgt2007Mess Sergeant at Security Hill Dining Hall
KELLY, Michael D.Unk2012USAFSS - Shu Linkou AS, Taiwan - Chinise Linguist (Yale) - NSA Civilian
KELLY, Patrick E. "Pat"CMSgt2007Maint Supt Misawa 1988-91; Misawa Base SEA
KELTON, Don A.MSgt2001USAFSS Russian linguist @ Goodfellow & Misawa late 50s/early 60s.
KEMP, Terry R.TSgt2002USAFSS.
KENNEDY, James E.Capt2007Asgn Misawa
KENNEY, JeromeTSgt2008292X1 asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952-54, Elmendorf AK
KENNEY, WalterUnk1970Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
KENNISON, Thomas E.SMSgt2005201X0/cryptanalyst asgn Vietnam, Chicksands, AFSPECOM, NSA, Kelly
KENNY, Terrence George (Terry)Unk2013203X1 - Syracuse, New York, Russian-language class SR 6-4-57, Bremerhaven, Charlie Flight 1957-58, Detachment 1, 6911th RSM at Rhein-Main, Germany 1958-1960
KENT, GarrisonUnkUNK
KENT, Larry NielUnk20076918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 202 on Alpha Flight 1963-65
KENT, MarlenUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
KENT, Roy L.MSgt1992Ol'Timer, 202XX, 6989th, Crete, et al
KENTFIELD, Martin J.MSgt2013208X0 RU Ling, Misawa, Berlin, and Goodfellow AFB, as well as language training at Syracuse University.
KEPLEY, Leslie W.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
KERBER, Robert F.Unk2017Italy, Japan, PI, NSA, and TX
KERBY, David L. “Dave”SSgt1997R30454; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
KERCE, Eddie Willis Jr.Unk2011Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KERN, Edwin H.TSgt2000Misawa 1963
KERN, Robert L.CMSgt1997Misawa 1955
KERR, Edward F. (Teddy)unk2015292 - Charlie Flight, 6918th RSM, Hakata, Japan 1958-60
KESSLER, JoeSSgt2008Asgn England, Germany, Italy, Thailand, 6994th/Vietnam
KETCHENS, Richard W.Unk20026918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KETCHUM, PriceUnk2006Asgn Germany
KHUEL, KenUnk2008Korean linguist (Yale) asgn Osan 1964-65
KIBLER, William L. "Bill"TSgt2010292X1 asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven
KICKBUSCH, Charles H.Unk2008Misawa 1954-55
KILFOYL, James L.Unk19946918th, Hakata, Japan
KILFOYL, James L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KILLGORE, James A.Maj1996Chief of supply Goodfellow AFB
KILLINGSTAD, Harold GeneSGM2012Retired from Army and from Electronic Security Command
KILMER, Richard E. "Dick"CMSgt2004Crypto maint; Det 4 AFCD/Clark AB commander
KILPATRICK, Terry L.MSgt1999205 Signals at 6990 & Compass Call. Cancer at Buckley Field, CO
KIMBALL, Norman H.CMSgt200234 year USAFSS vet in Korea, Vietnam, Crete, Turkey, Germany.
KIMBRELL, James N.SMSgt2015Linguist (Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese), Germany, the Republic of China and Turkey
KIMBRELL, JohnUnk1994202XX Analyst; Kirknewton & others
KIMBROUGH, JackLt Col2013HQ USAFSS 1960's
KIMMETT, Shane H.SSgt2002Active duty loss due to crash of MC-130 in Puerto Rico; Direct Support Operator; Spanish linguist
KINCEL, Roger S.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05)
KINDLER, JosephUnk2001Assigned to 2nd RSM
KINDRED, Charles "Charlie"GS197?SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Opns; P&P staff
KING, Harry Q.Unk1993more info please
KING, Joel KevinMajor2016SIGINT Analyst; commissioned into Missiles/Space; England, Germany, and Crete assignments
KING, Lawrence V. Jr.unk2015202, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1965-67, Vietnam 1968
KING, Russell Jr.Unk2015
KING, Samuel L.Unk2002Crypto operator asgd Bremerhaven 1952-54.
KING, WarrenSgt1982R20250; 6924SS Ramasun 75-76.
KINGERY, RANDAL W. "Randy"Unk2013Misawa, 292x2, T2 1967-70
KINNEY, JamesA1C1998SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Serbo-Croatian linguist @ Rhein-Main in late 50's
KINT, Thomas M.A1C2006Misawa 1955
KINTER, Billy N.CMSgt2001USAFSS NCO/Year 1965 @ Misawa. PSR Ops 65-68. Staff NCOIC Comm Ctr
KINTER, Charles C.Lt Col20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Korean War and Vietnam Vet
KIRBY, Craig E. Unk1995Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
KIRBY, Oliver R.Civ2009Pioneer in development of reconnaissance and unconventional ops systems
KIRCHMEIER, Robert LynnUnk2019Chinese linguist; Okinawa, Hawaii, and Spokane
KIRK, Dickey W.A2C1987Misawa 1954
KIRTLEY, J. E.MSgt2012need more info please
KISER, Jerry T.CMSgt2001Asgn Karamursel, PacSctyRgn, Hq, Shu Lin Kou, Langley, Alconbury.
KISH, StephenMSgt1981ACRP; AMT @ Rhein-Main in '60-70's;Eilsen in '80's; killed in COBRA BALL crash.
KISLING, Richard D. "Dick"CMSgt1985Personnel, CMSgt of the AF; into H of H 1986
KISSELL, Ronald L.Unk2002292 asgn Misawa 2002
KIVETT, David "Dave"TSgt1970202 @ Brady, Ashiya, Peshawar, Turkey, Ft Meade, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan. Killed in auto accident in Turkey.
KIZZIA, Ronnie L.TSgt1985Need info please
KLASE, Larry E.Sgt20196918th Hakata 202XX
KLECK, Peter G.unk2015USAFSS
KLECKNER, Richard L.Unk1988Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
KLEIFGES, Thomas "Clyde"CMSgt1998Polish linguist; SS/ESC ACRP, Air Staff; Championed Comfy Olympics
KLEIN, KeithUnk2004Morse op asgn 3rd RSM, Naknek, Alaska 1952-54
KLEIN, RichardMSgt1984Russian linguist.
KLETKA, Richard C.A2C2009293XX asgn Misawa 1957-
KLING, David A.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05, 1962-04)
KLOCKO, Richard Phillip "Dick"Lt General2011USMA Graduate 1937 - 6900 Security Wing, Germany - USAFSS/CC, retired 1971; HoH 1983
KLOEPPEL, Frederick A.LtCol2006USAFSS Logistics asgn Kelly, England, Germany, Vietnam
KNAPP, Nils W.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10) 
KNIGHT, Arthur C.Unk1990Operations
KNIPPA, CharlesGS19??Ops Staff Planner
KNIPSCHIELD, LarryUnk20176908th and 6990th Dogger, COMBAT APPLE Vet
KNOCKE, Mervin C. “Merv”MSgt1998R20290 Iron Horse; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70, Monkey Mtn 71-73.
KNOWLTON, Byron A.CWO1984Personnel; SS Ol'Timer
KNOX, Josiah "Joe"CMSgt1994Premier Airborne Maint Chief
KNUCKLES, Thomas M. "Tom"MSgt2013291 - Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1963-66
KNUDSON, Dennis E. "Denny"unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1958-59
KOBERNAT, James J. "Jim"SMSgt2007Analyst/linguist asgn Misawa in 1960s
KOCH, RussellSSgt201320371 - 1964-1970, Syracuse DLI 9-1-65B, Syracuse University, 6944th School Squadron, Goodfellow AFB, 6933rd Security Group Karamursel, Turkey, 6970th Security Group, Fort Meade, Maryland, 6921st Security Group, Misawa, Japan
KOCHER, George T.Unk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-11) 
KOEHN, Kenneth LynnMSgt2015Polish Arbne Linguist - Rhein Main, Weisbaden AS, RC-130 and RC-135...800 Flying Hours
KOELKER, Richard L.Sgt2004Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
KOENNING, Allie L.A1C2004Misawa 1955
KOERNER, JohnCMSgt2004ELINT op/analyst @ PACOM ELINT Ctr/Fuchu, Pearl Harbor, Hq USAFSS
KOETTERHAGEN, Jerome W.SSgt2018207X1, 1971-1978; 6931st Iraklion, 6987th Shu Lin AS, Taiwan, 6948th Kelly AFB, and 6903rd Osan AB
KOFKA, StephenAlC199?SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913thRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger
KOHL, EdTSgt2008Russian linguist; asgn 6985th/Eielson 1964-66
KOHL, WilliamCMSgt2009202 asgn Japan, Texas, Vietnam, Maryland, England, Colorado, NSA
KOHLER, Ed2019
KOLARIK, Francis L. Jr. (Frank)Lt Col2013292 - Able Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1961-63
KOLEFF, James E.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03) 
KOLLMAN, James W.Unk1977Asgn 6989 Support Sq/Misawa 1963-67
KONO, John K.Unk1996Misawa, 1959
KOON, RAYUnk2009293 asgn Misawa 1957-
KOONCE, Clifford R. "Cliff"CMSgt2003HoH Member; 202; USAFSS Staff.
KOONS, Norman L. (Lavern)unk2003292x, Misawa 1958-59
KOONTZ, Vernon W.Unk20176918th, Hikata, Japan
KOPE, GORDON L.TSgt1985Asgn Misawa 1970-
KOPITZKI, JosephUnk20006918th, Hakata, Japan
KOPP, Merle K.MSgt1996SS Ol'Timer, Brooks, 6913th RSM, Bremerhave, Misawa (1953)l
KORDICK, Emil J.MSgt1986Need info please
KORN, Philip E.Unk1997Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07) 
KOSINSKI, Wallace J.A1C2019USAFSS Polish linguist
KOSOBUD, James A "Jim"Unk1997Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-09, 1962-01)
KOTERA, Steven J.A1C2002292X1 asgn Misawa 1966-67
KOTHMAN, E. BlakeGS2005Engineer long asgn to Hq USAFSS/Kelly
KOUKAL, LOUIS J.SSgt198?in Misawa 1957
KOZAK, John "JJ"TSgt19??SS Ol'Timer, one of lst Russ ling asgd Rhein Main AB, 1956;Maj Webster Cmdr.
KOZELL, Harry L.Unk2018292X1 Japan, Darmstadt in early '60s
KOZNOWSKI, John R.CMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer @ Brooks; then OSI spec duty; then SS again, etc
KRAJEWSKI, Edward M.A1C2006292X1 asgn 6910th/Darmstadt
KRAMARSIC, Kenneth J.Unk2017292X1 6918 RSM
KRANSBERGER, James R.Unk20036918th, Hakata, Japan
KRAUS, Carroll J.Unk1998Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
KREGER, Leslie A.unk2015202 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1960-62
KREIS, John D. (Danny)unk20076918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 1969-72
KRESGE, ROBERTA2C2005293 asgn Misawa 1957-
KRESGE, Stanley Edwardunk2014more info needed
KRIEGER, Jackunk2014LG Directorate
KRISKE, Herbert A.GS199823-yrs Cmd Hq
KROBATSCH, Andrew Scottunk2016AIA/AFISRA Intel Analyst - 2004-12
KROCKER, Edward J.GS1994Opns; SS Ol'Timer; 6950th; WWII B-17 pilot; pro football Chicago Bears
KROPP, David L.Unk20072nd RSM vet
KRUEGER, William F.Unk2004202 asgn USAFSS, 6920th/6913th Vet
KRULA, Carl J.Maj19??SS Ol'Timer, CC 136th CSS, Brooks AFB 1951-52
KRUM, TomUnk2015Need Info
KRUMANOCKER, Roger L.Unk2002Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-10)
KRUSCHKE, Gary C.A2C1995292x, Misawa 1959-
KRZESICKI, Charles M.unk2018more info please
KRZESNIAK, John V.unk2013100 - 6918th RSM/SS and 6348th, Hakata, Japan - 1963-67
KUBECK, Donald J.CMSgt2017Polish linguist, Chicksands; 6913th
KUCHENRITER, LouMSgt2016292X1; Darmstadt, Pakistan, Italy, Clark AB, PI; USAF Recruiter
KUCKELMAN, Karl F.SMSgt2019USAAC - USAFSS Japan/Germany
KUEBER, Stephen J.CWO1997SS from '50 @ Brooks AFB
KUHL, EricUnk2018Hungarian linguist, NSA
KUHN.Robert G.SMSgt2001SS Ol'Timer fm Brooks Field, (data automation), ETO,Turkey, et al
KUJAWA, James V. (Fiat Freddie)Sgt2013Hof, GE
KULICK, JosephMSgt2009201X0 asgn Ft Meade, Crete, Zweibrucken, Thailand
KUNO, RonaldSgt2000SS '50's Ol'Timer, SIGINT analyst, Landsberg, Ger '54-56, et al ETO, PAC, SEA...
KUNTZ, David T.Col20186918th RSM/CC, Clark AB, Wheeler, HQ USAFSS - Kelly AFB
KUOPOS, Larryunk2014Linguist - Korea, Pakistan, Italy and Texas
KUPPER, WilliamUnk2001USAFSS Vet/2nd RSM. Ret from ITT Worldcom
KURABIESKI, Raymond JTSgt1992Russian linguist assgn Bremerhaven. Retired and became a lawyer in CA.
KURTZ, Raymond W.A2C2009Misawa 1953-
KUSHNEROCK, Michael J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
KUSTELSKI, Thomas A.Lt Col2015HQ USAFSS - 1960's, Germany, Turkey, Thailand during the Vietnam War, and San Antonio TX
KYTE, Gilbert R.Unk2005Russian linguist asgn 41st/6913th RSM ('52-'55)
LABOY, JulioMSgtUnkSpanish liinguist, Panama and Offutt
LABRECQUE, Leonard E. Jr.SSgt2006Misawa 63-64
LACHAT, Jerry DouglasLt Col2012202x, Misawa 1964-66
LADUKE, EliSSgtUnk3rd RSM (survived plane crash in Alaska)
LAFOLLETTE, James M.Unk1992Asgn Misawa 1974
LAGATTA, Arthur F.Maj1981Misawa 1959
LAHUE, John Gregoryunk2016Arbne Intercept Op - Vietnam - DFC
LAKE, Clement Wallace Jr.SMSgt20126918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LALLY, Dale V.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
LALLY, William D.Unk1981202x Misawa 1963-65
LALONDE, Richard A.SSgt2002Misawa, 1955-, 293x
LAM, Larry M.A2C2007203X - Misawa 1957
LAMB, Robert C.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-09)
LAMBDIN, Thomas L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-03) 
LAMBERT, NormandCMSgt2016Career USAFSS/ESC AMS; 6985th, Rhein Main, HQ ESC
LAMBERT, Raymond E.Col1998SS Ol'timer, Cmdr 6910 SW,Darmstadt; Cmd Hq, Cmdr Taiwan, Dep Cmdr AFSCC
LAMBERTON, Robert A. JrCpl1991Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LAMENDOLA, Achille A. "Archie"SSgt1998Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LAMMONS, Frank B.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LAMMONS,Frank B.Maj2008Army Air Corp 1942, 5th ARUF/WWZ in WWII. Intel career in USAF, 6918th, Hakata, Japan - retired in 1964
LAMOREAUX, AlMSgt2012AFEWC, Need service info please
LAMOUREUX, Larry S.Civ201627-yr civil service - HQ USAFSS - ESC DCS/DO late 1980s and was Chicksands CC....SAC RC-135 AC
LAMOUSIN, James Q. "Jimmy"Unk2005Misawa, 1953-
LANCANSTER, Dudley M. IIIUnk2002Czech linguist asgn OLJA 6910th, Mt Eckstein (Rimbach) Germany
LANCE, Karl M.Unk2017Russian linguist, 1954-1959
LANCZYNSKI, Michael J.SSgt2008Asgn Misawa 1974-
LAND, Charles D.A1C1967ARDF Opr; killed in EC-47 shoot down in Nha Trang
LANDERS, George S.SSgt1973Asgn Misawa 1970s
LANDI, Walter "Walt"GS2007Asgn 2 tours w/USAFSS then to NSA for career
LANDIS, Craig E.Sgt2012202X0B (COMSEC), 1974-78, RAF Chicksands (6900th/6950th) COMSEC 1975-77, Brooks AFB 1977-78
LANDRY, Paulunk2015need information please
LANE, Albert CarlSMSgt20196918th Hakata; 292XX
LANE, DavidUnk2008Asgn Misawa
LANE, Donald T.Unk2003Need info please
LANE, George B., Jr.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11) 
LANE, HaroldUnkUnk
LANE, Phillip G.Unk2005Asgn Misawa T1 1958-59
LANG, Delmar C. "Del"LCol1997SS Ol'Timer; Chinese linguist; Capt in Korean War; NSAREP Thailand/Korea, 1st RSM; HoH 1987
LANG, Virgil D.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07) 
LANGE, Melvin T.MSgt1996Opns; wife Mary civ in Airborne (USAFSS/DOR)
LANGE, Roland A. Unk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-11)
LANGEN, John C.Unk2003AF Ret; WWII vet; USAFSS asgn Tripoli, Iraklion, NKP
LANGLOIS, Howard J.SMSgt1996Linguist; SS Ol'Timer from 50's; WWII Vet, German POW
LANGOS, Sandy J.MSgt2005Asgn HQ ESC Budget mid-80s, Clark AB
LANGSTON, Robert G.A2C2009304x, Misawa 1957
LANGTON, RoyUnk2016Goodfellow Training Manager; 1NOXX
LANTY, Michael "Mickey"Unk2020Vietnamese and Arab linguist, Kadena and Athens
LANTZ, Robert W. (Bob)SMSgt2015FTVA HoH (2015); Vietnamese linguist; Okinawa (Silver Dawn/Commando Lance/Combat Apple)
LANTZ, Terry D.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-04)
LANUM, James R.SSgt1994203x - Misawa
LAPAZE, David W. (William)unk2010201x, Misawa, 1956-57
LAPIERRE, Carl J.A1C2010Misawa, 1970
LAPLANTE, Richard A.TSgt1994Asgn Misawa 1974-
LARDIE, Clarence R.Cpl1998Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LARGER, Bernard "Bernie"Col1980USAFSS Chief of Staff, European Scty Rgn CC, assigned to DIA, PACAF, SAC, ATC
LARIMORE, Carl A.Unk19986918th, Hakata, Japan
LARKIN, DuaneCMSgt2020207X1, worked primarily in DF Deceased Assignments - 6917th in San Vito (1965), 6910th at both Darmstadt & Augsburg (1968-1974) and 6920th at Misawa (1974-77). Duane served with 6994th, Det 2 in Pleiku.16 AF Hall of Honor - 2001
LARSON, Arthur T.Maj2018http://www.6987thalumniassociation.org/Inmemory-larson.html
LARSON, Brant C.SSgt1993Asgn Misawa 1974-
LARSON, Doyle E.Maj Gen2007Enl RU linguist to 2-star; ESC/CC; SAC/IN, CINCPAC/J2, CC Eielson, Offutt, Kadena; Hall of Honor 1986. Incredible visionary and forward thinker.
LARSON, Edward J.Unk1992Need info please
LARSON, Eugene C.unk1999292 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-59
LARSON, Kim L.SMSgt2014Analyst - 6994th , Saigon - 1971, Cryptologic Support Group, (CSG) USAFE - 1974 to 1976.
LARSON, Thomas W. "Pappy"TSgt1986R361X0; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
LaRUE, Curtis "Lash"A2C2002Comm; asgn 2nd RSM, 1992nd AACS Sq Chas France (57-60); US Army Nat Guard
LARVICK, Rockne A.unk2015Bremerhaven
LARZELERE, Patricia T.GS2006Hq AIA contracting officer
LASCELL, George L. Jrunk20016918th/Hakata/Brady AB
LASINSKI, FrancisTSgt19846931st Scty Gp, Iraklion, Crete - left in 1969
LASSELLE, Arthur L.CMSgt200128 year veteran. Lived in San Antonio following retirement.
LASTES, Glenn P. "Rocco"TSgt2005Albanian linguist; act duty loss/MC-130H crash in Albania; Direct Support Operator
LATEK, John F. Jr.Unk2005202XX asgn Misawa 1956-
LATHAN, Noel O.E.LtCol2003Asgn NSA, retired from USAFSS.
LATOURETTE, Gordon H. Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07) 
LATTA, Mervale G.TSgt1992Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LATTNER, Harvey D. "Harve"A1C2010292x1 in Shiroi 1958, COMSEC vet
LAUGEN, ROBERT M.A3C2000202 asgn Misawa 1959-
LAUGHLIN, Daniel L.Unk20006918 RSM/SS, Hakata, JA
LAURER, Ronald C. "Big Butch"Unk2001202 asgn Osan.
LAURRELL, LukeUnk2016Russian and Bulgarian linguist; Korean War veteran, assignments in South Korea, Germany; airborne assignment with 6916th RSM, Rhein-Main, Germany
LAVELLE, Allan J.LtCol2008Asst Group Cmdr @ Misawa 1958-1960s, asgn 6902nd/Shiroi.
LAWNICKI, Ted F.Capt1974Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LAWRENCE, Joseph C. “Joe”SSgt2001RS30454; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
LAWSON, Chris E. Jr.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-07)
LAYFIELD, ALBERT L.A2C2007303 asgn Misawa 1959-
LAYMAN, Linden L.A1C19976918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LAYSON, Walter G.CMSgt1991Asgn Misawa 1966-
LEACH, JaniceGG-12202040 years of adminstrative executive service at NSA (1968-1976 and 1977-1995) and USAFSS jobs in Libya, Japan, Iraklion, and Hawaii. Big supporter of FTVA, and highly involved with National Cryptologic Museum
LEACH, Robert EdgarSMSgt2014202 - S&W Supt - Texas, Wyoming, District of Columbia, California, Libya, Japan, Hawai'I, Korea, Greece, and Maryland
LEAHEY, Robert W. "Bull"MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer; Operations Viet Nam, Korea, et al
LEASURE, JOHN F. JR.Unk1993702 asgn Misawa 1959-
LEATHERS, Wesley I. "Wes"MSgt1996Cmd Staff; Bangkok, Taiwan, Okinawa, Goodfellow, et al; IFEL 1953-03 & 1958-04
LEBLING, Robert M.Unk2005C/W op asgn Darmstadt/USAFSS 2nd RSM vet
LECH, Gerald R. “Gerry”Sgt19796924SS Da Nang 68-69.
LEDET, Elwood J (E J)Maj2014Enlisted in 1952, Commissioned in 1958, "Bronze Star" - served in Scotland, Libya, Pakistan, Germany, Taiwan, Okinawa, Vietnam, San Antonio and San Angelo
LEE, Dong ChulA1C/GS2001MIMI @ Osan. Joined NSA after 1st term. Died in Pentagon crash on 9/11.
LEE, Richard W.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-11)
LEE, Wendell Kaahikiunk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1958-59
LEE, William "Bill"CMSgt1998SS 292XX Ol'timer, HQ, Scotland, England, Italy, Vietnam; Pres of English Golf Course
LEE, William Howard "Bill"MSgt2015USAFSS - 24 years
LEEPER, Paul RaymondMSgt2012Retired in 1977, Served as operations clerk at 6922nd RGM, Ashiya AB, and 6918th, Brady AB Japan in late 1950's - early 1960's
LEES, Walter A.Unk2009USAFSS vet
LEET, JonathanLCol2000SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM Cmdr, Bremerhaven 1960, Crete, Cmd Hq, et al
LEETCH, William "Cricket"Sgt2001292 of Dawg Flight, 6922nd SW 68-69/Chicksand 69-71, died 1-01 car accident in CA
LEFEVER, Ralph M.UnkUnk6918th, Hakata, Japan
LEFFERTS, Edward A. "Ed"LtCol20026921st/Misawa Wing Comptroller; pilot @ Korat; Misawa 1963
LEFTWICH, Raymond F.TSgt1967Ops; killed in EC-47 shoot down at Nha Trang
LEHMAN, Robert G.Unk2009Chinese linguist asgn Okinawa, Philippines, Taiwan; one of first flyers in RB-29s 1950s; Yokota AB, Japan from 1955-57. Jun 54 Clark AFB, P.I., Aug 54 Kadena AFB, Okie, Jan 55 Formosa, May 55 Yokota AFB, Flying detachment on 290, (first Chinese group), Jan 57 Separated from Active duty
LEHNER, JefferyUnk20091A8/Korean at Offutt then Spanish contract operator; died in Afghanistan C-12 crash
LEIFESTE, Harold E. "Hal"LCol1997COMSEC; SS Ol'Timer fm '50, Cmd Staff, 690lst, 6917th/San Vito 65-66.
LEGENZA, Rudolph J. "Rudy"Sgt20186918th Hakata 1966-68 Vietnam Veteran
LELAKE, William L. "Bill"Unk2013Yale IFEL Basic Mandarin Chinese graduates. 6988th Scty Sq, Yokota AB, Japan in the late 60s, first as a Tac Op and then as a Bat 2 (AA in today's terminology)
LEMKE, Herbert M.LCol1994SS Ol'Timer from 50's, Communicator, Shemeya 1962/63
LEMONS, Roy D.Col2016Chief of Staff USAFSS/ESC - Civil Engineer
LENY, JohnUnk2001USAFSS Vet/Chicksands
LEONARD, Arthur B.Unk20191963-68, Okinawa, South Vietnam, and England.
LEONARD, Owen James "OJ"MSgt1990Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LEROSSIGNOL, Robert M. 'Mike'Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07) 
LESLIE, Charles J.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01) (May be Dec 9, 2012)
LESTER, ROY C.A2C2009293x 53- asgn Misawa
LETCHWORTH, Joseph A.Unk1997702 asgn Misawa 1959
LETTERMAN, LAWRENCE J.A2c1969Asgn Misawa 641x 53-
LEWANDOWSKI, EdGS2001RCA Tech Rep Chicksands 1960s
LEWANDOWSKI, Paul A.SSgt2012A20771, 65-67 - 6918 SS; 67-68 - Det 1, 6994SS; '68 - 6993 SS
LEWINDOWSKI, JosephCol2011Commander, San Vito
LEWIS, Cortez Jr. "Corky"GS2001Marine then over to Air Force; asgnd to Shiroi, Kadena in 50s.
LEWIS, James A. Jr.CMSgt2001Personnel @ Korat, Thailand; Hawaii; Hq USAFSS (DP/DPX)
LEWIS, Jerold D. "Jerry"Unk2010Asgn Germany, Japan, Greece, Italy
LEWIS, Lucien G.Unk2016USAFSS, Korean War
LEWIS, MillardMGen1993SS Cmdr '59-62, et al
LEWIS, Ronnie G. (Arky)Unk2011Vietnam and 6918th, Hakata - 69-71
LEWIS, Todd B.Sgt2003202 asgn 6917/San Vito '87-90, NSA/Ft Meade. Lost in Persian Gulf
LEWUS, William H.Col2014more info please
LEYENDECKER, VICTOR M.TSgt2005202X0 asgn Misawa 1963-67
LIACI, James AnthonyMajor2017Comms officer; HQ ESC and USAF Reserves
LIBERATORE, Philip A.Unk1994Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 20 years
LICATA, Michael J.Unk2007293 asgn Misawa 1956-57
LICHTHARDT, Orville G.Unk199?SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 292XX, 6913th RSM,Bremerhaven, Ger, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, et al
LIEVANOS, Leo L.Sgt1983Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LIGHTELL, VernMSgt2016USN/USAF; Russian linguist, RB-50s, C-130s, and RC-135s; Yokota AB, Rhein Main, Offutt, Upper Heyford RAFB, Mildenhall, and Goodfellow.
LIGON, Richard A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LIKENS, Donald R.Unk2013292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-59
LILES, JERRY L.Sgt2009292x2 Misawa 70
LILES, Roy C.LtCol19918th RSM Exec Off and Ops Off in early 50s
LILLEY, James R.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01)
LILLIS, George W. (Washington)Unk2011Misawa, 1957-59, 202x
LILLY, Arthur M.Col1997Opns; Cmdr 6922nd and much more
LILLY, FrederickUnk2005USAFSS 15th RSM vet
LIMPUS, Bruce H.TSgt2009X1, 202, linguist asgn USAFSS
LINCOLN, Russellunk2014need more info please
LINDLEY, James D. "Jim"SSgt1972202 asgn Chicksands, SPECOMM ctr; civ computer consultant; died Frankfurt of cancer
LINDSEY, Lloyd W.CMSgt2009Asgn Hawaii, Germany, Japan, San Antonio
LINDSEY, Paul W.SSgt1988R81150 SP; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
LINDSEY, Robert J.CMSgt1998Crypto & multi-lingual linguist; Belgrade, Moscow, DoD
LINDSEY, Roy L.SSgt1969207/ACRP @ Eielson; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bering Sea crash
LINDSTROM, Floyd D.A2C2007293XX asgn Misawa 1957-
LINE, James R. "Bob/Jim Bob"CMSgt2002Abrn Morse Op flew EC-47s. Helped run the EC-47s @ PacSctyRgn in early 70s.
LION, Adolf H.UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
LIOUZIS, William S.Unk19786918th, Hakata, Japan
LIOUZIS, Williams S.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LIPHAM, William M.MSgt/GS2005Asgn Germany, Libya, England, Scotland, Italy, Crete and Fort Meade
LIPPERT, Thomas E.Unk1991203X1 asgn Misawa 1958-
LIPPSETT, MarvinUnkUnkFTVA Life Member
LIPSCOMB, Glen R.Unk2001Served at Karamursel, Turkey; Scotland
LISK, Michael A.Unk2010292X2 asgn Misawa T4 1966-68, 1969-70
LIST, Everett L.Unk1997293 asgn Misawa 1956-57
LITTLE, Raymond H.CMSgt2002Comsec vet @ Kelly, etc.
LITTLE, William A. "Chisai"MSgt2007292X2 asgn Misawa 1962-75, Chicksands 1970s, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LIVINGS, Melvin JacksonUnk2017Crypto analyst, Korean era
LIVINGSTON, David O.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-05)
LIVINGSTONE, David H.MSgt200126 year 30470 assigned to France, Germany, DaNang Vietnam, Thailand, Crete.
LLOYD, Robert P. (Bob)Unk2012304, maint 1968-72 Misawa
LLOYD, RoyceMSgt/GS2006202 asgn Misawa 1954-56, 1963-66
LLOYD, Thomas C. (Tom)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LOCKE, Billy R.GS2010HoH 1985, Hq USAFSS/Plans & Programs, Special Programs
LOCKE, Thomas E. "Tom"Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-09) 
LOCKEBY, Bobby R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LOCKHART, Larry B.A2C2004Misawa 1966
LOCKWOOD, Walterunk2015USAFSS - Texas, Mississippi, Korea, Crete, and Pensacola, FL
LODOR, Benjamin J. (Ben)Unk2007USAFSS - Russian Linguist - Enlisted 1951 - Assg 41st RSM Bremrhaven - 1952-54
LOECHELT, James S.Unk1995Poss C/W Op asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
LOFING, Roger D.A1C1997292XX asgn Misawa 1964-
LOGATTO, Salvatore JUnk1998Asgn 2nd RSM
LOGERFO, Michael R.Unk20082nd RSM vet
LOGUE, Jerry C.A1C2002Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04) Taiwan, Basic. Later commissioned in US Army
LOHLI, Edward L.Unk1992Asgn Misawa 1966-
LOISELLE, GordonSMSgt20156994th and 6988th Chinese linguist; Goodfellow, Keesler, Okinawa, and Yokota; Lifetime FTVA
LOMAX, James L. "Jolly"Unk2009Asgn Gruenstadt, Landsberg, Kaufbeuren
LOMBARDI, Donato A. :Don"Lt Col201921 year USAF vet 1961-82
LOMBARDI, Timothy C.Sgt1989Chinese linguist @ 6990th/Okinawa; 6924th/Thailand
LOMBARDO, Richard J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
LONDON, Joseph C.Unk2018USAFSS; need more info
LONERGAN, Harold E. Jr. "Hal"MSgt2000Chinese linguist asgn Danang, German linguist asgn Offutt, Berlin
LONG, Jack AllynMSgt197629171 Crypto Opns Supervisor, USAF Cryptographer 1947 - 196?; U.S. Army: 1942-1945 Company F 26th Infantry POW 27 months-Stalag 3B, Furstenberg, Germany, Purple Heart-Wounded and captured January 28, 1943 by Rommel's Forces Tunisia, French Morocco North Africa.
LONGFELLOW, Jonathan D., Jr,Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-01) 
LONGHANY, Raymond J.Unk2005Asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt
LOONEY, Paul F.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01) 
LOPEZ-SANCHEZ, Eliot E.CMSgt1995Airborne Spanish linguist; Maintenance technician in Vietnam, prior to becoming linguist and AMS extraordinaire; Assignments include Key West, Offutt, Kelly. Known for great wit and tough attitude
LOPEZ, Fermin Enrique (Fermi)MSgt2014Spanish and Russian Linguist - Multiple assignments in Europe, Tampa, Ley West, and Offutt
LOPEZ, Juan F.Lt Col2012Served 29 years USAF Military and Civilian
LORD, DickGS1993Cmd Hq Staff, NSOC Analyst @ 1958 C130 Shootdown; Dep Dir NSA
LORELLO, John J.SSgt1994622XX asgn Misawa 1955
LORENSON, GaryCol2000Former RAVEN 343 SRS, Sqdn Cmdr Goodfellow AB, et al
LORENZO, James M.Unk1994Asgn Misawa 1954-
LORREE, Ellis R.LCol1995Opns Off; rated Navigator; Cmd P&P,PACAF et al
LOSCUTOFF, AlexanderSSgt1998Asgn Misawa 1960-
LOTT, Randal R.MSgt2018more info please
LOURENCO, Lawrence "Larry"A1C1997202 on Dog Trick @ Bremerhaven, GE; Trick 3 @ Misawa.
LOUNSBURY, Gerald R.Unk2006202XX 6918th RSM
LOUSIGNONT, Clifford O II1LT1991Misawa 1959-60
LOVE, Ronald D.Unk2019702XX Hakata 6918th 1958-60
LOVEDAY, Gene C.Sgt1999Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LOVELL, RonMSgt1994202, 1970's - 1980's, Misawa and Korea
LOVERN, Ronald LA1C2020Bremerhaven, Germany C Flight 1960-63
LOVETT, Robert L.MSgt2016207X1; Shemya, Scotland, Darmstadt, Vietnam, Menwith Hill; "Drill Press" participant
LOWE, Bruce B. "Bing"UnkUnkAsgn 6922nd/Philippines
LOWRY, John "Jack"SMSgt2010First Sergeant @ Goodfellow
LUCAS, Charles T.Lt Col2018Over 30 year vet; 1961-65 intercept analyst and photo interpreter; Ret as Lt Col in ANG; Germany, Panama, UK
LUCAS, Robert F.Unk20022nd RSM/Darmstadt Vet.
LUCKO, WaltSgt2014Syracuse DLI Russian grad, attended Goodfellow in 1965-6; served in the old 2-T program in Misawa and Wakkanai as a 203
LUDWIG, Robert B.Civ2017DoD Intel civilian
LUECKFELD, Gerald W.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-10 1961-01) 
LUND, James M. Jr.Cpl1990Asgn 2nd RSM 1947-1952+
LUNDBERG, David Charles Sr.unk2016USAFSS Russin Linguist 1956-60, NSA Analyst
LUNDQUIST, Darrel W.Col1996Great intellect, Cmd P&P; Dir AFOSI et al
LUOPA, PhillipUnk2012Chinese/Russian linguist and an NSA retiree, USAFSS assignments were 6929th in Korea
and the 6912th in Berlin in early-mid '60's; IFEL 1959-10
LUSK, Robert L.Unk2006292X1 asgn Darmstadt; USAFSS 2nd RSM vet
LUSSIER, Raphael M.Unk20166918th RSM 292XX
LUTHER, Charles J. "Chuck"Col2009Wing Commander, Misawa; F4 pilot in Vietnam; asgn DCS-I Systems Command
LUTHER, JimCMSgt2013Airborne USAFSS Morse operator in the 1960s-1970s, 88th/Yokota(65-68), 44th/Offutt(68-69), 90th/Kadena(69-71), 94th/Saigon(71), DaNang(71-72), Ubon(72-73), 44th/Offutt (73-75), 85th/Eielson, AF civil service @ Warner-Robbins AFB, GA
LUTHER, Ralph H.A1C2007Morse op asgn Libya, Crete; xmit morse telemetry data for USAF space pgrm
LUTZ, Simon M. "SI"Col1995SS Ol"Timer '59-'66, DCS/Civ Engineering
LYDEN, B. J.SMSgt2003202 asgn Hakata, Misawa, Chicksands, Iraklion, NSA, Rota and others
LYELL, William A. "Bill"Unk2005Chinese linguist in Korean War followed by distinguished career at Stanford Univ
LYKENS, Chalmer AlanUnk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07) 
LYMAN, Daniel G.A1C2004Asgn 6960th Spt Gp
LYNAM, James V.Unk201720+ year WWII Navy and USAF vet; 6918 RSM
LYNCH, George C.Mgen2005Spent early days as office in USAFSS (Shiroi, Japan and Turkey)
LYNCH, John M. "Jack"CMSgt1998Opns; SS Ol'Timer;6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, ESR,NSA, et al
LYNCH, John PatrickCol2018Hall of Honor, 1995; Intel officer, Scotland, Texas, England, Greece, Germany, Vietnam, Pentagon, and NSA; 38 years active service; 202 Kirknewton 1952/3, Ops Officer 6912th, Commander 6948th, 6951st
LYNCH, Joseph G.Col2005Misawa Commander in early 80s
LYNCH, Robert E.Unk2007Need info pls
LYNDES, Gene A.SSgt20056910th Darmstadt, Germany 1961-1963 Thailand - dates unknown Pease AFB, NH
LYNN, Bert H.LtCol2005Need info please
LYNN, Denis J.A2C19756918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1964
LYNN, Roy H.Lt Gen19921st SS Cmdr '48-49&'51-'53; HoH 1983
LYNN, Roy W.GS1992Cmd Staff P&P; in HoH 1997
LYON, Douglas E.Unk2007202X0 asgn Misawa 1961-63, 6910th/Darmstadt
LYON, Eugene C. "Gene"CMSgt2010202 asgn Okinawa, NSA, Karamursel, JSPC, Key West
LYONS, William Craven "Tiger"SMSgt2014293XX - 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, GE, 6925th RSM, Philippines
MAASSEN, Paul H.SMSgt199729290; ETO Turkey, Taiwan, Misawa; ARDF missions in VietNam
MABRY, TerryA1C2016USAFSS - Airborne Linguist at Kadena, NSA collection specialist (Silkworth Operations Center); Medina RSOC manager
MacDOUGALL, AllanSMSgt2003AMT asgn Rhein-Main, Incirlik (late 50s/60s)
MacGREGOR, Harold W.SMSgt2008292 asgn Hawaii/1962-65, Brindisi/66-68, Misawa/71-74, Crete/74-77
MACHADO, Leonard S. "Mac"Maj20081st commander @ Rhein Main abrn ops; asgn Karamursel, Turkey
MACIA, James H. Jr.Col2009One of Doolittle's Raiders; Hq ESR/CC; USAFSS Chief of Staff/ HoH 1987
MACKAY, Leo S.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MACKEIL, William JosephMSgt2012AFSC 292x1, at the 6913th RSM in Bremerhaven, 6912th RSM in Bingen, Germany
MACKEY, Billy J.MSgt2918Vietnam, Thailand
MACKLEY, Arthur E.Unk20116913th RSM, Charlie Flight, Morse intercept operator - February 1956 - March 1959
MACKLIN, Albert O.TSgt198?Abrne & ground 207X1 Japan/Okinawa in 60's/70's
MacMANUS, Robert A. "Alan"CMSgt2007Logistics Supt/SEA asgn 6917th/San Vito, 6911th/Hahn, Clark, Teheran
MACMICHAEL, Roger A. “Mac” Unk2006Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-04) (Death maybe in 2008)
MACMILLAN, Walter A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MacMILLEN, James A "Peanut"Unk1999Asgn Bremerhaven in late 50s.
MACNEILL, Irving R.MSgt1989292x1 in Shiroi 1958
MADDEN, Joe E. "HANDS"unk2014292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Charlie Flt - 1962-64; 6948th Goodfellow, deployed on USNS Hoyt S. Vandenberg 0 1965
MADIGAN, Robert J.CMSgt1990Comm Elec Maint asgn Hq USAFSS (60s), Chicksands (50s)
MADISON, DWAIN G.A2C2009292x Misawa 57-
MADOLE, William H.Maj1955Ops Off @ Misawa 1952-55; died in B-26 crash @ Misawa
MADDOX, ZaneMSgt2018more info please
MADISON, Ernest R.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
MADSEN, ArthurUnk2007Yale Chinese grad 1956
MAGGIACOMO, Gerald"Madge"A2C1958Russian lingust; killed Sep 2, '58 C130 shoot down over Armenia
MAHAN, BillUnk2016Russian linguist, great wit and punster. Zweibrucken and Rhein Main. Prop Wash Gang (PWG) "Author Most Spectacular"
MAHONEY, Eugene "Jeep"SMSgt1993Opns, SS Ol'Timer from the 1950's
MAHR, Jerry A.Unk2003CW Int Op asgn Turkey in early 50s
MAILLARD, Harold E.PFC2002Asgn Misawa 1950-
MAJORS, JoelMSgtUnk169th Spanish Linguist
MAJUS, Charles W.Unk1994Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
MALAK, Raymond D., Jr. “Raymie”  Unk1996Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962- 01) (Death maybe 1998)
MALKOVICH, Joel L.Unk2002292x, Misiawa, 1959-60
MALLWITZ, Marvin E.Unk2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
MALONE, Dennis E. "Denny"MSgt1998Admin; Cmd Hq Staff, Japan, Okinawa
MALONE, JimUnk2005Asgn 2nd RSM
MALONE, John J.CMSgt1997Opns; SS O'Timer
MALONE, Ronald F. (Speed)unk2015202 - Able Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1965-68
MALONEY, Martin E. "Mike"Unk2001Army/USAFSS abrn vet left after 16 years. Distinguished career in Rochester, NY.
MANBY, William H.Maj2008Worked on cryptographic equipment
MANCHESTER, John A.A2C2010292x, Misawa 1964-65
MANELOS, WilliamCol2003USAFSS Chief of Staff at retirement in 1975
MANGUM, David A.CMSgt2019Communications - for both USAFSS and State Dept
MANKE, Wayne H.MSgt2001USCG; 292X0: 6940, 6990, 6924, Hq PSR, 6917; ALC RAFB; Hq SAC OAFB.
MANKINS, Clement O.A2C1958Romanian lingust; killed Sep 2, '58 C130 shoot down over Armenia
MANN, George N. Jr.Sgt1976363X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
MANNING, Bruce "Archie"MSgt1998202XX and 202XX instr at Goodfellow AFB
MANNING, MichaelGS1993Specialty Unk; 35-yr Vet mostly Cmd Hq Staff and Goodfellow
MANSFIELD, Clayton T.SSgt20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MANWARING, Terrence (Ted)MSgt20136910 Sg Gp, Darmstadt, Germany from 1967-1970. Also at Headquarters Kelly AFB from 1970-1975
MARBURGER, Charles W.Unk1997Misawa, 1964-
MARCH, Phillip J. "Phil"SMSgt2010Abrn Maint Tech asgn 6990th/Kadena, 6949th/Offutt, Det 2 AFMC/Greenville
MARCHAL, Michael "Mike"TSgt2003Abrn 208 Vietnamese/German asgn Kadena, Offutt. Boeing/McD comm engr.
MARCHANT, Guy PhippsUnk1987Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07, 1959-07)
MARCO, JerryA2C1964Frankfort. Auto accident in Frankfort.
MARETT, John T. "Jack"CMSgt200230 years service; computer programmer, technician, leader.
MARIN, LaddieCol2006Asgn Chicksands as Ops Off, Pentagon cryptologic branch
MARIN, Raul "Cheech"UnkUnkSpanish linguist
MARINO, Vincent J. (Vince/Slick)Unk2006USAF 1951-71, Morse Op - 41st RSM, Bremerhaven 1952-1955
MARKS, John B.MGen2002Hall of Honor 1995; ESC/CC, DCS/I AFSC, J-2 PACOM, ACSI USAF. 35 year intel career.
MARKS, William I.SMSgt20086918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan; mission supe
MARQUIS, DonSMSgt1998TEBO @ San Vito, HQs, et al.
MARR, Hollen E.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
MARROTT, Robert E. (Bob)unk2015292 - Baker Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1959-61
MARSHALL, Dale P.MSgt2005Asgn England, Germany, Korea, NSA, Hq AIA as Dep Ch Spec Tech Ops
MARSHALL, Felix M.LCol1989Formed/Commanded 138th Sig Radio Intell Co (later 1st RSM) 1942; 15th RSM/CC
MARSHALL, Gilly AnthonyCol2019Commander of multiple ESC, AFIC, and AIA units; 30+ year career plus civilian at NSA
MARTENS, William R.UnkUnkneed more info please
MARTIN, BobbyUnk2009Supply, asgn Misawa
MARTIN, Emery GeneUnk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04)
MARTIN, Hugh L. "Marty"SMSgt1998SS Ol'Timer; linguist; Allstate Insurance Agt then GS-Civ after retirement
MARTIN, John R "Jack"SMSgt1999SS Ol'timer; ACRP "Wire Bender" Rhein-Main, Yokota, 15,000 flying hours, et al
MARTIN, Paul H.MGen2010RC-135 pilot-6985th/6949th/6990th; PACOM/J2; ESC/CV; NSA; AF/IN; ESC/CC); HoH
MARTIN, Robert B.Unk2000202X0 asgn Misawa 1970-74
MARTINDALE, RichardLtCol2010Served with USAFSS in Japan, Korea; went on become USAF staff physician
MARTINEZ, Alexanderunk20136912th ESG, Berlin Germany - Dawg Flight
MARTINEZ, Salvador S. Jr.Sgt1992Asgn Misawa 1974-
MARVEL, Carlton G. "Mo"TSgt200820351 - 1961-81, (62-63/71-76) Rus Op Baker, Thof, 2T/Marienfelde; dates N/A following assignments: Darmstadt, AK, Meade, Kelly
MASIELLO, Paul D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MASINOS, Jerome S (Jerry)CMSgt2016202, Hakata; Japan, Taiwan, Texas, Korea, and Okinawa. NSA Civilian Analyst; Lifetime FTVA
MASLING, StephenCMSgt1999SS Ol'timer who was a WWII Vet; tours Turkey, Phillipines, Cmd Hq, et al
MASON, Freddie S.Unk2002292 Asgn Misawa/T2 1961-63
MASON, George I., Jr.Col2002Led USAFSS efforts in Korea in '52/'53, USAFSS/DO in mid-60s, HoH member 1984, 'Hell of a leader'
MASON, Jim "Thumper"MSgt2017more info needed, please
MASON, Willard L. "Will"Capt2010Russian linguist asgn Bremerhaven 1959-63, then commissioning
MASSEY, Gillie Jr.A2C2009201XX asgn Misawa 1957-
MASSIE, Donald G.Unk2011Misawa 1970-75 and 1977-81
MASSIE, Louis H.A2C1985293x, Misawa 1955-
MASTRONARDI, Bill "Mafwop"Unk2017Russian linguist at Rhein-Main in early '60s.
MATARANGOLO, John A.PFC1996293XX asgn Misawa 1951-
MATECKO, GeorgeCol1996Russian Linguist; WWII B-24 pilot; Piloted AF-1 and Kremlin 1; Retired as DI-AFSS
MATEJOV, Joseph A.Sgt1973ARDF opr killed in EC-47 "BARON-52" shoot down over Laos
MATEJOWSKY, Glen D. "Dale"Unk2005Hungarian/Serb-Croatian abrn linguist asgn Landshut, Rhein-Main, Goodfellow, Kelly
MATHENY, Leon "Matt"CWO198?A SS founder fm ASA; Premier Morse Code Opr (54-WPM send & receive); Brooks, et al
MATHERNE, Milton A. Jr.Sgt1996202X0 asgn Misawa 1970-74
MATHIS, ALBERT N.A2C2003Misawa 56-
MATHIS, Raphael "Ray"Unk2005Need info please
MATOWITZ, Keith GeraldSMSgt2017Airborne Vietnam 23 year D1923vet
MATRULLA, FredSgt201829251; 1968-1971 6910th Darmstadt, Germany
MATTHEWS, BarryCMSgt2009294/205 inducted into USAFSS HoH 2007;
MATTHEWS, John L.Maj Gen2013USANG; Adjutant General State of Utah; key in stand-up of 169th IS
MATTHEWS, Sanford T. "Sandy"Unk2010Asgn Vietnam; need addl info pls
MATURA, Richard D.Unk20056918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 61-64
MAUK, Bryant D.Unk2008Need info pls
MAUL, WilliamA3C2004293x, Misawa 1958
MAXWELL, Barry S.AlC1956SS Ol'Timer; ACRP Ling @Yokota AB;lost on ACRP msn: 9-10-56.
MAXWELL, Felix M.LCol19891st member/commander of 1st RSM/Feb '42; 15th RSM/CC; father of USAFSS
MAXWELL, Sperry A.unk2012203, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1967-68
MAY, William G.Col1984Need info please
MAYBERRY, Randall F.Unk2004702X0 asgn Misawa 1961-
MAYE, Tom Jr.Unk1981Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; cook
MAYER, Albert N. "Bud"MSgt1998Misawa 1964-66
MAYER, James I.Col2009Need info pls
MAYFIELD, Richardson Brown "Dick" Unk2005Chinese linguist.
MAYHORN, Ralph, Sr.CMSgt1991R29291, Ops Supt; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
MAYNARD, EugeneUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MAYS, Morgan L. "Mike"SMSgt2003Asgn Zweibrucken, Darmstadt, Kelly in 50s/60s. Computer opns.
MAYS, TonyUnk1971292 asgn T4 Misawa '68-70
MAZOR, Walter E.Col2002Asgn Kirknewton 1960-63 as Major
MAZZERELLI, Victor "Vic"SSgt1966202XX analyst, 6901st, killed in auto accident
MAZZIE, RemoUnkUnkAsgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; orderly room clerk
McADAMS, Irwin B. Jr.Unk2009Russian linguist asgn Darmstadt, Germany
McALEXANDER, KENNETH W.SMSgt2001USAFSS for 28 years. Former Chmn SSFCU Cred Cmte. Countless volunteer hours
McALLISTER, Paul J.Unk200515th RSM vet
McANDREWS, Carl L.Unk1996291X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
MCAULIFFE, Robert A.unk2013771 at 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
McBANE, Albert D.Unk2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
McBAY, H.C.SSgt1999SS Ol'Timer from 50's; linguist; discharged fm AFSS in 1957
MCBETH, John R.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-04)
McBRIDE, BarryMSgt2008Abrn Russian linguist; flew 130/135s; asgn England, Germany, Japan, Vietnam; USAFSS Russian linguist who flew recon missions at Eielson, Yokota, Mildenhall and Offutt from 1962-1979.
McCALL, Hugh E.Col/GS2001WWII POW. Cdr @ Trabzon, Berlin. Chief DCS Manpower/Organization & Materiel
McCALL, James L. “Jim”MSgt1976R20771; 6924SS Ramasun 75-76.
McCALL, Roland W.Sgt1980292X1 asgn Chicksands 1968-70
MCCALL, Ronald P "Pete"unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1961-63
McCALLUM, Ewellciv2014USAFSS Budget Director in 60's
MCCANN, Robert R.Unk1990Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-09)
McCANN, Ronald P. "Ron"TSgt2000served at Trabzon, Offutt, Rhein Main, Offutt & retired 1972
McCARTHY, Fred M.Unk1993Need info please
McCARVILLE, Mark R.TSgt2007Russian & Korean linguist asgn OL2 - 6988 Scty Sq, Yokota, Kadena, Offutt 1960s-70s
McCLAY, David A.MSgt1987Need info please
McCLAY, ImogeneGS1995Admin and /Sec; SS Ol'Timer
MCCLELLAN, Normunk2015more info needed, please
McCLELLAND, GaryUnkUnkSpanish linguist
McCLIMANS, F.A.R.Maj1993SS Ops; rated multi-engine; was ops officer & AFSSO
McCLOUD, Lewis S.MSgt2000202X0; asgn Misawa in 70s; 23 year career
MCCLURE, Clayton C.Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07)
McCLURE, Joseph G.Unk1993202 6918th Hakata
McCONNELL, Harry N.Unk1994Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
McCONNELL, Millard B.CMSgt2004Asgn 6981st/Elmendorf, Chicksands, USAFSS for most of 29 year career
McCORKLE, William C. Jr.Unk2003Russian linguist @ Syracuse/NSA in 1966.
MCCORMICK, Paul J.Unk2010Misawa 1968-71
McCOWN, Carl E.SMSgt2005Asgn Misawa 1966
MCCOY, Howard M.Col1976Hall of Honor 1996; Operation Lusty Technical Intel collection program; Father of DTIC; Project Paperclip
MCCOY, Timothy AlfredCiv2011Computer analyst HQ USAFSS 1960's
McCREERY, William R. "Bill"Unk1987292X1 asgn Misawa 1966-69
MCCULLAGH, Charles B.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
McCULLOUGH, Walter W.Unk2005Need info please
MCCURTAIN, Warren D.Unk2003771x, SP, Misawa 1956-58
McDANIEL, Howard D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
McDANIEL, JackUnk2002207 @ Chicksands (1975-77)/Korea
McDANIEL, Thomas RobertUnk2017COMSEC/TRANSEC legend
MCDERMOTT, Hugh RobertSSgt2008Vietnam, Korea
McDONALD, DariusMSgt2018SAC AMT, flew numerous USAFSS missions
McDONALD, Roderick C. “Rod”TSgt1992R20270; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
McELFRESH, PatUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MCELLIGOTT, Richard F.Unk19956918th, Hakata, Japan
McELROY, Russell J. "Russ"LCol1989Ops Off @ R/M early 60s, AKA 'Great Growly One/GGO'
McFARLAND, JewellCMSgt2001Long-time USAFSS vet.
McFARLAND, Richard D.SMSgt2005Asgn Misawa, ESR, Hq ESC (Budget)
McFARREN, Don C.Unk1983Asgn Misawa 1959-62
MCGARVEY, Patrick J. "McGoo"Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07) Later CIA civilian
McGEE, ArtoSSgt2000Asgn Misawa 1971-
McGEE, JamesUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
McGHAY, Gerald "Jerry"Unk2007292X1 asgn 6989th/Misawa 1957-59; pitcher on Misawa Jets baseball team
McGINNIS, Francis J.SSgtUnkAsgn 41st RSM in early fifties
McGINNIS, Raymond L.Unk1995Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
McGOVERN, Robert "Bob"Unk2007Asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven in early 60s
McGRATH, Thomas "Tom"Unk2009292X1 asgn Misawa T3 1965-67, England 1970-74
McGUIRT, James William IIIUnk2019U-2 Project, Misawa, Peshawar, Pakistan
MCHALE, Richard (Dick)Unk2009Vietnamese Linguist - 6990 ESS, Kadena AB, Okinawa (69-71)
MCHENRY, LoweryUnk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-11)
MCHUGH, Howard J.Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07)
McINTYRE, KeithGS1997Graphic Arts; 25-yr SS Vet; internationally recognized artist
McISAAC, StephenA1C201829251 Morse Op, Keesler 1961-62; Shu Lin Kou 6987th 1962-64
McKAY, DeanUnk1998SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Brooks AFB & 2nd RSM Darmstadt, Ger
MCKEE, Kenneth G. Jr.MSgt2016USAFSS 1951-xxxx, Japn, Okinawa, Germany, Turkey, San Antonio TX, Grandview MO, Offutt AFB NE, Goodfellow AFB TX, Ft Meade MD.
MCKENNEY, William L. "Bill"CMSgt2016USAFSS - PMEL Tech - Turkey
McKENZIE, Curtis W.Unk2007Asgn Misawa T1 1964-68, excellent bowler
McKenzie, JamesUnkUnk26th/6983 RSMs
McKINNEY, Joe T.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
McKINNON, PeteMSgt2011Florida
McKISSICK, George F.CMSgt1992NFI
MCKONE, John R.Col2013RB-47 crew member, 343 SRS, Offutt, former Cold War POW
MCLANE, Daniel WilliamUnk202020 year vet, multi-linguist including Korean, Goodfellow instructor
McLAUGHLIN, John J.Unk2000Asgn 2nd RSM
McLENEGAN, Harry JosephUnk2017Mandarin Chinese linguist, RB-29 Det 1, 6988th RS; Yokota, Kadena
McMAHAN, Ossie DarwinMSgt2017MIMI; 6990th, 6903rd, 25th IS; early AFSOC Direct Support Operator (DSO)
McMAHON, Wallace F.Unk2006Asgn Misawa 1965-67
MCMAKIN, Grover StatonCol2011Hall of Honor 1990; Pilot in USAFSS, Chief of Pacific Security Region Flight Section, Chief, USAFSS Flight Div., CC - 6994th Scty Sqdn 1971-74, CC - 6916th Scty Sqdn, CC 6994th Security Wing, CC 6960th Spt Grp, Asst DCS/Ops, HQ USAFSS, Retired 1980
McMANUS, Larry A.SSgt19916986 Scty Gp - AFSC R29252
MCMEANS, Herschel L. (Lee)SSgt1982Misawa, 1963-
MCMILLAN, Walter A.Unk20091962-66, Goodfellow AFB, 6918th Hakata, Japan,
MCMONIGLE, CarlUnk19816918th, Hakata, Japan
McMULLEN, William E.CMSgt2004292X1 asgn MIsawa; also served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam
MCMURRAY, Carl D., Jr.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-07)
MCNABB, Robert A.Unk2006Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
McNALLY, Francis M.Unk20082nd RSM vet
MCNAMARA, Paul D.A2C2009203x, Misawa 1959-60
MCNEAL, Henry E.A2C2011Misawa 1960
McNEIL, Clarence L.A1C1969ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
McNITT, James R.BGen20036920th/Shiroi, PacSctyRgn commander 50/60s; career with ITT.
McNULLA, Patrick MCapt2016Intel Officer; Thailand and Keesler
McPHAIL, Raymond E.Lt Col2011RU Linguist - Karamursel 58-6, Zweibrucken, AFSPECOM/P4 San Antonio, - Commissioned 1963 - 6901st SCG, in Zweibrucken, Germany (1964-67) and HQS USAFSS,in San Antonio (1968-69).
McPHEE, Richard S.LtCol2011USAFSS Chaplain asgn Chicksands 1969-73, Vietnam
McPHERSON, EugeneUnk2009USAFSS vet; Russian linguist asgn Germany, England, Japan
McPHILLIAMY, Clyde E.Unk1998Asgn Misawa 1954-
McQUAID, Frank H.Unk1990Need info please
MCQUIDDY, David L. Jr.Unk1999Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-09)
McREYNOLDS, John C.Unk2005292 asgn Misawa 1960-61
McSHANE, JosephCol1988Cdr 6960th 1961-64
McWATERS, Doyce R.Unk2009USAFSS morse/non-morse vet Karamursel, Turkey
MCWILLIAMS, Robert G. (Bob)unk2015292 - Charlie Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1965-67
MEADE, PatrickMSgt1994SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, 6989th, AFSCC, et al
MEADE, RobertUnk2003Need info please
MEADOWS, Kenneth (Ken)MSgt20131952-1975, 292X1; Shulink'ou 1965-1966
MEAGHER, James P.MSgt20196913th Bremerhaven; need more info
MEARS, John W. "Jack"MSgt2009USAFSS NCO Academy inst; asgn San Vito early 70s
MEASE, John H.MSgt2004AMT w/6916th & other USAFSS units
MEBANE, Chalmers W. Jr.A1C2009293x1 in Shiroi 1957
MEDDERS, Larry GeneUnk2014Chinese linguist. Taiwan
MEDEIROS, Gerald H. "Jerry"A2C1958Russian linguist killed Sep 2, 1958 ACRP C130 shoot-down
MEDEIROS, GilbertUnkUnkSpanish linguist
MEDELLIN, Jesse M.GS1997Art Illustraitor; SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tigers, India, Burma
MEDINA, Joe L.SMSgt2015208XA (MK) - Homestead, Key West; One of first deployers to Panama prior to establishment of Det and Squadron at Howard
MEDLIN, Arthur "Buck"MSgt/GS1998SS Ol'Timer, Russ/Hungarian/Czech/German linguist. Asgn Turkey/Finland/Austria.
MEHL, Fred J. "J Fred Muggs"MSgt1999Airborne Russian linguist @ Offutt, Upper Heyford, Rhein Main 60s/70s
MEHOLIC, Daniel Sr.A2C2005291X0 asgn Bremerhaven comm ctr 1952-54
MEIER, Frederick C. "Fritz"CMSgt/GS1999SS Ol'Timer, 29290,Bremerhaven, PSR, Cmd Hq, Civ Hq PACAF
MEINERT, Wayne A.Unk2004291X0 asgn Misawa 1970-
MEISKEY, David R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MEISLER, Irving L (Larry)Unk2016202 6918th Hakata 1959-62
MELKENT, Charles A.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-11)
MELLO, Arthur L.TSgt1958NCOIC Abrn Maint/AMT; killed Sep 2, 1958 C130 shoot down over Armenia
MELLO, James "Jim"UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
MELLOTT, Lester R., Jr "Les"Col1998SS Ol'timer; AFSS DO, CS, CV; Wing Cmdr Misawa, et al
MELTON, DonaldSSgtUnk3rd RSM
MELTON, Jack D.SMSgt2008Radio operator asgn Chicksands 1950-53, 1959-62, 1965-68
MELTON, Todd M.SSgt1973ARDF operator killed in EC-47 "BARON-52" shot down over Laos
MENDICK, Milton M.A1C2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04) Taiwan.
MENEELY, MaxCMSgt2017U202; 202B; 209; 1N6; Pakistan, Vietnam, Germany, Okinawa, Korea, & Texas; 6924th, 6990th, 6906th, & 6903rd. COMSEC Legend
MENTZER, Raymond "Red"Unk2009Asgn 2nd RSM, 85th RSM, 6914th RSM 1953-56
MERCADO, Melvyn L.A1C1991292x Misawa 1960
MERCER, Walter J.Unk2004Outstanding ELINTer asgn 6912th/Berlin, Wakanai
MERCK, CharlesUnk20176918th 202XX
MEREDETH, DonMSgt2008Morse op asgn Pakistan, AF Academy, et al
MEREDITH, Gary T.Unk2006293 asgn Misawa 1953-
MERILL, James I. "Jim"TSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, authored book abt 2nd RSM, "Heroes and Other Enlisted Men".
MERIT, John R.SSgt2009292x Misawa 1958
MERRELL, J. W.MSgt2007Russian & Vietnamese linguist asgn 6924th/Danang, 6990th/Kadena (1952-1979)
MERRILL, Harvey P. "Harv"MSgt1988SS linguist/ACRP @ Kadena, Cmd Hq; et al. Heart attack.
MERRITT, Harrision E.TSgt2003Asgn Misawa 1963-64
MERSON, Francis Edward (Frank)MSgt2014need more info please
MERZ, AlexanderCol201993 IS and 70 ISRW/CC; AFSOC ISR Director through 2018; Active duty Special Programs OUSD when deceased
MESSER, Clawson L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MESSERSMITH, Nicholas "Nic"MSgt2004Russian 208 asgn Berlin, Turkey, NSA, Goodfellow. No finer friend.
MESSICK, GARLAND L.A2C2006Asgn Misawa 400x 64-
METTS, Earl AllenUNK2011
MEYER, Clare Stephen "Steve"Unk2018USAFSS A292/A207 who flew recon missions on EC-47's in Vietnam. Sep'64 - Sept '65 6984th SS, Shemya AFS, Alaska, Sep'65 - Jun '66 HQ/USAFSS/OPD, Sep'66 - Sep '67 6994th SS, Tan Son Nhut AFB, RVN
MEYERS, Fred "Mertz"Unk1972Asgn 6922nd/Philippines
MEZRITZ, PaulUnk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-04)
MICALE, Peter N.Col2018Vietnam, Keesler & Goodfellow; 3480 TTG/CC
MICHAEL, PaulUnk1988SS Ol'Timer, very early member 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger.
MICHAUD, Donald J.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04)
MICHELE, MikeSSgtUnk202 assigned Okinawa 69-71, Brooks 71.
MICKLE, CarlSgt1997Analyst, Aircrew, Security Hill - 70-72, Det 3, 6994th Thailand
MIHELCIC, Henry "Hank"Lt Col2020Misawa pioneer 1950; Chinese linguist, became SAC officer, bombing navigator; Korean War, Vietnam, and Cuban Missile Crisis vet.
MIGAS, Andrew J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MIGATULSKI, Gerald C.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MILAM, Billy B.Unk2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
MILBURN, Dale F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MILLER, Alan A.MSgt2010202 asgn Goodfellow, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MILLER, Anthony W.TSgt1987Det 1 6994 Scty Sq - AFSC 30173
MILLER, BenUnk2009Asgn 6985th/6914th
MILLER, Billy G.MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer fm 50's, Brooks AFB, Shemya, Turkey, Alaska, Thailand, NSA, et al
MILLER, Caroll W.CMSgt1995Opns; SS Ol'Timer; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, died in Lampong, Thailand
MILLER, CharlesLt Col2015more info please
MILLER, Charles M.CW4/GS2009Asgn USAFSS; original move fm Arlington Hall to Brooks
MILLER, Charles M. Jr. "Catfish"Unk2010Asgn Germany, Greece, Japan, MA, TX
MILLER, George W. IIIMSgt2010292X2 asgn San Vito, Italy; NSA
MILLER, GregoryLtCol2002Asgd as enlisted @ 6978th/NSA. Intell Off w/Texas ANG. AF Liaison Off in Prague CZ
MILLER, HenryMSgt2018Morse and Comm Systems technician; US, Indo-China, and Vietnam
MILLER, James Rossunk20146921st SSG, Kelly AFB TX, Also Germany, Greece, Misawa and Goodfellow AFB
MILLER, John Michael "Mike"CMSgt20206918th RSM, Civil Service; more info needed
MILLER, John W.CMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, 202XX analyst/exploitation Europe, Cmd Hq, AFSCC, et al
MILLER, Kyle D.MSgt/GS1996SS in '50's; ESR, AFSCC, NSA
MILLER, MatthewUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
MILLER, Michael G.Col/Dr.2017JIOWC, national assignments
MILLER, Randolph A.SES2018NSA Senior Executive
MILLER, RandyMaj2002USAFSS/ESC; Flt Cmdr in Berlin, Chicksands, Elmendorf
MILLER, RichardSSgt1966SS A203x1 Yokata AB;killed on TDY @ Baltimore on Burning Pipe platform tests..
MILLER, Roger G.unk2014202 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Dawg Flt - 1970-71
MILLER, Ronald E.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-07) 6987th, Taiwan.
MILLER, Rush F.A1C2000SS Ol'Timer ; 292XX, Brooks; 41st RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger. 1953-56, "Dog Trick"
MILLER, ThermonMSgt1998SS Ol'Timer; 1st Sgt; 6901st, Zweibruken, Ger, et al
MILLER, William F. "Bill"SMSgt1997202XX; AFSCC, Japan, Okinawa, Shimea, NSA, Misawa 1970-71
MILLETT, Richard C. "Dick"Unk2004Asgn 2nd RSM, Korea
MILLICAN, WillieSMSgt1994Need info please
MILLS, Franklyn NTSgt2003R30474: Danang, Karamursel, USAF Det, Ft. Hood, TX, Misawa, Goodfellow
MILLS, GarySMSgt1996Opns; Cmd Hq, Mildenhall in mid 70's; premier gunner
MILLS, James F. (Jim)MSgt2013Det 1, 6924th RSM, 1955-57 - 26 total years in Air Force
MILLS, Lloyd C.Unk2001293XX asgn Misawa 1953
MILTENBERGER, Kenneth TerryCIV2019Civilian testing, engineering, and intelligence, Kelly AFB, TX
MIMS, SamCMSgt1990HoH inductee 1987
MINCHEW, Walter Joseph, Jr.unk2014Charlie Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata - 1970-72
MINEGHINO, Gennaro V.A1C2004363x Misawa 1958
MINICHINO, JohnUnk2018Russian linguist, 6916th Rhein-Mein, 1967-69
MINIER, Robert C.A1C1998Asgn 6960th Spt Gp
MIRABITO, Michael "Mike"Unk1984Asgn 6990th/Kadena
MIRT, Kerry L.unk20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MISHKOFSKI, Joseph Adam Jr.Sgt20142nd RSM, Darmstadt - Served in ASA before moving into USAFSS - Berlin, Thule and particpated in Berlin Airlift
MITCHELL, Joseph K.Unk19996918th, Hakata, Japan
MITCHELL, Joseph K.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MITCHELL, RogerCMSgt/GS1984W201 @ Cheltenham & NSA
MITCHELL, ThomasMSgt1993Communicator; SEA, Augsburg JOCC, Cmd Hq Staff
MITCHELL, Voy J.MSgt2018202X0 USAFSS; Japan, Germany, England, and PI
MITCHEM, Whitman Jr.TSgt1974292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 1963-65, Korea and Vietnam
MOCK, Larry D.SFC2008Asgn USAFSS
MOECKEL, Shirley H.TSgt201729th RSM
MOELLER, Arno "Flip"MSgt/GS1995Opns, Cmd Hq, Alaska, England; GS/Civ on Cmd Staff
MOFIELD, Charlie R.Unk2006702 asgn Misawa 1955-
MOHLER, Jerry W. (Traveler)Unk1984Russian - 6913th RSM Bremerhaven, GE
MOHR, JerryUnk2005Asgn 690th IOG/Computer Systems Squadron Engineering Flight
MOLDENHAUER, Neil W.Unk2017Early USAFSS, Japan and Korea
MOLDER, Robert LeroyUnk2017Career Key West, Chicksands, DaNang, Kelly AFB, Ft Meade
MOLESTADT, Robert A.MSgt1992202XX Analyst PSR, Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, et al
MOLL, Raymond C.Unk2016
MOLLENAUER, Henry "Hank"TSgt2004205X0 who flew on RJ out of Mildenhall; Compass Call; wife Marcie cryppie SCP-5; ESC airborne intercept operator (Special Signals Operator) who flew recon missions with the 6954th ESS (aka 6988th ESS) from 1979-82. 1979 - 1982 6988 ESS (originally 6954 ESS), 1982 Fort Meade training for Ladylove, 1982 - 1984 LadyLove - Misawa AB Japan - Charlie flight, 1984 - 1987 41 ECS - Compass Call - Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, 1987 - 1994 Discharged from AF; Systems Analyst for General Dynamics (originally GTE Government Systems), Mountain View, CA.
MOLLICK, John J.SSgt2006Korean linguist served P-Y-Do and flew C-47 Blue Sky at Kimpo; also asgn NSA; Chinese linguist IFEL 1955-10
MOLLOY, Edward M.Unk1997Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; cook
MOMOT, Stephen J.Unk1992USAFSS - 1960-65, Morse Op - Peshawar (60-61), 6927th RSM, Onna Point, 6913th Sec Grp, Bremerhaven 64-65
MONAHAN, Eugene R. "Gene"A1C20016910 Darmstadt, Landsberg, Ger, et al
MONDELL, Robert "Bob"Unk2006Asgn Darmstadt/USAFSS 2nd RSM vet
MONGEON, Bert H.Maj2009Asgn Hq USAFSS
MONROE, GerryUnk2017Intel Analyst; Misawa, Chicksands, Offutt, Menwith Hill
MONROE, Robert F. "Bob"Sgt2002USAFSS Vet, Chicksands
MONSON, RonMSgt2005292X1 Morse op asgn Chicksands, Ft Meade, Osan, Kelly
MONTECINO, Allen J.Col2018Enlisted and commissioned; Pilot w/numerous SE Asia missions and squadron CC at Athens and Hahn; ESC Wing CC at Ft Meade
MONTERA, Peter P.SSgt2019more info please
MONTGOMERY, HueyUnkUnk3rd RSM (survived plane crash in Alaska)
MONTGOMERY, Orville R.AlC19??SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
MONTOYA, Teodocio "Ted"MSgt1993Spanish linguist and flyer; speaker of many languages
MOONEY, TimUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MOORE, Alfred T. Jr. "Tom"MSgt2010202X0 asgn Hq USAFSS
MOORE, Donald L.BGen1987Formerly 6917/San Vito Commander; 7AF/DO-Tan Son Nhut, Vietnam
MOORE, Earlunk2014Romanian Linguist, 6911th, Darmstadt, Rhine-Main
MOORE, EileenCapt1988Began career as enlisted 207X1 @ Chicksands (1974). Left USAFSS after commission
MOORE, Howard M.LCol1986SS Ol'Timer in Operations
MOORE, JackUnk2009Asgn Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Pakistan
MOORE, James E.SSgt1986European Theater
MOORE, JohnTSgt1987Abrn 205/ELINTer asgn Hof, Thailand, Athen, Ft Meade
MOORE, John EarlUnk2017Morse op and photo cartographic analyst, Berlin 1969
MOORE, Louise MeadGS1994SS Ol'Timer from 50's; Cmd Hq Operations Staff/P&P
MOORE, Nathaniel "Nate"SMSgt2002Abrn maint tech @ Offutt, Athens, Rhein-Main
MOORE, Richard R. "Dick"Unk2006Russian linguist asgn Tokyo during Korean war, Misawa 1959
MOORE, Robert H.A2C1958Bulgarina linguist killed in Sep 2, 1958 shoot down of C130, # 60528
MOORE, Roland W.TSgt19886924SS Ramasun 71-72.
MOORE, Wilbur C. (wib)Unk19926918th, Hakata, Japan
MOORE, WilliamUnk2014
MOORE, Willis Francis "Paco"Civ2017Aerospace engineer; Brooks AFB, Kelly AFB (ESC); AFEWC, Simval Directorate
MOORS, John D.Unk1966Asgn 2nd RSM
MORA, Adolph "Moe"MSgt1997Admin/Pers; Cmd Hq Staff, 6900th SW, PSR, 32° Mason,Shriner, FTVA, et al
MORA, Harry J.A1C198520250/Radio Communications Analyst - Crete 1985
MORALEZ, Camillo "Mo"SSgt2012Dogger at 6990th, Det at Cam Ranh
MORAN, Thomas W. "Tom"Col2006Enlisted Russian linguist later commissioned; served NSA 1952-85
MORASKI, John M. IIUnk20076918th, Hakata, Japan
MORENCY, Joseph Leo, JrGS2000Operations Sp from Korean conflict forward to retirement
MORGAN JR, Hugh Blair (Buddy)SMSgt201120290 - San Antonio, Samsun, Karamursel Turkey, JSPC - Okinawa, Korea and Ft Meade
MORGAN, Calvin R.Unk2002Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; radio/teletype repair
MORGAN, Clark R.Col2009Wing Commander 6960th ESW/Kelly; Ftr Pilot WWII, Korea, Vietnam
MORGAN, James E.GS1997Analyst; SS Ol'Timer, 30-yrs in Cmd
MORGESTER, John W. "Morgy"CMSgt2007Russian linguist, AMS asgn Kadena; Ops Supt Hahn, Offutt
MORICH, Randy P. JrUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MORIN, Paul L.J.Sgt20121967-71, SE Asia (114 combat missions)
MORNING, Kenneth R.Unk1999Asgn Misawa 1959
MORRILL, James "Jim"Maj2002Chief of Maint @ 6981/Elmendorf AK.
MORRILL, WilliamSMSgt2002292X1 asgn St Lawrence, Peshawar, Darmstadt, Goodfellow; ret 1972
MORRIS, Billy L.SMSgt2009202 asgn Karamursel, Chicksands, Darmstadt (61-63, 66-69); USAFSS charter member
MORRIS, DorothyGS2015Worked in command as Records Documentation Manager
MORRIS, Jack E.CMSgt1999SS Ops Ol'Timer & WWII Vet; Alaska,Shimya,Germany,Italy,Crete, et al
MORRIS, Joe W. TSgt2010Chinese linguist.
MORRIS, JosephCMSgt2009Logistics - need more information
MORRIS, MichaelUnk2010Russian linguist; went on to career as computer engineer
MORRIS, PatriciaGS1997Admin/Sec; ret mil to Civ, FTVA
MORRIS, Robert E.Col2006Fighter pilot WWII & later; missile wg commander; Comm/Elec
MORRISON, GaryUnk2006202 asgn 6948th, Chicksands
MORRISON, John "Jack" E.MajGen2013Hall of Honor 2000; Started in US Army Signal Corps. Reassigned to SIGINT Service Army Air Forces. Took command of 6981st Radio Group Mobile in Alaska in 1953. Retired in1973 and worked for NSA until 1979
MORRISON, LeonardUnk2010Accounting & Finance Officer @ 6917th/Brindisi Italy 1960-62, Hq USAFSS 1962-67
MORRISON, Terry E. "Eugene"unk2003303x - Misawa 1958
MORROW, French C.A2C1982303x - Misawa 1958, also 6986th
MORROW, Harold D.A1C1999292x, Misawa 1958-
MORROW, John "Vic" RaymondMSgt2011208X3, Russ Ling, 1982-2002, Lackland AFB, Hahn AB, RAF Chicksands, Medina RSOC
MORROW, William "Bill"MSgt2015Koran War Vet, Eielson AFB Alaska, O'Hare Field Chicago, Clark AB PI, Ft Meade MD.
MORSE, Floyd R.SSgt2004292x Misawa 1959-60
MORTON, Timothy D. (Tim & "Tango Mike")?MSgt?2014DLI Basic Russian 9/73-7/74, Goodfellow 1974, TUSLOG Det 94-1 Karamursel CDI Turkey 74-76, 6950th ESG, RAF Chicksands, 75-76 and 79-82, NSA A-2 Ft Meade, MD 76-77, Goodfellow 83-84, 6985th ESS, 6994th ESS and 25 IS
MOSER, StevenMSgt2001AIA; linguist; killed in Hanoi Det 2, helo crash, while on JTF-FA duty
MOSLEY, Clinton R.Unk2007304 (292) asgn Misawa 1959-61
MOSSBERGER, Franklin D.unk1963Y292X1 (Morse Op) 41st RSM Bremerhaven - 1954-1955
MOSSOR, Lawrence W.A2C1999292x - Misawa 1958
MOSSOR, Lawrence W.A2C2010292x, Misawa 1962
MOTORI,LCol19??Cmd Hq Staff
MOTRY, Joseph E.SSgt1974203x - Misawa 1965
MOTYKA, SteveUnk2008Asgn 6931st/Iraklion Crete, 6921st/Misawa early 80s
MOULTON, David G.A3C2000293x - Misawa 1958
MOUNT, Paul S.GS1994Opns; Cmd Hq, ESR & PSR areas
MOUNTFORT, Bruce L.TSgt2003202X0 asgn Misawa 1959-, Elmendorf 1963-66
MOWREY, David "Dave"SMSgt2003292 and 20790, Asgn Danang, Chicksands, Medina, Eielson
MOWRY, Ronald E.Unk2005Asgn Misawa
MOYER, James A. "Jimmy"Unk2011Chinese linguist. Combat Apple.
MOYER, Robert F "Bob"Unk1991Need info please
MOYER, Thomas G.Unk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01)
MOYERS, William D.SMSgt1997Morse op asgn Darmstadt, Misawa, Pleiku, Turkey; NSA
MOZLEY, Lee B.A1C1985702x in Shiroi 1957
MUDRAK, GeorgeMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer, 292XX/202XX/204XX, NSA, Vietnam, Taiwan, et al
MUELLER, Oliver N.MSgt201122 years with USAFSS - ELINT, 6912th RSM - circa 65,Wakanai, W Germany, Nellis, NSA
MUETH, Cletus B.A1C2010Misawa 1953-1958
MULLANY, Kevin C.LtCol2000USAFSS Inspector General Team Leader 1968-72
MULLIN, Charles A. "Avery"Unk2003Need info please
MULLINS, DaveMSgt1988292X1 asgn to Skivvy Nine/Osan.
MULVEY, James S.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MUMPER, Ronald K.A1C20126918th, Hakata, Japan
MUMPER, Ronald K.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MUNCHER, Don M.Unk1989Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
MUNDORFF, Joseph R.Unk1983Asgn 2nd RSM
MUNNELL, Franklin M.Unk1986741XX asgn Misawa 1960-62
MUNNS, LarryCMSgt20021st Sgt @ Clark, Chix, Myrtle Beach (2066CS); SEA @ EESD, PESD, ESC/AFIC
MUNSON, Charles B. "CB"Col19??DCS/Opns in '50's; SS O'Timer; 6914 RSM/6910 RGM/CC 1957/58
MUNSON, Howard E.CMSgt2009Russian/Chinese linguist
MUNSON, John H.CMSgt199620590; into SS '63
MURA, David E.Unk20082nd RSM vet
MURATORI, Mario, JrMaj1994Budget/Finance; Maj and worked as Civ
MURNIN, John JosephLt Col2011Germany, Korea, England, Ohio, Maryland, Washington D.C., Illinois and Texas.
MURPHY, Daniel E. JrTSgt1998SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; Cmd Hq, et al
MURPHY, Emmett W.CMSgt1990Mr Admin; SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq Staff, PSR, et al
MURPHY, Ernest E. "Ernie"Capt2010Former enlisted then 8035; asgn TAC/IN, Crete; 202X0 asgn 6925th/Clark PI as A1C
MURPHY, Eugene RCol1987Need info please
MURPHY, Kirk A.Unk2003Chinese linguist. 1984-1992, Osan, NSA
MURPHY, Oliver K.unk1999203x - Misawa 1958
MURPHY, William FranklinUnk2018Morse Op; USAFSS, Greenland and Iceland
MURRAY, Dennis D. "Red"SSgt2008202X0 asgn Misawa 1961-63, Pakistan 1964-65
MURRAY, GeneSSgt2015USAFSS - Korean War 15th RS, Japan, Alaska, Korea
MURRAY, Lynn V.Unk2008702X0 asgn 6921st RGM/Misawa in early 60s
MURRELL, Henry C. (Hank)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
MUSOLINO, Joseph F.Unk1995702X0 asgn Misawa 1953
MUZYKA, Charles H. (C.H.)A1C1981Asgn 6910th; Key punch machine operator
MYER, DannySSgt2005292X1 asgn Augsburg (72-74)
MYERS, Dennis LUnk2012Need More information please
MYERS, JessUnk2008Asgn 6910th
MYERS, Vincent F.Sgt2004Asgn Misawa 1970s
MYNIER, Cecil H.GS1988Hq USAFSS Dir of Procurement 1970s
MYOTT, Ronald W. “Roundman”MSgt2000Opns, Pacific, SEA, (Osan and others)
NAAB, David JonSMSgt2020Cryptoanalyst Ahiya, Brady, Misawa, Phillipines, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Greece, and Germany. While a contractor (intel advisor to the Iranian AF), was taken as one of the Iranian hostages in 1979
NAGELL, Stephen P.Sgt2008Asgn Misawa 1970s
NAGLE, Michael John Jr.CMSgt201224 years service - Germany, Italy, England, Turkey, Newfoundland, Guam, Thailand, Okinawa and Pakistan - retired in 1974
NAHAY, William J.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-10)
NAIL, Donald L.Unk2002Asgn T3 Misawa 1969-70
NAILEN, John T. Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04)
NALLY, JimCol198?Chicksands 1960s
NANASSY, Joseph A.unk2012202x - Misawa - T2 - 1962-65
NAPPIER, Robert G.A1C1975Misawa 1956
NATIVIDAD, Casimero F.A2C2006Misawa 1958
NAUMAN, Barton J.MSgt2014207X1 - 6994th SS Viet Nam and Thailand Flying the Electric Goons
NAWROCKI, Michael F. Unk1996Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10)
NAYLOR, Charles "Chuck"Unk2004Asgn 6986 RSM, Scotland, San Vito, Chicksands, Iraklion; USAFSS from 1959
NAYLOR, Edward R. “Ted”Major1998Cmdr, Ops: 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
NEAL, Charles R.TSgt19946950 Scty Gp - 603X0 - 6960 ABS - San Antonio
NEAL, DonaldCMSgt2007German linguist asgn 6901st, 6940th Goodfellow, 6916th Rhein Main, 6949th Offutt
NEAL, Douglas E.CMSgt19886918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Misawa
NEAL, Theodore A. "Ted"Unk2002Maint asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven
NEASE, JerryUnk2002Asgn 6924th/Danang.
NEEDHAM, Edwin L. "Ed"MSgt2008202 asgn Wakkanai, Goodfellow, Chicksands, Misawa, Italy, Okinawa, Kelly
NEELEY, JOHN E.SMSgt2009202XX - 50-52, 59-62, 67, Ashia, 1st RSM, 15th RSM, Korea, Seoul and Chodo), Danang 68, Ft Meade, AFSCC (Kelly), 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
NEELY, CecilCMSgt2017Lackland, Camp Gordon, Camp Kilmer, Thule, Patrick, March, Bremerhaven, Kelly, Key West, Danang, San Vito, Kadena, Ft Meade; 26 year career 202XX
NEELY, Thomas L.MSgt20206918th and Misawa; San Angelo, Germany, Phillipines, Japan, & Hawaii
NEESS, John A.Unk1998Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
NEFF, Kenneth E.CMSgt2012202 - Dawg Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1964-66
NEHLS, Richard W.SMSgt2006WWII vet later asgn Tucson, Darmstadt, Ominato, Shemya, Clark, Key West, Peshawar
NEIDHARDT, Dean A. Jr.Unk2002202X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
NEIGER, JackUnk2009"A" trick 2nd RSM vet
NEIL, John R.Col20076922SW/CC (64-65), 6940TTW/CC
NELSON, Allen R.SSgt1996Finance, SS Ol,'Timer, 2nd RSm in 1952-54
NELSON, Gail L.Unk2017USAFSS Hungarian and Russian linguist; Airborne AMS; Rhein-Main, Goodfellow, NSA, Incirlik assignments
NELSON, John B.Unk2015Hakata 1966-1968
NELSON, JosephUnkUnkAsgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
NELSON, Myron C.MSgt2018292X2; Crete, Chicksands, San Vito, Misawa, Correy Station
NELSON, Richard (Rick)SMSgt20136918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 202X0, Clark AB, PI
NELSON, Robert E. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
NELSON, RodneyCMSgt2009Need info pls
NELSON, Vaughn R.Unk2006COMSEC vet
NEPHEW, Warrem V. Jr.unk1977203x - Misawa 1958
NESS, Allan L.unk2015USAFSS - Crete, San Antonio TX.
NETTLES, William M.Unk2009292x1, Misawa, 1968-71, 72-75, 80-86
NEUBERT, Norman J.MSgt2008AF Crypto; Crete, 6931st ESG, 1969
NEUHAUS, Richard Wayne (Rich)MSgt2013202X0, Vietnam, Goodfellow, 6922nd RGM Kadena, Okinawa in 1960, SPECCOM at Security Hill; Karamürsel, Turkey , Okinawa (JSPC); Boerfink, Germany. Retired in 1983.
NEUMAN, Robert L.UnkUnkAsgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
NEVELS, Reginald R.TSgt2010Asgn Germany, France, Philippines, Crete in communications
NEVES, Norman C.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1965-01) Airborne at Kadena
NEVINS, David L.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-09 1961-04)
NEVITT, Dodridge H., Jr.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-09)
NEWELL, TomMaj/GS1999AFSS/ESC/AIA, Hq, Sq Cmdr Chicksands, et al
NEWENHAM, RobertUnk2005203 asgn Misawa
NEWFARMER, Gary A.A1C1996292x2 in Shiroi 1958
NEWHALL, David S.TSgt2017Airborne Dogger & MIMI; DaNang, 6990th, 6903rd, and 41 ECS
NEWLAND, Loren E.SMSgt2005COMSEC vet asgn Korea, Vietnam, NSA
NEWLAND, William D.Unk20056918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
NEWLAND, William D. "Don"unk2015202 - Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1961-64
NEWLON, Rolla B.Unk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
NEWSTROM, Terry L.MSgt2004Russian/Arabic linguist asgn Alaska, Japan, Turkey and Greece
NEWTON, Anna (also Morgan & Showalter)Sgt2016Russian 208; 6912th Scty Sq, 6912th ESG
NEWTON, Bobby R.UNK1997Dogger?
NEWTON, Dr. William A. Jr.GS1977Physician served in dispensary at 6952nd/Kirknewton, Scotland 1964-66
NG, Bin Moonunk201540-yr service as military and civil servant - Designed ESC Alert Cenbter
NICELY, Charles R. "Charlie"MSgt1989Airborne 294/205 in Opns; Cmd Hq, ESR area; NSA, Eielson
NICHOLAS, GeorgeUnk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
NICHOLS, John P.TSgt20096918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
NICHOLS, Maurice S. Jr.unk2000303x - Misawa 1958
NICHOLS, William P.Unk1967292XX 6918th Hakata; 1964-65
NICHOLSON, Robert J.Unk1990Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
NICOLA, AllenLt19961st RSM Commander (1953)
NIEMEYER, Richard J.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07)
NIEZEK, Nicholas "Nick"Col2000SS Ol'Timer, Opns Officer, Cmd Hq, Europe, SEA
NIEZNALSKI, John J.A1C2001Asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952 as truck driver
NIKOLAUK, John "Col Nick"Col2018Goodfellow TTS/CC; USAFSS/DO; Multi-faceted Pilot of Operation Ivory Coast (Son Tay Raid mission)
NILLES, Larry B.MSgt2005Superb ELINTer asgn Germany, Japan, Korea, Shemya, NSA
NIX, James D. "Don"MSgt2016Vietnam, Alaska, Texas, Florida assignments
NIX, Raymondunk2015Chinese and Russian Linguist - served in WWII and Korean War for USAFSS
NODORFT, Michael "Snow"UNKUNKQD 11 Op
NOFFSINGER, Lester P.MSgt19951st Sgt 6921RGM 1959-61
NOHOVIG, David "Dave"Unk2006Asgn Peshawar, Pakistan
NOLAND, PhilSSgt1986202/203 Russ. Karamursel 58-61,Zweibrucken '62-'64, Japan/Korea. Flt Supvr.
NOORDA, WilfordUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
NOPE, Darrell A.Lt Col2011USAFSS - Korean, Vietnam War, Enlisted and Officer, Misawa
NORCOM, Robert H. Jr.Unk2012292x1, T2, Misawa 1959-62, retired in 1977
NORDBERG, John A.Unk2006Asgn Misawa 1956-57
NORDBYE, Daniel Francis (Col Hakawa)A2C2009USAFSS 1961-65, Ru 20351 6901st Spec Comm Grp, SS HQ Kelly AFB
NORINE, Steven G.Unk1971292X1 asgn 6918th/Hakata, Japan 1966-67
NORLIN, John L.Capt2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-01) 6987th, Okinawa, Vietnam. Later commissioned.
NORMAN, George R.TSgt1997202X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
NORRIS, Claud W.Unk1991Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
NORRIS, Ernest T.MSgt2002Asgn Misawa 1970s
NORRIS, Juli Patriceunk2015Arab Linguist, Gulf War in Iraq and The UK
NORRIS, Thomas L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-01)
NORTHCUTT, Thomas L. "Tiny"MSgt1999SS Ol'Timer 292XX Began SS career at Kirknewton, then ESR, Franfurt, Elmendorf
NORTHRUP, Doyle K.UnkHall of Honor 1996; known for contributions in high energy physics and scientific achievement; awarded Meritorious Civilian Award by President Eisenhower
NORTON, Fred I.Col1986Need info please
NORTON, Ross D.Col2010Base Commander @ RAF Chicksands 1970s
NORTON, Wilber C.SSgt1976291X, Misawa 1957-
NORTON, Wylie Romane "Bud"Unk2011USAFSS 1959-1979, Goodfellow AFB, Darmstadt, Iraklion, Karamursel and Elmendorf
NORVELL, Robert T.,JrLtCol1994Opns; highly decorated, 30yrs svc w/AFSS; Sgt Norvelle NCOIC 6902nd/Shiroi (1958)
NORWOOD, James A.CMSgt2017USAF and NSA careerist; 544th ARTW and SAC HQ
NOVAK, John A.Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
NOVOTNY, LouisSNCO/GS1992W201 @ NSA, WWII B-24 pilot
NOVY, James S.Col2004WWII combat pilot, NSA intell off; CC/Shiroi, Misawa, USAFSS/DO, NSA/DoD
NOWAKOWSKI, Norbert "Nobby"GS2003Asgn 6950th in 50s and 60s, then to NSA til retirement.
NULISCH, BennieTSgt2000USAFSS vet asgn Pakistan (65-68), Turkey. Softball player and 'big brother'
NUNN, Daniel F.SSgt2000Asgn 6918th/Hakata, Thailand, Misawa
NUNN, Kenneth G.Unk1997AMT asgn 6916th in 1960s
NUTTER, Mitchell L.Unk1968292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-61; died in line of duty as Orlando police officer
NYE, William (Bill) GeorgeCMSgt2013Vietnam, Korean wars, 6990th, Okinawa, Wakkanai, DLI-SW, NKP, Colorado, San Antonio, Las Vegas
NYQUIST, Paul A.Unk2003201 asgn Misawa 1953
OAKES, William F.SgtUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-01), 6988th SS (Info from Ken Bissett. He's trying to find confirmation. Help.)
OATES, Willie J.20146918th;
OATMAN, Robert E.Amn1988Misawa 1974
OBERDORF, Robert E. "Obie"CMSgt1987202XX; 30-yrs Svc; 13yrs SS in Zweibrucken, Kelly, Iraklion, San Vito, Elmendorf
OBERG, JohnCol2009Commander @ Shu Lin Kou, Taiwan 1955-56, CC/Air Intel School in Colorado
O'BERRY, KenCMSgt2008Asgn Chicksands, Germany, Kirknewton
OBITZ, William F. Jr.A1C/GS2005202 @ Chicksands (50s); Retired from NSA
O'BRIEN, Bernard M. "Bern"SMSgt2005Comm center NCOIC @ Pesharwar, Pakistan (62-64); WWII, Korea, Vietnam vet
O'BRIEN, Daniel F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
OBRIEN, Harry J.SSgt2011292x, Misawa 1970
O'BRIEN, Hugh J. "OB"SMSgt2010Much respected Chinese linguist served in Far East
O'BRIEN, John F. "Jack"CWO2002SS Ol'timer. Asgn Chicksands, Crete, Brindisi, San Antonio.
OBRIEN, RalphA1C1978Misawa 1955
OBZUT, Nicholas P.LCol2002Asgn Hq USAFSS; Vietnam; Thailand; Japan.
O'CONNOR, James A.GS2008Russian linguist asgn Turkey mid-60s then NSA career
ODOM, Bobby J.Unk1997292 @ 6913SS (Bremerhaven, GE).
OGDEN, Eldon Jr.Unk2008Asgn USAFSS, Vietnam
O'HARA, Charles P.Unk2006Russian linguist asgn Shemya
OISTAD, Donald A.A1C2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04 1958-04)  Basic and Intermediate, Korea
OKURA, ClydeUnkUnk203 asgn Misawa T3 1970-72
OLAH, Richard LUnk2014Chinese linguist. Sanz school Aug 1960-May 1961.
OLDACRE, RudolphSSgt1995Asgn Misawa 1965
OLDHAM, Loel E.GS2015EW expert/icon - Callsign "Dragon" - Electronic Security Command, Air Force Special Comms Center, Director, Sutdies and Analysis - AF Electronic Warfae Center
OLDS, CharlesTSgt?2011Philippines and Kunia, 6950th ESS 1977/78
OLDS, Philip C.Unk1998Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired Air Force
O'LEARY, Richard F.CMSgt1985Need info please
OLIG, MichaelUnk2009202 asgn Goodfellow as instructor 1974-78
OLIVE, PeteUNK2011former Russian linguist @ Rhein-Main, Eielson, et al. Asmts included: US Navy 49-54,
SSO/SAC HQ 56-57, 6901st 57-58, TUSLOG Det 3 58-59, ESR 59-60, AFSCC
60-61, Language Sch 62, 6916th 63-66, 6985th 66-69, PSR 69-72;
retired in Sep 72.
OLIVER, Carl E.MSgt1997Russian linguist 'gunner' & Spanish linguist AMS; Okinawa and Kelly AFB, died in Saudi Arabia prior to RC-135 mission
OLIVER, Jack W.CMSgt2007Asgn USAFSS; served 32 years in USAF incl India-Burma in WWII
OLIVER, JohnLtCol2008Commander 6924th Sec Sq/Danang Vietnam, Ramasun Sta Thailand 1970-72
OLIVER, Robert E. (Bob)MSgt2013Comm Center, USAFSS - Hawaii, Okinawa, USAFSS HQ San Antonio
OLLMAN, Jay V.Unk1979Asgn Misawa
OLSEN, Harry CSSgt2017Chinese linguist. Later professor of Chinese at Monterey before moving on to NSA.
OLSON, Dwight B. "Olie"GS1996Engineer; HAM operator, worked on DEW
OLSON, EdwardUnkUnk3rd RSM (survived plane crash in Alaska)
OLSON, Harry A.Col2001SS Ol'timer,WWII vet, AFSS Cmd Comptroller,Pres AFSS CU,Mason,Shriner,et al
OLSON, Leroy E.Unk2012293X, Misawa
OLSON, Murl G.SMSgt20032nd RSM/10th RSM/6950th/6951st vet.
OLSON, PhilUnk1988Asgn RAF Kirknewton 1959-63
OMURA, Charles A.Unk2000Asgn Misawa T3 1971-
ONAHAN, Louis G.A1C19646924th RSM (USAF)
ONDREJECH, Ray VincentMaj/Lt Col20176988 IS Russian linguist; commissioned, special duty in London.
O'NEAL, Richard A.unk2015292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1959-61
OPACK, William F. "Red"Unk1997292X1 asgn Misawa T3 1958-60
OPALACH, James J.Unk2004Asgn Misawa 1970-72
O'REILLY, Bernard J. (Bernie)Unk2012Misawa, 6921st, 20290 at the 6908th and a long timer at Skivvy Nine (1975-79)
ORMSBY, William P.SSgt1969Asgn Vietnam and wounded 1967/8; died @ Karamursel
O'ROURKE, AllenUnk19856918th RSM 292XX
OROS, DavidCMSgt2006Asgn Kirknewton, Darmstadt, San Vito
ORR, Clyde P.unk2013Ground Radio Tech - 6924th SS at Da Nang Vietnam during 1968-69
ORR, David LeeMSgt20136918th, Hakata, Japan, Korea, Vietnam
ORR, David LeeUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ORR, Richard P.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ORTOLI, Neil CharlesUnk20206913th RSM Bremerhaven A Flight, 1959-61
OSBORN, James F.Unk1974Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10, 1960-01) Date of death uncertain
OSBORNE, William E.CMSgt2004Asgn Misawa, USAFSS Hq
OSHINSKIE, Robert J. "Osh"A1C1958Romania linguist, killed in Sep 2, 1958 ACRP C130 shoot down
OSTRANDER, Gerald A.Unk2019Russian linguist, Bremerhaven and Kirknewton
OTA, RobertUNKUNKDogger?
OTTO, FrankUnk2008Need info pls
OTTO, Patsy L.GS1997Data Proc Analyst; SS Ol'Timer
OUELETTE, Emile R.SMSgt2017Marshall Islands, Bremerhaven, Korea, Italy, Philippines
OVERALL, Alphonso L.Unk19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
OVERALL, Oscar P.MSgt2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 24 years
OVERBAY, James "Jim"MSgt1984Admin; Cmd Hq and other
OVERMAN, James E.Unk2013Misawa, 292x, T1 1959-61
OVERTON, Darnell H.Unk1965292XX, 6918th Hakata, 1961-63
OVERTON, William T.MSgt2019Morse op, 6913th
OWENS, AirleeA1C2010Russian linguist asgn Karamursel, Eielson; gentle soul was inspiration to many of us
OWENS, Carl V. Jr.GS2001Hq USAFSS Technical Director
OWENS, Roy J.MSgt2000
OWENS, Troy Jr.A1C1986293x1 Misawa 1958
OXLEY, George R.MSgt1998Asgn Misawa
OYE, Orville C.LCol1989COMSEC; SS O'Timer; Eur Sec Rgn (58), 6913th RSM (to 57), avid bowler
PACETTI, VirgilUnk2013201 - 6922d, Okinawa, Goodfellow AFB TX (several times), DaNang, March AFB Ca
PACKER, Kenneth B.LCol1984Need info please
PADDI, Robert P.MSgt2005Admin type asgn Darmstadt 69/70
PAGE, Geoffrey B.A1C2005Misawa 1965
PAHUTKA, Raymond W.LtCol2010
PAJOT, DennisA1c2008Asgn Japan and Europe 1956-59
PALMA, Walter K.Unk1991Asgn Misawa 1991-
PALMER, Gerald L.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
PALMER, Marvin Deanunk2015Linguist, Taiwan
PALMER, Millard Fillmore (Pete)Maj2013US Navy during WWII, Entered USAF in 1951 - more info please
PALUMBO, Dennis GusUnk2014RU-linguist (enlisted arbne), Intel Officer (commissioned) - 6940th Tech Training Group, 6985th Security Squadron, and 6988th Security Squadron, Lowry AFB, CO, Wright-Pat AFB
PANTER, William H.CMSgt1984Asgn Vietnam, Chicksands; died in Scotland
PAP, John W.Unk2004292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-62
PAPE, Harold L. Sr.SMSgt20021960s Instructor @ Goodfellow;
PAPPASSI, Paul J.Maj2004Many years in the USAFSS CBPO on Security Hill; asgn Eglin 1955
PARENDES, Richard W. "Rick the Greek"Unk20101950s/60s Rhein Mein linguist; NSA retiree
PARIS, Leonard B.MSgt2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01) But AF career was in radio repair
PARK, MichaelUnk2009Chinese linguist asgn Korea, Hawaii, NSA
PARKER, Donald W.Maj2018Intel officer and Chinese linguist; Vietnam, Yakota, and Goodfellow
PARKER, Earl M. Jr.MSgt2001Asgn Misawa 1971
PARKER, Gary W.TSgt2002Abrn Maint asgn Yokota on B-50/C-130; Goodfellow simulator.
PARKER, Rosser L.SMSgt2004Worked in voice section @ Darmstadt; retired from NSA
PARKER, Stanley L. "Stan"MSgt2004Asgn Ft. Meade, Shemya. Settled in San Angelo serving veteran population.
PARKER, Stephen L.A1C2008292x2, Misawa 1971
PARKS, Michael StacySMSgt2018Vietnamese linguist, JTF-FA Hanoi (multiple tours); 17 TRS Supt, Goodfellow
PARKS, Ralph V. Jr. "Smedley"SSgt2004Polish linguist asgn 6916th/Rhein Main; then radio op in air/sea rescue; USAFSS Polish/Russian linguist. 1959-64, 6916th (et al), Rhine Main AB, Germany, 1964-66, Hqs, USAFSS Spec Com, Kelly AFB, TX., 1966-67, 762nd Radar Sq, North Truro, MA/553rd Tac Recon Wg, Otis AFB, MA., 1967-68, 554th Tac Recon Sq, (Batcat), Khorat RTAB, Thailand, 1968-69, 966th AEW&C Sq, McCoy AFB, FL., 1969-70, 7240th Supt Sq (Embassy), Oslo, Norway, 1970-71, 4392nd Supt Gp (SAC), Vandenberg AFB, CA., 1971-72, 39th ARR Sq, Cam Ranh Bay AB, Vietnam, 1973 4392nd CAM Sq (SAC), Vandenberg AFB, CA. 1973-74, 7th ABCCC, Khorat RTAB, Thailand, 1974-76, 962nd AEW&C Sq, McClellan AFB, CA., 1976-78 (Retirement), Det 1, 20th Air Division (ADC), Homestead AFB, FL., 7,000 total flying hours, 1,200 combat flying hours. 38 "saves" while in rescue. ACFT: C-130A/B, RC-121R, C-121C, EC-121-D/H/N/P/Q, VC-47B, VC-117A, VT-29B, HC-130H/N/P, RC-130B/E.
PARKS, RussellCMSgt2016more info please
PARKS, William E.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-07)
PARNELL, Joel D.A2C1982292x2 in Shiroi 1958
PARNES, Norman T.CMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer; Admin/Personnel Cmd Hq, PACAF, England, Europe,Scotland; DIA
PARR, George E.Col/GS1983Communicator; was the first SS liaison @ Hq AF
PARR, RalphSMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer 202 @ 6921st
PARR, Terrance (Pappy)unk2013X-1 at Udorn and Ramasan
PARRISH, Ernest (Ernie)TSgt1995Russian Linguist - Area specialist @ Elmendorf; killed in E3A AWACS acc at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
PARRISH, Martin “Marty”CaptUnkCmdr, Ops: Det 1 6923RSM (6924SS) Da Nang 62-63.
PARRISH, SamUnk2011COMSEC vet asgn Det 5 Hickam 1953-55
PARSELL, Troy C.Unk2006293X0 asgn Misawa 1958
PARSONS, Harry L. IIISSgt1981Opr/ASRP @ Eielson; killed in RC135 COBRA BALL acc @ Shemya
PARTINGTON, DavidTSgt2020Signals op
PASCARELLI, Richard M.Unk2012Misawa
PASCHALL, Charles Frederick "Ernie"MSgt201123-yrs in USAF, 1A8 Arab Linguist; Athens, Ft Meade; GMS at 31st IS after airborne career; legendary Iraqi analyst during DESERT SHIELD/STORM.
PASHADE, George T.Unk1990Asgn Misawa 1953
PASQUINO, Paul J.unk2015672, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1963-66
PATCHELL, Robert L.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PATE, MichaelMSgt2019Russian linguist; Karamursel, Wakkanai, Chicksands, Ft Meade, Bad Aibling, Iraklion, and Kelly
PATERNO, LarryUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PATERNO, Robert G.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PATTERSON, BillyUnk2018more info please
PATTERSON, David D.MSgt1999Asgn Misawa 1970s
PATTERSON, DouglasSSgt2011207X1, Crete - 76-78 and 81-83
PATTERSON, Gerald D.Unk1997Airborne 292/207 @ Yokota early 60s.
PATTERSON, Joe C. "Joe Pat"GS2001Airborne Division, DCS Engineering, Hq USAFSS (EC-47, et al.)
PATTILLO, Jimmy R.Unk2018Linguist, 4 years; Indiana Univ, Hof am Saale, Germany
PATTON, Kenneth C.MSgt2003292X1 asgn Det 2, 6994th in 1968, Japan, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PAUGH, Eddie M.GS2007292X1 asgn Bremerhaven 1962-65; civ @ NSA to retirement 1995/96
PAUL, Norman L.Col2002Staff Judge Advocate/USAFSS, Clark, Chief Judge Far East.
PAULI, William R. Unk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07)
PAULSON, KermUnk2002USAFSS 6910th Vet
PAXTON, James "Jim"LCol1996COMSEC Opns, was Dir COMSEC Opns when retired
PAYNE, Aubrey O.Cpl1993788X - Misawa 1950
PAYNE, Charles M (Marion)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PAYNE, Gregory T.TSgt2008EW Tech asgn Osan, Kadena, Hurlburt; numerous asgn to Iraqi/Enduring Freedom
PAYNE, Joseph F.MajUnkAsgn Kirknewton 1960-63 as Captain
PAYNE, Kenneth J.Col2007Prof Engr (Civil); baloon/aircraft pilot; asgn Pearl Harbor 12/7/41; Hq USAFSS/CE
PAYNE, Norman E.CMSgt2018USAFSS Comms pro; Alaska, Turkey, Okinawa, Taiwan, Goodfellow
PAYNE, Robert Henry "Hank"Unk1999SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, 6910 RGM, et al
PEACE, Ernest R.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PEACH, Fred C.unk2014292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Charlie Flt - 1960-64
PEACHER, Don C.SMSgt2001AFSS 1960-68, Cryptographer, AFSCC, Bremerhaven, Ger & Japan
PEARSON, Charles S.MSgt2007Hq USAFSS Chief Clerk; asgn Vietnam
PEARSON, DavidUnk2011AMT - Eielson AFB
PEARSON, James H.SMSgt20181949 - 1972; need more info
PEARSON, John T. Sr.GS200838 yr USAFSS service as military and civilian contractor
PECHACEK, Harvey B.Unk20196911th - Darmstadt
PECHMANN, ROBERT A.A1C2003in Misawa 57-
PECK, Neil P.Unk2010Morse op asgn Bremerhaven, St Lawrence in early 60s
PEDERSEN, Tommy D.Sgt2019more info please
PEDRO, Vernon L.UnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
PEER, Charlotte K. "Charlie"GS2007Early 202X0 joined USAFSS right after Korea began; helped establish Chicksands
PEER, WilliamCMSgt2011R20890, 20270 - 6912th, Berlin 62-65, 72-76, 6986th Wakkanai 68-72, GAFB 59-62, 65-68, Germany, Japan, Korea, RAF Chicksands 53-55
PEER, WilliamCMSgt2012203 - RU Ling, Chicksands, Wakkanai, Berlin, Goodfellow
PEET, E. C. "Ned"Unk20022nd RSM/Darmstadt Vet.
PELLAGE, RichardUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
PELLITTERE, Frank V.unk20146918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Charlie Flt 292 1964-66
PEMBERTON, Roger A.unk2014292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1958-60
PENDERGAST, Tom C.TSgt2007Analyst asgn Chicksands late 60s
PENDERGRASS, Olan MSSgt20076990 Scty Gp - AFSC 30153
PENN, ThomasTSgt2019Need More information please
PENNY, Bobby L. C.A1C1999Asgn Misawa 1972-
PENTECOST, Edwin "Ed"GS2006USAFSS vet; Senior Intel Off w/FTD; case off w/Det 2 Special Activities Center
PENTICO, Arthur L. Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07 1960-04 1961-01)
PERAZZELLA, Francis W. Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10 1958-04)
PERCHES, Manuel J.unk2016WWII veteran - retired from HQ ESC in 1985
PERENIC, Ronald H.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PERKINS, Jackson E.A2C2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-04) Taiwan
PERKINS, Jan R.UNK1996Misawa 1959-
PERKINS, Larry L.Unk1996T4, Misawa 1977-78
PERKINSON, Remus O. JrTSgt2006Misawa 1966
PERLETH, James B.MSgt2010292XX asgn Wakkanai, Yokota, Rhein-Main, Misawa, Offutt
PERLINI, Robert A.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10)
PERRIGO, Duane L.MSgt1995753x, Misawa 1962-63
PERRO, Duncan I.Unk1984292XX asgn Misawa 1963
PERRY, Harold H. "Hal"Lt Col2005Asgn Ch/Admin Hq USAFSS, Chicksands, CC of 6918th/Hakata in Japan
PERRY, Russell M.Unk19??Asgn Misawa 1959-61
PETERS, Danette R. "Dani"CMSgt2016Russian Linguist, Computer Programmer, First Sgt - 1981-2011
PETERS, Harry M.TSgt2006Asgn Misawa 1970s
PETERS, Kenneth J.TSgt1979Asgn USAFSS
PETERSEN, Robert D. Lt Col2016
PETERSEN, Ted A. "Tap"SMSgt2017Airborne Russian linguist, AMS; Alaska, Turkey, Offutt, Germany, England
PETERSON, James D.Sgt2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1965-04), 6988th SS, 6990th SS; IFEL 1965-04
PETERSON, Morton B.Unk1992Need info please
PETIT, David R. (Dave)unk2015202 - Able Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1963-66
PETRIE, James E. "Jim"MSgt1998SS Ol'timer Chinese linguist from 1959, retired and resided in Taipei, Taiwan
PETROCHILOS, George P.MSgt1958Romanian linguist; killed in Sep 2, 1958 shoot down of ACRP C130
PETT, Ronald E. "Ron"Maj2008Supply officer asgn Tokyo, Zweibrucken
PETTIS, Joseph D.Unk1995363XX asgn Misawa 1958-60
PETTYJOHN, Don "PJ"CMSgt2002292 asgn San Vito late 60s, Iraklion, Clark, Pensacola, Misawa, Edzell
PETZ, Lyle E.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PFEIFFER, Larry "Chuck"Col1994Cmd Hq Staff Off
PFISTER, RobertSMSgt2014Comm Collections Systems Supt - Misawa AB Japan Kadena AB Japan Pleiku AB RVN Mather AFB CA Kelly AFB TX
PFLUEGER, Walter W.Maj1996Svc in WWII, Korea. Asgn Ft Myer, VA; Darmstadt; Karamursel; Wright Pat; NSA.
PHELPS, CLIFTON O.SSgt1970202X0 asgn Misawa 1960-
PHILLIPS, James B. Jr.UnkUnkAsgn Misawa 1958-60
PHILLIPS, Wade W.Unk2014Chinese linguist. 6987th, Taiwan. Later commissioned.
PHINNEY, Bruce WA1C2001Yale '62 and 4 years at Linkou
PICCIUOLO, JulesMSgt2002RT controller @ Darmstadt, Chicksands (1965-1968)
PICKARD, Albert "Al"Unk2009Asgn Landsberg early 50s then 28 yrs w/CIA
PICKARD, BillyCMSgt200330 years w/USAFSS during 60s/70s/80s. Msn supervisor. COPES advance man.
PICKARD, Wilma A.GS2009Worked as Program Review @ Hq USAF/IN
PICKENS, Parshallunk2014Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Mississippi, Germany, Turkey and Goodfellow AFB
PICKERING, Christopher T.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
PICOLLI, GenoCMSgt2017Morse op and First Sgt, Bremerhaven
PIERANTONI, Robert (Bob) J.CMSgt2011202x, Elmendorf, HQ USAFSS, Vietnam, RAF Chicksands, San Vito, Taiwan, DaNang, Misawa 1966-68, 6981st 72-73
PIERCE, James W.TSgt2008292X1 asgn Vietnam, Crete, Hawaii
PIERCE, Rupert F.UNK1996304XX - Misawa 1953
PIERSON, Harlan (Rick)Sgt2015202 - Goodfellow AFB (Student) 6931st Scty Sq. Baker Flight 202 1965-66
PIEST, Edwin JUnk1995more info please
PIFFER, Louis W. Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-07)
PIKE, Phillip B. "Bruce"MSgt2005AMT asgn USAFSS
PILLING, William T.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM
PINER, Gordon T.Unk1995292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-61
PIPER, Richard A.A2C1978Misawa 1956
PIPKIN, Maurice E. IIIUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PIRKLE, Albert Q.TSgt20176918th 292XX; Vietnam Vet
PITCHFORD, John J. "Jack"Col2009USAF COMSEC Center Commander at retirement; 7 yrs a POW in Vietnam
PITHEY, James H. “Jim”TSgt19976924SS Ramasun 71-72.
PITMAN, Vester R.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01)
PITNEY, James R. "Jim/Pitstop"MSgt2002Chinese/ Spec Arabic linguist served Thailand, Taiwan, Okinawa, Athens; Abrn/Gnd.; USAFSS flyer with tours as follows: 6924th (Non Soong Thailand) 72-72, 6987th (Shu Lin Kou AS) 72-75, 6990th 75-79, 6916th 81-86=5, 6990th 85-88, 41st/Davis-Monthan 88-91. Flew on 135s, 130s, Cobra Ball & Compass Call. Retired, MSgt, 1991.
PITTENGER, Ralph L.SMSgt2019 Joined the Army Air Force on Dec 16, 1948, subsequently stationed in Misawa, Japan. He served in Korea for 8 months and at McCord AFB in March 1954. He was stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany on 'C' flight as T/Sgt from 1955 - 58. Ralph was also stationed in Teheran, Iran, in 1959 and then moved to San Antonio, TX. He was also stationed at Onna Point, Okinawa and served in Vietnam at Danang.
PITTMAN, Hoyt B.MSgt2005USAFSS vet
PITTMAN, Patrick S.Sgt1985Need info please
PITTMAN, William D.GS1996Was one of the founding Directors of SSFCU
PLACE, George W.A2C1995292x, Misawa 1967
PLATT, Jerry LeeUnk1992Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
PLATTER, John J.GS2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired NSA Deputy Director
PLEASANTON, Russell J JrUnk20176918th (Hakata)
PLEDGE, JohnMaj1992Cmd Staff; little background known
PLESSINGER, James E.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04)
PLUMLEE, Troy F.Unk1994293X0 asgn Misawa 1955-57
PLUMMER, Franklin D.Unk1980Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 25 years
PLUMMER, JamesMSgt2000202 @ Misawa.
PLUNKETT, Larry L.A1C2006Chinese linguist. Basic at Sanz. (IFEL 1960-10) 6987th, Taiwan.
PLUSH, Robert L.Capt1998Asgn Misawa
PLYLER, James M. (Big Jim)Unk19961st RSM - 1952
POER, Donald G.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-04)
POFF, Edward H.Lt Col2012Deputy Comdr at Iraklion about 1967-1970, served in Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Greece, and Thailand, also Personnel Officer for Electronic Security Command, 29 year career - B-24 pilot during WWII
POGGE, Wesley H.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07)
POHL, Kenneth Walterunk2015Russian Linguist - Germany
POHLPETER, ROYCE L.Unk2007Asgn Misawa 202x 59-
POINTER, David L.Unk2009292X1 asgn Misawa, Shulinkou, Clark, Osan, 6993rd/San Antonio
POIRIER, Norman L.MSgt2019Chinese linguist, Goodfellow instructor mid-70s
POIRIER, Raymond D.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-07)
POLANSKY, Jerry R.CMSgt2010Asgn Hq USAFSS/ESC in 1970s and 80s
POLANSKY, MarilynGS2010Asgn Hq USAFSS/ESC, wife of CMSgt Jerry Polansky
POLITTE, Leroy JosephUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
POLIVKA, Emil W.Lt Col197826th RSM, 568th BS RAF Farmington, UK
POLLOCK, Roger L.Capt2019Originally enlisted, commissioned; 6913th RSM Bremerhaven; SAC B-52 Gunner Vietnam era
POMELOW, Carlton W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
POMEROY, Michael C. (Mike)SSgt1974202 - Chicksands, UK and Elmendorf, AK
PONTIUS, Casey J.MSgt2019more info please
POOL, George HalUnk2012Korean War Vet, 6925th RSM
POOLE, Cecil LamarCMSgt2010Asgn 6912th
POOLE, EugeneUnk2016Arab linguist; 6916th Athens and Ft Meade
POOLE, Randolph H (Randy)Unk2016Korean linguist; Skivvy Nine, SUSLAK, and Ft Meade
POPE, Francis H.Cpl2000788X - Misawa 1950
POPE, William "Willie"MSgt1999SS Ol'Timer fm WWII Rad Opr early Shift (Msn) Supv at 2nd RSM, Darmstadt, Ger
POPIELARCZYK, William F.Unk1981Asgn Misawa 1960-
POPINO, Carl A.Unk1980Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; cook
POPLAWSKI, RonLCol1993Ops Off; Nav on SS Cmd AC
POPP, Eric M.unk2014Vietnam - 6918th
POPP, Harlan W.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-03)
PORRINO, Francis X.Unk1979Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; Chinese linguist; NSA
PORTER, Joe B.GS1993Ops Tech Adv Cmd Hq Staff; Navigator Cmd Flight Section; HoH 1984
PORTER, Melvin D.CMSgt20141990 Hall of Honor inductee; Legendary COMSEC'er
PORTER, Terry D.MSgt1997Abrn linguist @ Rhein-Main/Yokota in late 60s, Misawa 68-71; ended career @ NSA
PORTER, Thomas W. Jr.GS2005Hq USAFSS Civil Engineering @ Kelly, Frankfurt
POSEY, Bobbie WayneUnk2017Yokota, RG-50s vet; RJ program - Greenville, TX
POTEMPA, Robert H.Unk2020Morse op, 6950th Chicksands
POTH, Matthew W.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-01)
POTOCZEK, LeoUnk2002292X2 USAFSS 6917th RSM Vet 1968-71.
POTTHOFF, George E.Unk1975Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
POU, Albert J.TSgt2013Spanish linguist, Key West and Offutt
POU, Ralston J.Unk1985292x1, Misawa 1957
POVILAITIS, Carl G.Unk2005Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01, 1960-01) Later civilian instructor at both IFEL and DLI, Monterey.
POWELL, Charles E.Col2020Legendary 17th Training Wing/CC, converted Goodfelllow into a full Tech Training Center; Versatile career as pilot, including participation in the Son Tay POW Camp raid. Also flew as pilot during Cuban Missile Crisis (refueler). https://www.conchovalleyhomepage.com/news/news-connection/remembering-col-charles-powell/
POWELL, Norma J.GS2008Asgn Hq USAFSS 25 yrs
POWELL, Richard "Dick"CMSgt2001Comm center manager asgd Germany, Turkey, England.
POWELL, Timothy J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
POWELL, William Y. "Bill"LtCol2009Hq USAFSS/ESC Operations
POWERS, Kenneth H.Col1991Dep CC Kadena, CC Wakkanai & Ft Meade
POYNTER, Charles F. JrUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PRATER, Roy WilliamMaj2012Served in ESC as DO of the 6918th at Sembach, GE. Additional tours of duty included Vietnam; Webb AFB, TX; Rickenbacker AFB, OH; Dyess AFB, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; and Ft. Meade, Maryland
PRATHER, NormanSSgt2002202 asgn 6924th/Danang
PRATTI, Robert F.unk2013292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1964-66
PREHM, Raymond R.A1C1968622x, Misawa, 1953-
PRESLAR, Michael D. "Mike"MSgt2002292 Asgn Danang '65; 721 combat missions @ Tan Son Nhut/94th; HoH Member 1985; 6948 SS, Kelly AFB
PRESLEY, Terrell G.UNK20106918th, Hakata
PRESSLEY, Henry E. Jr. "Chat"GS2001SS OlTimer fm 50's; Cmd Policy adviser to Plans&Prog.
PRICE, Donald Lamar Sr.Unk2011San Antonio, 1950-1969, retired at NSA 1980 (more Info please); retired from USAFSS in 1980 with 32 years of service
PRICE, LaroySSgt1958Flt Engineer, ACRP, lost in 9-2-58 C130 shoot down of C130 out of USASFE/SS 7406th
PRICE, Paul D.Maj20072nd RSM vet 1951; B52 navigator/bombardier
PRICE, Robert "Bob"MSgt2005COMSEC vet asgn Moriyama, Misawa in early 80s
PRICE, William M. Jr.Unk2010Morse op asgn Bremerhaven, Philippines, Vietnam, Sacramento early/mid 60s
PRICHARD, Anna M.GS1997Crypto; SS Ol'Timer fm '50
PRICHARD, HalUnk20012nd RSM vet.
PRIDGEN, Grady C., Jr.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-01)
PRIDGEON, James H.Unk2009Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
PRILLAMAN, OtisUnk2007363XX Maint asgn 1st RSM/Misawa 1953-54
PRINCE, Joseph F.SMSgt1997A328 AMT asgn 6916th, 6988th, 6990th, Goodfellow
PROBST, David L.SSgt2010292x, Misawa 1964
PROBST, David L.SMSgt2010Asgn March/Kelly AFB; Philippines, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, Scotland
PROBST, Ernest Jr. (Ernie)SSgt2010Elint supervisor in Hof, GE in early 60's - more info needed
PROCTOR, Daniel A.K. (DAK)Col2013Founding member of the Billy Mitchell Chapter of the AOC, an EW expert. Retired from ESC as Chief, Intelligence Research Division
PROMOWITZ, RogerUnk1995San Vito Able Flight Analyst (202X0)
PROSISE, James W.unk2015USAFSS - Darmstadt and Rhein Main (Radio Op)
PROSSER, Frank J.CMSgt2012202x, Dayshop, Misawa 1962-65
PROVANCE, James A.SMSgt2009Started in weather then Russian linguist; asgn Japan
PRUISA, William E.Unk2011203x, T3, Misawa 1959-61, 1967
PRUITT, Earl L.A1C2007Misawa 1966
PRYLINSKI, Norbert J.Unk20056918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, - WWII, Korea and Vietnam Veteran
PRYSZMONT, Edward S.AlC197?SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger.
PUCILLO, Patric M.Unk2016
PUCKETT, GeneUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PUCKETT, Ronald C.Capt2006Mustang intell officer asgn Clark PI, Goodfellow, Udorn, Maxwell, Kelly
PUCKETT, Russell E.MSgt2018Comms analyst; Korean conflict, Korea, Turkey, PI, Germany, Italy, Hawaii; former owner of Kings Lounge near Security Hill
PUGMIRE, Robert C.CMSgt2008Chinese linguist asgn 7 far east tours, 2 @ NSA, 3 @ USAFSS
PULLEN, Doyle AlonzoUnk19846918th RSM 202XX
PULLIAM, Allen M.SSgt2006292 asgn Misawa 1971-
PULLIAM, Andrew F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PURCELL, CharlesUnk199529271 asgn Goodfellow
PURELLO, Alfred C.1st Lt2014Able and Easy Flights, 41st/6913thRSM, Bremerhaven GE., 1954-57
PURSER, William W.Unk2003202X0 Asgn 6910th/Landsberg 1951-54
PUTT, Donald L.Lt Gen1988Hall of Honor 1995; AAC and USAF pioneer in scientific and technical intelligence. Air Technical Service Command/CC
PY, Raymond L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
PYEATT, William M. (Mike)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
PYLE, Rodney W.UNK2010Misawa 1963
QUAVE, RonUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
QUIGG, Albert H. "Al"CMSgt2010Msn Supe @ San Vito, Chicksands, Bremerhaven
QUIGGLE, James F.LCol1985Need info please
QUILLEN, Michael A.unk2011Morse Op, Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
QUINLAN, Richard E.PFC2007293XX asgn Misawa 1951-
QUINN, Robert JosephLt Col201830 year career; Hawaii - UK, Italy
QUINTANILLA, HectorLCol1998Intl Off in SS; Physicist fm St Mary's Univ; WWII vet in Pacific area
RAABE, John C.MSgt1992SS Ol'Timer w/21-yrs in SS; Cmd Staff, Shemya,Bremerhaven, Germany, Italy
RAASCH, Ronald A. "Ronnie"unk2015Korean War, 29th RSM
RABOZZI, Robert J.MSgt1998Early 202X0 just before Korean War began; asgn Far East, Germany, Chicksands
RABURN, Thomas E.CMSgt2003Msn Supvr @ Bremerhaven (54-57); WWII POW in Philippines.
RACE, HaroldMSgt2009203 asgn Area 11 1966-
RACHELS, Gene AllanCMSgt201328+ years USAFSS/ESC, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, JA
RADICK, Jerry J.Unk2009Asgn USAFSS
RADIGAN, William J. Jr. "Bill"Lt Col2014more info needed
RADLEIN, Earl W. Jr.A2C1956SS linguist/flyer; killed in RB-50 shot down Soviets in Sea of Japan
RADMANN, Dennis P.Unk2004Russian linguist asgn Kelly;
RADZIMINSKI, Anthony "Ratso"SMSgt2001Russian linguist @ Wakkanai, Berlin, Hof, Hq ESC
RAETZ, John E. Jr.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
RAGAN, Marvin L.MSgt1997Need info please
RAGAZZO, Dominic P.Unk2008292X1 asgn Misawa 1960-
RAGSDALE, Francis C. "Frank"Unk2011need info pls
RAGSDALE, MelvinMSgt1999SS era, 202XX, Alaska, et al
RAHA, James F. “Jim”TSgt1996R29170 CommCen; 6924SS Da Nang 69-70.
RAHMGREN, Leo G.GS2006One of USAFSS' earliest computer spec; asgn Japan, Germany, England, USAFSS
RAINEY, Peter Hubert "Perry"CMSgt2019Airborne Maintenance Supt; multiple assignments in USAFSS/ESC
RAINEY, William Frank (Bill)unk2013USAFSSS - 1951-1955, Kessler AFB, Brooks AFB, F.E. Warren AFB, Bolling AFB
RAKESTRAW, Barney G.MSgt1980SS ACRP linguist @ Rhein-Main '57-61/Berlin/San Vito/Adana/Wakkanai/Thailand
RAKUS, Vincent A.Unk2003203X1 asgn Misawa 1956-
RAMEY, Carl D.MSgt2017Vietnam era
RAMIE, Paul F.unk2014Y29351 - Dog Trick - 41st/6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Germany - 1952-56
RAMOS-CABAN, MonserrateUnk1998Spanish linguist and flyer
RAMSEY, Stanford L. "Stosh"MSgt2000SS Ol'Timer Airborne Maint Tech, AFSC A32873
RAMSEY, WinfredSMSgt1997SS Ol'Timer Tripoli, Clark AB, Phil, AFSCC, Cmd Hq, Masawa, Cudjoe Key, Fla.
RANDERSON, John T.MGen2001OIC CE/Comm @ 6913/Bremerhaven 60-63; SAC StratCommDiv/CC; Ret Aug 82
RANGER, Vincent H.A2C2010Misawa 1954
RANKIN, Robert H.Unk19??SS Ol'Timer, 292XX, Brooks AFB, 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, e al
RANSOM, Laverne GlenUNK201141st RSM, Bremerhaven 1953-54 - USAF 1952-56
RANSOM, Russell "Russ"SMSgt1993NCOIC SAWD-2. Heart attack in San Antonio.
RASMUSSEN, Robert L.A2C1978771x, SP, Misawa 1962
RASNIC, Carl G.MSgt2010Airborne Russian and Czech linguist; Germany, Japan, Alaska
RAST, James "Jack"GS1998Data Automation; SS Ol'Timer
RATLIFF, Edward K.MSgt1999SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
RAUPE, David O.Unk1977Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; motor pool
RAUTENBERG, WayneCMSgt2004Chinese linguist asgn throughout USAFSS; ret @ San Angelo
RAWLS, Houston B.MSgt2004Cryptologist retired 1965; WWII Navy vet; served in Korea; USAFSS civilian
RAWSON, Joseph F.SSgt2008304X1 asgn Misawa 1967-1970, 1973-76
RAY, Calvin C. "Sonny"Sgt2009202 asgn Ramasun Station, Thailand and Onna Point, Okinawa
RAY, James M. "Jim"MSgt20186 foreign countries, 3 conflict-veteran; Okinawa and Offutt, Misawa
RAY, TroySSgt2002Morse op asgn 6913th/Bremerhaven
RAYBON, Paul "Mac"MSgt20111A8 Russian Linguist, Offutt 80's and 90's, Hurlburt, retired and worked at Greenville
RAYFIELD, Richard R.A2C2018more info please
RAYMOND, Gary D.MSgt2006292 asgn Taiwan, Misawa 63-66, Hq USAFSS, Nha Trang, Darmstadt, Ft Meade
RAYNES, Ralph C.A1C2006363XX asgn Misawa 1953-
RAYNOR, Charles "Chuck"SSgt1986202 asgn NSA
READNOUR, James L.Unk2013USAFSS and ESC 1953-1980
READY, Michael J.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-01)
REAGAN, Cleveland EugeneTSgt2016A207X1 - Offutt AFB, Vietnam; RC-135s, EC-47s; 6903rd Osan
REARDON, Mike "Igor"SSgt2005Czech & Russian linguist; Rhein-Main early 60s
REARICK, Oscar I.CMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer, a real Dittie-Bopper, Hq Cmd Staff, et al
REAT, Grover O.Col2014Korea, Goodfellow AFB
RECTOR, BudUnk2016Russian linguist, prior Scty Police; Azores, Turkey, New York, Louisiana, Japan, Texas
REDMON, Patrick "PJ"Unk1992Security Policeman asgn Kirknewton, Scotland
REED, Donald A.Col1995Cmdr 6912, 25th, 90th, Cmd HQ & NSA
REED, WhitneyGS2010NSA Chief of E-Group (Training)
REED, William T. (Bill)unk2004292 - Baker Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1965-1966 time frame.
REEDER, Horace G.Col19??Cmd Hq Opns P&P Staff
REES, JohnA1C1984Asgn Bremerhaven (62-64)
REES, JohnCol2009Wing Commander @ Goodfellow 1970s
REESE, Daniel C.A1C1967ARDF opr; killed in EC-47 shoot down at Nha Trang
REHM, Jerry T.Unk2007Need info pls
REHOR, Michael W.CMSgt2020X2 Chicksands, San Vito
REICHARD, Donald L.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM/6910th during period 1949-1955.
REICHEL, Emmet MarkUnk2001Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-07, 1959-07)
REID, John J.LtCol2009Asgn Turkey, Okinawa, Korea, Germany
REID, RolandMSgt1957SS Ol'Timer, 292XX, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; Tripoli, Libya; et al.
REID, Samuel J. “Sam”TSgt19826924SS Da Nang 68-69.
REID, Wallace D. “Wally”SSgt19906924SS Da Nang 68-69.
REID, Warren E.A2C2001203 asgn Darmstadt, England
REIFSTECK, Donald C.Unk2005Asgn Misawa 1956-57
REILEY, William H.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-01) Reported by Fred Gerkens. Deceased prior to 2006 or 2007.
REINHARD, Richard L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
REKSTAD, Paul D.Unk2017USAFSS 1952-1956
RENIERE, David V.Unk2010203 asgn T3 Misawa 1959-61
RENNELS, Scott Sr.Unk2020Need more info, please
RESATAR, JohnCMSgt1988SS Ol'Timer, 29290, in 6989th, 6924th, et al
RESPESS, Charles A.A2C2004293XX asgn Misawa 1956-
REUSCH, James A.Unk2019Morse op 6913th Bremerhaven
REVELS, William G.A2C2004292X1 asgn Misawa 1960-
REVOLINSKI, JOHN P. JrUnk2007290XX asgn Misawa 1967-69
REYNOLDS, Jack R.First Sgt20066918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1959-61
REYNOLDS, James J. "JJ"CMSgt2009Hall of Honor 1992; Flew C-47 combat msns fm Nha Trang, Phu Cat Vietnam, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
REYNOLDS, Richard Dennisunk201620 year veteran - Korean and Vietnam Wars - more info please
RHEA, Earl W.CWO2018First Commandant of Goodfellow NCO Academy, 1959-1962
RHOADES, Donald E. "Dusty"Unk2019Bremerhaven, 1955-58
RHOADS, Robert M. (Bob/Dusty)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
RHODES, Thomas D.Unk1999203X1 asgn Misawa 1967-69
RICARDO, AugustusUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
RICE, Garrett W.Unk2019Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10) 6988th SS Yokota. BAT 1.
RICE, Milton R.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
RICE, William L.Col2002Commanded Wakkanai, Brindisi; Several USAFSS/NSA assignments; HoH 1989.
RICH, Ralph L. "Bull"GS2003Military & civilian service at Chicksands, USAFSS Hq; owned King's Lounge in 60s.
RICHARD, Ulderic Jr.SSgt1995Misawa 1963
RICHARDS, RobertCol2019Former AFIC legal officer (lawyer) and Intel Oversight Officer
RICHARDSON, Garland K.Unk1978Comm asgn to Chicksands.
RICHARDSON, JackUnkUnkAsgn 6933rd RSM/Karamursel, Turkey 1959-62
RICHARDSON, Jame H.TSgt2018more info please
RICHARDSON, James A. "Jim"MSgt2001USAF 21 yrs, most in USAFSS. Taught @ NCO Academy (Goodfellow). 6918th RSM
RICHARDSON, LemuelUnk1998292x, Misawa 1959
RICHARDSON, Thomas "Tom"LCol2000SS Ol'Timer, Navigator RC135's out of Eileson; Cmdr 6988 @ Yokota, et al
RICHMOND, Neil W.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-11)
RICKARD, Morris A.unk1965292, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1964-65
RICKER, Rolland D.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1956-10)
RICKETTS, James P. "Jim"Unk2007292X1 asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt
RIDDLE, GARRY D.Unk1985Asgn Misawa 304x radio maint. 66-69
RIDER, JamesUnk1998SS Ol'Timer; 6910 SG, Landsberg Ger in late 1950's
RIDINGS, Roger W.CWO2001SS Ol'Timer, specialty & tenure with AFSS unk
RIEDEL, John H. "Jack"SMSgt2013HoH - 1998; 6916th (Rhein-Main 59-65); Det 1, 6947th (MacDill AFB (65-67); 6990th (Okinawa 68-70)/AMS on C-130 COMMANDO LANCE/COMFY ECHO combat msns in SEA, COMBAT APPLE RC-135 & EC-121 RIVET GYM msns; Hawaii hardship tour (70-72); 6908th/NKP COMFY GATOR C-130 msns (72-72); HQ USAFSS (73-75) as head of USAFSS aircrew eval pgm; HQ USAF (75-78) with duty @ AM Embassy, Vienna Austria; 6949th (Offutt AFB 78-82); & finally, Det 1, 6947th (Boca Chica NAS, FL 82-84).
RIEDMILLER, Donald H.???1996SS Ol'Timer; 29271/20270 @ Darmstadt in '56; helped start/flew ACRP Rhein-Main in '56
RIEF, Thomas L. "Tom"SMSgt2008292X1 asgn Okinawa, Shemya, San Vito, Lackland, Norton, Eglin
RIEL, Ronald F.unk2015USAFSS , Korean War
RIGGAN, Warren WayneUnk2019Russian linguist Bremerhaven 6913th RSM Able Flight
RIGGINS, Barney R.Unk1992292X1 asgn Misawa 1968-
RILEY, James R.Col2009RB-47 Command Pilot; Chief, NSA Recon Coll Div
RILEY, Raymond D.MSgt/GS2010Cryptanalyst served USAF 20 yrs then 19 w/NSA
RINCON, Edward "Fast Eddie"MSgtUnkSpanish linguist
RINDOCK, James C.unk20136918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1971-72
RINGO, Leldon V. (Vernon L)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
RISSLAND, Denis R. "Denny"MSgt2004Asgn Misawa Trick 4 65-70
RITCHIE, Alvin D.Unk1996202 asgn Misawa 1996
RITOLA, Lars G.Sgt2018more info please
RITSCHIE, DavidSSgt1999Polish linguist served in Europe. Lt Col (AF Res)
RITTER, George WilliamUnk2020Yale Univ Chinese Mandarin linguist - Vietnam
RITTERMEYER, Stanley D.Unk1993Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
RIVERA, Ramon "Ray"SMSgt201529272, 203XX, Goodfellow, Misawa (65-68), Kirknewton (68-72), Rhein Main, Key West
ROBB, Dale H.GS2007Elec Engr on Crypto Eq; USAFSS founder served 30 yrs; est crypto depot 1949
ROBBE, Domenico1st Lt1996OIC - Det 11, 1st RSM - Misawa 1949
ROBBINS, Alfred M.TSgt2010Misawa, 292, T4, 1961-64
ROBERSON, Paul L.BGen2003ATC Tng Dev Chief; Goodfellow/CC 1986; ESC/AIA Dep Cmdr 1987; SSFCU Exec
ROBERTS, JackCMSgt2013Linguist, HoH inductee 1999; Rhein/Main, Germany - US Embassies in Warsaw and Moscow - 50+ years of Agency service
ROBERTS, Jacqueline E.TSgt1993208 assigned Misawa, Hahn, Ft Meade, ESC/IN
ROBERTS, James C.,IVMaj1999SS Ol'Timer , Electronic Eng, of Environmental Science, Hq SS and WWII vet in Pacific
ROBERTS, Jewell A.Capt2000SS Ol'Timer; Bremerhaven Opns; Greenland, et al; was WWII Vet
ROBERTS, Joe E.LtCol20018th RSM Commander 1952-53
ROBERTS, Lew A. (Alton)SSgt1998292x, Misawa 1956-58
ROBERTS, Lowell W.SSgt2019Russian linguist, Korea
ROBERTS, Paul R.Unk20032nd RSM vet.
ROBERTSON, Dillard W.SSgt2004202, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan 63-65
ROBERTSON, John N.CMSgt2011USAFSS career, Taiwan, Hawaii, Japan and England (comm management at Brooks)
ROBERTSON, Norris J.Unk1990Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
ROBERTSON, Robert "Bob"MSgt2005Russian/Arabic linguist asgn Eielson, Omaha, Athens, Ft Meade
ROBINS, CharlesSMSgt199720290 asgn 6920th early 70s
ROBINSON, David "Robbie"CMSgt2009202X0 asgn Goodfellow, Chicksands, Medina, Hahn, Kelly, Osan
ROBINSON, David A.Unk2005291X0 asgn Misawa 1970s
ROBINSON, John David Jr "Robbie"Lt Col20181976 - late 1990's AFSC - 203x1 (MB), 8055; CHILING at 6903rd SS 1976 - 197?, Intel Officer at AFTAC 1995, Air Attache BeiJing, also HUMINT
ROBINSON, Leland H.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ROBINSON, NealBGen2017Vice CC, AIA, AFCO Director, ACC/A2 Deputy; taken hostage during Iranian Embassy incident;
ROBINSON, RogerLtCol2005Intell officer asgn USAFSS/ESC, AFSCC, Augsburg, Tempelhof/Marienfelde
ROBINSON, William D. "Robby"CMSgt2015RC-135's Offutt AFB, NE - More information please
ROBISHEAUX, John S.SMSgt2008Asgn USAFSS in 60s
ROBISON, JamesTSgt2005202X0; Peshawar
ROCK, Charles J.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
ROCKWELL, Rudolph P. "Rudy"MSgt2006292 asgn Kirknewton, Scotland early 50s
RODEBUSH, MaxMSgt2007Russian & Vietnamese linguist asgn Wakkanai, Kadena; AMS
RODEKOHR, Richard R.SSG2007Admin asgn Misawa 1950-
RODERICK, Jeffrey X.Unk2007292X1 asgn Darmstadt, Misawa (1962-)
RODGERS, Franklin G.A2C1974203x Misawa 1953-60
RODGERS, LonnieA1C1977Asgn Misawa 1972-
RODRIGUEZ, Gabino "Gabby"UnkUnkSpanish linguist
RODRIGUEZ, HenryunkUnkSpanish linguist
RODRIGUEZ, JoseUnk2006Russian/Spanish linguist asgn Germany, Key West (Cuban Crisis)
RODRIGUEZ-EREVIA, PantalionunkUnkSpanish linguist
RODRIGUEZ, Robert D.Unk2012Misawa, 293x, 1959
ROEHRS, RobertUnk2001USAFSS ComSec Vet @ Alaska, McClellan AFB.
ROEPKE, DALE C.A2C1978Misawa 65-
ROESLER, Herman "The German"TSgt2020One of first airborne linguists during WWII European Theater; flew on B-17s as an interceptor/translator; recognized by Honorable Congressman Don Bacon on the House Floor for his contributions as one of the "Greatest Generation"
ROGERS, Albert "Buck"Col1996SS Ol'Timer, HoH member
ROGERS, Glen E.Lt Col2015Chaplain (892), 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata Japan, 1971-72
ROGERS III, John S.MSgt2019Career Morse op, Vietnam era
ROGERS, Montie P.CMSgt2019COMSEC / Crypto; 56-67 Turkey, 61-64 Oslo, Norway, Tripoli early 50s, San Antonio a lot off and on, retired 1975, Later worked civil service in same field at NSA, and Defense Mapping as GM-15
ROGERSON, Robert "Bob"MSgt2005Mission Supervisor asgn Crete in 1984; Russian and Arabic linguist with flying assignments at Eielson 66-67, Omaha 67-70, Athens 71-75 and 76-80, and Fort Meade (6994th) 86-88.
ROLAND, Gwin C.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ROLEWICZ, Harry JosephA1C2000R291X0; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68; Det 1, 6916SS Hellenikon; died at Athens, GR.
ROLFES, James O. "Jim"MSgt2013Spanling, need information on assignments please
ROLLAND, DaleCMSgt2011USAFSS 202 - Landshtul - mid 1950's, Bingen, Landsberg, Ramasun Station, Thailand (1972)
ROLOFF, Gordon GlennSMSgt2005Chinese linguist asgn Shu Lin Kou, Osan, others
ROMANOWSKI, Ronald L.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-04)
ROMANS, Dale H.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ROME, Leroy James Sr.unk2015USAFSS - Kelly AFB Security Hill
ROMEO, Francis Paul, Jr. "Frank”MSgt1992R30474; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
ROMERO, BennyUnk2003Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07 1958-04)
ROMINIECKI, LucianSSgt1969Russian linguist ACRP @ Eielson; killed RC135 RIVET AMBER Bering Sea crash
RONE, BOBBY L.Unk2004in Misawa 57-
RONEY, Philip M.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-04)
RONKA, George R.Col2002Policy Div Chief/Nat Intel Cmte @ CIA; Cmdr of 4 USAF comm intell bases.
ROOCH, Melvin R.Unk2002Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-10)
ROONEY, JamesTSgt2006Asgn Misawa, Bad Aibling ('82-85)
ROOP, Raymond R.TSgt2001DCS/Personnel Officer Records
ROOZENBURG, Thomas A.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-03)
ROSALES, Robert E. (Rosie)Unk2012Comm Specialist and cryptologist, WWII veteran
ROSATI, JamesCol2005Need info please
ROSE, Vincent "Vinny"Unk2017Communications specialist, Germany and Japan
ROSENBERGER, Albert S. "Rosie"2017USAF-Ret, followed by career w/NSA; Germany, Pakistan, Okinawa, and England
ROSENSTEEL, Edwin D.MSgt1997202X0 asgn Misawa 1954-56
ROSENTRETER, EdwardLt Col2014need more info please
ROSKAM, Mickey D.MSgt1988RY30474 Iron Horse; QC; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68.
ROSS, Eugene H.Unk2004702 on Security Hill in 60s/70s. Owned const business in San Antonio after retirement
ROSS, John W.GS1996SS Ol'Timer; AFSCC Analyst
ROSS, JohnnyMSgt2019USMC, USAF Korean and Vietnam War vet; Chicksands and Goodfellow
ROSS, Walter T.MSgt20056918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ROSSETT, James E. “Rosie”SSgt1998R20270; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
ROSSI, John R.SSgt2005202X0 asgn Misawa 1965, 1969-70, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
ROSSI, Norman L.Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10)
ROSSIER, Roy E.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-04)
ROTHROCK, John E. Jr.Col2005Instrumental in publicizing Soviet doctrine of electronic combat in mid-70s
ROTHWELL, Lloyd T. Jr.CMSgt2005Security analyst asgn Turkey, England, Germany, TX, CA, MD, AK
ROUCH, Robert D.GS1986Need info please
ROUNSEVILLE, Herbert W.A2C2003Asgn Misawa 1956-
ROUSH, Donald D.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07)
ROUTT, Robert R.MSgt2007Asgn England, Pakistan, Goodfellow
ROUX, Charles P.A1C2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-07) 6987th, Taiwan.
ROWDEN, Lawrence R.GS2003X1 in USAFSS 50s/60s then GS @ NSA; asgn Libya, Okinawa, GAFB, Ft Meade
ROWLAND, Gordon D.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
ROWLAND, Steven J.Unk2010Abrn Russian linguist @ 6916th/Rhein-Main in early 70s
ROY, Richard W.A1C2006293x1 in Shiroi 1957
ROY, TracySRA2002Korean linguist asgn Osan
ROYAL, William E.CMSgt200213 year USAFSS vet.
RUBEL, George W.MSgt2019Morse Op, airborne systems pioneer (RB-29A)
RUDERMAN, Joshua H.CMSgt2006HoH Member; NCOIC Hq USAFSS Comm Ctr; teacher post retirement
RUDISILL, WILLIAM J.Unk2009292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-60
RUFF, Lucius Jr. "Pappy"SMSgt2010202X0; asgn Greenland, Germany, Turkey, Hawaii, Alaska
RUHE, Steven A.Sgt2011293x, Misawa, 1975-
RUMPLE, Guy A.MSgt2005292 asgn Misawa 1960; WW II, Korean War, & Vietnam
RUNDLE, DonaldUnk1996Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
RUOCCO, Guy T.Unk2005292XX asgn Misawa T2 1961-63
RUPP, BernardUnk2006Comsec asgn 20th RSM
RUSCHE, Allen B.SSgt1999R29271; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69.
RUSH, Earl S.UnkUnk292 asgn Misawa 1959-61
RUSH, Edward F.CMSgt2004Asgn Hq USAFSS for last 13 years of career
RUSH, William N.SSgt1976202x, Misawa, 1962
RUSHE, George MarionCol2020Chaplain, Kelly AFB; Itazuke, Japan, Fuchu AS, Japan; HQ SAC (Offutt), and HQ USAFE (Ramstein)
RUSSEL, Matthew J.Unk2017Russian linguist - Germany
RUSSELL, Duane E. (DER)Col2015FTVA HoH - 1991 - USA and USAF, Ret in 1974 - Det 1 6988 RSM (Yokota), 6985th CC, 6994th CC and HQ USAFSS DCS/Operations
RUSSELL, Duane E. IICol1998Son of SS Ol'Timer, Col Duane E. Russell "DER"
RUSSELL, EarlMSgt2004Morse controller asgn Onna Point, Kirknewton, San Vito, Chicksands;
RUSSELL, Emil Mitchell (Russ)MSgt2012Korean War (Army), 202X0, assignments included San Antonio, Houston, Ft. Meade, Sinop,Turkey, Zweibruchen and Darmstadt, Germany and Elmendorf AFB, Alaska
RUSSELL, ErikMaj2016390th IS; RJ IIO
RUSSELL, Jay GCMSgt199?SS Ol'Timer, 6913RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, et al
RUSSELL, John ErnestSMSgt201225 years AD - Japan, Thailand, Philippines, England, Texas and finished his career in Alaska at Eielson and Elmendorf
RUSSOFF, DavidUnk2011Russian linguist, Turkey
RUTAN, Robert J. "Bob"MSgt1987Yrs of Svc 1960-1980, 77-80 6990th First Sgt, 74-77 6916th, 73-74 Lang School in DC, 71-73 Thailand, Also served in Omaha and Greece.
RUTKOWSKI, RONALD E.A1C2005292x1 T1 Misawa 66-67
RUTLEDGE, Robert D.Unk2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-01)
RUTLEDGE, Sidney C.TSgt1980Asgn Misawa 1971-
RUTTER, DouglasTSgt2001Radio maintenance
RUTTER, Thomas B.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-11)
RYAN, George P.MSgt1993SS Ol'Timer; analyst training received March AFB, Cal in '57
RYAN, James MichaelUnk2016Russian linguist, assignments in Berlin, UK, Colorado, and CA
RYAN, John V. JrMSgt198620270 asgn Thailand 60s/70s; crashed on first mission
RYAN, Thomas "Tom"SMSgt1996Need info please
RYDER, JamesUnk1998SS Ol'timer from 1950's; 12th RSM Landsberg, Ger; 6910 RGM; et al
RYON, John W.MSgt19726918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, ARDF opr; killed in EC-47 crash near Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand
RZEPECKI, James A.A2C1990Asgn Misawa 1966-
SABO, John, JrCMSgt1990203XX; Op Supt @ 6912 in 1970
SACK, John P.MSgt1988Asgn Hakata as 292X2
SADUSKY, Robert A.Unk2003202XX, 1961- (Need more info)
SAFLEY, Don L.Col2005DCS/Logistics asgn Eur Sec Rgn (63-66), Hq USAFSS (66-68)
SAGAN, Ralph W.SMSgt2010Russian linguist/AMS asgn Japan, Germany, Greece, San Angelo, 203XX T1 in Misawa 61-64
SAGAR, RayMSgtunk207X1, Crete, Chicksands
SAKAI, Walter T.A2C1998292X2 asgn T2 Misawa 1959-60
SALDANA, Daniel E.MSgt2012Able Flight, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1960-63
SALE, Charles T. "Tom"SMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer, Dittie Bopper; Msn Supv, Controller, et al; Softball Pitcher!
SALERNO, Joseph J.A2C/GS1998292X1 asgn Clark; GS asgn NSA to retirement
SALIE, Jimmie L.MSgt2008Chinese & Korean linguist asgn Korea, Vietnam
SALZWEDEL, Harold O.SSgt1989202 @ Danang, Pleiku, Cam Ranh, Ton Son Nhut; Darmstadt. Worked N. Mich. Univ.
SAMAD, Gary Lee Sr.MSgt2013Japan, Greece, England, New York and Texas
SAMODELL, Michael T. “Mike”A1C19696924SS Da Nang 67-68.
SANDERS, Terry S.Unk2010292x1, Misawa 1966-67
SANDERSON, Aubrey E. "Sandy"CMSgt200237 years USAF and civil service; worked in COMM
SANDERSON, James "Sandy"Unk1992202 @ Misawa late 50s to Hq late 70s.
SANDLIN, Autry G.Sgt2018more info please
SANDROK, EdwardTSgt1985Asgn Osan/Ramstein/Nellis AFB/Beale AFB/AFEWC Kelly AFB
SANDQUIST, Allan H.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-07)
SANFORD, Lindsey J.Maj1995Personnel; CBPO's ESR, Cmd HQ
SANTANA, LouisMSgt1999Equip Maintenance
SANTILLI, Joe B.A3C2010293X1 asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven 1952-54
SANTORE, Nicholas F. "Nick"SMSgt1993Russian linguist; Ol'Timer, long-time SS ACRP duty
SANTORO,Thomas E.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
SAPAUGH, Thomas C.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
SAPP, Robert FredUnk2013Misawa, 292x 1960-, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SAPP, William L. Jr.Unk19??Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
SARG, Thomas EugeneMSgt2017Vietnam (Op Frequent Wind for evacuation); Germany, Italy, Philippines
SARVEY, MerleUNK2013Cryptographer
SATTELMAIER, Freeman A.MSgt2013R70270 Admin. Supervisor & 169.168 Chief Clerk II, 1stSgt of the 34th RSM, Wheelus AC, Tripoli Libya, Crete, England, France, Germany, Hawaii, Libya, Taiwan, B-26 tail gunner, Sgt. Major, Admin Assistant to General Kloko
SATTELMAIER, Stellaciv2014Secretary in Iraklion 1970's
SATTERFIELD, BENNIE L.Unk2005Asgn Misawa 293x 53-
SAUNDERS, Hilliard E.Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-01)
SAUNDERS, John G "Big John"CMSgt1991Russian linguist; SS Ol'Timer; ACRP RM, Yokota, Kadena, Hq; "WWII AMS"
SAUNDERS, PrestonUnk2019USAFSS vet
SAVARINO, Richard R.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1961-10)
SAWAKA, William E.Unk1981Asgn Misawa 1959-
SAWYER, Scott E.A1C1980Asgn 6921st/Misawa
SAYLOR, Henry S.Col1997Linguist; SS Ol'Timer; NATO Staff
SAYLOR, Kenneth DavidLt Col20156970th SG, Ft Meade, 6930th RGM at Iraklion AFB,
SAYLOR, Kenneth E.PFC2003756V - Misawa 1949
SAYRE, CecilUnk2007USAFSS vet (Bremerhaven) 1954-58
SAYRE, Wesley H., Jr.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1959-05)
SCAFE, Kenneth J.Unk19886918th, Hakata, Japan
SCARAMELL, William F. "Bill or Wolfman"MSgt2011208XX, Berlin - 6912th - early 1980's, 21 years AF service followed by NSA service
SCARBORO, Richrd GayUnk202041st and 6913th RSM Bremerhaven DF Site, 1951-55, 1957-1964
SCARFF, JimCol2016HQ ESC - XP and DO
SCHAAK, William C.Maj2002USAFR Comsec as AD and Civ/GS @ Kelly.
SCHANTZ, RinehartSMSgt2003Marines in WWII; Asgn Japan, California, Hawaii, San Antonio
SCHAULE, WilliamCMSgt2009WWII China/Burma/India; asgn Misawa, Berlin, Vietnam, Philippines, Goodfellow
SCHELL, Robert C.Unk2012Ant Maint. 304X, Misawa 72-76
SCHELP, Robert D.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07)
SCHENK, Francis D.Unk2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
SCHERBER, Murray W.Sgt1991R292X1; 6924SS Da Nang 68-69. (Orange-related.)
SCHERER, Christian C.UNK2013292x1 T3, 69-72, 72-75 - Misawa
SCHICK, Floris Leldon "Sonny"MSgt2019Bremerhaven, 6913th
SCHILLING, Ernestciv2014USAFSS/ESC - Data Automation
SCHIRMER, Bertram I.PFC2005Asgn Misawa 1950
SCHLOSSER, Harlan E.A1C1999603XX asgn Misawa 1953
SCHMIDT, John Allenunk20146918th RSM/SS. Hakata, Japan 1965-1967, 292 on Dawg Flight
SCHMIEDEBERG, Edward J.SMSgt1975SS Ol'Timer; 1st Sgt 6916th RM early 60's, NKP, Kadena; AKA "Smiddy"
SCHMIELER, Peter C.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-11)
SCHMIT, Harvey J.MSgt2013Hof and Berlin, GE, Ft. Meade, MD
SCHMUTTE, William C.19896918th;
SCHNEIDER, GailMSgt1999Radio maint asgn Karamursel, Turkey 1970-72; Peshawar, Pakistan.
SCHOFIELD, EricSSgt/Lt2005USAFSS vet left AF for USN commission in 1982
SCHOLTEN, Gregory J.MSgt2002Russian linguist in airborne program at Mildenhall/Offutt (C130/RC135)
SCHOLTEN, Julian S.SrA2012Mission Systems Operator, 25th IS, Hurlbert Field; perished in U-28A crash near Djibouti
SCHORR, Donald F.GS2008WWII Pearl Harbor & Midway vet; 30 years w/NSA
SCHOTT, Conrad R. "WLYC"CMSgt1989Hall of Honor 1995; 292 xtrained to Russian linguist, ACRP Expert; EC121; Shiroi 58-59, Ft Sam Nat Cemetary
SCHRAM, Monte LeighUnk2013294/205 - 23 year AF career
SCHRANK, BillLt Col2014ESC - need more info please
SCHRODER, George H, JrGS1995Crypto; Cmd Hq mostly
SCHROEDER, Jacob D. IIIUnk1995Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-07)
SCHUETZE, Gary W.Unk1994202 asgn Misawa 1961-63
SCHULTE, Roslyn L.1Lt2009ISR Ops Officer asgn Afghanistan killed by roadside IED
SCHULTZ, David L.Unk2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
SCHULTZ, Leon John "Lee"Unk2018Russian airborne linguist, 6988th Yakota and DaNang
SCHULTZ, Marvin E. "Marv"CMSgt19941st Sgt @ Landshut (56-58); also asgn Hq USAFSS
SCHUMAN, Jimmie D.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1958-01)
SCHUNK, CarlMSgt2010Yugo linguist - Brindisi; German linguist Rhein-Main, Hof, Goodfellow, Brindisi, Offutt, Berlin (Teufelsberg)
SCHUNKE, John L.SMSgt2016Yale Chinese Linguist, 6988 RSM
SCHUTTE, Charles F. "Charlie"CMSgt2017Bremerhaven, 6913th, 27 year vet
SCHWAN, Lawrence B.Unk1989203 asgn Kadena, Danang.
SCHWARTZ, Earl "Vic"Unk2009Clerk at Misawa; switch to Army and helicopter pilot in Vietnam
SCHWARTZ, Leonard R.Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-11)
SCHWARZ, Brian LeeSgt2017German linguist - Mildenhall, 1984-87
SCHWENK, Jan R.Unk2010Chinese linguist. 6987th, Taiwan. Later commissioned.
SCHWENSOHN, Hebert RogerSSgt20116913th/41st RSM, Bremerhaven, GE - Morse Section, Charlie Flight, 1956-59
SCHWERING, KennethSSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, 1952-55 era, Brooks AFB, Darmstadt, et al
SCHWETZ, Joseph A.Unk2005293 asgn Misawa 1955-57
SCOTT, Billy J (BJ)unk20146918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1970-72, ASFC - 292 on Baker
SCOTT, Boswell H.MSgt2009Asgn Taiwan, Kelly
SCOTT, Charles A.CMSgt1996Unit mgr; 6910SG et al
SCOTT, David L. Sr. "Scottie"Unk2003Morse op asgn 41st/6913th 1953-56, retired from Border Patrol
SCOTT, Decious D.A1C1984Asgn Misawa 1965-
SCOTT, Donald L.Unk2008202 asgn Kirknewton 1960-63; civilian at the Goodfellow school for many years
SCOTT, John E.A1C2000SS Ol'Timer, Brooks Morse Intcpt; 41st/6913th RSM in early-mid 1950s.
SCOTT, Jon MarcusMSgt2020Airborne linguist, DSO; directly involved in F-117 rescue in Serbia CSAR from MH-53 helicopter; Persian Gulf and Kosovo veteran
SCOTT, Ledbetter E. Jr "Lee"MSgt1991Russian linguist; ACRP @ Rhein Main, Yokota, Kadena, NKP; NSA
SCOTT, Ronald H.A2C2009Chinese linguist IFEL grad (1958)
SCOTT, Vern DaleUnk2017Morse op, Korea, Kelly AFB USAFSS
SCOVEL, Arthur W.A2C2001202X0 asgn Misawa 1956-
SCREWS, Milton L.Unk1961292X1 asgn Misawa
SEALOVER, William F. "Bill"Unk2008Chinese/Vietnamese linguist; asgn Osan, Vietnam; early C-47 op in SEA
SEAY, Marion Edgar (Ed)TSgt2015Vietnamese Linguist - 6990th, Kadena AB; crosstrained Athens, Greece
SEBERS, Frederick T.TSgt1967Killed in sapper attack at Nha Trang AB, Vietnam
SECRIST, Clarence E (Zeke)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SEDAM, FredUnkUnkNeed info; believed to be at 6912th
SEDAM, James H.Unk2011363x, TTY Maintenance - Misawa 70-72
SEEDS, Kenneth J.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07)
SEIBERT, William "Bill"MSgt2017Arab and Spanish linguist; 6916th and 6949th
SEIGEL, Paul J.Unk2017Russian linguist 41st RSM
SEITZ, Charles S.Unk1989Need info please
SELBACH, KennethUnk1976Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
SELE, Ronald DaleTSgt20176912th; more info needed
SELLERS, Thomas M.MSgt2004First Sergeant @ 6989th/Misawa 1958-62
SELLMAN, JackUnk2016292X1; 6910th Weisbaden, Germany
SELVIDGE, Matt H.Unk2006292X1 asgn Misawa 1959-60
SEMONIN, Paul RobertUnk2017Chinese linguist, Korea
SEMONOVICH, William J.Unk2000Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01)
SENIOR, Burton R.A1C1975Misawa - 1963
SENIOR, SamUnk20082nd RSM vet; began 2nd RSM reunions
SENKBEIL, Frederick W. II Unk2013Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-10)
SERAFEN, Richard M. "Dick"unk2015USAFSS - 41st RSM, 1951-54, AFSC 29352
SETSER, Lester E. "Les"CMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, COMINT Specialist, WWII thru Viet Nam, Cmd Hq, SEA, et al
SETTLEMYRE, Guy O.AlC2000SS Ol'Timer; 202XX analyst, 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Germany in early yrs.
SETZER, DennisMSgt1979294 w/6937th Comm Gp, Peshawar, Pakistan (1963)
SEYBOTH, Donald G.A1C2010Misawa 1967
SHACKLEFORD, Carroll H.Unk20186918 RSM; 702XX in Korea and Vietnam
SHACKLEFORD, Edward EllisMaj2017USAFSS Intel Officer; Kelly AFB, WPAFB, Misawa, Zweibrucken, San Vito
SHAEFFER, Richard B.SMSgt200025 year vet
SHAFRANSKY, Thomas A. "Tommy Shaw" Unk2007Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-04)
SHANDREW, Bobby W.TSgt1999203 Chinese asgn 6988th/6990th/6924th/Monterey.
SHANE, Roger A. Sr.TSgt/GS2004Asgn Hq USAFSS/Data Automation
SHANGRAW, Clarence F. Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
SHANKLES, Milford H.Unk2002USAFSS 41st RSM Vet.
SHANKLIN, Carter A.2LT20136918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1966
SHARES, Milton C.Unk2018Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1952-11)
SHARPE, LynnMSgt2011Early 1960's 6916 RSM/SS Russian linguist; former AF photographer
SHAVER, Charles D.CMSgt1997Into SS 1950; retired '69; became claim mgr USAA
SHAW, Verner L.Unk2017Career cryptologist; Phillipines, Alaska, Mississippi, and Germany; 8AF-Eglin AFB
SHEA, Leo W.Unk2002Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
SHEAN, John P.Col1997Intercept Officer Fm Army Security Agency into SS 1950; Cmdr 12th RSM, Landsberg; HoH 1983
SHEEHAN, Charles R. "Chick"A1C2018Mandarin Chinese linguist, 1955-58; Py-Do, Westover AFB; State Dept as Language School Director
SHEEHAN, Paul E.LtCol2009Long time member of ESC; asgn Ramstein, Chicksands
SHEEHAN, Robert A.Sgt2011Russian linguist, Turkey
SHEFFIELD, Rodney K.Unk2008304 asgn Misawa 1971-74; Vietnam War era. 12 years in the service, which included spending several years serving as an electrical technician in the Security Services in Korea, Japan, Oklahoma, Texas and Mississippi. He was also an electrical instructor at Keesler AFB in Mississippi.
SHELAITO, Robert G.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-03)
SHELTON, Fred FranklinMSgt2014Berlin - need more info please
SHELTON, Jerome W.Unk2003203X1 asgn Misawa 1960
SHELTON, Tommy JoelSgt2020Misawa 207X1, dig Flight; known for ugly green Toyota wagon 1971-74
SHEPARD, Charles W.Col1985SS Ol'Timer from 50's,Commander 1st RSM (50-53), Cmd Hq Staff, et al
SHEPARD, Robert G.MSgt19??SS Ol'Timer, 6913th RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger; et al
SHEPP, JamesUnk2009Elint operator asgn Hof, Wakkanai
SHEPPARD, Lawrence J. "Shep"Unk20176918th (Hakata)
SHERBURN, Hugh L.TSgt1969ARDF opr killed in Pleiku-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam, Remains found and Id'd 2015
SHERBURNE, Guy AlbertSMSgt2018Top Cop Misawa, 6903rd; ESC/AIA IG Teams; McChord, Hickam, Misawa; one of first cyber security experts; known as the "Sheriff"
SHERIDAN, Joseph W.A1C1994292X1 asgn Darmstadt (5/61-6/63)
SHERLOCK, Frank C.UnkUnk6918th, Hakata, Japan
SHERRILL, John D.Maj2003Budget man in Comptrollers Office @ AFSPECOM in 1979.
SHERRILL, Marvin C.MSgt1998
SHETTLE, Marguerite (Moore)GS-112017GS-11 - HQ ESC
SHIMEK, Eugene L.CMSgt1996Admin; 28-yrs SS; Cmd Staff
SHIPLEY, RobertUnk2016Osan AB, Korea; Master Martial Arts
SHIPMAN, Gerald D.GS1996SS Ol'Timer, 202XX, AFSCC, et al
SHIPMAN, Henry J. "Skip"SMSgt2005202X0 asgn 6950th or 6952nd
SHIPP, Walter L.SSgt/GS2004645X0/Supply asgn Security Hill Depot; ret USAFSS 1975 then civil service @ Kelly
SHIPPEE, Donald D.Unk19946918th, Hakata, Japan, retired from USAF Jun 1965
SHIPPEE, Donald D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SHIRLEY, William C.UNK2010203XX - Misawa 1970
SHIVER, Victor W.Capt/GS2005Asgn Dayton, OH and Langley AFB, VA w/AIA
SHOEMAKER, NormanUnk1984Chicksands comm center in early 60s
SHOFFNER, FelixMSgt2019Morse Op, airborne systems pioneer (RB-29A); Russian linguist
SHOMPANY, Alfred Josephunk2014Morse intercept Op - 41st RSM Bremerhaven GE, in December 1951-1954
SHOOK, GarrettUnk2001Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
SHORT, Thomas E.LCol1998SS Ol'timer 12-yrs; flew RB-50's out of Yokota in '50's;commissioned 1-Lt in Armyet al
SHRULL, Doyleunk2006207X1 Morse Systems Op - Keesler AFB (Tech School) 83-84, RAF Chicksands 84-?
SHULACK, Charles S.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SHULENSKI, John T.SSgt20176918th Dawg Flight
SHUMAN, Larry K.MSgt2007Abrn maint; known as the "pan man", G-1099 wiz
SICHENZIA, Anthony "Tony"SMSgt2001Abrn 292/207 @ Chix, Nha Trang, Offutt, Air Staff, Cmd Stan/Eval.
SICKLES, RONALD P.Unk1989Asgn Misawa 292x 61-
SIEFRING, William J. "Bill"SMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer, Russian Linguist Athens, Alaska, England, NSA, et al,
SIEGLE, Ronald EdwardSSgt20171960-68; 6994th SS
SIERRA, JoeUnkUnkSpanish linguist
SIEVERS, Lyle D.Sgt2007461X - Misawa 1950
SIEWERT, DelUnk2009Asgn Alaska; need addl info pls
SIFFORD, Franklin Laverneunk2014Misawa - 1959-62
SIGSTON, Franklyn W. Jr. "Frank"unk20156924th - Comms professional - need more info please
SIKES, Arthur D. Jr.Bgen2007Involved w/U-2 ops in Thailand during Linebacker II, Desert Storm, Bosnia; Dir/Intel
SIKOKIS, GEORGE J.Unk2009Asgn Misawa 54-
SILER, PaulTSgt2016Morse Op - USAFSS 1954-75, EC-47 crewmember, Vietnam Veteran, Clark AB PI
SILVIN, ArtMSgt2005Longtime USAFSS vet (207X2) asgn Menwith Hill
SILVIS, James "Jim"MSgt1999SS Ol'Timer; Ops in PSR, ETO, Vietnam, Alaska, Cmd Hq, et al
SIMERLY, Gary J.TSgt1990292X1, 6989th RSM, et al
SIMMONS, AlbertUnk20??Asgn T3 Misawa 1969-70
SIMMONS, Clifford N.unk2015Korea - need more info
SIMMS, Artie O.A2C2006202x, Misawa, 1962-
SIMMS, James E.TSgt1995Comm; SS Ol'Timer; duty Taiwan, Vietnam,, Saudi Arabia w/Bendix Corp
SIMMS, John BarberA1C201841st RSM
SIMMS, ScottGS1985Background not available
SIMONETTI, Lino D.Col2001DCS/Personnel, Hq USAFSS 1953-56
SIMONS, Raymond R.TSgt1994Off Club mgr Misawa. AsgnOffutt, AFA, Tinker, Tan Son Nhut and Keesler
SIMPSON, John E.1Lt1958ACRP C130 Co-Pilot, USAFE/SS 7406th ACRP, killed in shoot down Sep 2-58
SIMPSON, PaulCol2016DOS 1947-1986; USAFSS units in VA, TX, AK, Germany
SIMS, Arthur E.A1C2000SS Ol'Timer; Brooks AFB MM trng; 6913 RSM, Bremerhaven, Ger, in mid 50's
SIMS, Bernard D.Unk2012292x, Misawa, 1963-5
SIMS, Bernard DwightUnkUnkmore info please
SIMS, Coy A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SINGLEVICH, WalterCiv1992Hall of Honor 1996; A Founding Father of AFTAC; Presidential Award for Meritorious Executives; multiple high level citations
SINNARD, John L.CMSgt2011203XX, Misawa, 6921st and 6989th 1960-63, Zwiebrucken 6901st, Hof, NSA, Okinawa, Berlin
SINSEL, Thomas J. Jr.CMSgt2003Linguist; Op Supt 6949th/Offutt early 70s; Ditty Bopper school at Keesler in 52, basic Russian at Monterey 56, Intermediate Russian and Advanced Russian at Syracuse. USAFSS assignments: 8th RSM, Brooks AFB 52/53; 34th RSM, Wheelus Field, Libya 53/54; 6910th RGM, Sembach AFB, Germany 57/59; Hq AFSCC, Kelly AFB, TX, 59/61; 6980th RSM, North East Cape, Alaska, 62/63; 6985th SS, Eielson AFB, Alaska, 64/67; 6949th SS, Offutt AFB, Neb, 67/68; 6988th SS, Yokota AFB, Japan, 68/69; OL2/OLBB, 6988th SS, Itazuke AFB, Japan, 69/71; NSA, Fort Meade, MD, 71; retired Dec 31, 1971
SIPPEL, Donald J.Unk2008Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-10)
SINTON, Grant "Bill"MSgt1993SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Hq, ETO, PSR
SIRMYER, Edgar A.Bgen1997Hq USAFSS/Dep CC 1953-56, 6920th/CC 1956
SITES, Kermit W.SSgt20196913th RSM Bremerhaven C Flight, 1954-57
SIZEMORE, Walter L.Unk1994more info please
SJOLANDER, Ardell "Red"CMSgt2019Okinawa, England, Germany, Vietnam, and TX;
SKAINES, Ferrell A.A1C1995293XX asgn Misawa 1954-
SKAUG, Bruce J.A1C1960561 asgn Misawa 1954-58
SKELTON, Thomas W.CMSgt2001Served SS into AIA era, Tom served several OS locations in the CMD
SKIRKO, Lawrence A.SSgt2004306X asgn Misawa 1970s
SKOCZEN, David R.Unk1989Asgn Misawa 1965-
SKRABACZ, Ronald L.Unk1997292x1, Misawa 1966-67
SKUTAR, MikeA1C200929352 asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt 1952-55
SLAPPEY, Thomas W.unk19936918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1958-59
SLATER, Charles E IIISSgt2000SS Ol'Timer, Operations 6913th RSM Bremerhaven in early 1950's
SLEDGE, Bobby P. "Bob"MSgt2003Asgn Eglin; Korea; Sheppard; Tyndall; Wheeler; USAFSS Hq; PACAF.
SLIZEWSKI, Francis M.MSgt2010Crypto Maint asgn Misawa 1964-66, as well as in French Morocco, Thailand, Okinawa, and the Philippines
SLOAN, Leo J.AlC1956SS ACRP Linguist @ Yokata; lost on RB-50 msn Sep10-56
SLOAN, Hugh Johnston IIIMaj2020Intel Analyst - 27 years with active duty and Ohio ANG; worked Space Race transmissions while assigned to NSA; trained Guardsmen in Hawaii, Nevada, Germany, Panama, and UK
SLOAN, Walter D. (Dave)UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SLOCUMB, Tyler H.LCol2000Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; retired USAF 1954
SLOTHOWER, Virgil D.SMSgt1998Long-time, Physical Security Specialist
SMALL, Richard D.Col2007HoH member 1985; Commander 2nd RSM/6911th 1954-57
SMALLWOOD, DonaldTSgt20141956-1977, electronics - South Africa, Dover Del.(58-61)- San Angelo,Tx.(61 63) Chicksands,-England (63-67) Orlando Fla (67-68) Anchorage,Alaska (68-72) San Antonio
SMITH, Brad R.Sgt2018297X1; 6987th Taiwan Shu Lin Kou AS
SMITH, Cecil Edward "Eddy"Unk2015Chinese linguist. (Sanz School 1960-08, IFEL 1964-01) Korea, Thailand, Philippines.
SMITH, Charlie LeeMSgt2015USAFSS - 292 - 6987th, Taiwan
SMITH, Conrad H.Unk1990Need info please
SMITH, CurtissMSgt1984Need info please
SMITH, Darryl "Smitty"MSgt2001Military intell officer various tours incl 2 in Vietnam, Kelly, Karamursel, Osan early 60s
SMITH, EARLY B.Unk2003Asgn Misawa 702x 59-
SMITH, Edward D.A1C20161954-58 RAF Kirknewton
SMITH, ForbieUnk2000SS Ol'Timer, Morse Intcpt Opr, COMSEC specialist, Brooks, Bremerhaven, et al
SMITH, Frank R.MSgt1986202X0 asgn Zweibrucken, Frankfurt, San Antonio, Udorn (as 1st Sgt)
SMITH, Fred T.Maj1985USAFSS program engineering for ACRP RB-29/RB-50/RC-130/early RC-135
SMITH, Garrett A. Jr.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-07) 
SMITH, Gary H.A1C2013USAFSS 1956-63, RU or German Linguist
SMITH, Gerald E. "Jerry"Unk2020Russian linguist - Japan 1953
SMITH, Hardin C. "Butch"A1C2016Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1964-01)Yokota & Danang
SMITH, HooverUnk2005COMSEC vet asgn Newfoundland
SMITH, Howard PMaj Gen2016USAFSS/CC 1974-75
SMITH, Hugh T.CMSgt2007USAFSS founding member; Hall of Honor 1983
SMITH, J. C.Cpl2006754 - Misawa 1949
SMITH, Jerry H.Maj2010Need info pls
SMITH, Lawrence G. Jr.Unk2002USAFSS 2nd RSM/Darmstadt Vet.
SMITH, Marion H.Unk1991Need info please
SMITH, OWEN L.Unk2004292x2 Misawa 70-
SMITH, Paul G.Col19956940th; 6952nd 1959-61 as 1st Lt
SMITH, Ralph H.Unk1989Need info please
SMITH, Robert A. (Smittysan)TSgt201424.5 years of service - 202 - USAFSS, AFCOMSECCEN 1977 - 78
SMITH, Robert C.MSgt2017USAFSS/ESC - Manpower Division; European theater of operations
SMITH, RogerSMSgt2012Vietnamese/Russian Linguist - Hof AS, Germany; Kadena AB, NKP, Augsberg (Czech linguist); Ramstein, and Davis Monthan (Compass Call)
SMITH, Roger DavidSMSgt2018Joined the Army during World War II and was assigned to the Army Security Agency; transferred to the USAF in 1949. Military assignments included New York, Germany, Texas, Hawaii, and Virginia. He traveled extensively to numerous countries in the Far East, Europe, and Africa. Retired in 1967 and became a civilian Security Specialist with Air Force Intelligence Service. He retired from Civil Service in 1984 with over 39 years of service
SMITH, Roland L.CMSgt1997Opns; Cmd Hq, SEA, PSR
SMITH, SaundraUnk2013USAFSS, Karamusal - 1970s, Hessisch-Oldendorf, GE, Edwards AFB, CA and Scott AFB, IL
SMITH, Thomas K. "TK"CMSgt1995SS Ol'Timer; 20799; asgn Misawa
SMITH, Walter P.MSgt2019203/208; Goodfellow; Berlin; Trabzon; Syracuse; Helsinki
SMITH, Wiley M.MSgt19756924SS Da Nang 69-70.
SMITH, William H.SMSgt1996Need info please
SMITHART, Chalres P.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SMITHERS, CarrollA1C2000SS OL'Timer; 292XX, Brooks AFB, 6913th RSM Bremerhave, Ger, et al
SMITS, Jerome S.SSgt2004Radio op/trick chief asgn Ashiya, JP; Korea in early 50s
SMURDA, Andrew R.A1C19946918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SNAPKA, GeorgeGS1985SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff
SNEDDEN, Carl "Combat Carl"Major2017Inventor of "Roger Recon" comic character; Airborne Russian linguist, Offutt; Mildenhall; Military veterinarian (US Army)
SNELL, Ralph W. Jr.SSgt19886918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SNITKER, John D.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SNIVELY, Jackie LeeCMSgt2015Lowry AFB, Tokyo, Japan, Pentagon, 6913th RSM, Bremehaven, GE 1957-61 (NCOIC of Crypto Ops), Hawaii - 1971-
SNODGRASS, Lauren J.A1C200468th Intelligence Squadron @ Brooks
SNOWDEN, Benjamin H.LtCol2006Asgn AF Cryptologic Spt Ctr, CSG Scott AFB; Prev duty as B52/C130 Nav/EWO
SNYDER, EmoryUnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
SNYDER, John PhilipUnk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-01)
SNYDER, Robin E.Unk1988Asgn 41st RSM/Bremerhaven
SOAT, James OrvilleUnk2017Clark AB and Kelly (HQ)
SOBCZAK, John F.Unk2003Asgn 2nd RSM
SOBOUL, Joseph ThomasTSgt2014WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War Veteran - additional information please
SODA, Anthony "Tony"Unk2018Need more info
SOLIS, Richard H.GS2007Hq USAFSS Computer Systems Analyst in 1960s-70s; served 38 years
SOLTESZ, James F.Maj1997Asgn Misawa 1970s
SOMMERS, Gordon WilliamSES20161943-47 Capt US Army, Civ with ASA, and beginning in 1979 ESC. Founding Member of FTVA Hall of Honor 1983, retired as Sr Civilian Advisor to ESC/CC, Annual Civilian Award named for Gordie Sommers
SON, Marion O. Jr.Unk1999Asgn Misawa 1957
SORENSON, JohnLtCol2004Former Osan Commander (early 60s)
SORENSON, Verne (Piggy)Unk2013Skivvy-nine, Osan, Korea
SOROLA, BlancheGS2010Headed Tape Library in Data Automation at Hq USAFSS
SOUCY, Walter G.MSgt2005USAFSS/1st Sgt of 2nd RSM during unit's transfer from Army to USAFSS, 48-51
SOUTHERS, RalphSMSgt2002Asgd NCOIC/Materiel Bremerhaven; excellent bowler.
SOVINSKY, Leo V.LtCol2009OIC PDN-1B/6902nd Spec Comm Gp/Shiroi, Japan (1957-58); Russian linguist
SPAIN, Dayton L.TSgt20006918th, Hakata, Japan
SPANGLER, Leonard L Jr.Unk2004Morse op asgn 6913th RSM Vet in mid 50s
SPARLING, Edward A. Jr.CMSgt1983Asgn Elmendorf 1954-64, USAFSS 1964-71
SPAULDING, Vernon Charles "Speedy"Unk20186918th and 6922nd RGM 702; Brady 1958-59
SPEARING, Joseph E.Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01) 
SPEARS, BennyMSgt2018207XX Man Morse op; Offutt, San Vito
SPEARS, Clyde CMaj2016801 Hikata; WWII and Vietnam
SPEARS, Donald G.SMSgt2017USAFSS 1954-76; Civ Service 1976-1997; Alaska, Guam, Montana, Wakkanai, Japan, Karamursel, Turkey, Lackland, Thailand, Davis-Monthan, Kelly; part of technical team that developed Presidential "football"
SPEARS, Murl Leroy "Bob"SMSgt2011USAF 1953-1976, NSA 1976-1989, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Lackland AFB
SPEARS, Thorfin D.Unk2010Asgn 6939th RSM/Turkey
SPENCER, Floyd L.SSgt1996Misawa, 1958, 1960-65
SPENCER, James J.Unk1986202 asgn Misawa 1975-77
SPERRY, Steven LonMaj2016EC-47 missions from NKP in '73 & '74; C-130 missions from Germany in '79 - '81; RC-135's out of Offutt from '74 - '76, '84 - '87 and Eielson '77 - '78, '87 - '90. Started as a "dit chaser" and ended as Operations Officer of the 6985th.
SPICER, Karrell A.TSgt2017Bremerhaven and Libya
SPICKLER, DeWayne "Spick"CWO2000SS Ol'Timer; US Navy xfrd to AFSS as Comm Spec; Brooks, & 6913th RSM, et al
SPIEGEL, RaySMSgt1990SS Ol'Timer, 202XX 6989th, et al
SPIERS, James E.A2C1999292X1 asgn Misawa 1958-59
SPIRES, Blake W.Unk1987Asgn Misawa 1951-
SPOONER, Julius L. "Jack"LCol1998SS '56-'65; Cmdr 6937, 6913th, 6970th ,et al
SPOOR, Richard L.Unk2000293 asgn Misawa 1955
SPRADLEY, Charles (Chuck)SSgt1992207X1, Misawa, San Vito, Kelly AFB (48th)
SPRADLIN, Carnell W.Unk2005771x - SP - Misawa 1971
SPRAGE, DonaldUnk1998Asgn 6910th; very successful artist in Coffeyville, KS after USAF
SPRAGUE, Richard "Dick"SMSgt2016Goodfellow, Elmendorf, Hickam, Tan Son Nhut, Kelly, Ramstein, Ft Meade; Lifetime FTVA
SPRAKER, Reed L.Unk2002Asgn 2nd RSM
SPRINGETT, WilliamMSgt2018Crypto Linguist, 1966-1991; Misawa
SPROTT, Thomas G.Unk1961Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-02) 
SPROUSE, Danridge L.Unk2000293 asgn Misawa 1952-
SPROUSE, Ronald K.Unk1990Morse op asgn Bremerhaven 58-62; softball/basketball player
SPROUT, Kenneth M. Unk2015Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01) 
St PIERRE, Andrew A.SSgt199729170 communicator, SS Ol'Timer, Chicksands, Taiwan, Cmd Hq, et al
STAATS, RickCMSgt2000SS Ol'Timer; mostly ACRP operations; retired to Lockheed-Martin in England
STACEWICZ, Henry P.MSgt2010Russian linguist asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt, Berlin, Iraklion; flew RB-29s 1953
STACEY, Edward E. "Ed"SMSgt2009292X1,Chi/Viet linguist asgn Chicksands, Hakata, Kadena, Yokota; Combat Apple AMS; USAFSS Chinese and Vietnamese linguist in the Far East on C-130's, EC-121's and RC-135's from 1962-77. 6922 RSM (Japan) as Morse Operator, May 56 - Apr 58, 6925 RSM (Philippines) as Morse Operator, Apr - Nov 58, 6950 RGM (England) as Morse Operator, Jan 59 - Feb 60, 6923 RSM (Kelly AFB), Mar 60, 6960th (Hq USAFSS) as OJT 702X0, Mar - July 60, Basic Chinese. IFEL, Yale University, July 60 - July 61, Det 1, 6927 RSM (Okinawa) as Chiling TAC/AMS Mar 62 - Jan 63, C-130B-II's, 6988 RSM (Japan) as Chiling AMS, Jan 63 - Apr 64, C-130B-II's, 6940 TTW (GAFB) as Chiling AZK Instructor, Apr - Aug 64, Basic Vietnamese. Berlitz Sch of Languages, Wash. D.C., Sep 64 - Sep 65, 6924 RSM (Vietnam) as Vietling TAC/Gunner, Dec 65 - Oct 66, C-130B-II's, 6988 RSM (Japan/Vietnam) as Vietling Gunner, Oct 66- Aug 67, C-130B-II's, 6990 SS (Okinawa) as Vietling Gunner/TAC/AMS, Aug 67 - Dec 73, RC-135M's and C-130B-II's, 6908 SS (Thailand) as Vietling GMS, Stan/Eval, Sep 74 - Sep 75, 6990 SS (Okinawa) as Vietling TAC, Oct 75 - Aug 77, RC-135M's; total flying hours: 8,600+. 6922 ESS, (Philippines) as Viet Mission Management, Nov 79 - Jun 81
STACEY, Gerald D.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-03) 
STACEY, John E.Col1998Bldg 2000 Security Prov Marshall,Shriner,Mason; father of LCol Darby Stacey-Reynolds
STACEY, Ted S.A1C1990Asgn Misawa 1966-
STACKS, Willie L.CMSgt1983202X0 @ Misawa, Wakanai, Germany
STACY, Darrell Georgeunk2016USAFSS 1952-55, Korean War
STAHL, Noel C. "Mort"MSgt2007292X1 asgn 6910/Darmstadt, Hawaii, Far East, Wake Island, South Carolina, also 353rd and 354th Tactical Fighter Wing
STAIK, John R.Unk2004Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1955-10) 
STALLINGS, Joel N.Unk1976Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s
STALNAKER, Roy B.A2C1995Misawa 1955
STAMPS, Oliver D. Jr.unk1989702, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, 1964-66
STANISLAW, James P. Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01) 
STANKO, Charles "Chuck"unk2016DOGGER - more info please
STANLEY, Robert "Bob" RevUnk2017Linguist - Alaska and Omaha
STAPCHUCK, JohnSMSgt2019207X1; San Angelo, Darmstadt, 6994th - Vietnam,Enlisted 27 Aug 54. 6912th RSM, Bingen, Germany and Det 1 at Landshut, Germany (Aug 55 to Nov 57) 6933rd RGM, Karamursel, Turkey (Nov 57 to Aug 58); 6952nd RSM, Kirknewton, Scotland, (Nov 58 to Nov 64) AFSCC, RIRAK (Nov 64 to Nov 65) 1127th SAG, DAO, American Embassy, Helsinki, Finland, Admin Specialist, (Nov 65 to Jun 69) 6940th SW, Goodfellow AFB, TX, Master Program/ERU Coordinator (Jun 69 to Dec 70) Det 1, 6994th SS, Phu Cat AB, RVN, A29271, (Dec 70 to Nov 71) Det 2, 6994th SS, Da Nang AB, RVN, A29271, (Nov 71 to Dec 71) 6910th SG, Darmstadt, Msn Sup (Jan - Apr 72) 6910th SG, Augsburg, Msn Sup (Apr 72 to Apr 74), 6950th SG, Chicksands, Msn Sup (Apr 74 to Jun 75) USAFSS/Goodfellow AFB, TX, Chief of Facilities, (Jun 75 to 31 Dec 76); DFC awardee.
STAPLES, Steven OwenUnk2019Morse op, 6918th RSM 1968-70
STAPLETON, Carl W.MGen1989SS Cmdr '69-'73; SS HoH
STAPLETON, George L.MSgt2019Spanish linguist - NSA TX and GS in Security at AFISRA
STAPLETON, Robert H.Maj2006Asgn Kirknewton, NSA, Clark 1959-67
STARK, James A.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1963-10) 
STARK, Robert F.Col2009Hall of Honor 1989; Goodfellow Tech Tng Gp CC, Crete 68071
STARKWEATHER, Charles W.CMSgt199229290 in SS fm '50 at Brooks AFB as instructor
STARR, Louis AUnk2016292XX Hakata
STASSEN, Fred M.A1C2004Russian linguist & analyst asgn 6901st 1961-64
STAVEM, James O.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STEARNS, GarthUnk20092nd RSM vet
STEEL, Robert D.Unk1993Need info please
STEELE, John E.MSgt1985SS Ol'Timer, 702XX Admin, 3rd RSM & Adak in '53, et al
STEELE, Maylon G.A2C2010732XX asgn Misawa 1955
STEELE, NeilCMSgt2011203/208 (Russian/Vietnamese/Arabic) Lang School Syracuse 1965, Rhein-Main AB 6916th 1961-65 , ESC IG STAN/EVAL 1980's, 6990th AMS and Trick NCOIC, DLI Montery, CA 1974
STEELE, William "Pop"MSgt/GS19??ACRP Rhein-Main in early 60's; Civ @ NSA retiring mid 80's
STEELNACK, Einer H., Jr.Col19??SS Ol'Timer; Cmd Staff; USAFSS Chief of Materials; HoH 1985
STEELY, Donald W.Unk2006Worked T/A section; asgn Darmstadt/USAFSS 2nd RSM vet
STEEN, Richard J., Jr.SSgt1969AMT/ASRP; @ Eielson; killed aboard RC135 RIVET AMBER lost in Bearing Sea crash
STEFL, DavidUnk20166927 RSM, Goodfellow
STEHLE, James F.W., Jr. “Jim”TSgt19906924SS Da Nang/Monkey Mountain 70-71.
STEIN, Jerry P.Sgt1982Asgn Misawa 1970s
STEINDL, Eric "Mongo"UnkUnkAirborne Spanish linguist, Panama
STEINFELD, James HenryLt Col2013Crete, 1976
STEINWACHS, Joseph C. III "Kraut, Joe"SSgt2002R203X0-2; 6924SS Da Nang 67-68; 6987SS Shu Lin Kou 68-69. The Kraut is legend.
STELTER, GayleA1C2013292X1, 1951-55, Landsberg 1952-55
STEMLER, Harold J. Jr. "Hal"CMSgt2010Need info pls
STEMPLE, JackMSgt2009Linguist; need addl info pls
STENBERG, NadaGS1999Ol'Timer, AFSS,ESC,AFIC,AIA; helped organize FTVA; a true secretary's secretary
STENZEL, Robert W.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STEPHAN, Robert W.MSgt201820 year career (11 Active, 9 Reserves), 203X0 MA, 6990th Okinawa 72-73 6912th Berlin 74-76 6917th San Vito 76-79 Ft Meade 79-81, 1981-1990 AF Reserves DIA; CIA post AF PhD, author "Stalin's Secret War: Soviet Counterintelligence Against the Nazis"
STEPHENS, William M.WO12005Asgn 2nd RSM
STEPHENSEN, James H. Jr.Unk2004Asgn 2nd RSM
STEPHENSON, David J.unk19956918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STERNS, Delbert L.UnkUnkasgn 1st RSM/Misawa early 50s
STETSON, William S.CMSgt2016Korean/Vietnam-era; 32 yrs AAC/USAF and 16 yrs federal service; known for uniform collection
STEVENS, David B.SSgt19826990 ABS San Antonio
STEVENS, Dorrell K.Unk2004293XX asgn Misawa 1954
STEVENS, Guy L.SMSgt1994SS Ol'Timer; 32° Mason
STEVENS, James L.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1951-07) 
STEVENS, Jerry A.SMSgt2020Spanish linguist, AMS/AA, Howard, Offutt, Kelly AFB
STEVENS, John T.SSgt1987292X1 asgn Misawa 1970s
STEVENS, Lawrence G.CMSgt1995Opns, SS Ol'Timer; Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; USAF 24 years
STEVENS, Thomas F. "Tom"Capt2012Data Automation in USAFSS late 1960's
STEVENSON, Benjamin K. "Ben"TSgt2010202X0 asgn Bremerhaven 1955, McDill, Trabzon, Goodfellow, Elmendorf
STEVENSON, George P.CMSgt2015291XX - RAF Chicksands in the mid-70's (need more info please)
STEVENSON, John T.Col2005USAFSS vet; no truer gentleman
STEVER, William R.SMSgt1986A328X3 AMT in several ASRP/DSCP units, including Yokota, Rhein-Main, Offutt, NKI, et al
STEWARD, Ira H.CWO1997SS thru 60's & 70's
STEWART, Benjamin L.Sgt20186994th Vietnam service
STEWART, DonaldCMSgt2018more info please
STEWART, Howard E. "Ted"SMSgt201028 yrs as RU Linguist - Construction Manager at 6912th when Marienfelde was built. Also was at Hof when it closed
STIGLICH, Michael L.Sgt1969ARDF operator killed in Phu Cat-based EC-47 shot down over Vietnam
STILES, Charles S.Lt Col2013Korean and Vietnam Vet, RU Linguist, Deputy Command, USMLM, Potsdam, Germany
STILLSON, George H. IIIUNK2009203XX - Misawa 1964
STILLWELL, Albert J.Unk2000SS Ol'Timer, Brooks AFB 20230 Sch then to 41stRSM, Bremerhaven, Ger
STINE, Emryce L.SSgt1990202 asgn Misawa 1966-70
STINEBAUGH, Garry EMSgt1999SS ACRP; Romanian lingujist @ Rhein-Main late 50's/early 60's; AKA "Shakey"
STINNETT, James O. "Jim"Col1990Ops Off; SS fm 50's from Sqdn to Hq USAF
STINSON, Clyde O.GS1984SS fm '50; premier applied, "Black Box" engineer
STINSON, Robert J. "Bob"CMSgt2005Russian linguist asgn Berlin, Peshawar, Offutt, Eielson, Hq ESC, Athens, Kadena
STINUS, Peter A. "Pete"SMSgt2002USMC 292/203 Russian; Berlin airlift, NSA, Rhein Main. NASA contractor. Russian linguist & Morse Op with USAFSS. Asmts included: USMC Morse Op 43-46, Berlin airlift & 3rd AF England 48-49, Keesler (instructor) 51-54, USAFSS gnd sites 54-57, ALS/Monterey 57-58, NSA 57-60, Rhein-Main 60-65, AFSCC 65-66, 66-69 Rhein-Main, retiring from AF in Nov 69. NASA contract worker 69-75, special asmts (Turkey/Spain/Germany/Italy/Switzerland/ Cyprus) 76-88. Fully retired 89
STIVERSON, Stephen J. "Slats"TSgt1999SS/ESC era, Russian/Vietnamese linguist; Kadena
STOCK, John D.Unk1996702XX asgn Misawa 1962-63
STOCKLIN, Norvel F.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STOCKTON, Ronald P.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1960-10)
STOEFFLER, Clyde W.Unk2018Honorably discharged as signal intelligence officer
STOGNER, Homer G., Jr.SMSgt1995Linguist; Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Okinawa, Vietnam; ret 1976, 6990th, 6908th
STOKELY, George D.Sgt2004203X1 asgn T4 Misawa 1969-
STOKES, ClintonMSgt1999Asgd Illinois, Texas, Crete (64-67), NSA (67-retirement).
STOKES. Powell Burton (P.B.)AF Civ2013USAFSS Engineer Extrodinaire…..Put the first computers on airborne platforms, notably the COMFY ECHO C-130s at Cam Ranh Bay AB, RVN, that identified and "broke" target codes
STOLL, Ronald T.Unk19916918th RSM/SS, Hakata AB, JA
STOMP, Harry J., Jr.Unk2017Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01) 
STONE, Alfred N.Unk19996918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STONE, Harlan L.A2C2008Misawa 1966
STONE, Ralph E.Lt Col2012USAFSS
STONE, Ronald E.unk2014292 - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Baker Flt - 1965-69
STONER, KennethUnk2008Asgn 6910th/Gruenstadt
STONER, ScotSrA2014A208X2A - 1977-81 - Offutt AFB 78-81
STOOKSBERRY, L. KeithUnk2017Russian linguist, Anchorage, AK
STORTZ, Alvin J.Unk1992292 asgn Misawa 1961-
STOUT, James F.Unk2007203X1 asgn Misawa 1961-66
STOWELL, Clarence A. "Bill"MSgt2006WWII vet; engineer/turret gunner on B-24; retired from Vandenberg in 1965
STRACQUALURSI, Loreto "Larry"TSgt2010292X1 asgn 2nd RSM/Darmstadt during 1950s
STRAMELLA, Michael "Mike"AMN/GS2009X2 instructor @ Scott/Keesler AFB (1949-50); X2 shop @ NSA
STRATTON, Richard L.A1C1985R81150, SP; 6924SS Da Nang 70; 9SPS Beale 70-.
STRAUSE, DonaldUnk1988Need info please
STREIBICH, Arthur F.SSgt2010283XX asgn Misawa 1960-62
STREIBLE, Chester A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
STRICKLAND, William H.CMSgt2014Daze Flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1964-66; 6903rd SS Skivvy Nine; Comm Center pro
STRINGER, Cyril C. "Cy"LCol19916940th
STRINGER, Henry D.Col2007Chief Hq USAFSS/DOM in early 70s, Ops Off @ 6924th/Danang (1966-67), Hof 68-69
STROMSKE, Richard L. "Whale"Unk2009202 T1 asgn Misawa 1965-67, Osan (1970-72, 1977-78)
STRONG, Larry R. Unk2006Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-01)
STROOT, Robert C.LCol1996Opns,Russ Linguist, SS fm '50, Moscow Attache Staff in Cold War days
STROTMAN, Bruce D.Col2013Hall of Honor, USAFSS/ESC, Vietnam, RC-135 RJ Modernization Program
STROUD, CARL M.SMSgt1971Asgn Misawa 202x 54-, 64
STRUMPLER, Martin "Marty"SSgt1969Airborne analyst @ Omaha, Rhein Main, Yokota
STUBBS, George B.A1C1994Asgn Misawa 1960
STUKENBORG, Allan W.Unk2011Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-04) 
STULTZ, James R.MSgt2018more info please
STUMP, Arthur L. Sr.Unk2012Morse Intercept Op, 52-54, 41st/6913th RSM
STURM, Richard Aandrewunk19936918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - Able Flight 1970-72
STYERS, Robert D.MSgt2001SS Ol'Timer; 28-yrs in Cmd, 207X2, Scotland,Germany,Italy,Turkey, et al
STYRES, Billy J.TSgt1981Misawa 1967-
SUBLETT, David S.SSgt2004Asgn Misawa; need addl info pls
SUBLETT, Earl G.MSgt2011202XX, Misawa 61-64, 66-69
SUCKSTORF, Dennis A.SMSgt2018Linguist and PME instructor
SULLIVAN, David "Sully"CMSgt20136912 ESG, Berlin Ge. More information please
SULLIVAN, James R.Unk1987Asgn 29th RSM, Brooks AFB in early 50s; intercept op
SULLIVAN, John L.Unk2012Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-10) 
SULLIVAN, Martin E.Unk2007Voice op asgn Berlin; retired from NSA
SUMMERS, Kenneth E.Unk1995Asgn 2nd RSM during period 1949-1955.
SUMNER, Charles W. "Woodward"Unk2003293x, Misawa 1955
SUMNER, Royce JosephSMSgt1997Combat SEA; much decorated in Korean conflict
SUMRALL, Daniel D.SSgt1997292x1, Misawa 1963
SUNDEN, Dennis JohnCiv2018Prior enlisted, civilian with USAFSS/ESC
SUNDERLAND, Lyle B.SSgt2000Was in Opns 6913thRSM,Bremerhaven,Ger; other info unknown.
SUPER, Gary D.Unk2012Need more info - Misawa 1974-77
SURFACE, JerrySSgt1972SS ACRP Bulgarian linguist/gunner @ Rhein Main;Athens, Offutt; Pul-Aneurism
SUTHER, Charles A.Unk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1953-07)
SUTTERFIELD, Suzanne M.SSgt2018more info please
SUTTERER, Martin F.Sgt2000756V - Misawa 1949
SUTTON, Charles R.CMSgt2004Asgn various USAFSS units.
SUTTON, Stephen W. "Steve"Col20186903rd/CC; ESC/XP early '90s
SUTTON, Thomas D. "Tom"CMSgt2008Russian linguist; asgn Scotland, Japan, Germany, Turkey
SUTTON, Willard C.A1C2008292X1 asgn Bremerhaven 1955-62
SUTTON, Woodrow "Woody"Unk20176918th (Hakata)
SWAIM, Thomas S.Col1999SS Ol'Timer, WWII Flying Tiger, credited with 50's/60's COMINT/ELINT sys dev
SWAN, Curtis E. "Curt"LCol2001SS Ol'Timer fm 50's, 6900 SW, Brooks, Cmd Hq PP, FTVA HoH Membr etc
SWANSON, Darwin A.A2C2007292x2 in Shiroi 1958
SWANSON, Paul H.V.LCol1994Pilot SS 1st RB-29 ACRP effort; Cmdr 7406th SS when #60528 shot down
SWARTS, RobertMGen2001Logistician asgn to USAFSS/Pac Scty Rgn
SWARTZ, Kenneth D.UnkUnkChinese linguist. (IFEL 1954-07)
SWAYZE, Phillip ArnoldUnk2010Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1957-01, 1959-05, 1962-08)
SWEARINGEN, GeneMSgt2013292x1; USAFSS Morse operator RB-50's at Rhein-Main with Det 1, 6911th RGM in 1957. 1952-54 15th RSM Ashiya, Japan; 1955-58 6911th RSM/RGM Darmstadt, TDY to Rhein-Main for missions on RB-50's in 1957; 1958-59 Maxwell AFB & Robins AFB; 1959-61 6920th Misawa; 1961-64 6911th Darmstadt; 1964-68 Keesler AFB, MS as Morse instructor; 1968-69 Turkey; 1969-73 7310th ABG 1st Sgt, Rhein-Main AB, Germany; 1973-74 Keesler AFB, Morse instructor, retired fm active duty in 1974
SWEENEY, Carlton J.Unk2018Radio op USAFSS; Germany
SWEENEY, Edmond G. "Jerry"unk2014702 - Daze flight - 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan - 1966-70
SWEENEY, Gwendolyn G.GS2004Senior Program Manager @ USAFSS Hq
SWEENEY, Terrence P. (Terry)SMSgt2013USAFSS/ESC airborne intercept operator (Russian linguist) who flew recon missions aboard RC-135s from Offutt and Mildenhall in the 1970s and 1980s; 1966-1967 6915SG, Hof, FRG; 1967-1968 6924SS, DaNang, RVN; 1968-1970 6915SG; 1971-1975 6912SG, Berlin, FRG; 1975-1975 Chanute AFB, IL. Tech Trng Minuteman II; 1975-1976 44SMW, Ellsworth AFB, SD; 1977-1979 6944SW, Offutt AFB, NE; 1979-1982 6954SS/6988ESS, RAF Mildenhall, UK; 1982-1984 6949ESS, Offutt AFB, NE, Retired, SMSGT.
SWEETMAN, Fred C.MSgt2002USAFSS for 24 years, 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan, Died in Pensacola, FL.
SWEEZY, John ThomasMaj2017Intel officer, Darmstadt Germany
SWETT, Jerry T.MSgt19751st Sgt asgn 6924th/Udorn (1975)
SWIESTRA, Rudy J.Capt1958Ol'Timer; ACRP pilot out of SS/7406th; killed in Sep 2-58 C130 shoot down
SWILOR, James EthanSMSgt20191A871M /Superintendent, SOCOM J24 Acqs & Rqmts May 2006 - May 2007 338 CTS, Offutt AFB May 2007 - Jun 2010 97 IS, Offutt AFB Jul 2010 - Dec 2014 Data Masked Dec 2014 - Feb 2019 361 ISR Group, Hurlburt Field, FL Mar 2019 - Oct 2019 SOCOM J24, Macdill AFB, FL; Pashto, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian linguist
SWINDELL, James "June"CMSgt1972more info please
SWINEHART, Paul W.SSgt1956SS ACRP linguist @ Yokota; lost on RB-50 msn 09-10-56
SWOPE, Dallas H.SSgt1976202 asgn Misawa 1970-72
SYKES, GeorgeBgen2005USAFSS Vice Commander in 70s
SZOSTAKOWSKI, Edward "Ski"SMSgt2009USN>USAF, asgn Africa, Japan, Guam, England
SZUMSKI, StanleyLCol1992SS Ol-Timer Cmd and Eur Sec Rgn opns staff off
SZYMANSKI, Robert J.Sgt2003Asgn Misawa 1971-
TABANO, Dominick N. “Nick”TSgt2000R29170; 6924SS Da Nang 70-71.
TABER, William A.Unk2014Chinese linguist. (IFEL 1962-07)
TACHE, Charles (Chuck) S. JrMSgt2014A207X1 (292) 6985th Scty Sq, Eielson AFB, Alaska, 6949th Scty Sq, Omaha, Nebraska, and 6994 Scty Sq., Vietnam - Distinguished Flying Cross, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry; USAFSS (A292/Morse Operator) EC-47s and RC-135s. 1962 to 1966 at the 6910th in Darmstadt Germany (Charlie Flt) 292 ditty-bop 1966 to 1967 6948th or 6940th at Goodfellow AFB, TX; 1967 to 1968 6949th at Offutt AFB flying on RC-135's. 1968 to 1969 6994th at Tan Son Nhut AB in Vietnam flying on EC-47's (ARDF); 1969 to 1970 6949th at Offutt AFB flying on RC-135's; 1970 to 1972 6910th at Darmstadt Germany (Baker Flt); 1972 to 1973 6910th at Augsburg Germany (Baker Flt); 1973 to 1976 6985th at Eielson AFB Alaska, again on RC-135's with plenty of TDY's to the Rock (Shemya); 1976 to 1979 6949th/6944th at Offutt AFB on RC-135's; 1979 to 1984 Air Force Recruiting in Erie, PA; 1984 to 1986 First Sgt. for the 2750th Headquarters Sq. at Wright-Patterson AFB; 1986 to 1987 First Sgt. for the 8th Component Repair Sq. in Kunsan Korea; 1987 to 1988 First Sgt. for the 4950th Organizational Maintenance Sq. at Wright-Pat
TACKETT, Robert F. "Haystax"TSgt2020Vietnamese and Russian airborne linguist; Thailand, Okinawa, and Offutt. Datalink pioneer with modernized RIVET JOINT. Known for great personality and many friendships
TAGARAS, Michael T.Col201131 years USAF, ESC/LG
TAKAHASHI, Richard T. Jr.Unk2010Asgn 6924th/Danang 1966; 6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan; Fire Captain Wheeler AFB, HI
TAKAHASHI, Wesley K.Unk2010202x T2 Misawa 1961-64
TALLANT, WayneSMSgt2015Morse Op; Taiwan, Crete, Misawa, Ft Meade, San Vito, Kelly AFB; 26 year career; FTVA Board of Directors 2009 - 2014
TALLEY, Cecil T.Unk2006202 asgn Misawa 1954-56
TALLEY, Gene WarrenSSgt201541st/6913th RSM in Bremerhaven.
TALLEY, Norman M. Jr.Unk2007Need info please
TAMSETT, Frank S.CMSgt1999SS Ol'Timer; retired out of AFSS AFCD; very active in Masonic Order & Affiliates
TANAKA, ErnieSSgt1964292/207 Supervisor @ Chicksands
TAPMAN, ThomasCol2014DCS/ Plans & Programs, ESC
TARABORRELI, CarmyUnk20023rd Radio Scty Sq, COMSEC/USAFSS Vet
TARBOX, Luther A.LtCol2009Commander @ NKP, Thailand; asgn Hawaii, Hq USAFSS; Ops Officer and an interim commander of the Det 1, 6911th RGM (6916th) at Rhein-Main from 1956-60. Also served in numerous other USAFSS abn & gnd asmts. 56-57 Darmstadt, 6911RGM Charlie Flt Cmdr., 57-60 Rhein Main, Det 1,6911th, Det 1,6900SW, & 6916th (Ops and Cmdr)., 60-63 Hq USAFSS OOD/OIC Abn Coll Br., 66-68 SSO PACAF, later OIC PADAF(PACAF Air Def Anal Facil). 68-69 EC-47 Pilot with 362TEWS, Pleiku AB SVN. Later dragged to 7AF to become EC-47 Fragger of all msns. , 69-71 Hq USAFSS, Dep DOR., 71-72 Cmdr 6908 RSM, NKP Thailand. 72-73 Director SU AFSPECCOMCEN, 2nd Floor Bldg 2000.
TART, Robert Carlyle "PopTart"Dr.2017Misawa, 1971-74
TATE, Emoryunk2015Russian Linguist, 6912th T-Berg, Berlin GE 1980's. Grandmaster Chess player
TATE, HowardLCol1986OIC, Cmd Special Applications Engineering Lab (Spook Stuff)
TATRO, AliceGS2008Longtime employee in Bldg 2000, USAFSS Hq
TATUM, Odis M.Unk1986Need info please
TAUS, Robert L.Col2019Goodfellow Base CC/1978; Japan, Korea, Panama, Wash DC
TAUS, TomLCol1995Russ Linguist; weather specialist
TAUSSIG, George N.Unk1994293X0 asgn Misawa 1958-59
TAYLOR, Adrian E. "Buddy"E-420176918th 701XX 1962-65
TAYLOR, Charles W. "Chuck"CMSgt2008Disaster preparedness office @ Goodfellow
TAYLOR, Darrell T.TSgt1997Career of 20-yrs in SS; FTVA member
TAYLOR, Dennis M. "Denny"unk2015USAFSS 202
TAYLOR, Donald R.LtCol2003DCS/Personnel Hq USAFSS 1953-54, Dir of Mil Personnel
TAYLOR, Edwin "Win"LTC2017US Army; Lifetime FTVA - more info needed
TAYLOR, Gregg "Turk"Unk2008Asgn Misawa 1971-72, Philippines
TAYLOR, Henry A.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TAYLOR, Jimmy L.MSgt2000SS era; logistics/material specialist Cmd Hq, Germany, Okinawa, Japan, et al
TAYLOR, Marston J.UnkUnk6918th RSM/SS, Hakata, Japan
TAYLOR, Myron F.CMSgt2018Radio Intercept Op/Analyst 1952-78; 6910th, 34th RSM, 6901st, 6970th, 6980th, 6918th, Karamursel, 6981st
TAYLOR, Steven R.Unk