FREEDOM THROUGH VIGILANCE ASSOCIATION                        2/15/2008
P.O. Box 691616
San Antonio, Texas 78269-1616

1.   FEBRUARY 15, 2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Chris Cook called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU BOD Conference Room. Attendance:

Chris Cook – President Bob Cope – Treasurer
Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen – Acting S’ctyDan “Dap” D’Apolito
Robert CrabtreeRobert Sherwood
Ron HaygoodDoug Holden
Col Amanda Gladney  (AFISRA Liaison)
Maj Tim Woliver (AFISRA Reunion Project Officer)

2.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the January 2008 meeting were read and approved.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was presented and filed for audit.


1) CALENDARS. Doug Holden briefed on status of Calendars.  A number were given to Col Gladney for the AFISRA senior staff.  Doug discussed possibly posting future issues on the FTVA website.  More later. 

2) GOLF TOURNAMENT.  On track.  Looking at having a roll call at the Gateway Club after the golf tournament.

3) PICNIC. Introduced Major Tim Woliver as the new Air Force ISR Agency POC.   Maj Woliver stated he had received the strawman checklist from Maj Van Pelt and paid for the Reunion Pavilion in Stapleton Park with the FTVA check.

4) BANQUET.  The Band of the West has been invited.

5) ALZAFAR SHRINER’S BAGPIPE BAND.  Has been contacted for the event.

6) HALL OF HONOR on track.  Bob Sherwood submitted an article for the newsletter.  All submissions must be received NLT 2 June this year.

7) REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY appears to be on track.

8) SPRING SOCIAL.  April 12th.  Mike Meermans will be guest speaker. Kenny O’Neal will provi

9)  HATS.  Bob Crabtree led discussion on what to put on the hats for the upcoming 60th Anniversary. Final decision was to go with white and blue lettering with blue bill. Use the original USAFSS emblem and the new AFISRA emblem, and have “Freedom Through Vigilance” on the back of the hats. Established target: 300 caps.


a.  BOD approved $100 reimbursement to Bob Cope for the IO Gear external hard drive given to Rass for use in his duties as FTVA’s Newsletter Editor, as well as acting as the backup site for several Directors’ data bases.

b. Air Force ISR Agency update.  Col Gladney. The Agency has assumed ownership of the 480th Intelligence Wing at Langley. The parking lot around ISR HQ is undergoing a major renovation.  The EC-47 is to be repainted this summer.  Three additional display models are in the works for the HQ: a U2, RJ and Compass Call.

c. Evolution of C2.   Ron Haygood reviewed the upgrades of various PPlans resulting from the shift in MAJCOM responsibilities.    


a.  ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET.  John Knotts noted that the Air Force ISR Agency Annual Awards Banquet will be 6 March 2008.  The SENSOR OLYMPICS banquet will coincide with the 60th Anniversary events and annual Agency Commander’s Conference in September.  John announced that he will be retiring from active duty in August of this year.

b.  SALES TAX EXEMPTION.  Bob Cope indicated this form is available for Directors’ use as necessary.

c.  NEWSLETTER.  “Dap” D’Apolito reviewed his history in serving as Newsletter Editor for over 20 years.  Chris Cook presented Dap with a remembrance in appreciation for his tireless dedication and longtime contributions to FTVA. After the March Newsletter, the cover will recognize Dap as the Editor Emeritus.

7.  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1455.  The next meeting will be Friday, March 21, 2008, in the SSFCU Board of Directors Conference Room at 1330.

Respectfully Submitted, 



Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen
FTVA Acting  Secretary

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