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1.  NOVEMBER 16, 2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After ascertaining that we had a quorum, President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room. 

2.  Attendance:

Lee Anthony – PresidentBob Cope – Treasurer
Phred Sevening — SecretaryJoe Hurst
Wayne TallantChris Cook
Bob Baert Wayne Amann — ISR Agency/PA

3.  MINUTES: The minutes of the AUG 2012 and OCT 2012 meetings were read and approved with minor edits.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was read and filed for audit.


  1. FTVA NCR Update:  Al Dowling continues to make progress on revitalizing the FTVA NCR Chapter.  Lee Anthony will hook Al up with Mike Meermans to pursue ideas.  We will continue to monitor progress and assist when and where needed.
  2. Syracuse University Memorial Update:  The plaque design is underway; too soon to tell if FTVA will have a support role in any way.
  3. ISR Agency Key Spouses Program Udpate:  After short discussion, decision made to table this one until we get more information.

6.  NEW BUSINESS.  2013 LARSON AWARDS Update.  Due to fiscal constraints, there is a chance the 2013 Larson Awards will not be done in a TDY attendance banquet as in years past.  Chris Cook suggested the Larson Awards POC contact San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Military Liaison Bill Mock to explore ideas of teaming with the Chamber to make the event more significant if it turns out to be held the same as in the past.   Because it is too soon to know details, this one is tabled until we can take action.

7.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Received a nice letter from the Wounded Warriors Foundation thanking us for the donation made in Brig Gen (ret) Scott Bethel’s name that was given as a token of appreciation for when he was the guest speaker at the FTVA Anniversary Week Banquet.


  1. Chris Cook.
    1. The recent Beaner’s Reunion was a fantastic event, everybody had a great time. 
    2. The Fisher House organization here in San Antonio is the biggest in the world, there is always need for assistance — that might be an area to pursue to lend a helping hand.
    3. This month is Cyber Awareness Month, there are lots of activities in the local area.  Academia and Industry have collaborated in many ways to make things better. 
    4. Chris closed with providing a Cyber Patriot update for us.
  2. Wayne Amann.  Thanks for the invite to the Beaner’s Reunion, it was a great event.  Wayne followed by providing a comprehensive update on several events happening around the ISR Agency.
  3. Bob Cope.  Several of our sister organizations are working hard to provide some holiday cheer for our deployed ISR Airmen.  Between the Beaners, the Prop-Wash Gang, and the Doggers, as much as $3500 has been collected to buy goodies and supplies to be sent downrange.
  4. Wayne Tallant gave us an update on the upcoming newsletter.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1412.  The next meeting will be in the SSFCU BOD Room on 18 JAN 2013 at 1330.

Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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