FTVA Membership Dues


Credit Cards
We receive a few e-mails/letters every year asking if we take credit cards. Unfortunately we do not. With credit cards the fewer transactions you do the more you pay. We have looked at several agencies that would process any credit card transactions and most of them have monthly fees and take a percentage per charge. The fees range greatly but still are all cost prohibitive due to the estimated number of transactions per month. The best alternative is to use your financial institution’s bill payer.

Bill Payer
We receive a lot of member’s payments directly from their financial institution. You don’t need an account number to have your financial institution send us a check, just our address. When they send us a check it has your name and the address you have on file with them printed on the check. We sometimes receive envelopes that have checks for several members. Sending your payment via your financial institutions bill payer saves you the postage. By the timing of some of the checks (same week, every year) it looks like a lot of the financial institutions will let you set up a yearly schedule or reminder.

Annual Dues
Member dues run from January to December. Your annual payments are due by January. Unfortunately, if you have not paid your dues by the end of March we must remove you from our mailing lists.

Annual Membership Cards
We normally bulk mail member’s annual membership cards out in late February.

Our Mailing Address Is:

Freedom Through Vigilance Association
PO Box 691616
San Antonio, TX 78269-1616

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