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1.  JANUARY 15, 2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  Vice President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room.


Ron Haygood – Vice PresidentLoren “Phred” Sevening – Secretary
Dennis “Rass” RassmussenJim McLendon
Joe HurstBob Baert
Ken WilliamsJohn Knotts
Maj Marcos Garcis – Outgoing AFISRA Anniversary Events CoordinatorMaj Luis Cairo – Incoming AFISRA Anniversary Events Coordinator
Tim Duncan/AFISRA Protocol Office 

2.  MINUTES: The Minutes of the NOV 2009 meeting were read and approved.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Not presented.


  1. SPRING SOCIAL. After much discussion about alternate locations, motion was made, seconded, and approved to hold the Spring Social at the Kelly Field Club again this year on April 10th. Plan is to once again honor AFISRA Airmen who served in the AOR in the past year, will need a rep to provide a list of returnees so they can be contacted and invited. Kenny O’Neal provided that list last year, but is deployed (again) this year and not available to provide the list. Gen Heithold will be our guest speaker, with Brig Gen Stauffer on stand-by in case Gen Heithold’s schedule does not allow him to attend. UPDATE: After the meeting, it turns out the decision was made to hold the Spring Social at the Lackland Gateway Club on the 10th of April. Details are on the FTVA website.
  2. POSTAL CHANGES.  Bob Baert and Rass will gather information on different options and costs and will present at the FEB meeting. Do not want to make a decision on financial obligations without our trusted Treasurer available.
  3. FTVA MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN.  Looking for somebody to chair an actual membership committee. Would be nice to have representation from each HQ AFISRA Directorate on this committee. Tabled until FEB meeting.


  1. SECURITY HILL PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Awareness Day.  This forum is designed to bring all the intelligence related professional organizations that are present in San Antonio together as a form of recruiting drive and advertising event. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to participate with an FTVA Booth.
  2. Support to AFISRA Annual Awards Program.  AFISRA POC for the event requested additional funding over and above previous year’s contributions, but he was not available to present specifics. Item is tabled until FEB meeting so specific request can be presented and acted upon.
  3. FTVA HISTORIAN.  Barnie Gavin was nominated, and voted in unanimously as FTVA Historian to replace Lee Anthony, who was elected FTVA President at the last general membership open election.  Barnie actually volunteered for the position, the nomination and voting actions were merely a formality.
  4. AFISRA PRIDE STORE.  Mr Tim Duncan from HQ AFISRA Protocol Office presented details on the new Pride Store that is inside Larson Hall on Security Hill. The Pride Store is designed to be a self-sustaining fund-raising entity for Gen Heithold’s staff. The Store sells a wide variety of AFISRA memorabilia.
  5. ANNIVERSARY WEEK PREPARATIONS.  Major Marcos Garcia introduced the AFISRA Anniversary Events Coordinator for 2010, Major Luis Cairo from AFISRA/A6. Guest Speaker at the banquet will be Gen Mike Hayden. Golf Tournament and other events are on track, indicating that this entire production gets the attention it needs to remain a well-oiled machine. There is a chance for a cost increase relative to the golf tournament, due to major upgrades at the golf course.
  6. AFISRA/HO Support to FTVA. AFISRA History Office is working to digitally scan their vast collection of old photos, and are donating the hard copies of those photos to FTVA once they are scanned. It will take some effort, but the recommended course of action is to scan them in for FTVA use and present them on our website. Barnie Gavin, as FTVA Historian, will be the keeper of the photos until they can be posted on our website.
  7. FTVA Support to Stu Engbretson TARP Award.  Last year FTVA BOD committed to supporting the annual Tactics Analysis and Reporting Program’s Stu Engbretson Award, dollar amount not to exceed $100. The annual award is presented in January.


  1. Thank you note from Major Marcos Garcia, outgoing AFISRA Anniversary Events Coordinator.
  2. Request for annual donation to the SENSOR OLYMPICS program, this year renamed as the Major General Doyle E. Larson Awards.
  3. Thank you note from David Winters, Executive VP at Center for the Intrepid, thanking us for donation in Gen Heithold’s name for his role as our guest speaker at the Anniversary Banquet.


  1. Bob Baert: Will send out postcard reminders for dues.
  2. Ken Williams. Gen Heithold and Chief Wesloh are TDY to the AOR to see first-hand our AFISRA Airmen in action.
  3. Rass. Thanks to everyone for assisting in crafting new design for the newsletter.
  4. Jim McLendon. Working the Vigilant Partners Program, if anyone has any ideas to assist, please share.
  5. Ron Haygood. Asking on status of hats at the Anniversary Week events this year. Will have this on the agenda for discussion at the FEB meeting.

8.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1519.  Next meeting will be February 19, 2010 in the SSFCU Board Room, starting at 1330.

Respectfully Submitted, 

FTVA Secretary

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