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San Antonio, Texas 78269-1616

1. JULY 19, 2013 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After ascertaining that we have a quorum, President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room. 

2. Attendance:

Lee Anthony – PresidentRon Haygood — Vice President
Bob Cope – TreasurerJoe Hurst
Grover JacksonKen Williams
Bob BaertJacque Lerma
Dennis RassmussenJim McLendon
Joe HurstChris Cook
Bob Crabtree 
TSgt Tiernan – ISR Agency/PA
Special Guests:  Maj Gen Jack Shanahan; AF ISR Agency Commander
FTVA Heritage Chapter Members:
Tom NurreJJ Graham
Ed BendinelliJohn Garrett — Goodfellow Historian

3.  MINUTES: The minutes of the June 2013 meeting were read and approved with minor edits.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was read and filed for audit.


  1. ARDF MUSEUM AT GOODFELLOW was briefed by CMSgt (ret) Nurre.  The Goodfellow team (Nurrie, Graham, and Goodfellow Historian) met with the AF ISR Agency History Office and made good progress on information needed for the ARDF Display at Goodfellow AFB.  They were looking for ARDF mementos and possible resources for display cases.  They will be located in the new Wing HQs building At Goodfellow.  The Board asked to be kept apprised and would support as required.
  2. GEN SHANAHAN ADDRESSED THE MOTTO ISSUE.  He stated the motto will not change, but wanted to insure the Agency’s rank-in-file were aware and actively talking about it.  He appreciated all the feedback he received, including the FTVA members.  A slogan will be added to reflect the Agency’s current missions.
  3. DIRECTOR EMERITUS STATUS FOR MR HOLDEN:  The Board approved the “Director Emeritus” status for Mr Holden.  Additionally, we agreed to a donation in Doug’s name to his favorite charity and a gift card to a nice restaurant for the Holdens.


  1. RATCHETT 33 CEREMONY RECAP:  Discussion, photos and write-up on the Ratchett 33 ceremony at the USAF Academy; Board voted to fund the entire plaque, as Rocky Mountain Chapter was able to raise enough funds for the families’ travel.
  2. HALL OF HONOR UPDATE:  Hall of Honor selectees for the Decade of the 1990’s were announced; MajGen Paul Dettmer, Mr Dennis Alvey, Ms Betsy S. Witt, CMSgt Jesse K. Coultrap, and MSgt John Armintrout.
  3. EC-47 RESTORATION PROJECT UPDATE:  The Heritage Chapter continues their efforts to restore the EC-47 static display at Goodfellow AFB.  Great paint job, but little progress on the inside equipment; efforts continue.

7. CORRESPONDENCE:  Nothing to report.


  1. Ken Williams:  Next BOD meeting will be scheduled by Dottie at the HQ.  The banquet this year will have a new buffet format; a venue that has worked well at other events at the club.  We also anticipate an ISR Agency request for support to for SSgt Richie Dickson’s family at the Reunion Remembrance Ceremony
  2. Maj Gen Shanahan again thanked the Board for all of the support thru the years and he looks forward a close working relationship.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1445.  The next meeting will be on Security Hill, Larson Hall (Bldg 2007), in the ISR Agency Commander’s Conference Room at 1330 on 16 AUG to present final preparations for the Anniversary Week events.

Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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