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1. JULY 17, 2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After ascertaining that we had a quorum, Vice President Andy Smith called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room.

2. Attendance:

Andy Smith — Vice PresidentPhred Sevening — Secretary
A.J. HarrisonDennis Buxton
Ken MaynardBarnie Gavin
Dennis RassmussenKen Williams

3. MINUTES: The minutes of the June 2015 meeting were read and approved with minor edits.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was not read due to absence of the Treasurer.


  • ALOHA CHAPTER:  Nothing significant to report from the Aloha Chapter.  We did meet back on June 17th for lunch. Sent a pic and short blurb to Rass for the next RIT.  Also, I just made travel arrangements to attend the FTVA Reunion. I’ll already be on the mainland (Utah) but won’t fly in until late Friday afternoon. Will miss the picnic but will be there for the HOH and Board meeting Saturday and of course the evening dinner.
  • GOLD COUNTRY CHAPTER:  There is nothing significant to report from the Gold Country Chapter other than the Assumption of Command Ceremony at the 548th.  I spent some time with the new Commander after the ceremony and we will meet later to set our common goals for the next year. 
  • HERITAGE CHAPTER:  Greetings!  Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy!  I have just a few things to pass along for the meeting.  It’s a sad day today as Col Kimberlee Joos relinquishes command of the 17th Training Wing and retires from the Air Force.  I hate to see her go…she did wonders for the base and for our chapter.  And I wish she would have stayed in; the Air Force needs more leaders like her.  The new Wing Commander is Col Michael Downs, a career intel officer who commanded a unit at Ft Meade a few years back.  Col Joos will be a hard act to follow, but all indicators are he’ll be another fine commander for Goodfellow. Tom Nurre and I went to her retirement dinner this past Saturday and we presented her with a scaled down model of the EC-47 exhibit housed in the Norma Brown Building.  As one with an understanding and deep appreciation for the history of our intel organizations and people, we felt it was a fitting gift.  And based on what others at the dinner told us, I dare say we hit the mark!  Everyone wanted to see the model.  I also found out just how many people had actually seen the exhibit.  All and all, it was a good night. On 8 July, chapter members (Tom Nurre, Ed Bendinelli, and I) participated in a ceremony at Angelo State University awarding Vietnam vets a commemorative pin to honor their service.  Tom MC’d the event and I was honored to one of those selected to “pin on” the veterans in attendance.  The recipients in San Angelo received their pins immediately after the pins were awarded for the first time at a ceremony at the Capital building in Washington, DC.  Quite a coup for our little group!  This ceremony was sponsored by the Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program, of which the Heritage Chapter is a proud partner with and Angelo State University.  That should cover us for now.  Thanks mucho and see you guys in the fall!
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: Andy, been on travel all week. I am attending Maj Gen Paul Dettmer’s funeral at Arlington Cemetery tomorrow. There will be an RC135 flyover as a fitting farewell. I expect a who’s who of ISR VIPS attending. I also represented the funeral for our FTVA Rocky Mountain Chapter member George Williams who was buried at Ft Logan national cemetery. His widow. Mary, is having some insurance issues and I am helping her with that. I might need national chapter letterhead involvement at some point unless we can work it at our e‎nd.  Sharon Frizzell resigned from her post as FTVA RM finance officer because she has taken a long term volunteer position at Yellowstone Park. We had a farewell luncheon for her and she will be missed. I will assume her duties until new elections.  Otherwise, with many members on summer vacations etc. We have continued our monthly socials as normal. I am still working out my Sep schedule to try and make the annual reunion in San Antonio.

6. OLD BUSINESS:  FTVA Poster updates – tabled until Ron Haygood can lead the discussion.

7. NEW BUSINESS:  Hall of Honor Update:  A.J. Harrison shared that a total of 15 packages were received for this year, and the team selected four:

  • Joe Hurst, Col (Ret)
  • Meg Czapieski, Col (Ret)
  • Kevin Slater, CMSgt (Ret)
  • Bob Lantz, SMSgt (Ret, deceased).



  1. Ken Williams:  Captain Heather Ross is the HQ 25th Air Force POC for Anniversary Week events.  We submitted the letter to JBSA leadership to allow alcohol at the picnic.  The NAF Commander approved the Hall of Honor selections.  Everyone is invited to my retirement dinner/roast the evening of 23 July and my retirement ceremony the morning of 24 July.  Mr Steve Doucette is my replacement, but the duty title changes from Director of Staff to Chief of Staff.
  2. Dennis Buxton:  Everything is on track for the golf tournament, should be another great event.

10.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1423.  The next meeting will be in the Commander’s Conference Room, building 2007 (Larson Hall), on Security Hill, Lackland Air Force Base.



Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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