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1. 1. June 21, 2019 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING: FTVA Board Of Directors Meeting: After ascertaining a quorum, President Ted Colquhoun called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. in the Security Hill; Building 2000 cafeteria.

2. Attendance:

Ted Colquhoun – PresidentEvan Smith – Vice President
Lee Anthony – TreasurerDan Martin
AJ HarrisonRon Haygood
Chris CookBob Benitez
Ben JonesWilliam Brockmiller

3. MINUTES: The April 2019 Meeting Minutes were read and approved with minor typographical corrections. No formal meeting was conducted in May, as a quorum was not reached.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Lee Anthony presented the report, current through May 31, 2019; it will be archived for audit/review.


  1. FTVA Membership Drive: NSTR.
  2. FTVA Presence on Facebook: No activity.
  3. P.O. Mailbox transition: Lee recommended this item be closed. We are still on the wait list for a PO box and the current set-up with SSFCU is working. SSFCU regularly (every couple of weeks) forwards to Lee correspondence that arrived at the SSFCU facility for FTVA.
  4. Remain In Touch online newsletter: No update.
  5. Status of TSgt Ernie Parrish plaque in BALA: This was discussed. AJ Harrison provided a recap and confirmed that no plaque exists. 25AF/HO, Ben Jones, recommended delaying procuring a plaque until more is known about the 24AF/25AF merger and new IW NAF designation since that may impact what can be displayed…led to much discussion and pontification. Action on hold.
  6. Potential modification of FTVA Hall of Honor criteria: AJ Harrison. Modification wasn’t discussed, same as the previous item. On hold until more is known. HoH selection committee received 12 nominations this year. Ted mentioned that since next year is 2020 that five new HoH members could be selected under the “decade of…” per the charter vs the normal four.
  7. Support to Wasatch Chapter and Hurlburt Field Air Parks: Ted to discuss with key 169th and 25th personnel, local chapter leaders. No Update.
  8. Spring Social: May 4, 2019: finalizing paperwork Wednesday (Ken and Barnie Gavin). 25 AF Command Chief Leifer will be guest speaker.


  1. Funding request from Wasatch Chapter: Up to $2000 to pay for shipping of a portion of a SENIOR SCOUT container to the National Cryptologic Museum where it will eventually be put on display. A motion was made and approved.
  2. 25 AF POC for Anniversary Week: Ted to coordinate with Mr Apodaca.
  3. Broken links on FTVA Website: TBD, Roy testing. So far, only one member has documented this problem. Not discussed, but it does need a good shake.



    1. Chris Cook recommended that we engage with 24AF ASAP to explore the opportunities that the merge will bring (recognition, vigilant partners etc.). Additionally, recommended engaging with local elected officials to encourage participation in events. He also discussed the Cyber Texas non-profit and their Cyber Hall of Honor recognition efforts as well as AFCEA.
    2. Scott Lawson provided an update on the Wasatch Chapter. Currently has about 30 members with regular monthly meetings. Being well received.

9. Meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. Ted owes beers.


Acting FTVA Secretary (for this meeting)

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