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San Antonio, TX 78269-1616

  1. 25 June 2021 FTVA Board of Directors Meeting: After establishing a quorum, President Evan Smith called the meeting to order at 1304.
Evan Smith – President William Brockmiller – Vice President
Mike Nielsen – Secretary Ken Maynard – Treasurer
Ted Colquhoun Barnie Gavin
AJ Harrison Dan Martin
Ken Williams
  1. MINUTES: The May 2021 Meeting Minutes/Notes were presented to the BoD.  A formal meeting could not be held as there was no quorum.
  1. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Ken Maynard provided a hard copy report, to be archived for audit/review.  Ken also acquired a debit card from SSFCU for use.
  1. FTVA Website Development – Cyber Texas:  A reminder that the new website is operational.  The address is  Roy Burnet was not available to provide a status on previously identified issues.  We also discussed adding button links to files such as RIT and HoH.  We also discussed adding links to Heritage DVD files, youtube items of interest, etc.
  2. Insurance coverage: FTVA Insurance with Chubb Group of Insurance Companies is active and funded. Fiduciary Liability, Coverage for Directors & Officers Liability and Entity Liability are covered.  It was also noted that this coverage does extend to FTVA chapters.
  3. FTVA Banquet.  The FTVA Banquet is on with the Lackland Club now able to host up to 300 people.   Two SNCOs Project Officers have been assigned by 16 AF.  Ted Colquhoun will engage with them the week of 28 June to assist in planning.


  1. Correspondence: Not discussed.
  1. Around the room: 
    1. RIT inputs are due 1 September 
  1. There being no further business, the discussions ended at 1350.  The next BOD meeting is scheduled for 30 July at 1300 at the Lackland Club. Show up early as lunch in the club cafeteria is now available.


Michael W. Nielsen

FTVA Secretary


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