Minutes from FTVA Board Meeting 29 June 2023

  1. The FTVA board convened at the LAFB Gateway club on 29 Jun 2023. 
Participants included:

Ted Colquhoun (President), Bill Brockmiller (Vice President), Evan Smith (Secretary), Ken Williams (Social Chair), Dan Martin (Historian), Dennis Buxton (RIT), and Roy Burnett (Admin)

  1. Old/New Business:
    1. Ted presented a recommendation to a lot $2K to the 16 AF Booster Club in support of the NAF’s Oct 20 picnic/Phoenix Friday.  A motion was made, seconded and carried.
    2. Brock discussed a request from the Heritage Chapter for a plaque honoring Vietnam vets.  This effort is still in the exploratory stage, and Brock will follow-up on with details at a future date.
    1. Website.  Roy has asked the current company on contract, D3fy, what is causing the delay in getting the RIT uploaded and will provide an update as he learns more.  The cost of $150/mo is a good deal, but only if the service is adequate.  Ted said he will check with his son who works in the field as a possible via alternative.  MTF
    1. Fall Banquet.  Ken noted that Capt Russ will be the NAF POC.  Intent is to get notifications out in August.  Ken recommended raising the price this year to $35, a modest increase as the ticket price hasn’t been raised in many years and the FTVA provides a good number of “free” meals to supporting personnel.  All agreed.
    1. HOH.  Lee Anthony has 6 or 7 packages thus far, packages were to be received by early July.
    1. RIT.  Dennis covered the timeline for a Sept edition to be followed by one in Dec.
    1. Alamo Chapter will have no summer meeting; 21 Sept is the next luncheon.
    1. History.  Dan mentioned he does like seeing the meeting minutes as they help in compiling the history input.
    1. Vigilant Partners.  Need to reach out to Mutley to gat a current status on VP participation.
    1. Ted adjourned the meeting.
  1. The next Board Meeting is scheduled for 21 July at 1300.  Ken Williams to confirm Gateway Club.  Recommending all come early for lunch prior…

Evan Smith, Secretary, FTVA

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