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San Antonio, Texas 78269-1616

1. May 15, 2020 FTVA Board of Directors’ Meeting: After establishing a quorum, President Evan Smith called the virtual meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. using the online program Zoom.


Evan Smith – PresidentWilliam Brockmiller – Vice President
Lee Anthony – TreasurerLoren “Phred” Sevening — Secretary
Roy BurnettTed Colquhoun
Mark HessBarnie Gavin
Ken WilliamsAJ Harrison
Ken MaynardDan Martin
Ms. Diane Cable – 16 AF Liaison 

3. MINUTES: The January 2020 Draft Meeting Minutes were read and approved as written.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Lee Anthony provided the report, to be archived for audit/review.


  1. Status of TSgt Ernie Parrish plaque in BALA: Tabled until after the COVID-19 issue stabilizes.
  2. Potential for Memorial Plaque in BALA for Maj Ransom: Tabled until after the COVID-19 issue stabilizes, POC: Ted Colquhoun.
  3. Codifying Memorialization Process: Tabled until after the COVID-19 issue stabilizes.
  4. FTVA Charter/Constitution Update: The FTVA By-Laws and Constitution were both in need of updating due to change from 25 AF to 16 AF. Additionally there were a couple minor contextual changes to resolve. Both updated documents were approved. Additionally, the new logo, created by Ted Colquhoun, to reflect the merger of 24 AF and 25 AF to become the 16 AF was approved. CLOSED.
  5. Follow-up on business insurance coverage/quotes: IOriginal quote was for main FTVA, but after brief discussion today decision was made to go back to get a quote that includes chapters. Updated quote should be available next meeting. POC: Bill Brockmiller.
  6. Spring Social: It was decided to keep the Spring Social despite declining/low participation. Marketing the event is a consideration. 21 March 2020 at the Sea World Marriott is proposed date/location. Item OPEN, POC: Ken Williams, entire BOD
  7. Larson Awards Way-Ahead: Awaiting decisions to be made by 16 AF/CCC.
  8. Codify 16 AF relationship with FTVA: Issue has been presented to 16 AF/JAG and they are assessing to determine what the relationship will look like going forward. Item OPEN, POC: Evan Smith
  9. Audit committee:: What will the delivery method to FTVA members considering that not all members are on the web. Hardcopy will be provided if member provides self-addressed mailer. Item CLLee provided details regarding IRS and State of TX requirements for audit. Although an audit is not required due to the level of our financial holdings, it was agreed by the BOD as a “good thing to do periodically.” Lee checked out cost for a professional CPA to conduct the audit and recommends against going that route, and use an internal committee instead. Ken Maynard is POC to establish the committee to employ at the discretion of the Board of Directors.



  1. New Membership Cards, Envelopes, and Letterhead: After short discussion motion was made, seconded, and approved to pursue getting new membership cards, envelopes, and letterhead using the new logo. Roy Burnett will get a cost quote and share at the next meeting for approval to purchase.
  2. FTVA Chapter Annual Disbursement:: Treasurer Lee Anthony proposed sending the annual checks to our Chapters; and after very brief discussion motion was made, seconded, and approved.
  3. Suspense for inputs to the next edition of Remain in Touch Newsletter is 1 June.
  4. Contingency Planning for Anniversary Week: After lengthy discussion, decision was made to scale back the annual Anniversary Week activities for 2020 due to COVID-19. The Golf Tournament and Picnic are cancelled. The Hall of Honor and Memorial Ceremonies, and the banquet will follow guidance by 16 AF leadership but we can expect that if these events do take place they will be scaled back considerably. Evan will lead a virtual Zoom meeting in the near future to discuss with Chapter leaders to get their input and make sure word gets out to their members to they can avoid costly travel plans.



9. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1423. The next FTVA BOD meeting will probably be held virtually using Zoom, on Friday the 19th of June at 1300.

FTVA Secretary

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