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1.  November 20, 2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU auditorium #1, because their main conference room was occupied.


Lee Anthony – PresidentLoren “Phred” Sevening — Secretary
Dennis “Rass” RassmussenBarnie Gavin
Chris CookJoe Hurst
John WorthingtonDoug Holden
Bob BaertWayne Amman, AFISRA/PA

2.  MINUTES: The minutes of the OCT 2009 meeting were read and approved with minor modification.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer’s report not read, but Bob Cope did share with us that the PropWash Gang, assisted by the Association of Spanish Flyers, sent a total of $3250 to some of our airborne units hit hardest with deployments to the AOR. The money is intended to be spent on quality of life resources for those who experience the highest ops tempo deployments. Sincere appreciation to a couple of our sister organizations in their efforts to take care of ISR Agency Airmen.


  1. Spring Fling Update: The Board of Directors decided to form a committee to research options for the Spring Fling and report back at the January meeting. The committee consists of Loren “Phred” Sevening and immediate Past President Chris Cook. The two will research various options and present recommendations at our next meeting (there will be no meeting in December). The BOD did agree to lock on April 10, 2010 as the date for the Spring Fling.
  2. CMSAF Kisling Memorial Bust Update: This item was tabled at our last meeting because we are waiting on ISR Agency Command Chief Weseloh to collaborate with Air Force Senior NCO Academy officials because they have a bust of Chief Kisling. Motion made, seconded, and approved to call this one closed until we hear back from Air Force ISR Agency leadership.
  3. EC-47 Project at Goodfellow AFB: The prospects of finding pictures of the inside of an operational EC-47 are growing dim. One of the staff at the Air Force ISR Agency History Office may have a lead on some pictures, and is in the process of searching through boxes of unmarked archived pictures to see if there is anything available. JJ Graham, Heritage Chapter President, is in direct communications with ISR Agency History Office staff. Motion made, seconded, and approved to call this one closed.


  1. Assistant Newsletter Editor: In an effort to follow up on previous discussions that have taken place off and on over the past few months to get an Assistant Newsletter Editor to help Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen cope with the growing demands of the position. Newsletter Editor Emeritus, Dan “Dap” D’Apolito, remains active with the Newsletter and provides the bulk of information on the Fallen Eagles section. Doug Holden volunteered to assist Rass.
  2. New FTVA Historian: The FTVA Historian for 2009, Lee Anthony, was elected to the office of FTVA President leaving the office of Historian vacant. Barnie Gavin volunteered to serve as our Historian. Lee will transfer all the information and materials to Barnie so he can get started.
  3. Changes in Postal Requirements Impacting Newsletter: There have been some significant changes in what the Post Office requires we have in place to ship out bulk copies of the Newsletter. There was no time for this current issue of the Newsletter to modify our current process, and so we opted to purchase envelopes this time simply to meet the new requirements. Item will be up for discussion at the January meeting where we will plan to establish an effective process to get the Newsletter out to our members, while meeting the requirements of the Post Office.
  4. SENSOR OLYMPICS Update: The Air Force ISR Agency SENSOR OLYMPICS program has been changed to the General Doyle E. Larson SENSOR Olympics awards program, effective with the 2009 awards ceremony held November 19, 2009. The event was another big success, and those who were fortunate enough to be returning awardees commented on how the interaction with the FTVA is one of the more important aspects of the entire week for them.
  5. Gen Larson Inducted into NSA Hall of Honor for 2009: Gen Doyle E. Larson has been inducted into the NSA Hall of Honor for 2009. This significant accomplishment is made more meaningful because of the fact that only four members are inducted each year – and their selection field is far greater than what the FTVA has to choose from for our own Hall of Honor.
  6. New FTVA Membership Chairman. Several names were discussed as potential candidates for the 2010 Membership Chairman. Each of the possible chairs will be contacted and provided the opportunity to join us in this key capacity. Results will be shared at the January 2010 meeting.


  1. Gold Country Chapter Request: The Gold Country Chapter has designed some tee-shirts that depict some of the heritage of our organization and are offering the shirts to those who may want them. Because we are a non-profit organization, the shirts can not be for sale, and so the Gold Country Chapter is asking for a donation to cover expenses. Details are in the latest edition of our Newsletter.
  2. Security Hill TOP III. Sent us a nice thank-you letter for our support at this year’s annual car show fundraiser. Proceeds from the fundraiser went to support Operation Comfort. Operation Comfort provides support to our service members who have been wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq and are receiving treatment at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). Their website is
  3. Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund sent a nice thank-you letter to us for the donation made on behalf of Gen Heithold as a memento to him when he served as our guest speaker at our 2009 banquet. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund was established in 2000 to provide financial support for the dependents of United States military personnel lost in performance of their duty.  This continued an effort begun in 1982 by Zachary and Elizabeth Fisher, founders of the Intrepid Museum Foundation and the Fisher House Foundation. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes website is


  1. The 2010 AFISRA Ambassadors Program is seeking volunteers for the new year. There are already a number of candidates who have applied, application deadline is 25 NOV 09. Submitted by Wayne Amann, AFISRA/PA.
  2. AFISRA Food Drive donation collection ended 20 NOV 09. Estimate for this year’s collection is that it exceeded last year’s collection, which is a testament to the giving spirit found in the Agency’s Airmen. Submitted by Wayne Amann, AFISRA/PA.
  3. 2010 FTVA Anniversary Events are set for 23 – 25 SEP 2010, with the Lackland Gateway Club reserved for the banquet, and the golf course reserved for the tournament already.

8.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1455.  Next meeting will be January 15, 2010 in the SSFCU Board Room, starting at 1330.

Respectfully Submitted, 

FTVA Secretary

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