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1. NOVEMBER 17, 2017 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING: After ascertaining that we had a quorum, President Ted Colquhoun called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Executive Dining Room.

2. Attendance:

Ted Colquhoun – PresidentBob Cope – Treasurer
Phred Sevening – SecretaryBob Baert
Barnie GavinDennis Rassmussen
Ken WilliamsDennis Buxton
Mark HessRon Haygood

3. MINUTES: The October 2017 meeting minutes were read and approved with minor edits.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Was presented and filed for audit.


  1. ALAMO CHAPTER: The November meeting of the Alamo Chapter of the Freedom Through Vigilance Association (FTVA) was held on 16 November 2017 at the Saltgrass Steak House 11745 I-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78230.  The meeting was called to order by President Barnie Gavin with an attendance of 24 members, spouses, and guests. The following business was completed:
    1. December Meeting – With Christmas and everyone so busy, Barnie asked for input as to whether we should have a meeting/Christmas party or just skip the December meeting.  He asked for the members to email him to let him know their druthers.
    2. Barnie also asked for feedback on the meeting tonight, i.e. do we want to come back to the Saltgrass, was the service good, food good, etc.  Again, let him know via an email.
    3. Bill Scheck gave a report on the Combat Apple Reunion he attended.  At the reunion, Mrs. Larson who attended along with Nancy, was presented with a walking stick that was engraved with all of MGen Larson’s assignments.
    4. Barnie also mentioned that anyone wanted name tags to let him know.
    5. The next chapter meeting, if we have one in December would be held on December 21st.  Location TBD depending on the feedback Barnie receives based on items 1 and 2 above.
    6. Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM, followed by great fellowship and comradery.
  2. ALOHA CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.
  3. GOLD COUNTRY CHAPTER: Awaiting input.
  4. HERITAGE CHAPTER:  Awaiting input.
  6. ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: Awaiting input.


  1. Update on Vigilant Partner Program: Mark Hess: We have had a handful of deposits since the last update.  The most noteworthy was a $5000 donation to the Memorial Fund.  Several companies that I have contacted asked me for more details, which I am in the process of getting that to them. 
  2. USAFSS Display at the NMUSAF:  No updates to post. 
  3. SSFCU Recognition and Appreciation:  Just before relinquishing his role as FTVA President, Ron Haygood sent a nice thank-you letter (accompanied by two tickets to our annual banquet in SEP) to Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) leadership, showing appreciation for all the support they provided to FTVA over the years.  Ted Colquhoun added that he will send them a follow-up letter to reinforce that appreciation in his current role as the new FTVA President, and Ron Haygood added that we should also do the same for Engrave-Tech for all they have done.  Ted will craft and submit that letter as well. 
  4. Larson Awards Update: The formal request came in, and a check for the normal amount was sent to the Larson Award committee within 25th Air Force Headquarters.  Their Command Chief, CMSgt Caddell, sent a nice thank-you card expressing his appreciation for the support. 
  5. New Special Activities Chair: No updates available, Ted requested we table this one until our next meeting. 


  1. New Higher Headquarters Guidance on Military Gatherings:  There is new Department of Defense-level guidance mandating a risk assessment be conducted before holding events that will have a large military-member presence.  This could impact the FTVA golf tournament, picnic, and/or other Anniversary Week events.  More to follow as we get closer to next year’s anniversary. 
  2. Future of FTVA Spring Social:  The annual Spring Social is costing a lot of money.  In the beginning, the Spring Social was for “us” to socialize, and the role of honoring returning deployers was added later.  Last year we had 52 guests at the event and only one deployer from 25th Air Force showed up.  Recommend we consider going back to the original purpose of the Spring Social, that being a pure social event for us, for fun.  Barnie Gavin offered the Alamo Chapter step up and host the next Spring Social and use that event as the March or April meeting (depending on when the event is scheduled).  Ken Williams (the Spring Social Chair) will get with Barnie off-line to discuss and come to our next meeting with recommendations. 

8. CORRESPONDENCE: The 25th Air Force Larson Award Committee Chair submitted their formal request for FTVA funding, and we responded by sending them a check in our normal amount of funding.  The 25 AF Command Chief followed up with a thank-you card. 


  1. Dennis Rassmussen:  There is not enough room in the Newsletter for all the input, will have to save some of that for the next issue. 
  2. Bob Baert:  Recommend we share the online Newsletter with non-members to hopefully lure in more new members.
  3. Ted Colquhoun:  First item:  Last year we did a post-holiday gathering at a local restaurant as a simple get-together for the FTVA BOD – do we want to do that again this year?  Ken Williams stepped up to take this for action.  Second item:  It is tradition to present the out-going FTVA President with a gavel, as a memento and thanks for a job well done.  Ted presented outgoing President, Ron Haygood with an engraved gavel, and Dennis Rassmussen got pictures for the next Newsletter.

10. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1449.  The next meeting will be January 19, 2018 in Larson Hall (building 2007), 25th Air Force Headquarters, starting at 1330. 



Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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