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1. November 15, 2019 FTVA Board of Directors’ Meeting: After establishing a quorum, vice president Bill Brockmiller called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. at 2. 16 AF (Building 2000) Cafeteria, Lackland AFB, Texas.


William Brockmiller – Vice PresidentLee Anthony – Treasurer
Ted ColquhounMs. Diane Cable
Ken MaynardDan Martin
Roy BurnettDennis Buxton

3. MINUTES: The October 2019 Meeting Minutes were read and approved as written.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Lee Anthony provided the report, to be archived for audit/review.


  1. FTVA Membership Drive: Still looking for a government/military representative to assist. Item OPEN, POC: Roy Burnett.
  2. Status of TSgt Ernie Parrish plaque in BALA: Tabled until after the NAF merger, POC: AJ Harrison.
  3. Potential for Memorial Plaque in BALA for Maj Ransom: Tabled until after the NAF merger, POC: Ted Colquhoun.
  4. Codifying Memorialization Process: During short discussion on Maj Ransom, motion was made, seconded, and approved to form a small committee to establish a formal process for the FTVA to follow to ensure all future considerations are addressed in a consistent and standardized manner. Item OPEN, POC: Ted Colquhoun
  5. FTVA Charter/Constitution Update: FTVA President and designated Board Members are working on updating the documents, which will be presented at a meeting in the near future for approval and voting. Item OPEN, POC: Evan Smith
  6. New Nominating Committee Chair: Ken Maynard volunteered to replace Dennis Rassmussen as the Nominating Committee Chairman. BOD voted to accept Ken as the new Chairman. Item CLOSED.
  7. 2019 FTVA History: Recommendations by Dan Martin and others discussed/approved for future editions of the annual history document (see October minutes). Item CLOSED.
  8. Follow-up on business insurance coverage/quotes: Item OPEN, POC: Bill Brockmiller.
  9. Spring Social – keep or kill: Continue discussions on whether to continue with the Spring Social. Declining/low participation and time of year are influencing factors. Item OPEN, POC: Ken Williams, entire BOD
  10. Post-merger action items: Now that merger is complete, identify/prioritize items for action. Item OPEN, awaiting decisions to be made by 16 AF/CCC.
  11. Larson Awards Way-Ahead: Under the new NAF construct, we will have most AFSCs from the Air Force assigned to the new NAF. The future Larson Award competitions may have to be modified to ensure everything meets the spirit and intent of awarding the “best of the best” in each AFSC in the NAF (SIGINTers?). Item OPEN, awaiting decisions to be made by 16 AF/CCC.



  1. Codify 16 AF relationship with FTVA: FTVA/16 AF need to determine what the relationship will look like going forward. POC: Evan Smith
  2. Distributing FTVA information to members: What will the delivery method to FTVA members considering that not all members are on the web. Do we push information down to the Chapters to distribute? POCs: Evan Smith, Bill Brockmiller, and Roy Burnett
  3. Audit committee: Lee provided details regarding IRS and State of TX requirements for audit. Due to revenue levels, no audit is required however BOD would like to further investigate as a “good thing to do periodically.” Investigating cost for formal CPA audit. Item OPEN, POCs: Ken Maynard, Lee Anthony.
  4. FTVA plaque uniformity/criteria (addendum): Establish guidelines to ensure award/recognition program is standardized going forward (prompted by changes that may affect location/presentation of awards. Decided that it is 16 AF to do, however, we can help guide the process if requested. Dependent of 16 AF/CCC decision.
  5. FTVA logo graphic – change to reflect 16 AF (Air Forces Cyber): Does logo need to change to reflect new cyber mission (former 24 AF). POC: Evan Smith.
  6. Clarify/expand Larson Award donation requests: With the addition of former 24 AF units, establish procedures for donation requests, or method of identifying 16 AF needs.
  7. VENMO / PayPal w/SSFCU: Board approved issuance of a debit card for the operating account; Lee will obtain and generate a PayPal account.
  8. Quarterly account update: To verify membership, dues paid. Item OPEN, POC: Roy Burnett
  9. New Fallen Eagles POC: Lee resigning position on January 1, 2020, however, will continue until replacement is found. Please be on lookout for volunteer!


8. AROUND THE ROOM: Dennis Buxton thanked all for RIT input being received in advan

10. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 2:19 pm. The next FTVA BOD meeting will be 17 January 2020 at 1:00 pm on Security Hill, Larson Hall (building 2000) in the 16 AF Cafeteria.

//NOT signed//
Lee Anthony
FTVA Treasurer (and acting Secretary for this meeting)

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