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1.  October 16, 2009 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room.


Lee Anthony – PresidentRon Haygood – Vice President
Bob Cope – TreasurerLoren “Phred” Sevening — Secretary
Dennis “Rass” RassmussenKen Williams
Barnie GavinBob Crabtree
Jim McLendonChris Cook
Col Hank Toussaint, AFISRA LiaisonWayne Amman, AFISRA/PA

2.  MINUTES: The minutes of the July and August 2009 meetings were read and approved.

3.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer’s report was presented, and filed for audit. Motion was made, seconded, and approved to donate $100 to the Air Force ISR Agency A2 Booster Club for their support in staffing the water and soda booth on behalf of the FTVA at our anniversary picnic last month.

      a.  Golf tournament:  Despite the unusually rainy weather, the reunion golf tournament went very well.  We had a full field, 144 people, signed up to play;  134 people checked in that day; and about 125 finished the round.  As in previous years, the management staff at the Alsatian Golf Course did a great job of supporting us.  We also received our usual fine support from the Security Service Federal Credit Union, with money and give-aways for the golfers.
Maj Gen Hiethold played and spoke to the assembled golfers after the tournament.  By the way, his team finished 3rd, riding mostly on the skills of the AFISRA Chaplain from what I hear.
A professional photographer recorded all the teams that played and sold copies to them.  She also provided a CD with all the photos.  Will get some selected ones to Bob Baert for the website, along with an article and photos for the newsletter, and an input to the Historian.
Plan is to return to the same course next year, if we can keep the cost about the same.  Due to changes in management, expect that they will want more money;  how much is TBD.
      b.  RF-4 Memorial Dedication. Gen Heithold and ISR Agency leadership led efforts to commemorate the loss of the highest ranking officer during the Vietnam War, Maj Gen Worley. Gen Worley died when the RF-4 he was piloting was shot down, but the backseater, Col Brodman, was able to bail out and survive. FTVA teamed with ISR Agency to dedicate the RF-4 static display on Security Hill to Maj Gen Worley and Col Brodman during the FTVA anniversary festivities. Gen Worley’s son, who is now a Maj Gen, and Col (retired) Brodman and their families attended the ceremony. Maj Gen Worley and Col Brodman both spoke at the event. The Air Force fighter community worldwide is aware of what the ISR Agency and FTVA did on Security Hill with the dedication ceremony, and are very much appreciative of what was done. Major General Heithold was very impressed by the entire event and he received a nice letter from Col Brodman and a nice letter and coin from Maj Gen Worley. General Worley did ask for more information on what FTVA is all about, and Ken Williams will work to provide appropriate information to him through Gen Heithold.
      c. Remembrance Ceremony. A fantastic fly-by. The timing was perfect and the altitude seemed to be lower than usual, which made the event even more thrilling than normal. Another outstanding performance by the Alzafar Shriner’s Bagpipe Band. One issue to address is to ensure all the paperwork is complete for them to get on base, because the heightened security presents a challenge for them (many of them do not have a retired military ID card). Motion was made, seconded, and approved to donate the standard amount of $125 to them. Lt Schulte’s family was extremely moved and honored by the entire event and very grateful for all that was done on behalf of their daughter. Thanks to Ken Williams for getting the EC-47 painted before the ceremony.
      d. Hall of Honor Induction Ceremony.  Kudos to Bob Sherwood for another great event with four extremely deserving individuals inducted into the Hall. Some discussion about moving the event back inside the Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA) inside Larson Hall (bldg 2007) to escape the Texas heat. Others felt the day was perfect. No decisions made, and the final determination is up to the Air Force ISR Agency Commander anyway. Need to work with AFISRA Commander’s Action Group and Protocol to build more flexibility into the script if the timing needs to be adjusted. By sticking to the time stated in the script, the narrator only allowed five minutes for everyone to tour the Agency’s History Room.
      e. Banquet.  Had 240 attendees this year. Some key ISR Agency leadership were TDY to during the event (several to Afghanistan), and this could have impacted participation. The sound system at the club still leaves much to be desired. Something to consider for next year: finding a backup PA system that we can use. The Club is already reserved for 25 SEP 2010, and club management has already made it known that prices will go up next year. Expect our ticket prices to increase accordingly. Suggestions were discussed about who to secure as guest speaker for the event.

      a.  A statue of bust of CMSAF Kisling on Security Hill? There has been growing interest in securing a statue or bust of Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kisling, one of the early USAFSS Senior Enlisted Advisors (known today as “Command Chief”). There is a bust of Chief Kisling at the Air Force Senior NCO Academy at Gunter Air Force Base. Current Air Force ISR Agency Command Chief, Paul Weseloh, will engage with SNCOA leadership to find out the history of that bust to see if the mold is still available and what the cost might be to duplicate it here on Security Hill. Once Chief Weseloh has more information, we can anticipate a request for FTVA support from appropriate Air Force ISR Agency personnel. Until that request comes in, this issue is TABLED.
      b.  Spring Fling Planning. As discussed at a previous meeting, looking at 10 April 2010 as the date for this event. Some discussion about the excessive cost at the Kelly Club and what we do (and do not) get for our money. BOD members will look for alternative locations and report back at the next meeting. Guest speakers were discussed and preliminary first choice will be to request current Air Force ISR Agency Vice Commander, Brig Gen JD Stauffer, to speak. This will give the local FTVA members a chance to get to know him and for him to get to know us.
      c.  EC-47 support for FTVA Heritage Chapter. FTVA Heritage Chapter President, JJ Graham, made an appeal at the annual FTVA General Membership Meeting in September for anyone to offer leads on a source for pictures of the inside on an EC-47. Pictures are needed to help the Heritage Chapter members restore the inside of the EC-47 on static display at Goodfellow Air Force Base. Lee Anthony has been coordinating with his contacts within the Big Safari community with no luck yet. A potential source might be available but is currently not available due to a family emergency. Lee will continue to work the problem. Suggestion was made to contact the original equipment vendors to see if there may be some archived photos. Lee (and others) will continue to work this.
      d.  FTVA Board of Directors Roster update.  With new President and Vice President, it is time to update the roster. The roster is a “living document” that can easily be updated at any time and redistributed. Appropriate information collected at the meeting, and the roster is updated and distributed to the FTVA Board of Directors.
      e. The PropWash Gang (PWG) is getting ready to start their Christmas drive to collect contributions to fund gifts for deployed Airmen over the Christmas holidays. Discussion around the table agreed we should discuss this at our next meeting.
      f. Need to transfer names on bank account, due to new President and Vice President.

a. Chris Cook shared with us a letter of appreciation he wrote to Gen Heithold thanking him for the continued outstanding support and relationship we have between FTVA and the Air Force ISR Agency members.
b. Somebody made an email request to purchase a hat, and Membership Support Chairman Bob Baert responded that no hats are available. Bob Crabtree brought in the last two hats today, and one will be forwarded to Bob Baert for him to get to the person who requested it. The other hat was sold in the parking lot after the meeting. NOW there are no more hats left. Discussion of hats opened up the topic of whether or not we need to get more hats, and if so, should we change the design? Bob Crabtree will check on prices and design options and get back to us.

7.  AROUND THE ROOM.  Nothing to Report.

8.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1457.  Next meeting will be November 20, 2009 in the SSFCU Board Room, starting at 1330.

Respectfully Submitted, 


      // Signed//
FTVA Secretary

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