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1.  OCTOBER 15, 2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Board Room.

2.  Attendance:

Lee Anthony – PresidentRon Haygood — Vice President
Loren R. “Phred” SeveningKen WIlliams
Jim McLendonDennis “Rass” Rassmussen
Bob CrabtreeBarnie Gavin
Bob BaertWayne Tallant
Wayne Amann — AFISRA/PA 

3. MINUTES: The Minutes of the AUG 2010 meeting were read and approved.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was not read.

      a.  ANNIVERSARY EVENTS After Action Report.  Ken Williams: The event was an overall success, the banquet had 275 paying guests and 15 invited guests, excellent presentation by Gen (Ret) Hayden.  One of the biggest lessons learned is the Hall of Honor ceremony for the past two years has been exceedingly hot, so next year the event will be in the BALA.  Lee Anthony chimed in expressing thanks to Wayne Amann and Team PA for the outstanding support in spreading the message on the week, and FTVA’s role.  Protocol and the CAG were sensational, sincere thanks for their help.  Having AFISRA leadership talk up the anniversary events at the SENIOR SCOUT PMR helped boost attendance.
      b.  Hats.  Still have some hats left, will have a place on the website making that fact known so our members have an opportunity to acquire them as desired.  Subsequent discussion resulted in the decision that we need a definite hat honcho, and if we don’t have one to take on the action of mailing out the hats then they will not be advertised on our website.  TABLED.
      c.  FTVA History.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to add a section to our website to hold the history.  Lee Anthony will provide copies of the previous two year’s histories to Barnie so they can be included.

      a.  Newsletter Associate Editor.  Mr Wayne Tallant was introduced as the new Newsletter Associate Editor.  Welcome aboard Wayne!
      b.  FTVA Support to General Larson Awards.  The General Larson Awards (formerly SENSOR Olympics) is one event that is uniquely “us” that separates the ISR Agency from all other USAF organizations.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to continue FTVA financial support to the General Larson Awards Program. 
      c.  Security Hill Top III Funding Request.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to fund Security Hill Top III on their request for $250 to assist with a golf tournament fundraiser.
      d.  FTVA and the perception of corporate sponsorship.  Much discussion on the requirement to ensure there is no perception about FTVA providing sponsorship or endorsement of commercial for-profit ventures as this clearly jeopardizes our tax-exempt status.
      e.  FTVA BOD Christmas Get-Together?  Ron Haygood suggested an FTVA BOD get-together for Christmas.  Barnie Gavin and Phred Sevening offered to compete in a brisket cook-off to demonstrate their iron chef skills.  Decision is to let Ron, Barnie, and Phred decide date and location, and let the rest of the BOD know. 
      f.  Vigilant Partners photos for Newsletter.  Recommendation was made to make more of an effort to photograph each time a Vigilant Partner donation is made, and share the photo in the Newsletter.  Intent is to honor those who make Vigilant Partner contributions to us, and share the results with our membership. 
      g.  Annual Stu Engebretson TARP donation.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to donate $100 (our annual amount) for the Stu Engebretson Tactics Analysis and Reporting Program (TARP).  Intent is to honor Stu who is considered to be the founding father of TARP and he is also an FTVA HoH member.  

7.  CORRESPONDENCE.  Security Hill TOP III requested $250 donation to support their annual golf tournament fund raiser.  See New Business, item C.

      a.  Wayne Tallant:  Honored to be here and part of the group. Will do my best on the Newsletter. 
      b.  Jim McLendon:  SAIC is now a Platinum Vigilant Partner.
      c.  Dennis Rassmussen:  Humbly request that when anyone sends a photo intended to be in the newsletter, that you include a caption of who is in the picture and what the event is.  Need to make sure the Newsletter has all the info for our members. 
      d.  Bob Baert:  We now get discounts on everything related to our official correspondence efforts.  Bob Baert will work with Bob Cope to estimate the dollar value of the savings and enter FedEx as a Vigilant Partner at the appropriate level. 
      e.  Phred Sevening:  What is the status of getting all the historical photos on our website?  Project is ongoing; as there are lots of photos to go through.  Web space and the work to get them on the website are an issue. 
      f.  Wayne Amann:  Chief Ricker stated that he will take FTVA brochures on all his official travels, and spread the word on what we are all about, in hopes of generating new membership. 
      g.  Barnie Gavin:  Compliments to Rass on his efforts with the Newsletter, it gets better every edition.  Barnie is working with JJ Graham, President of the FTVA Heritage Chapter, to share and exchange pictures to ensure we capture as much as possible for posterity. 
      h.  Ken Williams:  Changes in the ISR Agency include bringing on Brigadier General Scott Bethel as the new Vice Commander, and he will be stationed at AFCO (on the NSA Washington Campus).  Gen Bethel was brought in due to short notice deployment of Brigadier General JD Stauffer. 

Respectfully Submitted, 


      // Signed//
FTVA Secretary

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