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1.  OCTOBER 17, 2014 FTVA BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ MEETING:  After determining we had a quorum, President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 1330 hours in the SSFCU Executive Board Room. 

2.  Attendance:

Ron Haygood – PresidentAndy Smith – Vice President
Phred Sevening – SecretaryDennis Rassmussen
Bob CrabtreeKen Maynard
AJ HarrisonDennis Buxton

3.  MINUTES: The minutes of the August 2014 meeting were read and approved with minor edits.

4.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Was not read.


  1. ARMENIAN EC-47 Crash Site update:  Ron Haygood will contact Col Laura Ryan, to see what actions she has taken regarding communicating with the Air Attaché.  Current plan remains to rely heavily on Larry Tart because of his ongoing connections and activities relative to this item.

  2. EC-47 Print on Canvass:  AJ Harrison has worked with a local vendor to get a copy of Ty Cobb’s EC-47 painting.  The vendor has offered scaled pricing options dependent upon how many reproductions are ordered.  After short discussion, agreement was reached that this offering will be advertised in the next edition of the Newsletter to get an idea on level of interest.  AJ Harrison will contact 6994 IS leadership to see if they may be interested in getting a copy; Ron Haygood will contact the Prop Wash Gang.  No actions will be taken until level of interest has been determined.

  3. Anniversary Week after action report:  Another series of fantastic events, thanks to all who stepped up to ensure success.  One issue at the banquet that needs to be addressed for next year is the problem with the microphone.  When speakers stepped back from the microphone, the speech volume was degraded to such an extent that many people could not hear the remarks.  Next year will pursue options to ensure this is not a repeat problem.  Second issue was the problem of those who do not have a retired ID card could not access the base to participate in events.  The JBSA Lackland Security Forces were provided with a roster of all FTVA members who submitted an RSVP.  Next year the entire FTVA membership roster will be provided to Security Forces.  Last opportunity for process improvement is to ensure a bullhorn is available at the golf tournament to facilitate public address activities.


  1. MSgt Navid Garshasb Hall of Honor Plaque.  The 361 ISRG wants a copy of MSgt Garshasb’s Hall of Honor plaque to hang in their spaces.  Because of the strong connection MSgt “G” had with that unit, motion was made, seconded, and approved for FTVA to pay for the plaque and present it to the 361 ISRG leadership.

  2. FTVA NCR Update.  Al Dowling reached out to a number of active and potential members in the national capital region (NCR) in an effort to revitalize that chapter.  Al was able to secure commendable presence from the 70 ISR Wing leadership (mostly enlisted), as well as a number of others working and living in the area.  Ron Haygood will provide copies of the charters from other chapters to allow Al to pattern actions and efforts, in hopes of leading to another successful chapter.  One issue they are having is finding a suitable meeting place.  Their first formal meeting will be in January 2015. 

  3. Sunshine Chapter Update.  Ron Haygood had a good conversation with Jim Kaus regarding status and way ahead for that chapter.  Their next meeting will be in the Ft Walton Beach area in hopes of improving attendance from the 361 ISRG and the 25 IS.

  4. Prop Wash Gang is running another “Christmas in the Sandbox” program.  Ron Haygood will reach out to them to seek ways for us to partner with them. 

  5. Vigilant Partners Update.  Jim McLendon has done a great job with the program, and has turned the reins over to Barnie Gavin and Lee Anthony.  Need help to ensure the program achieves same level of success as when Jim ran it. 

  6. Update to the FTVA Emblem.  Because the current organization has transitioned from Air Force ISR Agency to 25th Air Force, need to change the FTVA emblem to reflect the change.  Some ideas were thrown around, with no decision made.  Everyone is requested to think about the best way to reflect the change and bring feedback to the next meeting. 

7.  CORRESPONDENCE; THANK YOU LETTER was received from the Center for the Interpid thanking us for the donation made in honor of Gen (retired) Mike Hayden as an honorarium for his role as our banquet guest speaker.


  1. Dennis Rassmussen.  Deadline for submissions for the next Newsletter is 31 October.

  2. Dennis Buxton:  Special thanks to Barnie Gavin and Joe Hurst for showing up early at the golf tournament and helping out.  Need to ensure we have some early-arrivers next year to assist with last minute and pop-up actions.  Also, need to improve the process for selecting who golfs with the Commander.  There was way too much drama and confusion this year.  Lastly, would like to have FTVA hats available for members to acquire for appropriate donation next year.  Tried to make that work this year, but just did not have sufficient number of helpers available.

  3. Andy Smith:  Chief “Pepito” Figueroa is retiring as we speak, and he has volunteered to help with FTVA, he will be a great asset to our organization.

9.  There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1421.  The next meeting will be 21 NOV at the SSFCU Executive Board Room starting at 1330. 


Loren R. “Phred” Sevening
FTVA Secretary

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