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1. SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1155 hours in HQ Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency’s Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA), Larson Hall (Building 2007) on Security Hill.

2. QUORUM. President Anthony called for a quorum. Ron Haygood, FTVA Vice President, determined we have a quorum. Meeting proceeded.  President Anthony opened the meeting by expressing sincere gratitude to the ISR Agency staff who participated in the anniversary week activities for this year, thanks to the gracious hospitality and support from Gen. Heithold and his staff, especially Director of Staff Ken Williams; and thanks to the Lockheed Martin team and the support for the SENIOR SCOUT display. 

3. MINUTES: The 2009 FTVA General Membership Meeting minutes from September 26, 2009 were read and approved with one minor modification.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was presented, discussed, and filed for audit.

5. VIGILIANT PARTNERS PROGRAM. Jim McLendon presented an update on the Vigilant Partners program’s newest members and overall program status.

6. HISTORY REPORT. Historian Barnie Gavin announced that copies of the FTVA Annual History report for the previous year were available in hard copy at the meeting, and also available online on the FTVA website.  The period of the history report will be changed to coincide with the annual FTVA general membership meeting.

7. HALL OF HONOR. Program Chair Bob Sherwood reported that 19 nomination packages were received this year, and it seems as though the selection process gets tougher.  Thanks to the entire committee for the support and dedication, and special thanks to SMSgt Dodie Barhorst for her outstanding assistance this year as the HQ Air Force ISR Agency representative to the committee. 

8. AIR FORCE ISR AGENCY LIAISON. President Lee Anthony introduced Col Mike Shields as the HQ Air Force ISR Agency representative to the VTVA Board of Directors, and expressed thanks for the support.

9. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. Program Chair Ken Williams shared with us that there are two main social events for FTVA each year, the Spring Social and the annual Banquet.  The Spring Social this year was the best-attended in a long time, with several active duty members recognized for their contributions while deployed in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  Because of the large turnout and the continued deployments, will be looking to hold the event in a bigger room next year.  A total of 290 tickets were sold for this banquet, Gen Hayden (USAF, Ret), former Air Force Intelligence Agency (AIA) Commander and retired Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is guest speaker.  Three bars will be open, cocktails at 1730, with dinner chimes at 1830. 

10. SPORTS CHAIRMAN REPORT.  Joe Hurst reported that this year’s FTVA golf tournament was another great success, maxed out with 144 participants at the Alsatian Golf Course in Castroville.

11.  PICNIC CHAIRMAN REPORT.  A. J .Harrison expressed sincere thanks and kudos to MSgt Angela Davis and MSgt Christine Priest for their support as the HQ ISR Agency Staff support team for the event.  It was hot and humid, and people left early but hopefully some money was made through the normal donation process.

12.  NEWSLETTER CHAIRMAN REPORT:  Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen expanded the newsletter and that we are now required to mail the document in an envelope — which will drive up the shipping cost.  Thanks to all for the great input over the year, and special thanks to the chapter reports. 

13. CHAPTER REPORTS.  Heritage Chapter (San Angelo, TX — JJ Graham President).  2010 was another busy year for the heritage chapter!  While our membership stayed fairly stable – small but robust! – we found ourselves involved in a wide variety of projects.  Here is a sampling of the year’s events:
     a.  EC-47 restoration project:
     b.  Scrolls commemorating specific accomplishments for each decade of our past
     c.  Chapter Newsletter improvements
     d.  Heritage Chapter is now a private org status on GAFB
     e.  EC-47 coin sales
     f.  International students:  Recent class attendees represented Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Qatar, Egypt, Chile, Angola, Nigeria, Jordan, Indonesia, Kuwait, New Zealand, and South Korea (including first female officer attendee)
     g.  Cressman project: Dedicating base facilities to fallen intel heroes
     h.  Sebers family visit: Bldg 519 dedicated bldg 519 to the memory of TSgt Fred Sebers, a Goodfellow-trained 202 killed in Vietnam.

14. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. According to the bylaws of the Freedom Through Vigilance Association, each election within the organization must be overseen by an election committee to manage the process and properly vet the nominees. Election Committee Chair Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen presented Bob Cope as the candidate for FTVA Treasurer, and Loren “Phred” Sevening as the candidate for FTVA Secretary.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the new candidates as officially elected into office.

     a. Who came the farthest? Several states mentioned, including California, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska; but no decision was made as to who actually came the farthest.
     b. Who is the most senior member present? Doug Holden was not present but Chris Cook did share that Doug started service to USAFSS in 1949, and is still very active on the FTVA Board of Directors.  Mr Malcolm Murf announced that he started in April 1949 and retired from USAFSS as a SMSgt — making him the most senior member present.

16. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 1237. The next FTVA Board of Directors meeting will be on October 15, 2010 in the SSFCU Board Room at 1330. Remain in Touch!

Respectfully Submitted,


FTVA Secretary

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