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1. SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: President Lee Anthony called the meeting to order at 1133 hours in HQ Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Agency’s Bernard A. Larger Auditorium (BALA), Larson Hall (Building 2007) on Security Hill.

2. QUORUM. President Anthony called for a quorum. Ron Haygood, FTVA Vice President, determined we have a quorum. Meeting proceeded. 

3. MINUTES: The 2010 FTVA General Membership Meeting minutes from September 25, 2010 were read and approved.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was presented, discussed, and filed for audit.  Noteworthy items include Jim McLendon’s success with the Vigilant Partners program, Bob Baert’s success with the general membership expansion, and Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen’s success with the FTVA Newsletter.

5. VIGILIANT PARTNERS PROGRAM. Jim McLendon presented an update on the Vigilant Partners program’s newest members and overall program status.  Vigilant Partner contributors consist of individuals and companies, and every contribution is appreciated.  We had to enlarge the size of our advertising board because there are so many contributors now; which help us support more of the people programs on Security Hill to take care of our Airmen.  As a reminder, contributions can be tax deductible; if you make your check payable to the USAFSS/ESC Memorial Fund, it falls under the appropriate tax rules for an individual deduction (and we can provide the federal tax identification number).  If you make the check out to FTVA, however, we have more flexibility as to how we can spend the money in people programs but the contributions are not tax deductible.  Corporations generally donate to the FTVA and, from what we are told, they are able to deduct this as a marketing expense.  President Anthony then requested all Vigilant Partner contributors stand and be recognized.

6. HALL OF HONOR. Program Chair Bob Sherwood reported that four new selectees were inducted in the FTVA Hall of Honor this year, bringing the grand total to 163.  This was our 29th year, and there remain so many worthy candidates from among our membership.  Mr Sherwood then had the selection committee stand to be recognized.

7. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. Program Chair Ken Williams shared with us that there are two main social events for FTVA each year, the Spring Social and the annual Banquet.  Barnie Gavin had been filling the role of Social Activities Assistant, but he recently moved to Colorado with his wife who took a PCS assignment there.  Ken is looking for an able-bodied assistant to help with Social Activities if anyone is interested.  A total of 280 tickets were sold for last year’s banquet when retired USAF General Mike Hayden was the guest speaker; this year 235 tickets have been sold.  We had 80 participants at the Spring Social this year and expect to have a similar turnout next year because the main focus of the event is to honor Airmen who have returned from deployments in the previous year, and there is no shortage of deploying Airmen.  The Spring Social just keeps getting bigger and better every year. 

8. SPORTS CHAIRMAN REPORT.  Ron Haygood reported on behalf of Joe Hurst that this year’s FTVA golf tournament was another great success, maxed out with 144 participants at the Alsatian Golf Course in Castroville.  The Golf Course management continues to support us beyond wildest expectations, which helps make this such a memorable event every year. 

9.  PICNIC CHAIRMAN REPORT.  A. J .Harrison expressed sincere thanks and kudos to Maj Paul Risner and MSgt Christine Priest for their support as the HQ ISR Agency Staff team for the event; this was MSgt Priest’s last FTVA event, as she is PCSing to Wright Patterson AFB soon.  In order to make the picnic better, feedback is important.  If you have any suggestions, please get them to AJ and he will incorporate into the lessons learned and do what he can to improve the event.

10.  NEWSLETTER CHAIRMAN REPORT:  Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen continues to strive to improve the newsletter, assisted by Wayne Tallant.  We are getting more inputs from the field and associate chapters, which is appreciated.  News on the FTVA Anniversary Week events is especially important, because that is the one area that most of our membership focuses on.  The newsletter is now on line, and if you prefer to stop receiving a hard copy you can simply click on the link on our website indicating you prefer to read it online, and our Membership Chair, Bob Baert, will take care of you.

11.  MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN REPORT.  Bob Baert reported that new member sign-ups at this year’s back were double what was received last year.  We are doing well. 

12. HISTORY REPORT. A.J. Harrison filled in for Barnie Gavin, who recently moved to Colorado and could not be here in person.  Hard copies of the history are available for those who want one, and the document can also be found online on our website.  Barnie will continue to serve as our Historian, albeit from Colorado.  If you have any input, please be sure to let Barnie know.

13.  FALLEN EAGLES REPORT.  President Lee Anthony announced that Ted Colquhoun recently signed on to take over the Fallen Eagles program, scouring the web for obituaries and announcements looking for news on members who have passed away.  If anyone is aware of an FTVA member who passes on, please be sure to let Ted know.  It will be a while before Ted can live up to the standard set by Dan “Dap” D’Apolito regarding keeping the Fallen Eagles list current.


  1. ALOHA CHAPTER.  President John Toillion reported that the Aloha Chapter is a small group, we call ourselves the Gang of Six, and we are active mostly as a social group dedicated to improving relations with the 324th Intelligence Squadron.  The unit has a new commander, who is very receptive to advancing the relationship between us and the unit, and it looks promising.  We are active supporting the Wounded Warriors program at Tripler Army Hospital, we are involved with the Honor Flights which are the flights bringing repatriated remains home to U.S. soil as they transit through Hawaii.  Lastly, I have Aloha gifts for the oldest and youngest member present at today’s meeting.  If you are every in Hawaii, stop in and see us.
  2. HERITAGE CHAPTER.  Chapter President JJ Graham reported that we remain active with trying to get the commemorative scrolls in the right bed-down location and are currently looking at the Airman Leadership School building or the Education Center.  Heath Hall is undergoing remodeling, and it may turn out the building will be demolished as they are finding serious structural problems previously unknown.  If the building is torn down, all the heritage mementos will be located to a new home on base.  We are working on a memorial to the crew of BARON 52; and continue our efforts to dedicate the chow hall as the Cressman Dining Facility.  We are also working to dedicate one of the barracks as Leftwich Barracks within the next couple of months.  We ran out of the EC-47 coins, and have turned our attention to coffee cups which are available, all we ask is for a small donation to cover expenses should you so desire.  Our efforts to interface with the foreign exchange officers continues to be one of our greatest accomplishments, and they really enjoy interacting with some of us “old intel professionals.”  The Sebers family continues to remain in touch, which means a lot to us, and Fred Sebers’ brother Rober passed away this year.  The latest area we are considering to branch our efforts towards is to partner with the Air Force Association to get involved in some sort of cyber competition, as suggested by Chris Cook. 
  3. SUNSHINE CHAPTER.  FTVA President Lee Anthony commented on how the President of the new Sunshine Chapter, Jim Krause, has done such an amazing job in such a short time.  The chapter started just this year and already has 80 members.  Thanks Jim, for all you have done.  Sunshine Chapter President Jim Krause began by expressing gratitude to the FTVA Board of Directors for all the support in helping him get the new Sunshine Chapter off the ground.  We now have 83 members, and the first meeting was in Ocala, FL.  Because we have members all over the state, our intent is to move the meetings around to accommodate as many people as possible.  Our second meeting was held specifically to accommodate participation from active duty members from the 361st ISR Group and the 25th Intel Squadron at Hurlburt Field.  Group Commander Col Jeff Kruse is very intent on doing what he can to support the new Chapter.  Chapter efforts include doing what we can to take care of our ISR Airmen assigned to the Group and subordinate units, and Col Kruse is committed to supporting the Chapter in return.  He has sent a Group representative to each of our meetings.  We are hearing from FTVA members from surrounding states expressing an interest in joining us.  Our next meeting will be in Ft Lauderdale.

15. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. According to the bylaws of the Freedom Through Vigilance Association, each election within the organization must be overseen by an election committee to manage the process and properly vet the nominees. Election Committee Chair Dennis “Rass” Rassmussen presented Lee Anthony as the candidate for FTVA President, and Ron Haygood as the candidate for FTVA Vice President.  Motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the candidates as officially elected into office for another year.


  1. Who came the farthest? Several states mentioned, including California, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska; Hawaii, and South Dakota.  Decision was made the John Toillion from Hawaii, here to represent the Aloha Chapter, came the farthest.
  2. Who is the most senior member present? Doug Holden, who started service with USAFSS in 1949 as a civil servant once again captured the honors as the most senior member present.  Doug remains very active on the FTVA Board of Directors.
  3. Who is the youngest person at today’s meeting?  Mr John Toillion brought some Aloha goodies to present to the oldest and youngest members present at the meeting.  Doug Holden took the “oldest member” award, and Landon Bishop, grandson of newly inducted Hall of Honor member Charlie Bishop (Brig Gen, retired), received the prize for being the youngest person present.  Landon is 14 years old.

17. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 1215. The next FTVA Board of Directors meeting will be on October 21, 2011 in the SSFCU Board Room at 1330. Remain in Touch!

Respectfully Submitted,


      //NOT Signed//

FTVA Secretary

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