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1. September 30, 2017 FTVA ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP Meeting: After Vice president Ted Colquhoun determined we had a quorum, President Ron Haygood called the meeting to order at 0933 hours in the Security Service Federal Credit Union Board Room, 6211 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, Texas.

2. Attendee who traveled the Farthest: Jerry Gething, Baltimore, Maryland.

3. Attendee with the earliest employment connection: Mr. Bob Finch, affiliation began in 1952.

4. Reading of the Minutes: Minutes of the September 2016 FTVA General Membership Meeting were read and approved.

5. Treasurer’s report: Bob Cope presented the report providing a summary of activity and current status. Advised that Lee Anthony had offered to assume Treasurer responsibilities. Ron Haygood took a moment to thank the Copes for their long and faithful service.

6. VIGILANT PARTNERS Update: Mark Hess provided an update on the Vigilant Partners program and its continued success. He took a moment to highlight the faithful contributions over the years of BG Neal Robinson, who will be missed. Jerry Gething made it known that his company, All American Intelligence Solutions, would pledge to match the annual contribution that BG Robinson had consistently made. Ron Haygood thanked SSFCU for their support through the years and noted that there were several other companies with a large footprint in the Command that could be doing more and that outreach was needed.

6. History Report: No formal history report was given. Ron Haygood provided some general discussion about the nature of the Command changing and the need to consider how to evolve the FTVA going forward.

7. WEBSITE AND MEMBERSHIP Update: Bob Baert provided a website and membership update. Ron Haygood reiterated the advertising value in wearing the FTVA hat in public. There was much discussion about the need to make the application and dues payment process easier by exploring on-line application and “bill pay” options.

8. HALL OF HONOR Update: A.J. Harrison thank everyone involved in this year’s HOH nomination and selection process. This year saw the induction of members 185-188. He mentioned how tough the selection process has become because of the quality write-up and noted that this was a good thing.

9. SOCIAL ACTIVITIES Update: Ken Williams provided an update on this year’s Spring Social, noting that attendance was only 52; down from 75 last year. Given the dwindling numbers, he suggested that consideration should be given to discontinuing the event. He reported 185 had bought tickets for the evening banquet and noted that several tickets had been returned for refund due to concerns about the originally scheduled guest speaker. He said for next year a “no refund” policy should be put in place. Ron Haygood briefly talked about the unique circumstances surrounding the guest speaker’s selection and subsequent withdrawal, noting this was a one-time event and that the 25 AF’s relationship with FTVA is strong and evolving with the addition of new Wings and missions.

10. SPORTS Update: Barnie Gavin provided a recap of the Golf Tournament, which was a great success despite the rainy weather. Ron Haygood highlighted the outstanding contributions of Jennifer and Lee Anthony for the exceptional sponsor signs and engraved golf balls given as door prizes. There was general discussion about the length of the tournament and suggestions were made to look at beginning the tournament earlier next year.

11. PICNIC Update: Ron Haygood provided an update for Jacque Lerma. The event went very well with the weather cooperating a good turn-out from 25 AF. Of the five participating food booths, all broke even or made money. All of the tips proceeds from the adult beverage tent were donated to hurricane relief. A special thank you was given to the Air Force Band of the West for their participation as well as to the Ford Motor Company for their donated awnings. For future planning, it was noted that there was water and beer but no sodas this year.

12. REMAIN IN TOUCH NEWSLETTER Update: Dennis Rassmussen provided an update and thanked everyone who assisted with the Newsletter, and encouraged on-line viewership to help keep the printing and mailing costs down.


  1. ALAMO CHAPTER: Barnie Gavin provided a brief update and highlighted their outreach efforts with the 543d Intelligence Group and local meeting.
  2. ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHAPTER: George “Ike” Eichelberger gave an update highlighting the Chapter’s veteran recognition events.
  3. HERITAGE CHAPTER: JJ Graham provided a great recap of all the activities they engaged in over the past year.
  4. Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter: Jerry Gething provided an update and highlighted the new name, changed from the former National Chapter Region Chapter to open the aperture to bases/areas in proximity to the NCR, but not well represented in FTVA. Hoping to improve membership. He also spoke about their efforts to place a plaque at the AF Museum honoring the 17 crewmembers killed in the shootdown of C-130 60528 by Soviet MiGs along the Turkish-Armenian border.
  5. SUNSHINE CHAPTER: Ron Haygood noted that they were still looking for someone to step-up to lead the stand-up of the Chapter. It remains a work in progress.
  6. NEW UTAH CHAPTER: Scott Lawson provided an introduction and highlighted his efforts to start a new Chapter in the Salt Lake City area. All welcomed the efforts.


14. ELECTIONS: Ted Colquhoun was elected President and Evan Smith was elected Vice President, both for two-year terms. Bob Cope announced his retirement and that Lee Anthony had volunteered to fill the role of Treasurer until formalized at the next election.


  1. PETE SIEGEL: Highlighted the upcoming 6988 Yokota 60th reunion.
  2. MIKE MEERMANS: Highlighted the upcoming “Berlin for Lunch Bunch” reunion and efforts to re-place a plaque at a display honoring those lost on RIVET AMBER correcting a name spelling error. He also noted for future FTVA memorial event planning purposes that while fly-overs by the RC- 135 are not authorized, “training missions” are (wink wink nod nod).

16. There being no further business, motion was made, seconded, and approved to adjourn at 1121.


For the FTVA Secretary

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