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    Monique LaPlante

    Forum users must ensure they comply with the Forum Rules. By using of FTVA’s forums you agree to be subject to these Forum Rules, and that you will keep up to date with them. Please inform us through MembershipSupport@ftva.us if you see any content in breach of these rules.

    1. No derogatory language, purposefully inciting arguments, personal attacks, and threats

    2. Website and product advertising is not allowed

    3.No memes and no images of text

    4.No piracy, and selling of accounts

    5.No unrelated content

    6.No chain posts

    7.Suggestions must be presented as text posts, not image or video links

    8.Submissions must be made in English

    9.No explicit content

    10.No links to livestreams

    11.New users may not post videos

    12.Tired Submissions

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